Fruit Bread

Fruit Bread
Fruit bread is distinguished from other breads, genius bakers create unbelievable delicacies while producing fruit bread. The vitality it adds to our health can be seen clearly from the name, fruit mixtures are added during production, this gives the bread a delectable taste and an inimitable quality. A production process that permits ingenuity, and extreme flexibilities, is highly rewarding, because people who are knowledgeable in the field can harness such opportunities, while forming unprecedented recipes.

Fruit bread is one of those fronts, with practically limitless possibilities, as long as you have good insight on bread production, you can show your expertise while producing fruit bread. The bread is rich in vitamins and minerals, as a result of it's fruit content. Fruit has an exceptional influence on our health, the bodies immune system can be highly influenced by taking fruit.

Fruit bread offers the opportunity, of adding fruits seamless to our diets, the fruit added to the bread, gives it a new tone, the taste is inline with that of the fruits used.

People who have preference towards a particular fruit, can add the fruit during preparation of fruit bread, the sumptuous product realized, offers more than meets the eye. Fruit bread is a good way to ensure you take a balanced meal.

• Flawless taste. • Can be prepared with various fruit recipes. • Contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. • Makes our bread balanced. • Supports our immune system.

• Your favourite fruits may not be available in fruit bread, so you have to bake it yourself. • Non vegans may not like it.



Fruit Bread

This is ironic because I hate fruits, but let me explain myself. I like these kind of breads because the fruits are processed differently, and they also dry them. That's the reason why their flavor change very much, and although they appear false they're very delicious. Most of my friends hate this type of bread but I love it. Here is usually eat on special occasions, such as Christmas for example.
Posted by luispas on 08-08-2017

Best is homemade!

I absolutely love fruit bread. My grandmother bakes it for very special occasions and it's the most delicious thing you can eat! Seriously, if you would have ever tried it, you'd instantly fall in love. She likes to add fruits like berries and apples inside it then bake it very slowly.

I remember when I was a child, I used to think that fruit bread is terrible. Every time I saw adults eat it I wondered how can they find it tasty but now that I've grown up and tried it myself... now I understand!

Posted by Mehano on 08-08-2017

fruit bread

Bread alone is delicious adding fruit can be even more healthy so shy not afd some strawberries since these are my favorite fruit, And Increase the flavor, Even If Sometime we just need bread to make our own burger and instead of bread then we add meats but if I'm to choose between whole wheat bread and a fruit bread then I would choose a fruit one.
Posted by Clara1993 on 08-07-2017

Fruit Bread Any Day

I like the taste of the fruit bread. And this means that you have to understand how it can be good enough. That being said, compared to whole wheat bread it may have more calories. So one has to consider which suits them better. For me I like the fruit bread.
Posted by overcast on 08-08-2017

Fruit bread.

My wife makes fruit bread and it has a wonderful taste. Besides is home made and it is more natural, it looks much better, it is cheaper and is more healthy in my opinion. I am sure there are more benefits than I know, but if you will cook it at home you will always doing it!
Posted by wallet on 08-08-2017

Not for the flavor

I love bread loaves especially with peanut butter or slices of cheese in between. I like whole wheat better because the bread does not have a strong taste by itself so I will be able to enjoy my spreadings, unlike in fruit bread where I think those flavors would not mix.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-07-2017

so yummy!

I love fruity bread since they tend to be sweeter than whole wheat bread. I love home made fruit bread with pinapple on it, some cinamon and sugar and that's it. You could just spread some butter on it and warm it a little and it'll taste wonderful.
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 08-14-2017

Fruit Bread

I will always choose a fruit bread over a whole wheat bread. There is nothing like a fresh slice of bread, and when you add delicious fruit in the mix, there is no comparison! Wheat bread has never tasted good to me. It is much too grainy and earthy for my liking. Fruit bread is so fresh and light tasting, never too heavy on the stomach!
Posted by mjustes on 08-15-2017

Fruit bread is shining in my eyes.

