Fold napkins like a stars

Fold napkins like a stars
It's finally time for your Christmas dinner, and you prepared so many delicious foods that everyone will surely love! There are even some decoration here and there, but for some reason the table doesn't look like a Christmas table at all... What is missing? It seems like everything is there, at the right place! There are those shiny silverware, that you use just in special occasions, the very elegant plates, the glasses ready to be filled with wine, beer, soda, and the napkins that... Well, the napkins are disappointing. They are just napkins, but they could be much more. They can be folded, in some special and particular ways!

For example like a Christmas star! Sure it's not the most common Christmas symbol, but tell me if it doesn't look good! And it's not actually that hard to achieve it. First of all, you need a rectangular big napkin: Fold the lower flap, until the edge of the napkin matches the central fold of the rectangle. Do it again on the other side, and open the napkin once again: this way you'll have a napkin divided in four different "areas". Fold again the lower flap, making it match the nearest fold. Now grab the fold, and turn the napkin over, bringing the fold in th eupper side. Do this again, and again, and again, folding it like a accordion. Once you've done, lift the first flap of the short side, while you hold it between your thumb and your forefinger, and then - with the index of the other hand - fold the inside of the napkin to obtain a triangle. It's easier to do it than to write it, don't worry about that. Now with your new created triangle, lift it and fold the flap corresponding to it, and once again fold the napkin to obtain another triangle! Do this again for multiple times, and your napkin should have the shape of a rectangle trapezoid. It's almost over: you just need to do everything again with every flap on the other side of the rectangle. Your star is almost ready, and you need to be careful now, like if you were dealing with a very fragile flower: put the napkin on the table and slowly - really slowly - open it. Just adjust the various points a little bit, and... voilà! Truly amazing. I do realize that it might sound pretty hard, but once you get the general point of how to reach the result showed in the picture it will be a cakewalk! And the effort will be totally worth it.

  • Extremely cool
  • Elegant
  • It will gain a lot of attention from your guests
  • Perfect for multiple occasions beside Christmas

  • Very hard to fold
  • Not really a Christmas symbol
  • Requires a insane amount of effor
  • If you have many many guests it might become boring to fold all those napkins


Jonathan Solomon

Seems easier

Well, I personally like different napkin folds. It provides a sense of style and design to your dinner table. My mother first introduced me to fancy napkin folds when I was young. She was decorating for a house party when I saw her making her own version of star folds. Even though the napkins are unfolded in the end. I still enjoy taking time to fold each of them individually. In my opinion, the Christmas tree fold seems a little complicated. As well as hard to repeat consistently. The star fold is a type of napkin fold I’m very familiar with. Its less time consuming while equally elegant. So in this comparison, I’d go with the star fold for your napkins.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 12-06-2017

Fold like a star

I think that the star design is really attractive, and I have not seen that design used before. I think it is one of the different designs that can be utilized by all. It is a great design really.
Posted by kgord on 12-07-2017
gata montes

Stars - classic, chic and elegant

Although both styles look great as well as equally attractive - my choice would without a doubt be this one - Stars.

Purely because - not only do Christmas trees have no significance where I am and in fact don't even exist - but star shaped napkins have always been such a favorite of mine - that I can actually make them myself and quite easily too.

That said - they are not something that I would be wanting to decorate my table with - other than on very, very special occasions - as even though they always look stunningly good on the table and are relatively easy to make - the process is very definitely time consuming.

Posted by gata montes on 12-06-2017

I prefer the Stars

I really like the look of these star napkins, and I think that they would appear a bit more elegant on the table (although I would have to find some sort of Youtube video for how to fold one of them, lol). Having the tree somewhere in the house, covered with ornaments, or in the corner of the room is plenty enough tree for the guests at Christmas. These stars represent the beacon followed by the magi to find the place where Jesus was supposedly born, and I think that they remind us of the journeys we all had to take to make it home for the holidays.
Posted by JoeMilford on 12-07-2017


Honestly, I don't care much about these types of formats (I mean... napkin is napkin, haha)... However, I think the format of stars is more interesting because it should be something more work to be done.
Posted by wiseagent on 12-05-2017


Folding them like a Christmas tree looks kinda weird so I'm gonna go with the star shaped ones, even though they might be hard to fold, I doubt that they are harder to fold than the tree ones. You can also represent that a certain dish is the best one, because of the star, so that's a plus. They are also quite elegant, which is one of the main attractions, while the tree ones can look kinda weird.
Posted by manmad on 12-06-2017


As much as I think the christmas tree fold is impressive, I still prefer something symmetrical when put inside a round plate. I would only prefer the christmas tree one if it were standing and had a circular bottom which by then would also make it somewhat symmetrical already. As flat shapes I prefer this one a lot more.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-06-2017

Star ... like Star of Bethlehem

They are both adorable but I would go with the star. Number 1 because it seems easier to fold. Number 2 because it is sort of in keeping with the traditional Christmas story which mentions the Star of Bethlehem.

According to research, the Christmas tree was not introduced as part of the tradition until about 1500 years later.

