Far away from the city

Far away from the city
What will the life be like far far away from the busy city streets....??? No honking cars,busy people,smoke....It will be a calm and quiet life with less work but happy .Fresh,healthy fruits and vegetables to eat.You can enjoy the nature,there will be birds and animals here and there.Golden fields ready for harvesting.......Life will be so calm and happy,and healthy too.

  • Enough space
  • Fresh air
  • Calm and Quiet
  • Extremely low pollution
  • Live with nature

  • Not easily accessible to services
  • Less job opportunities
  • Less infrastructure facilities



i wanna chill far away from the city

Living in the city is great with its accessibility to services and infrastructure and these days there are parks in the city where one can spend time with nature. However, perhaps I am too stressed by work that, living in a noisy and busy place is not conducive to mental well-being. Moreover the pollution is very bad for health. On the other hand, when one lives further from the city, one feels more relaxed mentally due to its slow pace, peace, and quiet. The fresh air is refreshing and healthy. It is important to learn how to drive and own a vehicle to enable you to be accessible to amenities and services as public transport might be scarce in such areas. Nonetheless that is a good skill to have and one most are willing to take up regardless where they are living.
Posted by Mabel on 04-17-2017

The city is poisonous.

Well, we all know that cities are often crowded and filled with many factories and industrial complexes. City air is the most polluted and having millions of people all crowded in one place does not add to that bargain. Cities are also the most dangerous places to live. 90% of all gangs are city based because they know the cash flow in cities is enormous all the same being exponential. Due to high traffic in cities in addition to city rush, accidents are also in high numbers. Cities are also very stressful places to live, They are often the most expensive places to live. Boasting high rent rates, high cost of living. Noise pollution is also in plenty with clubs and airports in proximity to residential areas
Posted by Mambombaya on 04-18-2017

Further away is better!

There is just something about a living in a quiet place that I prefer. I am not much of a fan of a lot of noise and in the city you do tend to get a lot of noise and a lot of activity which I would not like at all so being as far away from the activity in a city would be better for me. In the city you get a lot of trouble too because there is so much going on in the city and even with trouble I would rather be as far away from that as I possibly can over being right on top of it. A quiet town is much better for me over a busy, noisy city.
Posted by Shortie on 05-06-2017

I think its better

For me I think its better to go far away from the city to chill out. Because we have a lot of pollution in the city. You will not be able to enjoy your holidays at city. Because its always stay busy and noisy. I don't like this. I think that we need to go far away from city to take some fresh air ! enjoy the time without having any noise and pollution.
Posted by NomanProdhan on 04-30-2017

Away the Better

As you age, living in the city may not be the right way to live. And it can cost a lot of issues as well. You can see that some of us need to understand that living away may not be a good option if you have health issues. But at some point of time keeping health requires you to live away from the city.
Posted by overcast on 10-26-2018


I don't live far away from the city but in the area I am is pretty calm. If I could and if I had a car I would try to live far away from the city. I enjoy a peaceful environment, fresh air and all that kind of things that come with apart areas.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-05-2017

I’ve lived in both and it’s the countr

I grew up and spent most of my life in a city but now live in a country area. I love the country so much more. Kinder people, more space, less stress - what’s not to love!
Posted by amelia88 on 10-17-2018


I live in the City half of my life, I was born in a city but I had some childhood to teenhood experience in the province. Even though I settled in the city, I still crave and miss the life in province.
Posted by allyn2017 on 11-06-2018


In the city

In the city
Life in the city,Busy yet easy....All the services we need near our door step with a phone call.Better medical facilities,transport facilities etc. There are so many job opportunities too,you can do a job which suits you.Even at the city there are places where you could get fresh and healthy food....Life will be so easy in the city.

  • Easily accessible to services
  • More job opportunities
  • Quick transport
  • Good infrastructure facilities

  • Polluted air
  • Noisy
  • Busy



In the city

Living in the city has a lot of benefits, unless you’re working in a factory or big industrials, all the offices and headquarters are situated in the city. Schools and colleges are situated in the city. Shopping malls and most of the entertainment factors like night clubs or fine dine all are in the city. Imagine you live somewhere outside the city, but your workplace is in the city, traveling back and fro every day is tiring and expensive in terms of gas. Even if you stay outside the city, you may have to drive to the nearby town or city for daily utilities and households also I don’t think it is safe to live outside the city, there may be patrols around, but still, neither living in cities is safe but it is safer than living outside of the city. If you have like a holiday home or farmhouse some where outside the city, then its good for weekends.
Posted by optimistic on 04-22-2017

In the city

I've always grown up in big cities so maybe I'm a little biased but I can't see myself living far away from a city. Even when I'm in the suburbs, I feel like everything is so far away and it's inconvenient. I enjoy being able to walk everywhere and having everything I need close by. Also living costs might be a bit higher in the city, there are also more jobs and potential to earn more. What I enjoy the most is a place that has a lot of green spaces and areas where I can go to enjoy nature, but still enjoy the conveniences of living in a modern city.
Posted by lilac123 on 05-21-2017
EJ Burg

In the city!!

