Fiat Currency

Fiat Currency
After the world moved to the use of paper money, we have seen so much of them because every independent country have its own currency. The general name used to refer to all these currency is know as Fiat Currency. We have Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen, Naira etc.

  • Generally acceptable in the country
  • Traded in other countries

  • Government controls fiat currency
  • Taxes
  • Issue of counterfeits
  • Devaluation problems



More suitable choice

Cryptocurrency are not that bad But I still prefer fiat currency for the reason that it's the universal way of trading things and it support all the products you want to buy unlike crypto which you need to convert for a real money before you can use it.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-07-2018

No to invisible money

I would prefer Fiat currency than Cryptocurrency. I was once or even twice been tricked by one of the scammers that needs investment saying that it'll make my money grow without me doing anything. I know I should not blame anyone for my own decision to invest, but with that invisible money, you have all the chances that one day it'll be gone and you don't know where to find it. It's kinda terrying to know that some people take advantage of some people's trust. That is why I prefer Fiat currency, at least I get ahold of my own real money.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-14-2018

physical money

I would prefer fiat money than cryptocurrency because there are a lot of scams all throughout the internet. Some might say that your money will grow, you just have to invest this certain amount then after a few days it will double up. I am not saying that all sites are scam, but I've experienced enough for that. At least with fiat money I could hold it, keep it and hide it from people who wants to steal it. With my experience, I don't think cryptocurrency is safe and secure anymore.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-14-2018


I'm not sure why anyone would even want to think about using cryptocurrency. It is just way too volatile and not great for anyone that doesn't want to take a massive risk and has the money to lose. Fiat currency will be with us for a very long time.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-10-2018

Fiat is REAL

Cryptocurrency is not being recognized by the company. And that means fiat seems to be standing longer than what it is meant there. You can see that cryptocurrency seems to be having smaller footprint these days. And we have to understand that things need to be changed in that case. So fiat cryptocurrency battle is short term there.
Posted by overcast on 08-04-2018

Still the best

I would have to say that crypto is the best when we are talking about making investments that will generate a whole lot of income to us. However, the thing is the issue of it not being acceptable in many parts of the world is one thing that made me pick fiat money as it is easier to use when making transactions.
Posted by Barida on 08-03-2018
I support you my friend. Crypto currency is definitely our future transactional needs. I however think that there are numrous inroads to be made for the currency to truly be worthy in all areas.

Better for now

Cryptocurrency is still gaining popularity and is still not accepted and recognized all over the world, so it would be very hard for it to take over fiat currency at the moment but once it can gain the acceptance of all countries and their government, then it can easily be picked over Fiat currency by me.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-06-2018

Fiat is the best

Although cryptocurrencies are making waves nowadays, Fiat Currency is still the main currency being used by most vendors and businesses. Although we all know that in the distant future Cryptocurrencies will eventually takeover. For now I'm voting for Fiat because it's the mainstream currency being used.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 08-03-2018

This one

The safer is better. More established than any kind of currency.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 08-04-2018

More stable

I think cryptocurrency will become more and more popular, but right now my vote is with Fiat currency. I just know how it's used more and I feel more confident with it than I do with cryptocurrency.
Posted by amelia88 on 08-03-2018

I choose Fiat for now

Until crypto has evolved to be accepted across a majority of the platforms Fiat holds more value. This is important in countries like mine where a lot of things are still manual and hence trading is via fiat. I am however still optimistic that crypto can be the future currency.
Posted by Martin on 08-03-2018

more secure

I find choose fiat currency cause its more secure than the crypto currency. And also it's easy to spend fiat than crypto where in you need to convert it before you can use for buying something. I find some site where in you can exchange crypto with other products but I find fiat more convenient to use.
Posted by blackmist on 08-07-2018

I want what I can touch!

