Flash drive

Flash drive
Flash drives are extremely reliable and very flexible, they've made colossal marks in the computing world. Portability is highly desired in most devices, because when a device is portable it influences the mobility and space occupied by the device positively. Flash drives are portable, this makes it possible to move from place to place with the drive without any hitch.

Weight is a strong factor to consider while selecting storage devices, because for easy usage it is advised that a light storage device is most suitable. Flash drives have negligible weight, this makes it possible to move around the whole day with your flash drive in your pocket.

Compatibility is imperative while selecting storage devices, because a storage device with reduced compatibility could hamper data transfer activities. Nothing could be so frustrating like having compatibility issues, because the result could be so devastating.

Flash drives are highly compatible, so they transfer data easily between two devices. Durability is a feature people desire in storage drives, flash drive are highly durable and can store information perfectly for years without issues. The storage capacity of most flash drives is highly impressive, this makes storage of voluminous work possible.

• Highly durable. • Large storage capacity. • Supports mobility. • Compatible with most devices.

• Flash drives can easily be corrupted by virus. • Can be easily misplaced. • Programs can easily still the content.



Is there really any doubt?

Flash drives are obviously superior to CD's. Flash drives are smaller, contain more storage space, are faster, stronger, more reliable, reusable, and are more universal than CD's. They are probably less expensive than CD's too since you don't have to buy more CD's if you want to store more things.
Posted by fireball916 on 07-15-2017

More convenient

Now a days more computers don't have CD drives and flash drives are taking over. Not only do they come with larger capacities but they are smaller in size too.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-23-2017

CDs are dead and buried

For me at least, CDs are dead and buried and it is time to move on. Flash drives are a perfect example of this, even though in the last 2 years I bearly used one.

Why? Because of cloud storage! Why pay for a flash drive and take care of not losing it when you can just upload everything online and access it from anywhere everytime you need to.

There are so many examples: Google Drive and Dropbox are my personal favorites, but the list goes on. I only keep flash drives as a backup for my most important files and pictures/videos. For everything else, I used the cloud.

Posted by Cristian on 05-26-2017

I support flash drive

Hello Have a wonderful day.

I have been using flash drive like usb drive from 2001 to still now. We can copy tge important data by flash drive on several places for safety and security. Up to 100 GB is sometimes helpful for huge and huge impirtant data pirtability from one place to another places. For portable issue flash drive is huge pioular in this world.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 05-24-2017

The Portability Sells It

For me, flash drives are the easy win. They're portable, and can hold several times the data that a CD can. Unless I'm burning a video to DVD specifically for a client, or putting music on a CD by request, I'll almost always either use a flash drive, external hard drive, or a cloud service.
Posted by TheArticulate on 05-23-2017

Clear winner

Do people even still use CD's to store things? I haven't used one in years. I do remember when we used to though.

I have to go with the flash drive. There's no competition here. Flash drive is just better in every way because it's technologically more advanced.

It's smaller, provides mobility, therefore, convincence, faster speed, and more storage space.

All the newer products support the flash drive, many don't support the CDs. An easy choice.

Posted by Mehano on 05-24-2017
Jonathan Solomon

Flash Drives!

I'm part of this new technological generation. So naturally, I would go with flash drives!

Let's start with durability. Compact discs are too sensitive for me to carry around. Generally, I don't have to worry about my flash drive being damaged or anything.

Secondly, storage. I'm able to fit more data on a flash drive than I ever could a compact disc.

Lastly, convenience. Flash drives for me are much more convenient than your conventional compact disc.

Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 05-23-2017

I fully agree...

Flash drives are handy to take with you and is really compact. A compact disk is too fragile and too big... Flash drives can even have a capacity of 128 gb! It is also durable and can almost not break, a compact disk can easy break.. I hope you like my statement
Posted by RobbeGames on 05-23-2017

More convenient greater capacity

Flash drives offer far greater convenience to the user. Storage capacity, durability and convenience far exceed that of CD's. While the flash drive can be corrupted, the CD can also carry that virus. The benefit with the flash, is not only can the virus be detected but it can also, in most circumstances be repaired, without the need to dispose of it at the expense of lost data.
Posted by Mark.c on 05-23-2017

Flash drives are more durable

I have a flash drive at my house that has absolutely no case left on it. It stills has all the information left on it that was put there to begin with. It's been packed away in boxes, jostled and knocked around, collected a ton of dust, probably even thrown around a time or two.
Posted by Kanagirl on 05-24-2017

Portability and more disk space

Flash drives are the obvious choice for me, as I use them in my everyday life. I usually use them to store documents for school, which is real helpful. Most of the time the flash drive has more space than the CD, even though the flash drive is smaller than the CD in the actual world. I actually have no clue what I would put on a CD rather than music, which I can get on my phone at anytime. The CD is out of date!
Posted by colebbakken on 05-23-2017

durably enhanced

flash is durable , stronger and better compared to disk.
Posted by barinua on 05-24-2017

Flash drive for the win.

