Freshwater Aquarium

Freshwater Aquarium
A freshwater aquarium consists of a fish tank with fish that live in freshwater. Common amongst hobbyists of freshwater fish are Discus, several species of Tetras and Cichlids, Barbs, Goldfish and lots more. Freshwater aquariums can consist of community fish - more than one species in the tank, or focus on a predominant one. For a freshwater aquarium to succeed you would need proper filtration, an adequate amount of lighting, and stable levels of heating. Regular water changes and water tests are a must.

Freshwater fish can tolerate more abuse than saltwater fish can. You can buy freshwater fish in shops much more frequently than saltwater fish. Freshwater fish are easier to breed. Goldfish are amongst the most popular fish kept as pets. They are very active and can get quite used to you.

Heavily planted freshwater tanks require more attention both in terms of time as well as cost. Additional nutrients and chemicals have to be purchased in order for the plants to strive.



A river boy at heart

Throughout my childhood family trips were to the river, not the beach. I didn't have the chance to experience the ocean until I was practically an adult, and even then I did not enjoy it much. This led me to always appreciate fresh water ecosystems to a greater extent. There is something about the clean pure smell that emanates from a river that causes me to prefer it greatly. In turn I would prefer a freshwater fish tank because it would bring back my core memories from childhood and produce less smell and waste than a salt water tank
Posted by 4mericorn on 07-29-2016


I have a fresh water tank and it's low maintenance unlike a salt water tank which sometimes can be costly to maintain and salt water fishes needs a lot of caring while freshwater fishes are not that sensitive. And I like freshwater fishes more because their easy breed.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-04-2018


I love my goldfish so I'm biased towards maintaining a freshwater aquarium. It's also easier to maintain than a saltwater one and I don't have a lot of time to pay that extra attention for maintenance.
Posted by treecko142 on 05-27-2018

Easy to maintain

I like freshwater aquarium more because it is a lot more easier to maintain unlike the salt aquarium which require more time. I also like fishes that stay on fresh water than the salt one.
Posted by blackmist on 09-03-2018


Saltwater Aquarium

Saltwater Aquarium
In a saltwater aquarium you would find fish which live in seas and oceans. Clownfish, Cardinalfish, Angelfish and Puffers are among the number of fish you can expect to find in a saltwater tank. Saltwater tanks can be either consist of fish only (FO), fish only with live rock (FOWLR) and reef tanks. Saltwater aquariums require more equipment than freshwater aquariums such as: protein skimmers, live rock, sumps, hydrometers and more. These aquariums also require additional test kits - such as calcium test kits - for maintaining the right parameters.

Saltwater fish have beautiful colours and it is fascinating watching the live rock. There are less hobbyists who go for saltwater fish than freshwater fish. However, everyone recognizes a clownfish from Finding Nemo. Saltwater fish are usually brighter and their colours are very vibrant.

Saltwater fish are rather delicate and need more attention. More expensive than freshwater aquariums both in terms of the equipment needed as well as the cost in buying the right fish. Saltwater aquariums are larger than freshwater ones so if space available is limited this can present an issue. These aquariums need more maintenance commitment. Lighting apparatus as well as running costs are more expensive. Saltwater fish are very hard to breed.



Much nicer to keep

I would much rather have the salt water aquarium than the fresh water aquarium due to the brightness and colour variety of the fish in the salt water tank. To me the fish in a salt water tank look much nicer than the fish that live in a fresh water tank. You also tend to find more exotic fish in the salt water tank which means that you can show of to your friends and family more! It is also great as a decorative feature ( don't mean to be offensive to fish lovers).
Posted by Anonymous on 07-28-2016
Yeah I agree! Salt water fish look beautiful and elegant! The tanks are much easier to look after and you don't have to worry about adding nutrients etc.

More familiar with salt water fish

I'm more familiar with the salt-water fish, including the 'nemo' fish in the picture. So I would probably go with that one, despite the many drawbacks and precautions.
Posted by Beverly on 07-31-2016

Harder to maintain, but so much better

Saltwater tanks and fish are so much prettier than freshwater. To me, freshwater fish are just colorless and ugly, no where close to saltwater.

The downside is the work to maintain a saltwater tank and fish is significantly more (not to mention more costly).

Posted by Lop on 07-29-2016
I completely agree, saltwater fish are so much more beautiful than freshwater fish, not to mention I am pretty sure every single 13 year old here in the United Kingdom has had a freshwater fish before as they give them out for free at carnivals.
I completely agree, saltwater fish are so much more beautiful than freshwater fish, not to mention I am pretty sure every single 13 year old here in the United Kingdom has had a freshwater fish before as they give them out for free at carnivals.


I think in a practical sense having a freshwater aquarium would probably be a lot more simple and financially affordable, but built deep within me is the Scar Face inspired fantasy to have a shark (or 20).

I know that it is not at all realistic and I will probably never end up with a giant shark pool in my house I refuse to let go of the fantasy and this is why I have to vote for a saltwater aquarium over a freshwater aquarium.

Also I have to say that saltwater fish, especially those originating in more exotic seas such as in the reefs are considerably more aesthetically pleasing and less generic than goldfish or other fish you would probably end up getting in a freshwater aquarium.