Call me old fashioned but i love money that I can hold. Cyrptocurrency right now is such an unsure thing, one minute it's there, and the other it's gone. For now I'll choose real money over crypto money.
Posted by neillios on 08-05-2018

Less Scam

I would like fiat money than cryptocurrency because there are a lot of scams out there that we're not certain if we should go and invest to them. Also with fiat money, I could hold and keep it, unlike cryptocurrency, I'm not sure if it is real. I could also use fiat money to do trading, its a good way of investing too. We should not be much confident in the internet, we do not know who are those people behind of all the scams roaming across the internet now a days. Always think your next move.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 08-14-2018

Flat Currency Are Here To Stay

Flat currency has passed the test of time. It is unlike cryptocurrency which goes high and low depending on the manipulation of the gurus and blockchain.
Posted by stbrians on 08-15-2018



Technology has been on the front row of making life better and since the world progressed closer to being digital, in 2009 the first digital currency blockchain was launched and its called Bitcoin. Soon after launching Bitcoin in 2009, other cryptocurrency followed suit. Some of them are Ripples, Litecoin, Etherum, Dash, Zcash, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Steller, Binance Coin etc. These cryptocurrency are very serious business investment for one who knows how to trade them.

  • Government doesn't control cryptocurrency.
  • It's not subjected to taxes or central banks influence.
  • It's a very good investment.
  • It offers anonymity to the owner when used in transaction.

  • All cryptocurrency are volatile.
  • Issue of hackers.
  • When hacked, it can't be recovered.
  • Illegal deals with the use of cryptocurrency for the benefit of its anonymity.



Crypto Is Path to Freedom

Banking system and fiat with is mega corrupted and certain banks have right to print money as they want, how rigged system is that? Anyone can create a crypto though and start adding value to that. Plus there is the whole privacy thing - anyone can open bitcoin wallet, but not everyone can open bank account
Posted by Anonymous on 08-17-2018

Cryptocurrency had my vote of confidence!

I am in favor of cryptocurrency. I think of it as the new real Monopoly money that you'll one day to be able to buy real property with. As for the PROs, they will probably go away in the future. As for the CONs. This is how I see it!

All cryptocurrency are volatile.

  • All currencies fluctuate.
Issue of hackers.

  • Issue of counterfeiters.
When hacked, it can't be recovered.

  • America survived a financial/banking crisis more than once. That's life!
Illegal deals with the use of cryptocurrency for the benefit of its anonymity.

  • Uuuhhh … money laundering is no different just because it's in digital form.
I see a future where both forms of currency - Fiat and Crypto - live side by side in the world of finance.

