Fireworks show

Fireworks show
It's night, and a big group of people is standing on the same spot looking to the sky - but there is nothing to look at. Suddenly, all the lights surrounding the area go out and the whole group is left in the dark... No one seems scared, however. Without any warning, some kind of small rocket flies toward the sky and explode in a multitude of beautiful colors! Some people jump a bit for the loud sound of the explosion, other smile, and maybe some music even starts. A fireworks show just begun.

Fireworks show are those amazing spectacular.. well, show, that can be seen at night in many places. Sometime for some special occasions, other time as regular shows - for example many theme parks are famous for their fireworks show that are amazing to look at. Anyone who have ever watched one of those know how amaizng they can be, how different can be each fireworks. There are small ones that are shot in rapid succession, leading to small explosions, other that just leave some trails behind them to create some particular looking drawings.... and other that simply explode. Some of them explodes in a single colors, other in two or more, and more elaborated fireworks might even have a particular shape for their explosion. They surely are a work of art, and the amount of care and love that is put behind a fireworks show is surely amazing.

Not everyone loves them, however: like I said, they are really loud, and I mean really. People watching them might not be bother too much, except for a few people, but the neighbours that are trying just to sleep might begin to hate the show if it become common and frequent. Also, they explode. This is dangerous, and playing with fire is something that should be avoided at home and only done by professionist. Even the best ones make some mistakes sometime, and there have been a few fireworks show with some serious accidents related to them.

But, despite this facts, they never cease to amuse people with their sound, their colors and all the beautiness that there is in them.

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  • Each firework is unique
  • With some music added to the show, if in sync, they even look cooler
  • Colorful and magical

  • Very loud
  • It's fire and explosions, can be dangerous
  • Sometime they leave a lot of smell and smoke behind them




Both are great but for me, it would have to be fireworks if I had to choose. They are just so beautiful and if the person that has set them up has done them nicely and has bought some expensive fireworks then I'm sure it will be a beautiful show. And they just look absolutely amazing in the night.
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-23-2018


Call me old fashioned, but I like the nostalgia that fireworks bring with them. I have really fond memories celebrating 4th of July with my family growing up. We shot off our own fireworks in the front yard, but we also always watched the city's fireworks show every year, which was a blast. I spent a lot of time finding places to set up and hanging out with my family in the evening until the firework show started, which was always a really nice time.
Posted by TheArticulate on 02-22-2018


I have seen both many times and I have to say that due to my eyes being extremely sensitive, the laser show is a big no. It's just very weird and it bothers me a lot. That's why I am not a fan.

Instead, I prefer to watch big fireworks. I know that they're expensive and not really environmental friendly but still, they're awesome. My city has around 2-3 per year and I usually go see them with my partner.

Posted by Mehano on 02-03-2018

Give Me Fierworks

Laser shows are alright, i guess, but they were never really appealing to me. The seem stale and a bit flaccid in comparison to a good, loud, exploding fireworks display. I love hearing the popping explosions and then watching the colorful burning debris and the shapes it makes as it cascades to the ground or fizzles out in the sky. It's also really awesome, at the end of most fireworks shows, when they just set them all off in a crescendo of multiple firings where the shapes and colors all mix together in wild ways in the sky!
Posted by JoeMilford on 02-06-2018

Looks great

For sure Fireworks is good to look at. There are many famous shows. The Japanese treat fireworks as a national sport, and have annual competitions featuring the world's most spectacular hand made shells. Go to YouTube and search for "Japanese fireworks" to see some videos of the competitions
Posted by muaaz.93 on 02-13-2018

looks more natural

I also like well made light shows especially when they are done in sync with music that I like but in general and on their own I think fireworks look a little bit better because it looks a lot more organic and it's just a little more interesting seeing bits of decorative explosions rather than moving light beams. They are both enjoyable though as long as they are well made enough.
Posted by Wubwub on 02-13-2018


I love fireworks! It is very enjoyable and fun to watch especially during holidays season like New Year. I also enjoy watching different fireworks shows and definitely they are really amazing. But I have to add this in its cons, fireworks have more contribution to air pollution and I think you already what I am talking about.
Posted by mitan143 on 04-24-2018


Although it's a bit unhealthy to the environment, if I really have to choose which one I like without thinking about the consequences, I will definitely choose Fireworks because they're much prettier and it's more fun to watch because of the sound it creates which gives nostalgia about good ol' memories of new years eve at home.
Posted by jaybee19 on 10-25-2018


A fireworks show is a very magical sight. Fireworks lights up the sky with different colors mesmerizing everyone who gazes at it. The sound of fireworks as it starts to blow up is also satisfying.
Posted by Klint on 12-17-2018