Posted by Natty on 07-29-2016
Lol, that title!
Oh my gosh Sharks? Now that would be incredible wouldn't it? It's not like everyone can say they've had a pet shark LOL

That might be something awesome, like the crime is quite bad in my country, you've now got me wanting a salt water moat around my property that is shark infested... and a draw bridge. Our house never ever be targeted hahaha.
And if anyone DOES target our home we won't need to feed out pet sharks that day!

What Do You Want?

I know from my experience with the several fish tanks I've had throughout my life that they both can be good depending on what you are going for. If you want something simple and a few fish in there then the freshwater approach is the way for you. It is much easier to maintain, keep consistent and not worry about screwing up and killing your fish. Changing the water is much easier too, so I'd recommend this to someone who is just starting out with keeping a fish tanks. It is sort of a process, and there is a learning curve like with everything else. If you have the money and resources available, then go ahead and get the saltwater aquarium. No doubt that these have more availability and draw more eyes. They are tough to manage, but can be rewarding. There are so many different types of fish too choose, not too mention all of the other lifeforms that can be kept along side of them. There are so many strange living things in the seawater, even the corral can be really fun to watch. So I would start out with the freshwater one just to see how you like it but then move into a saltwater aquarium if you are interested in maintaining it.
Posted by GeneralScruffles on 08-13-2016


What I want to my aquarium is more lively and colorful so I will prefer to have a saltwater aquarium than the freshwater. There are tons of fishes that you can easily select to put on your aquarium when it's a saltwater. You just won't stick to fish because there are other sea creatures that you can also put in your aquarium that will definitely add beauty in it like a sea anemone, rockfishes, stingray, shark, and more. For me, it's much easier to maintain the saltwater rather than freshwater.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-19-2017


OK so I would never want to keep fish... I'm not sure why but I just don't want to have fish.

That said if I had to choose between fresh water or salt water fish I think I would choose salt water. They are much more beautiful and fascinating to watch because of their beauty. I would choose exotic, colorful fish :)
Posted by LynneHuysamen on 07-29-2016
Why is it that you would not want to keep fish, they are so much easier to look after than other animals. You do not have to get vaccinations for them and they live for much less time than perhaps a cat or dog making them much less commitment and so an ideal present for a child. I am just curious as to the reason you would not want to keep fish?
Posted by Natty on 07-29-2016
I'm not Lynne but I myself have a couple reasons why I wouldn't want to keep fish. One of your main points is that fish live a substantially shorter life than other common pets. For me this is a negative as if I get attached to the fish, I'm going to want it to live for as long as possible. Another reason fish are very unappealing to me as pets is that they don't have a strong personality or a way to show their affection. The satisfaction that comes from a dog or cat nuzzling your leg and letting you know that it loves you is a greatly rewarding feeling. Fish simply cannot (for me) provide that feeling/emotion.
Posted by 4mericorn on 07-29-2016
Back in the days when I was in high school, we used to have an aquarium and I happened to be the one looking after the fish. We started with saltwater and things were going on well till the fish got hit by Marine whitespot disease, in case you don't know it is a very contagious disease that spreads quickly. That added much to the already high cost of maintaining the aquarium. It seemed like every time we solve one problem, another one pops up to take its place. It felt like we just can't win, so of course we ditched the saltwater and picked up freshwater. Less work, less expenses but the sad part is we missed our beautiful Firefish
Posted by abkr08 on 07-30-2016
I'm not choosing between the two. In fact, I would like to own both although currently I could only afford a freshwater tank; time and budget constraint. But I am amazed to read one of the saltwater tank supporters whom had mentioned that freshwater fishes are ugly and colourless. I think he must've not seen the beautiful discus tank setup from the youtube. And also not to mention the crazy & energetic African Cichlids. It is true that saltwater fishes can be strikingly colourful but most these are the reef ones. A really beautiful freshwater discus fish or strikingly coloured African Cichlids are on par with most reef dwellers, in my opinion. All in all, both saltwater and freshwater tanks are respectively beautiful if you could care and appreciate your tanks.
Posted by Anonymous on 10-15-2016
I don't have an aquarium, however, when I will buy my first aquarium, it will be saltwater aquarium. I want to have sea fishes in my aquarium. saltwater aquarium may be difficult to maintain, even a pricy option compared to freshwater aquarium; however, I just love sea creatures. I will love to have small sharks in my aquarium.
Posted by vinaya on 09-10-2017
We have a family friend who has a giant aquarium containing saltwater fishes particularly the hammerhead shark that is his pride. When I asked about the expenses, I was floored with the amount because it is like spending for your food supply already. He has to hire a hand to help him with the cleaning and the feeds and vitamins are so expensive. Not to forget that the water has a formula to maintain otherwise the saltwater fish will die. Some people just don’t mind the cost as long as they can fulfill their passion.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-27-2018
I will like to have the freshwater aquarium, it easier to manage than saltwater aquarium because one doesn't really need to do much than just keeping the fish in the fresh water to nurture.Fishes from freshwater are more active and fill up the aquarium in no can really be a source of money for the home.
Posted by lovely on 01-31-2018