Posted by foxchannel on 12-30-2017

Fold napkins

I find it way more elegant to have on your plate than just having a Christmas tree napkins. I like the idea of having stars on it and how it's been executed which has a 3D effect on my plate which can give me a good feeling that I will enjoy the dining experience. As it feels like it's a waste of an art to demolish it if I have this on my plate but a napkin is a napkin that needs to be used so we have no choice but to use it and besides, the food is more important to me. :D
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-26-2017

Cleaner look

This style of napkin folding looks neater compared to the Christmas tree one. Folding napkins like stars would also be presentable no matter what the occasion is. Unlike the Christmas tree one which would only be appropriate during Christmas season.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 09-26-2018

Love it

Fold like a star is something that is really attractive. It looks perfect and neat on the table. I never thought that a napkin can be folded like this. Someone who created this is just gifted.
Posted by superlicca on 11-13-2018


Fold napkins like Christmas trees

Fold napkins like Christmas trees
There are many Christmas symbol, and if you don't like the napkin folded like a star, or don't care about that symbol, or even if you find it too hard, you have the choice of a more traditional Christmas thing: a tree. Of course trees are red, but if you have red napkins like in the picture.. it's better. It's a more Christmas-y color, and it looks good! Folding a napkin like a Christmas tree is not too hard.

You will need a square napkin: fold in up to the middle, so that you have a rectangle, and then fold it again so you have another square. Now turn it around, so that the flaps are in the bottom right corner. Pick the first flap and fold it, and do the same with all the other flaps - leaving around 2 centimetres between each other. Slowly the Christmas tree will take shape, and you will have to just look at it to see how much distance shoud you leave between each flap. After you've folded every flap, turn the napkin once again so that the various flaps are under the napkin, on the table. You'll need to fold the two opposite angles of the napkin, and push on them to fix them into their place. Now be careful because a single mistake could undo all your work: turn the napkin once more, and fold every angle upwards - it's very important to start with the top one. Everytime you fold a flap, it should form a small pocket where you will fit the next flap. And it's done!

Even if it might sound hard, it's actually easier than the star one, and it's a true incarnation of the Christmas spirit. Sure, the star on the other side is way more elegant and cool, but you can't deny that this tree is effective as well. Eventually you could even add some other decorations to it, it's just up to your imagination!

  • A true Christmas symbol
  • It's not to difficult to prepare
  • You can eventually add some decorations up to your imagination
  • Very cool to look at

  • Not as elegant as the star
  • It's a tree without decorations if you don't add any, a bit weird and empty
  • Even if it's easy, it will take a lot of time to fold every napkin
  • The way in which you need to fold it can get a bit repetitive




I came across this topic thinking that it was an easy choice for me and that I would choose the stars because it would just look better. But after seeing the image of the Christmas tree napkins, I have to say that it has to be this one. The christmas tree just looks so good and I believe that folding napkins this way for Christmas would just be so good
Posted by kingcool52 on 12-11-2017

This is very cool

I have seen the stars done before but I have never seen the Christmas trees. These would be so sweet for any holiday get together. Everybody you love them.

The stars are cute becasue they are be done in various and used for different occasions. I do like both of them but the tree is my favorite.

Posted by Sue on 12-05-2017

Christmas feels now in table napkin.

I personally like doing folding table napkins and it is my hobby especially of there are special ocassions in our house. And now christmas is near, I prefer christmas tree table napkin than star. Even though it is hard to do a christmas tree in folding table napkin, it is fine to me. Because I feel more the christmas is near while seeing a christmas tree even in table napkins.
Posted by blank629 on 12-06-2017


I don't think either are worth it. When you think about it, the napkin is functional and will be used in a matter of seconds. There is nothing wrong in just folding it normally, because I can think of much better things to do with my time than to fold napkins into shapes. Sorry, that's just me being practical.
Posted by Alexa on 12-06-2017
I have never made any of these napkins and I never thought we could fold a napkin as a start or tree and give a special presentation to the dinner or lunch we are hosting. I think I will choose the star because it looks easy to make.
Posted by vinaya on 12-06-2017
This is a good suggestions for folding a napkin and both are cute but I will choose the elegant star folded napkin. It's cute and much more fit the plate than the Christmas tree folded napkin although I need to learn the instructions of folding it.
Posted by Scarlet on 12-06-2017
Me too, I have never fold a star napkin and never did see any restaurant fold star napkins too. Most napkins are folded in triangles and squares. Nobody bother to fold fancy shape napkins because the manager never told them to do so.
Posted by peachpurple on 12-09-2017
Wow,it always nice when I'm vacation and the hotels serve us food with different styles of folding napkins I really used to fancy it,especially the star style which I see a lot but never really seen the Christmas tree folding, from the image it looks pretty nice and might even be better in reality. Will like the Christmas tree folding style it looks great.
Posted by lovely on 02-06-2018
Those folded napkins in style are great but I have to be honest that I don’t have the aptitude to do those fancy folds of napkins. When we have guests at home, what we use are the paper napkins that I bought in Singapore. It is imported so the house guests truly appreciates that we have those napkins for their use. And when we don’t have the imported paper napkins then we just use the ordinary. Middle class homes do not normally use cloth napkins.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-02-2018
It doesn't really matter for me about the design of the napkins as long as it looks very presentable and unique then that would attract me more to eat . Whenever we have guests we don't particularly designed or arrange table napkins as we only used paper napkins.
Posted by nekonieden on 10-31-2018
Both designs are really cool. I think that because this is the Christmas season I would go for the napkin folded like a christmas tree. I think that this would be really cool especially if you have guests over for Christmas. If you have a dinner on a normal day that is not the holidays then having a napkin that is folded like a star would be fantastic. I think that it would show your guests how stylish and modern you are and would show off your entertainment skills.
Posted by jaymish on 12-08-2018