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 08-03-2018


paper money has lost its significance. Future is cryptocurrency. Since we are doing everything digitally, we need digital currency. You can by a newspaper from the newsstand with fiat money, however, you need do digital transaction of you are sending money to other people or buying online. Online buying and online transfer are happening so often.
Posted by vinaya on 08-03-2018
At the moment, I really don't think that paper money has lost its importance or significance or value up to 50%. It's still very much useful as ever but I completely agree with you when you say that cryptocurrency is the way in the future. But at the moment, I'm absolutely certain that fiat currency is still above cryptocurrency. A currency that is not yet accepted by 80% of the world still have a long way to go before its recognized.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-05-2018
when I said paper money has lost its significance I meant people are no longer carry a wad of bank notes, they are using plastic money (cards), online payment processors, even crypto currency. Well you need cash to buy a newspapers from the street vendor, however, when you are shopping online or in a store, you will be using cards.
Posted by vinaya on 08-16-2018
It will only takes place I think in the far future and not this near. It needs more time before it became established and secured. Paper money is the best for me until now.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 08-07-2018
With the way cryptocurrency is still volatile and the government of most countries where cryptocurrency isn't accepted as well as all the attacks cryptocurrency is still witnessing till today, I'm going to stick with fiat currency until a lot of things stars going well for cryptocurrency. And once there is a major breakthrough and acceptance in the use of cryptocurrency in 80% of the world, then my stance will automatically switch to cryptocurrency.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-04-2018
we are still far from using cryptocurrency just like the fiat money, however, I see a great future for cryptocurrency. First of all, the transfer of digital money is immediate. Whether you want to transfer for the purchase you have made or want to send to other people, whether you want to receive your selling fee or money you made from your jobs, crypto currency transfer within the snap of a finger. Secondly, the transfer charge is low.
Posted by vinaya on 08-04-2018
fiat currency for me for now because cryptocurrency is still not accepted in my country and it becomes difficult to do much with it apart from using it online which is still limited to me.Fiat cureency is accepted in almost all vountries and it stability rate is high unlike cryptocurrency.
Posted by lovely on 08-04-2018
This is exactly the reason why most people are in favor of Fiat Currency at the moment because it's the only currency that is generally accepted in a country and outside the country. Cryptocurrency is good, there is no denying that but the problem is that it's not accepted and recognized all over the world.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-07-2018
yea,sometimes I wish it was accepted every where and less volatile too,so that it can be used without restrictions and limitations though regulated by the government. it can only get better as a currency adopted by a country.
Posted by lovely on 08-07-2018
It's going to be a good thing to have cryptocurrencies generally accepted all over the world, it's definitely going to make things easier for everyone but there is going to be the problem of dealing with the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. A currency that is not stale is going to bring about unstable economy.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-08-2018
I think cryptocurrencies are collpasing because the conversion from crypto to fiat has reduced lately. And that has reduced the price of the bitcoin too. So that goes to show that people are going to have issues with the conversion in due process. I think for that reason alone it'd be reasonable to say that fiat currencies seems to have lost it's space. That's what I have seen so far.
Posted by overcast on 08-05-2018
I don't know much about crypto currency market however, I think the future is crypto currency. papwer money lost its market hold when plastic money (cards) were introduced. Now after the launch of digital money, paper money is once again being pushed down. I do not see each of the crypto currency being used in a way that we use fiat money, however, some currency like botcoin, ethereum will take the center stage soon
Posted by vinaya on 08-06-2018
You have a very good point about the complexity and issue with cryptocurrencies conversion to fiat currency in the digital currency exchange market. Things actually got out of hand ever since the turn of 2018 with the price of cryptocurrency being so unstable but recently, everything is settling down bit by bit. So, it's most likely going to get better in the next few months.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-09-2018
I think Fiat is still the way to go because it's backed up by gold deposits unlike cryptocurrencies which really has no value. So if everything gets haywire cryptocurrencies would lose all of their value while Fiat will still be valuable.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 08-06-2018
Crypto currency is backed by computer technology. Unlike fiat currency, nobody controls cryptocurrency that's why everyone can make money with cryptocurrency. Fiat currency is controlled by government. Fiat currency will still have value in the future, however, I truly believe that cryptocurrency will be more used in the future.
Posted by vinaya on 08-07-2018
There is no doubt that in the future that cryptocurrency will hold much importance as it it today. Normally, I would say that cryptocurrency is extremely important to the world today because we are already in the digital era, it's just a matter of time before cryptocurrency is accepted worldwide and it's most likely going to knock off fiat currency.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-10-2018