I love eating bread and also fruits. Wheat is not bad for me. But the combination of fruits and breads makes myself crave for it. Everyday, I always go to the bakery near our house so that I can buy fruit bread. Whole wheat bread is not bad but fruit bread always satisfy my appetite. I planning making some of it so I can eat it anytime I want.
Posted by blank629 on 12-07-2017

Fruit bread

I'm not a healthy type of guy so wheat bread is just a bread for me and nothing else. I do love eating bread especially with flavors in it. Fruit bread is definitely delicious and tasty which is what I like on my bread. I'm only a fan of a type of bread if it's tasty and has flavors in it.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-09-2017

Fruit is healthy

I love fruit breads more than whole wheat breads. There's this variant of a fruitbread which I really like, it has raisins and candied cherries and it smells and taste delicious, one thing I really like with fruit breads is that it could be eaten as is. Unlike whole wheat bread which taste bland when eaten plain. Fruit Breads are so flavorful as is, specially when it's hot.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-04-2018


Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread
Whole wheat bread is rich in fibre, the fibrous content helps our body in maintaining normal blood pressure. Fibre is good to our health, it prevents bad cholesterol levels, by dissolving their deposits. Cholesterol is required by the body, but levels above normal, can cause sicknesses and diseases, heart diseases are mostly associated with high cholesterol level, you can reduce such deposits by making whole wheat bread part of your diets.

Constipation can ruin our peace by making us restless, constipation can be prevented by taking foods rich in fibre or laxatives, whole wheat bread ensures proper digestion, and eliminates the chances of suffering from constipation, because it is rich fibre. Weight cautious individuals can benefit significantly, by adding whole wheat bread to their diets, the bread helps in shedding excessive weight, and you can easily remain in shape when you take whole wheat bread.

Whole wheat bread has a credible influence on distribution of fat, they help the body store fats evenly and appropriately. Meals that make you feel full without adding to your weight, is essential when you wish to shed weight, whole wheat bread makes you feel full without adding to your weight.

Whole wheat bread helps you in maintaining low sugar, this is crucial, as excessive sugar can make us susceptible to diabetes. Taking whole wheat bread can help you improve your health status.

• Whole wheat is a good source of vitamin B, which is essential to our health. • Helps the body in controlling bad cholesterol. • Aids proper digestion. • Contains soluble and insoluble fibre, which helps us stay Healthy. • Incredible in shedding weight. • Makes us feel full without adding weight. • Prevents constipation.

• Some people may not like the taste. • People who want to gain weight, might have low preference for whole wheat bread.



Healthy and tasty too

It is the rage these days to eat only whole wheat bread. White flour has gluten in it and it is best that it is avoided.
Market is flooded with whole wheat flour which is used to make chapatis and puris too. It has fiber in it which helps clean the veins and eases bowel movement.

Posted by iamawriter on 08-08-2017
Jonathan Solomon

I like the taste

I've tried both, fruit bread is somewhat tasty because I do like fruits. But not in this type of way. Whole wheat bread baked fresh is not only healthy but tasty at the same time. I love the essential vitamins and fibers that come in whole wheat bread. Personally, I think I eat more brown bread than whole wheat. But in this versus, I'd go with whole wheat bread on a side of eggs as a lovely breakfast in the morning!
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 08-22-2017

Whole wheat

I haven't really eaten a lot of fruit breads whereas I eat whole wheat bread almost every day. I think whole wheat bread is more versatile, since you can add fruits or jam if you want something sweet or you can eat it with cream cheese, eggs, or avocado if you want something more savory. You can have whole wheat bread as a meal, whereas fruit bread is more of a dessert. Overall, I think whole wheat bread is also the healthier choice.
Posted by lilac123 on 08-08-2017

More filling

Bread should not be turned into a desert but left as a nourishing full tasting piece. I don't think it should taste sweet at all.
Posted by Lukevukovic on 08-12-2017

Looks more appealing.