Laser show

Laser show
It's difficult to describe a laser show if you never saw one, and it's kinda pretty rare to see one that can stand on its own. Lasers are... weird. Sometime are used with fireworks, to add a new element to the show, other times they are a small minor part of another show, like a concert. But sometime they can stand on their own (or at least, almost on their own) in a laser show. You probably know what a laser is, from movies or real life: a colored trail of light that is simply wonderful to look at. Sometime a laser show is based just around the single lasers, and create some particular shapes and images by moving them quickly together, by changing their colors, or stuff like that. There are also times where the laser are projected on a surface, a transparent one probably: it might be a wall of water, or a wall of smoke. This way the showmen can create, thanks to the laser, a particular picture on the wall/smoke, a luminous picture with various colors that become the main center of the show. While there might be some music added to it, a laser show in itself is quiet since lasers don't make any sounds. This don't make them completely non-annoying, however: if you ever knew someone who used one of those old small red laiser pointer, you probably know how it feels to have it projected into your eye. So imagine how painful can be having one of the big one just right there! It's seriously not a joke.

Laser show might be rare, sure, but that doesn't make them less interesting or cool. They are full of colors, sometime they have cool music added to it, and with the right tools they can even create some interesting effects. Sure, if not used well maybe they don't stand out on their own too much, but if you can find a small laser pointer interesting, imagine how interesting can be a series of bigger ones.

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  • Can be projected on walls, water, smoke, etc...
  • Cool and colorful
  • They can be look unique and amazing
  • Quieter than fireworks, and without any smell

  • Rarer to see
  • A laser in the eye is pretty painful
  • Some laser shows don't stand too much on their own without any other effects



Laser Show

Fireworks shows are great, but laser shows are cleaner and more useful. I think that many people would prefer these as I think they are more reliable.
Posted by kgord on 02-08-2018

Once in a Lifetime Experience

I agree with the others who agree with a laser show. But my reasons are very personal.

Before I ever knew about a laser light show, there were only fireworks. Growing up, fireworks were usually in my front yard with family and friends. Going out to see fireworks? Not so much. As I got older, certain places where we lived, we could see fireworks from our house.

There was only one time when my husband, my children and I went to see a laser show. It was about 25 years ago and it was the 4th of July and we were in Atlanta, Georgia. The laser who was at Stone Mountain. It was a once in a lifetime experience and we will never forget it! It was truly a magical moment. I felt so proud to be an American that night.

Since that time, no other fireworks display has ever lived up to the spectacular display of that laser show.

Posted by foxchannel on 02-22-2018

Seems more classic

I have known Fireworks shows all my life right from my childhood till this moment and still every Christmas day, we don't miss out shooting lots of fireworks up and having fun. But in all my life, I have never witnessed a Laser show except in the movies, so for the experience of it alone, I would choose it over fireworks show.
Posted by Martinsx on 09-25-2018
JB Fernandez

Be open for innovation!

Laser display is much more safer compared to fireworks display. It can also be more accurate on it's display, since it is controlled by a computer. Aside from that, it is not emitting smoke that can harm the ozone layer.
Posted by JB Fernandez on 02-13-2018

Environment friendly

Laser shows are quieter, produce less smoke and less waste, and can be designed much better than fireworks.
Posted by treecko142 on 02-14-2018


if I am told to choose in between the Laser show and the fireworks then I will definitely choose the Laser show. The main reason for choosing a laser show s that I have never ever seen one live and surely would want to see one soon in the near future. There is nothing special in seeing fireworks show because I have been seeing them on a regular basis since my childhood. Moreover, the fireworks show can cause a lot of noise and air pollution which is very harmful to the world in the long run.
Posted by jpk0007 on 10-31-2018


To be honest, I do enjoy a firework show but yet again it is very important to understand that safety is needed. You have to be assured and aware that fireworks are dangerous and can really lead to accidents. A laser show though might not be so strong on impact but yet again it is also safe and very common for all of us to enjoy simply.
Posted by YoloBoy on 12-17-2018

Laser show

Both fireworks and laser shows are fun and they have their own charms and characteristics. My families would enjoy either of this too but for me personally, I would prefer a laser show. I don like noisy things and fireworks are one of this and also laser shows are far safer.
Posted by antonToledo on 12-16-2018