But I still doubt fiat currency will go extinct considering the fact that some countries are still backward when it comes to digital technology.I doubt my country will get to that stage may be in a decade because right now, cryptocurrencies are even yet to be accepted.
Posted by lovely on 08-13-2018
Well, so far, I think we still need the fiat or physical currencies. The cryptocurrencies is not fully accessible, and sad to say it's still limited to other countries. We need the fiat currencies to buy and to trade for now, but I'm expecting that this cryptocurrencies will rise and be accessible also become the universal currency.
Posted by ion on 08-07-2018
It's absolutely true what you just mentioned about the need w still have for fiat currency even though cryptocurrency is getting more popular by the day but its usage is still limited to a great extent. But fiat currency is not limited to anything or anywhere, it's just the major advantage fiat currency done over cryptocurrency but there is still a very good chance of cryptocurrency getting accepted worldwide.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-11-2018
I think relying on cryptocurrencies alone is a dangerous because if you think about it, it relies on technology. And technology has a bunch of loopholes and risks. What would happen if a glitch happens? I think Fiat Money is still the best option then, now and even in the future. Cryptocurrencies will always be just an option.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 08-09-2018
To be honest with you, I have good reasons to believe in what you have just mentioned about the loopholes that exist in every technology, if care isn't taken and the technology behind cryptocurrency is attacked, the effects of that attack might cripple any nations economy. I would suggest getting to combine the two and not just one.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-12-2018
I kind of like crypto currencies and I think they are the way of the future. Many people are discouraged by them because of their volatility, but we see this every time a new trend comes around. For example we have saw the technology crush, no one believed personal computers and the internet would take off, now we see companies like microsoft, Google, Facebook producing the worlds richest people. Like them crypto currency is a distributor. I believe it will completely change the way we use money and the way the governments relate to us. I believe that we are seeing the error of decentralization.
Posted by jaymish on 08-10-2018
The truth is that the people who are afraid of cryptocurrency because of its volatile nature are getting everything wrong because it's the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies that makes investors make a great deal of money from such investment. Trading on the cryptocurrency when the price skyrocket and buying when it drops. It's only bad if you don't trade, you will make profit from investing but not compared to who trades.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-13-2018
I would pick Cryptocurrency over Fiat currency because i like crypto being decentralized. But I would say both Fiat and crypto currency have advantage and disadvantage. Fiat currency is known as physical currency where as crypto currency are known as electronic money. You can use fiat currency in both physical and electrically but you can use cryptocurrency only in electronic way. Fiat currency is accepted in everywhere where as crypto currency only use in limited place. Fiat currency can be duplicated but no one can duplicate electronic currency like cryptocurrency. Fiat currency user pay tax to their government where as their is no tax in electronic currency.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-10-2018
The truth is that the advantages of cryptocurrencies are very appealing and awesome. Not getting taxed on your money, no duplicating and increased security of your digital electronic fund are pretty above the advantages of Fiat currency. If only cryptocurrency is approved and accepted all over the world, then fiat currency would be forgotten.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-15-2018
The main difference of fiat currency and cryptocurrency is decentralized and centralized. Fiat currency is have a controller like government and bank system, but crypto is nothing control it. Then, Cryptocurrency for me is a freedom of money system. Cryptocurrency and fiat will both be there in the future. But people will slowly use more cryptocurrency since it is easier to do transactions. People will go towards what is easy.
Posted by jetselle on 08-10-2018
You are very correct my friend with that assertion on people going for more easier process than a harder one when it comes to doing transactions. And I completely agree with you on the issue of Fiat currency being centralized and controlled as well as taxed by the federal government unlike cryptocurrency that are the only decentralized currency.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-16-2018
Maybe cryptocurrency is the future of fiat money but for now I am going to be sticking to what fiat money's worth is. To be able to invest another thing but what would someone rather use first and it would be fiat over cryptocurrency. Still I believe that both will prevail in the future and both has value where to use it. I have invested into cryptocurrency and I am not closing my doors because of the fact that I think I made a good investment for some time but still with the use of fiat money.
Posted by Marako0406 on 08-12-2018
I actually saw an article in the news just today about a man who had taken out a massive loan to invest in cryptocurrency, and lost 85% of his investment...but still has a loan to pay back. For me, right now, cryptocurrency is just too volatile.
Posted by amelia88 on 08-14-2018
Oooh my. That is devastating. I mean placing all your hopes on the cypto investments thwn they fail you. You will have a hard time paying back since you already had made the pans to invest and get enough to pay back the loan.
Posted by Martin on 08-15-2018
At present Cryptocurrencies are being used by a very small percentage of the global population and unlike Fiat Money which is being used by everyone. I think that Fiat Money would continue to dominate the financial scene in years to come and Cryptocurrencies will continue to be just an oprion.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 08-16-2018