Well, the question is what looks more appealing, so I'll go with the Wheat bread. But I don't like the taste of it. I prefer eating a Fruit bread rather than the Wheat bread though.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 08-07-2017

I prefer Whole wheat bread

The fruit bread really seems to me to be yummy, but nevertheless, it seems to be more sugary. So I'd rather opt for the wholemeal bread model.
Posted by hermessantos on 08-08-2017

Healthy and Filling

I would definitely vote for whole wheat bread because it is packed with nutrient, fiber and as tasty as fruit bread. Less sugar, more oats makes stomach feel fuller after a few bites. It is similar to brown rice.

The price for whole wheat bread is cheaper than fruit bread but a bit expensive compare to white bread. Majority of branded bread manfacturers produce their own whole wheat bread, some with crisp edges which I like best.

Posted by peachpurple on 08-08-2017

Whole wheat and whole grain only.

When I go for my whole wheat bread, it is because I'm looking to make a healthy choice for my meal. Whole wheat and whole grain breads are absolutely packed with nutritious compounds and are a great addition to any diet. On the other hand, fruit breads aren't exactly the first thing that come to my mind when I think "healthy choices." I consider fruit bread as almost more of a dessert than something you include as part of your main meal. It may be natural sugar, but I can do without the extra calories. There are enough in bread as it is.
Posted by Denis_P on 08-08-2017

the healthier choice

high fiber, less sugar, less gluten ( i think) ... What is more to say? if you want to stay fit and healthy, this is your bread.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 08-08-2017

Whole wheat bread for me

I don't really like fruit bread and can't recall the last time I had it. Some people claim that whole wheat bread does not taste good but I actually love the taste. Whole wheat bread also has lots of health benefits. I am actually on diet and consume whole wheat bread on a daily basis. I think this is one among the best food to have for those who are trying to lose weight. Whole grains can also help regulate bowel movements for those who suffer from constipation. It has also been claimed that whole grains can help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Posted by Pixie on 08-10-2017

My favorite

I love whole wheat bread, I find the taste delicious and I love the fiber it provides, too.

Granted, I don't really like fruit bread that much, so it wasn't that hard a choice for me, but I still believe there are more benefits in whole wheat bread; the fruits benefits can be acquired anywhere else, even by eating the fruit itself, but the best way to get fiber is through the whole wheat bread.

Posted by VintageRose on 08-07-2017

I love it

No matter how bread comes I love it anyway. This version is delicious and healthy, you can eat it just like that as it comes. It's great for breakfast and as well for snacks. There are many things you can do with it which is one of the best parts.
Posted by reginafalange on 08-08-2017
gata montes

Wholewheat - the best of both worlds

Of the two - wholewheat is to me the better option all round - as apart from the fact that its less restricting than fruit breads in terms of what toppings or fillings can be used - meaning as it tastes good with any food type either sweet or savory its better for everyday use - and of course if you do fancy some fruit – you can always have some with it or in it - as a sandwich - it offers the best of both worlds.

Unlike fruit breads - which - as they are more like a dessert bread, cake or cookie - are limited in terms of when and what can be eaten with them.

Posted by gata montes on 08-08-2017

Healthy Bread

This question was quite easy to answer--with the Diabetic epidemic raging, we probably should not be eating bread at all, but given this choice, a good whole wheat or nine grain bread seems way more healthy than shoving pounds of banana bread down one's throat. All hyperbole aside, we need to eat complex grains, as long as we are careful with out glutens and our carbs--but we have to be so careful of the poison of sugar in our culture.
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-15-2017

Perfect pre-workout food

I prefer whole wheat bread. It's healthier, has less sugar, more fibers and goes great with white cheese and a hint of olive oil and black pepper. The perfect mid afternoon healthy snack.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-08-2017

Hungry, haha!