Jonathan Solomon
I personally enjoy both, to be honest. But for different occasions. If I’m at a night music festival, laser shows are the best because they go with the music being played. Typically, I enjoy fireworks when I’m celebrating someone’s birthday, its New Year’s Eve, or at a family reunion. Both events I enjoy with my friends and family. I’ve personally never thought to compare the two, but I thoroughly enjoy both.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 02-02-2018
I also enjoy both but come to think of the cost of the fireworks. We used to buy fireworks for the New Years eve celebration which will surely be grand all the time. I was spending more than $200 for the fireworks that will be gone in 5 minutes. It was a grand spectacle in the sky that neighbors were always waiting for that. But now we just buy sparklers which is cheap. Maybe the laser light is a good substitute for the fireworks.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-14-2018
Fireworks show is wonderful. However, Fireworks is banned in our country. Therefore, I will choose laser show. You can arrange laser show anytime you want. laser show also saves you money because you buy the devices once and you can use for a long time.
Posted by vinaya on 02-02-2018
Yes I think independence day and other days in Asia we have such shows. Hindu festivals also have the fireworks. And then comes new year that has the fireworks too. It'd be not so bad from the point of view for the fireworks and laser in that case to check out. I'd say on that note it's worth checking out.
Posted by overcast on 10-12-2018
For me, it's kind of hard to make a decision here considering both are fantastic in their own unique and distinct ways. Fireworks are a multiple sensory experience. Not only do you see the brilliant flashes of light exploding in the sky, but you can hear the intense bangs as each one explodes, and if you're close enough you can even smell the gun powder and feel the shockwaves. Laser shows aren't as intense of a sensory experience, but what they lack in variety they make up for in fantastic displays of patterns and colors which can't be achieved by fireworks.
Posted by Denis_P on 02-03-2018
Fireworks is also banned in my country. This is because parents can be irresponsible and let their children play with them during festivals. This has resulted in a few accidents that have left children and pets dead and maimed. I prefer the laser show. It's beautiful and can be seen by more people than fireworks. In my experience it makes less noise. It is also less dangerous and if done right can be made to look like a fireworks display.
Posted by jaymish on 02-03-2018
I actually prefer fireworks show as they are more fun and enjoyable. We traveled long distances last year just to watch the fireworks show for New Year. The effects of the fireworks in the dark are just amazing. As for laser shows, I am not really comfortable with these. I prefer not to attend such shows as they make me feel sick.
Posted by Pixie on 02-03-2018
When we were in Disneyland Hongkong, we stayed until the closing hours at 9 pm to see the fireworks display. It was one good fireworks display that we shouldn’t miss, according to those who have been there before. And I have to agree because it was one great show. But it’s not all fireworks because I noticed that there were laser beams complementing the fireworks. And the laser beams were also good in terms of colorful light display. With the ban on fireworks in our country, I guess people will be shifting to the less hazardous laser light display.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-04-2018
Every year we celebrate our new year's eve with some fireworks. It is the most awaited part of almost everyone here in our place. It is our way of welcoming the new year. I haven't seen a lot of laser show here in our place but seeing one would be an extra ordinary experience.
Posted by anahbello1206 on 02-11-2018
Fireworks is what I like and the truth is that going for it at night is really great as well. I've got some sets of friends that I always hang out with and going to fireworks shows every weekend is just a way we get to bond as family and brothers that have the same goal to succeed in life. I'm not saying that it is the best, but truly one can see that fireworks shows are quite popular as well which shows that people enjoy it.
Posted by Barida on 02-13-2018
I prefer fireworks show because they aren't too common for me. I've been mesmerized by fireworks during festivals and I must say that it's something to look forward to every year. It's also not something that can be executed anywhere and anytime. Laser shows, on the other hand, can be boring and common place. Some of our neighbors have them during the holidays in place of Christmas lights. We have done a presentation for our Christmas party using laser lights and it was quite limited.
Posted by chatbox on 03-19-2018
Both are actually good in their own way. Fireworks are a tradition and the art of fireworks is still appreciated by millions. But i think i'll go for a laser show, its environment friendly and as enticing as fireworks. Fireworks also is known to be a hazard from production to use because by nature its made of gun powder. So i'd rather be safe.
Posted by fishbate on 05-15-2018
I love watching a fireworks show specially during New Years Eve, it's so spectacular looking unlike a laser show that can be seen in concerts which is to me quite boring. Fireworks with its booming sound and colorful displays is quite nostalgic to me.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 09-14-2018
I find watching fireworks show more entertaining. It gives me a happier feeling than watching laser light show. Maybe because since I was a kid, fireworks are always a part of our celebration. New year, fiestas and sometimes even weddings, fireworks are included.
Posted by mdayrit on 09-24-2018
Laser is not safe for eyes. And many people have had their skin and eyes issues with the same. I'd say never one should be relying on the laser. Most of the people should be going for organic fireworks. And it should help in that context. I think fireworks often has pollution aspect but keeping that aside, I think everything else is fine enough.
Posted by overcast on 10-12-2018
I love to watched fireworks show than laser show. Fireworks show for me is also a symbol of victory, celebration and the new beggining so everytime a I saw a fireworks show i can't help but to stop for a while a watch on it. It was a full of feelings when a saw a fireworks.
Posted by mhingnhormz on 11-21-2018
Fireworks of course. You can still see the beauty of fireworks and that's how beautiful traditional is. Whenever I see fireworks, it makes me stop from what I'm doing as I want to see the wonderful fireworks made by those amazing person. I don't want the brightness of laser and its not more appealing for me.
Posted by nekonieden on 11-21-2018