It's small, easy to carry, you can wear it on your neck, it's convenient. Compact disc isn't that convenient. You'll be needing a casing just to make sure the disc won't be damaged.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 07-04-2017

CDs have uses but Flash drives are better

I generally find that Flash drives, as well as other portable external hard drives, are a bit more durable and portable than disc-based media, which require some type of covering to not scratch. Also, you can't constantly reuse the same disc as storage on every computer you encounter.

Though you won't always see a disc drive on computers - especially newer laptop models - a USB port is still usually easily accessible.

If it's specifically for music or video and you need to play it on a non-computer device, a CD will probably work well enough but they aren't always reusable and often require certain programs to properly create storage. Flash drives tend to be a lot simpler for me to use nowadays.

Posted by Linen on 06-13-2017

Flash drive

Do some people still use CD's to save or carry info? Flash drive is way more practical if you ask me. Not even in the old times, I thought that having a CD with files was a good idea lol.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-01-2017

Flash drives in a Flash!

I think flash drives were the evolution concept to CD's. At the core of it both devices are storage medias designed to be accessible in quick time an compatible with various interfaces, not forgetting the price point. Having established this the question of advancing the media storage concept will reveal that flash drive features by far outperform CD's. From portability to compatibility to pricing to storage capacity and speed transfer rate, Flash drives win in all categories.
Posted by Joteque on 07-10-2017

Flash drive is very useful.

It's more convenient to use Flash drive as it can easily connect to any laptop, desktop, or even in gadgets/devices. Compact Disc is so out to date. It also consumes spaces just to pile a bunch of it, unlike flash drive where you only need one. In the future, no one will manufacture compact disc anymore.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-23-2017


Compact Disc

Compact Disc
Compact disc is perfect when longevity is paramount, the disc has incredible ability of storing vital data over long durations. Compact disc is hardly corrupted by virus, this quality makes it effective and efficient in storing drivers data. Most companies prefer to store driver data for their devices on compact disc. Information's are easily burnt to compact disc without hitch, and this is compatible with most PC's.

When we wish to rip stored information at an impressive rate, the storage device selected should have the capacity to deliver the stored information at the desired rate. Compact disc are designed such that retrieving of stored information can be done at an impressive rate, the surface area makes unbelievable transfer rate's possible.

Compact disc comes in varied capacity, each disc has it's maximum storage ability, spoilt disc can also be used for decorative purposes. The disc is light, this quality enhances mobility greatly.

• Protects against virus attack. • High retrieval rate. • Supports longevity. • Compatible with various PC's. • Read/ Write ability.

• Surface can scratch easily. • The disc can easily break. • Not compatible with small gadgets.


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Even if the USB flash drive is susceptible to virus contamination, I would still go for it for economic reasons. The flash drive is a reusable medium and quite cheap now so you can invest in a flash drive with a large capacity. And now that the new tv has a USB socket, that means you can comfortably play your video or even music on your tv via the flash drive. Aside from the convenience, the flash drive is the best way of transporting data, all you need to do is to copy from the source and copy into the destination. With the CD, the main downside is the permanent etching of data which prevents the CD to be reused.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-24-2017
I'm also a USB flash drive supporter. CD's are too old technologically speaking, they tend to scratch and break if you drop them by accident. Plus, they can store only a few MB of data. One problem I had with a couple of flash drive devices was that they got demagnetized, maybe the reason for that are the two magnet-pens I have on my desk! But still, if you want to buy a flash drive, the best option nowadays is an external hard disk.
Posted by Chiari on 05-24-2017
Well personally, I am a flash drive user just because it is a lot more user friendly making it so every one can use it without any complications because all computers have a usb slot so it means they're also universal.
Posted by Sino989 on 05-24-2017
I use them both, yes, I still use compact disks, I prefer them actually, I still have hundreds of them for years, I can't say the same thing for Flash drives, they're not as reliable as compact disks.
Posted by joey98 on 09-04-2017
Haven't been using compact disk nowadays. I think the last time I've used or store or burn data on the disk was way back 5 years ago when I backup my boss files mainly games and software on DVD-R discs just to have enough space on our disk and as our backup. I don't know if he even had used those disks because I think flash drive specifically an External Hard Disk is much better on backing up large amount of files in just a short period of time. So I prefer using flash drives as its convenient, just need to plug and play, copy and delete any files that you want with no hassle of being damaged due to scratch or something.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-28-2017
I will prefer to have a Flash drive instead of CD. First of all, the flash drive is easy to use, is more realiable than the CD has bigger storage capability and can even used on phones if your phone has USB cack up feature.
Posted by vinaya on 12-21-2017
Flash drive for me,it very portable to carry around, it easier to store information and highly effective for retrieval. it compatible with many devices and has large storage capacity. it really better than compact disc.
Posted by lovely on 02-26-2018
Well of course flash drive. very easy to choose. Flash drive is small, accessible, and easy to use and bring anywhere. You can save more files according to its memory and it's small. compact disc somehow good, but I think it's too old to use right now.
Posted by ion on 03-05-2018
I would choose Flash Drives because it's extremely handy, saves a lot of data, reliable to some degree and is reusable compared to the almost obsolete Compact Disks.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-19-2018