I like both options (they are very good!), but the whole meat bread is tastier. In addition, the recipes that can be made based on them can be more diverse and interesting, which makes clear the versatility of the food (and this is very important for me).
Posted by wiseagent on 08-30-2017

Healthy choice

Whole wheat bread is very healthy for you, helps your organism work better and doesn't contain much calories. You can make toasts out of it or prepare your sandwiches. It should be a staple food in your kitchen if you like bread.
Posted by felabruno on 08-24-2017

between these two

I hate both of these types of bread but I would say I hate fruit bread a lot more and can probably tolerate whole wheat bread a bit more. I honestly don't like bread all that much but when I do eat it I just prefer regular flour based bread and don't see much of a point to whole wheat or fruit but between these two I'd have to pick this one over the other.
Posted by Wubwub on 09-28-2018

Preferable for my dieting.

I am recently on a way to getting the necessary plans to achieve losing a particular weight loss and I think that the whole wheat bread is something that is really good for me to achieve this. I don't really enjoy the other one and this is the best way that I can I enjoy my whole wheat bread.
Posted by Barida on 10-31-2018

Healthier and more versatile

Whole wheat bread opens up a whole range of ways to serve it. Fruit bread is kind of basic in terms of what you can use it for. With whole wheat you can make the filling or topping sweet or savory depending on your preference.
Posted by amelia88 on 10-31-2018

Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread is more healthy compared to fruit bread. It has low calories that good for our body especially in our diet. The less sugar content the better in our body.
Posted by mark86 on 09-28-2018


I like wheat bread compared to fruit bread. I don't eat fruit bread as it tastes sour for me which I don't really like. Wheat has a lot of health benefits which got me really amazed. I incorporate it my diet, substituting rice, as my snack and I can say it is really effective. Also, here in our country, wheat bread is way cheaper than fruit bread.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 11-05-2018


I choose whole wheat bread. It tastes very delicious. It is rich in vitamins.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-18-2018