I used to life far away from the city and it is a really laid back life but it's not really for a active person like for me. Living in the city is great as you can live a really simple life for example if you live far away from everything, you have to own everything, like exercising equipment wherein if you live in the city you could just go to the gym and not clutter your home with a bunch of stuff. so my vote will have to go to LIVING IN THE CITY
Posted by EJ Burg on 06-13-2017

city life

I like the city life and I like having everything close to me or at least have the means to go almost anywhere since in cities you could find transportation to anywhere fairly easily. I have lived in both types of places and I learned that I really am more partial to places where it's busy and to me it's beautiful to see the city at night when there's not many people or cars around and I really prefer it over living somewhere more isolated.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-04-2018


Living in the city is my favorite location of residence. What would I be doing with living far away from the city when all I need are currently present in the city. Living far away from the city would be a useless decision.
Posted by Martinsx on 11-04-2018

In the city

I vote for in the city. People from far in the city goes to in the city to look for jobs. Even though the air from far in the city is more cleaner.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-06-2018


I live in a countryside, far away from the city. It is 400 kilometers away for a major city and 150 kilometers away from a major town. There is a small market place nearby, in 10 kilometers distance where we can find supplies, colleges and medical fascility. However, we have to travel to the city for major things, higher education and healthcare. There is electricity and internet connection and I find very peaceful here.
Posted by vinaya on 09-05-2017
You are lucky. I used to love countryside but then for education and job I prefer to live in the city. once I get old I wish to live in the country side. That's what I have learned from the experience so far. Some of the time I think it's better to consider the city living life. Most likely things work out just fine on that note. Though some people work better in the countryside too. It's their experience that may work around.
Posted by overcast on 09-25-2018
I have experienced both and I must confess I love far away from the city. It is also good to travel once in a while and live in both surrounding because they both have pros and cons and none is perfect.

It is true that most facilities I would want to access are in the city and this is a major con if I want to live far from the city. Having a cheaper means of transportation can help solve this.

Currently, I would prefer to live in the city or just outside the city where I can work and access facilities easily.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 12-27-2017
I was living in the city until I got married. After I got married, I came to live in a countryside. My wife had a job in the nearby town and I work from home. Therefore, we decided to settle here. We have a child now and soo he will start his school. There are no Montessori based schools and we are thinking to move to the city once he is ready for school. We want to provide the best education for our child.
Posted by vinaya on 01-25-2018
I was born and raised in a city apartment and when I married, we lived in the city. That’s why I was so glad when we bought this home in the suburbs in 2001. Our village has lots of trees and the residents are decent and middle class. There’s still fresh air and many species of birds. But the downside is that we are far from the city and it takes time to travel in going to work. And the upside is the peace and quiet especially at night when the environment is cool and silence is the standard..
Posted by Corzhens on 01-16-2018
You can call me crazy but I rather be in the city. Growing up, my parents bought a house in the suburbs, and we moved there when I was six. Obviously, at that age you don't really care about where you are, but once I became a teenager, I wanted to go to the mall, parties, movies, with my friends at school, and they were all living in the city but me. So I was always a step back from them, because I was living so far. That's why when I had the chance to move to the city, didn't think it twice.
Posted by ballyhara on 01-20-2018
There is nothing crazy about living in a city or wanting to live in the city. My home country Nepal is 70 percent village and a large population migrate to the city every year for better opportunities. However, I believe as long as the amenties are available (basic needs and luxury needs), living far away from city is peaceful.
Posted by vinaya on 01-25-2018
Same here,I know my parents used to like us visiting the village to stay with either my grandmum or dad but I never enjoyed those visits.I find it a bit boring maybe because there were no parks,beaches,malls etc to visit and have a good with.I might think about staying far away from city when I'm old.
Posted by lovely on 10-18-2018
I love the city for certian things--museums, restaraunts, shops, shows, specatacles of people, etc. However, if given the choice between the city and the environment of nature, I would choose to get away form the city any day of the week! I do love the city, and I have had some of the most exciting times of my life in city and urban environments; however, there is something so meditative and healing about being in nature for me these days. This is most likely because I did not have much of a balance, in my life for years, between urban and rural environments, and I was in the rat race for so long and had lost my connection to nature overall.
Posted by JoeMilford on 03-26-2018
If you want a peaceful life, I think living far away from the city is better for you. There will be no one to disturb you. However, if you give amenities much preference, you might want to live in the city. The life moved far away from city is a basic life and you will have to do without even the basic amenities.
Posted by vinaya on 07-02-2018
Truthfully,I have only known life in the city and I like everything about it,I like the hustle and bustle of the city,I think life outside city is very boring and again,no access to good social amenities.City life is really lively with good innovations and technology.
Posted by lovely on 10-18-2018
I have my share of experience living in the city. And I can tell you after some years, it may not be good enough for the life. And lot of health issues may come out. You can see that if you are spending the resources in the right way. You can see that if you want to live with peace, then you have to understand how the life can be with the pollution in city, so better outside city.
Posted by overcast on 10-26-2018
I am tired of living in a city, we have house in province and the air there are fresher and more cold. I love to go there when I don't have much work.
Posted by allyn2017 on 11-06-2018
I prefer in the city. It is because there few jobs to be found far in the city. People are going in the city because of their jobs.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 11-06-2018