Flying Spaghetti Monster

Flying Spaghetti Monster
Not everyone like religion: I'm not talking about a specific religion, just religion in general. Some people just choose to not believe in anything, while other find religions silly and nonsensical, and other openly despise and hate them. But we are not here to discuss about the opposition to religion in general, here I want to talk about something that this have originated, that being... more religions. To be more precise, it originated some parodistic religions to mock the main serious official ones. Like most stuff they started as a joke on Internet, but quickly grew up in popularity to the point of being able to be almost considered official religions as well. The most popular one is the Pastafarianism, in which the main and more important figure is the iconic Flying Spaghetti Monster. I'm totally serious and not making any of this up, just a quick search on Internet will bring you to many results, including some images of the mighty creature that is exactly what you might imagine: a floating ball of spaghetti with eyes, and some huge meatballs. The concept was created by Bobby Henderson, who wrote a letter to the Oregon State University when they decided to teach creationism alongside evolutionism. His letter is basically the manifesto of this whole thing, and many things are said here. For example, it's stated that the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe while he was completely drunk, and the monster himself trick scientist and people into believing the evolutionism to test their faith. Followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster have even their own prayers, that end with Ramen instead of the typical Amen. And if you know that Ramen is a kind of japanese spaghetti, it's even more hilarious. There is also something similar to the Ten Commandments, but they are called Condiments and list some behaviors that people should avoid... And they are actually behaviors that people should indeed avoid for the most part.

In conclusion, it's something very cured to the minimal details and many people started to take it seriously, up to the point that in New Zealand and Canada is officially a religion.

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  • Everyone love Spaghetti!
  • A parody religion full of details and ideas
  • One of the most popular "joke gone too far" ever
  • Their "Eight Condiments" actually teach a good way of life

  • Becoming a actual religion have led it away from the initial purpose
  • There is also a Pastafarianistic hell, and it's not a nice place
  • Religious people might find it offensive



Lord and Savior

It's our Lord and Savior the spaghetti monster. Enough said mates.
Posted by Anonymous on 01-17-2019

Whatever they believe in.

One thing is that I'm not against how people see the world and how they believe in things. I'm always of the opinion that people should be allowed to believe in whatever they want to serve and that the reason I think the flying spaghetti monster can be their god as well.
Posted by Barida on 12-19-2017

The satire is simply better

The Pink Unicorn argument is clever and simple to grasp, but it's ultimately fleeting. A theist who hears it can simply reply that God is not see able, only feel able, or something to that effect. Then, there's always the annoying argument of "you can't disprove God either", which is technically true and close enough to proof for most.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a much better satire of organized religion. Its "supporters" have gone beyond basic proof arguments and have actually created an entire church to highlight the ridiculousness of it all. They operate like ironic Satanists- calling out Christianity and other monotheistic religions without sounding crazy themselves.

Posted by Habramsohn on 07-14-2018

Do I Say?

It looks a bit of bullshit to me. Imitation is what I hate most. 'Remen' instead of 'Amen' which means 'let it be so'. 8 Cardiments instead of ten commandments. It does not matter whether it teaches good values but the cult is going too far.

What of the flying spaghetti? Ha ha ha. Am in stitches...

Posted by stbrians on 10-17-2018


Invisible Pink Unicorn

Invisible Pink Unicorn
Right now you might have this particular entity in your room, just behind you, or maybe in front of you! It's a beautiful unicorn, all covered in a bright pink color! Can you see it? Of course, because it's not only pink, it's also invisible! And also because it's the fictional character of another parody religion, maybe less popular than Pastafarianism but still important and charismatic. The Pink Unicorn concept was created to mock some contradictions in some divinities concept, therefore the fact that it's Pink and Invisible is a intentional contradiction on itself. Its first appearances can be tracked on the early days on the 90s, when the web was still somewhat young and there were some community boards where people talked about all kind of stuff. The official manifesto was however created by some college student, where the Unicorn is actually mentioned in a plural form - so there might be more than one! The attention to details is not very high, and some of the concepts in the manifesto are just random absurd nonsense, like his love for raisins.

The main focus, however, is the fact that since the Unicorn is invisible, it's impossible to prove that it doesn't exist, since there are no proof of the opposite - and this is a direct attack on many religious theses.

As you can easily understand, the base concept and ideas at the base of the Invisible Pink Unicorn are very similar to the Flying Spaghetti Monster ones, and the ideas it tries to explain are basically the same, altough with a slightly different delivery and personality. There is also not a very proper religion with a common theme, the main focus is rather just the idea, and while fascinating (after all it's a unicorn, they are always cool) it never became as popular as the religion on the other side of this versus. But as a parody, it works, and it's a interesting study on human behavior.

Image source https://upload.wikimed...ible_Pink_Unicorn.svg.png

  • It's impossible to prove the non existence of the Unicorn
  • Unicorns are always cool
  • It's both pink and invisible, a lethal combo
  • Originated by a group of students with interesting ideas

  • Some parts of the manifesto are just random nonsense
  • Not very popular
  • Beside the Invisible Pink Unicorn, there are no much ideas and concept around it



Pink Unicorns

Who does/t like the color pink? I think this might be more attractive overall then a flying spaghetti monster. Put me down for a unicorn please.
Posted by kgord on 12-17-2017

Fantasy and Imagination PLUS Unicorns are Pretty

I consider both of the creatures described as the creation of whimsical fantasy and a great imagination. Based on this consideration I choose the unicorns because I've always liked unicorns. They're pretty! LOL.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 09-28-2018

Aware of this

I believe unicorns are mystical creatures and it's a known fact that in the olden days people worship and believe in these mystical creatures, including dragons. I think some part of China still worship dragon and also the Japanese Yakuza.