rose thornes
Fruit bread for me! I don't like the taste of whole wheat bread. Fruit bread is more tasty and smell so good. I love strawberry, blueberry or pineapple in it.
Posted by rose thornes on 08-08-2017
I would go for whole wheat bread anytime. It is the favorite in our home that I would buy it once in a while as an alternative to white sliced bread. What makes it nice to eat is the thought that it has fiber that our body needs and that whole wheat bread is good in regulating our digestive system. In the olden days, wheat bread is expensive like 50% more in cost than the regular white bread. But now the price is the same so there's no issue anymore although we still eat the white bread more frequently. Fruit bread is considered a snack food here and not really a meal. The upside of the fruit bread is the taste which has a nice flavor that has a great appeal to the children.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-08-2017
I think that they are both really good but you have them at different times. While wheat bread is great for making sandwiches. Fruit bread is more of a dessert and enjoyable after a meal with a cup of tea. I like both of them for different reasons. I can't really compare the two because they are used for different things. You don't make a sandwich with fruit bread.
Posted by Sue on 08-08-2017
You cannot really compare the two because a fruit bread is more leaning toward sweets and desserts. Where the whole wheat bread is more practical for everyday eating and has health benefits.
Posted by simplym on 08-08-2017
I like both. Whole wheat bread is good for sandwiches while fruit bread is good to toast and add a little bit of butter to it. Fruit bread would make a good replacement for a dessert. It also makes good french toast for breakfast. I use whole wheat bread for lunches when I have a sandwich with some chicken or ham. It is good for having toast with peanut butter for breakfast as well. It is very filling this way and satisfies you for a long time.
Posted by morgoodie on 08-08-2017
I try to stay away from most types of bread. Too many carbs. Those fruit breads certainly look tasty though, and I do indulge in at least a little bit of cranberry orange bread or muffins during the holidays. That's my favorite flavor. I also like zucchini bread. When it comes to savory stuff, I usually go for low carb flatbread.
Posted by Zyni on 08-09-2017
I like fruit and nut breads like Banana bread etc. One of the best breads I have ever had is Chocolate Cherry bread. It was a bread that a local grocery store made in their bakery section. It was truly an awesome bread and one that I hope to have again this February.
Posted by kgord on 08-10-2017
Well, I obviously know that whole wheat bread is the healthier option here and I should be voting for it, but I can't. I love fruit breads! I especially love a fresh baked banana bread with walnuts. So delicious! Or an apple cinnamon loaf in the fall is hard to beat as well.
Posted by Lizzyib on 08-13-2017
Jo-Anne Saribay
The wheat bread that you are eating is believably sweet because of unusual complex additives, one of which would always be sugar. Also, chemicals and chemicals are part of the mix to increase its shelf life. Still, it is certainly a healthier option to the white bread. The flour in white bread is white through finer crushing and sifting (not through bleaching) and in the process, many phytonutrients are lost. The carbs in the white bread are easily absorbed and almost immediately transformed to blood sugar. That appears in weight gain or hampers weight loss. In the whole grain bread varieties, the arrangement of the carbs is more complicated as less fiber and wheat germ has been lost in the milling process. As a result, your body gets the fuel it needs for natural or mental activity at a more measured pace. The fibers preserved in the larger unmilled particles of flour will improve your intestinal activity, The vitamins and minerals give your body the necessary energy boost.
Posted by Jo-Anne Saribay on 08-24-2017
Jo-Anne Saribay
And also, whole wheat bread supplies you a portion of fiber which is great for you. White bread is cooked with white flour which is not so good for you.
Posted by Jo-Anne Saribay on 08-24-2017
I'm been a fan of whole bread for a long while now,it's give one the needed energy.I love mine devoid of sugar or sodium,I prefer the one done with honey and spice quite yummy.Wholesome bread is quite filling.I take it my tea especially in the mornings that I will be on the go all day.
Posted by lovely on 08-30-2017
Whole wheat bread for sure! I know the taste is not the best in the world, but this one is more healthy. Usually the fruit breads taste great, but they are full of sugar and that is not good at all, specially for those looking for loosing weight. Also, remember fiber helps to keep a healthier colon, and it will help you to have a more regular habit to use the toilette.
Posted by ballyhara on 08-30-2017
I don't think I have ever eaten fruit bread. My mother never made any fruit bread, my wife does not either. I could have found fruit bread in the supermarket or baker's store, however, I never asked for fruit bread. I have always eaten whole wheat bread. Fruit bread might be more delicious and healthy (because it contains fruit), however, wheat bread is also very good. Whole wheat bread is a great appetizer.
Posted by vinaya on 09-16-2017
Whole wheat bread is much better. If we take food that easily causes constipation to us, it can embarrass us at home or even in public places. It is better to eat a lot of whole wheat bread that contains a lot of fibre which not only helps to fight constipation but prevents it entirely.
Posted by babyright on 09-24-2017
I will have to settle for whole wheat bread as a result of the fact that I enjoy taking more of bread that is rich in fibre and that has been the way that I have grown over the years to come to like taking bread. So, I won't have to think twice before going for a whole wheat bread.
Posted by Barida on 09-26-2017
My husband loves wheat bread and that’s what he eats whenever we are booked in a hotel with complimentary breakfast. I like raisin bread and I buy the special raisin bread once in a while. Although I eat wheat bread but I cannot say I like it just because it is there on the table. In fairness to my husband, I agree that wheat bread if more nutritious and healthier bread than the white bread.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-12-2018
Oh I like and enjoy both of them. But if I have to choose the healthiest choice, it has to be whole wheat bread. More often than not, fruit bread has not only the natural sugar from fruits, but also all kind of extras like regular sugar, maple syrup, corn syrup, and much more. Those elevate our glycemic levels, and eventually we can have issues with diabetes, obesity, and cholesterol. So it's ok to have fruit bread eventually but not diary, the whole wheat bread is the best option for everyday meals.
Posted by ballyhara on 02-02-2018
I prefer whole wheat bread. I like to eat this bread. This is so nutritious.
Posted by menchuuy58 on 11-18-2018