Forum Novelties Men's Roasted Turkey Hat

Forum Novelties Men's Roasted Turkey Hat
Thanksgiving is a important day for all Americans, and most people often take it seriously. It's a day to give thanks, a day to spend with your family, etc... But why take it too seriously? Why wouldn't you add a bit of silliness to it? During Halloween you wear creepy costumes, during Christmas you might wear a Santa hat... and during Thanksgiving you could maybe wear the classic pilgrim hat, or be more original and wear... a turkey. It's a bizarre idea, but it's funny, and it's somewhat original. It help to have a laugh, and everybody know that laughing improve your day the most (even your life). This hat, sold on Amazon for 6,99 dollars, is made by Forum Novelties. It look indeed funny, and at the same time.. delicious. It's a classic roasted turkey, maybe not realistic but looking cartoonish, like the classic roasted turkey you would see in classic cartoons set during this day. It's upside down, meaning that the leg are on the upper side, and the “head” of the turkey is replaced by the hole where you fit your head. Maybe someone might find it of bad taste, seeing you are playing with food... but it's not like you are actually wearing a turkey, like that episode of Friends where Joey did the same. It's just a nice piece of costume, a little funny hat that could bring some jokes and discussion to your dinner or lunch table, gaining attention to all the present and making you the protagonist of the whole day. Sure, usually the protagonist is the turkey itself... but with this, you'll have a turkey over your head! So for this Thanksgiving bring a laugh to your house. The item should fit any adult size and if he eventually it doesn't – maybe because is too big – it will be even funnier. Happy and funny thanksgiving day!

  • Funny
  • Original
  • Fits well a lot of sizes
  • Good quality
  • Looks like picture
  • Nice price

  • Other sizes might not be the right ones for the hat to fit
  • The item didn't arrive
  • Received a different hat
  • One of legs started to detach quickly
  • Some might find it of bad taste



This is funny!

I like this hat, it's pretty funny and hilarious. I could wear it as a chef hat too. I saw this hat and I'm feeling hungry again and I ate my breakfast a few minutes ago.
Posted by cubo on 11-04-2017


Forum Novelties Men's Novelty Turkey Hat

Forum Novelties Men's Novelty Turkey Hat
As I said, Thanksgiving can be fun. You laugh, you joke, you come up with a original idea to make your lunch or dinner have a blast. And since we are talking about hat made in the shapes of turkeys, let's talk about another one, a different one that might be even more funny. You know that Thanksgiving is the day of roasted turkey, but let's not forget how turkeys look before being roasted: they are pretty weird looking bird. So unique, with a look somewhere between silly and funny, and elegant and nice. They almost are fat peacocks. And making a hat that look like a actual turkey is a no brainer in this case! This delicious item is being sold on Amazon, for a price of 9,49 dollars. It look like a live turkey – of course not a realistic one, more of a turkey that just came out from a cartoon. It have a big red neck, with a yellow big and two big blue expressive eyes. To scream Thanksgiving even more, the Turkey wears the classic pilgrim hat on its head! Speaking about its body, is very well made, fat and chubby with two small wings, and a bit of fur to represent its feathers. Talking about the feathers, indeed, there are a lot of its big beautiful and colorful tail, designed with the colors of autumn – so brown, yellow, orange... it have a very seasonal feeling. And finally, there are two small yellow legs with black feets that run down the body, near your ears. Wearing this turkey hat will surely catch a lot of attention, originating laughs, funny jokes and whatever else there could be in a joyful Thanksgiving day. It's not a “dead” turkey, like the roasted one, so you might want it to not upset anyone that could find the other of too much bad taste, for them being vegetarian or simply any other reason. It's colorful, it's nice, it's the perfect item for your thanksgiving.

  • Very well made
  • Colorful and good looking
  • Will gain a lot of attention
  • Excellent price
  • Cute

  • A bit small for adults
  • Very heavy
  • It's hard to keep the turkey balanced without it falling off
  • Arrived very late
  • Looked different than picture



fun, bright, festive!

This turkey hat is so fun and festive. I love the bright colors on the turkey tail. I would not be able to stop laughing if I saw someone with this hat on. It's very silly and lighthearted. I love it when people are really into a holiday and go all out to celebrate it. What better way to celebrate "Turkey Day" than with a turkey hat?
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 11-13-2017


The two hat looks funny in a fun way but I think the novelty turkey hat looks more matured for me even with the matured color, from the image it looks well made and can last a bit ,it looks great tough with the vibrant will be a great hat for men that love it.
Posted by lovely on 01-28-2018
Pardon me for saying this but I don’t think there is anyone in our family who will be willing to wear those kind of hats that are described above. First, we don’t have that occasion and we don’t even have turkeys here although there are expensive hotels that are offering baked turkey for a price. Second, a person would definitely look silly in wearing that kind of hat. Maybe that is outrageous so I am wondering what happened to the think tank of those companies that are producing novelty items. Not really a good one.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-17-2018