Unicorns as far as I know about them are animal of peaceful nature. It's said they possess magical powers and it's on its horn.

Posted by Martinsx on 01-03-2018

I like this concept

I think this is much like how I feel about religion overall. Some people might think it exists, others don’t - but can anything really truly be proven?

I’ll never judge someone for believing or not believing. It’s personal preference!

Posted by amelia88 on 10-02-2018


I vote for invisible pink unicorn. I like unicorns. They are so cute.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 12-06-2018


Both of these religious cons are unknown to me. Well, I am aware of some monster icons but not the spaghetti monster. I know unicorn, but don't know about Invisible Pink Unicorn. Since I cannot recognize these symbols, I cannot say anything about these symbols.
Posted by vinaya on 12-15-2017
I'm just a novice to this just like you and I wonder the significant of the mockery from pink unicorn as analysed in this article. Well we learn daily it still good I read about it will be doing more research on it
Posted by lovely on 07-06-2018
I am not sure exactly what a Flying Spaghetti Monster or an Invisible Pink Unicorn are or why these could provide significant religious experiences? The unicorn is an esoteric and alchemical symbol--I get that. The pasta monster reminds me of a Lovecraftian demon or something; however, what is the deal behind these two icons and who is spreading them around the Internet? I think that it is interesting that people come up with this stuff, but in terms of a real or pseudo-religion, I think that both of these creatures are just "fun" and not significant.
Posted by JoeMilford on 12-16-2017
Both of these symbols were created in order to help illustrate atheistic viewpoints for discussion. If I recall correctly, The Flying Spaghetti Monster originated in the early 2000's when the Topeka Board of Education in Kansas was debating whether or not to add intelligent design to the curriculum of public school's biology courses. An Oregon State student sent an open letter to the Topeka board, protesting their motives, and used the idea of the FSM or "pastafarianism" as an argumentative point. He stated that his belief in the FSM should be considered just as valid as any other creationist belief, and should be given equal class time in public schools. From there, it became an internet phenomenon, and is still used today to satirize organized religion.

As for the invisible pink unicorn, I've always simply considered it an illustration of either the idea of an "unfalsifiable hypothesis" or the concept of burden of proof. Specifically, I've experienced people using this talking point to counter the question, "can you DISPROVE the existence of God"? Generally, the claim made here is that if you can't DISPROVE the existence of God, then you logically must keep an open mind about his existence. But what needs to be pointed out is that if you're making a positive claim, i.e., "God does exist", then the burden of proof is on you to provide evidence of your claim, not on the other side to provide evidence against your point before you can back it up. That's where the pink unicorn comes in. The idea of an invisible, untouchable unicorn is created, and then the counter question is asked: "Can you disprove the existence of my unicorn?" If the answer is "no", then logically, you must also keep an open mind about the existence of the magical beast in the room.
Posted by TheArticulate on 12-19-2017
Wow--this is hilarious and also an awesome explanation for me, a person who has never heard of this "Pastafarian" movement. To me it looks like something out of Lovecraft, and that Lovecraft must have influenced the creators of this, but I am all into the H.P. Lovecraft stuff, so don't mind me. The faith-based argument over the pink unicorn is also very interesting, and it really makes me laugh. I guess that you can worship pasta, Jesus, pink unicorns, Allah--whatever you please and whatever works for you!
Posted by JoeMilford on 12-19-2017
Honestly, the flying spaghetti monster looks like something out of an HP Lovecraft story. As for the pink unicorn - I do believe unicorns or beings similar to them exist on an existential plane not seen with the naked eye. An alternate reality or other-realm type of being. I do not believe either of these entities are anywhere here in the human realm though.
Posted by NickJ on 12-17-2017
I do not prefer one over the other, as I think they both serve different argumentative purposes. The spaghetti monster has a fascinating history (especially since it was created to protest the motives of the state school board in my state of Kansas). I definitely don't put a lot of weight behind either side, but rather use their base talking points for religious discussions or debates in order to help illustrate my point. I don't think either of them are meant to be taken seriously, but rather used to help people better understand your perspective.
Posted by TheArticulate on 12-19-2017
As a devout Pastafarian, I find it infuriating that you would even put these two in the same debate. Invisible Pink Unicorn? What a preposterous idea. How can one be invisible yet pink at the same time?! Completely illogical. Not to mention that unicorns are completely a work of fiction. Our Lord and Savior, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, in all his saucy meatbally-ness, strikes down such heresy. Repent! Repent! Lest your noodles forever stick to one another no matter how much olive oil thou uses.
Posted by Denis_P on 02-20-2018
From what I remember in our literature class in school, the Unicorn is a symbol of luck and power. That if you can catch a unicorn then you will be the most powerful human on earth. But we all know that a unicorn is just a myth or a fictional character that sometimes people mistake for the gnu or the some other animals in Africa. However, I don’t see anything wrong in believing that a unicorn is real. If it can provide them with the inspiration then that is good.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-29-2018
I. have always known the unicorn to be a powerful symbol never heard about the pink.unicorn either as a. religion or not.The article has arouse my interest and I will be reading more about. it.I wonder about the invisible in the religion, will have to research and find out about all the whys going on in my head.
Posted by lovely on 07-06-2018
I vote for unicorns. Most especially the invisible unicorn. It is so cool. It is so attractive.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 12-06-2018
Pink unicorn. The other one looks so weird and I don't really like weird creatures but unicorn is so cute. I also like its color so I will choose the cute one which is unicorn.
Posted by nekonieden on 12-14-2018