FunWorld Killer Clown Complete Costume

FunWorld Killer Clown Complete Costume
Coulrophobia... do you know what is it? Probably not, but it's extremely common not just in children but also in adults. It's the fear of those jolly creatures known as clowns! Yes, you read that right! Fear of clowns is a common thing and now you know also the name of it. It's hard to explain why so many people have this irrational fear of those jokers. Maybe it's because of their make up, maybe their smiles are creepy, or who know what else. Many books, movies and games used the fear of clowns to create terrific stories, with scary atmosphere and horrendous character. Of course It, by Stephen King, it's the first book and movie that comes to mind, with the evil Pennywise, but there are also many others. A recent movie, named Clown, is about a man who slowly turn himself into a murderous clown. Woah, scary! Talking about videogames, have you ever played Twisted Metal? Then you know about what clown I'm talking about, and if not... well, good look looking him up on Google. Sweet Tooth is not funny at all! In zombie games there are often some zombie-clown, look at Left 4 Dead 2, or look at Dead Rising... No matter where are you watching, clowns can be scary! So why not dress up as a clown this Halloween? Take this costume, for example, this creepy black and white clown with a face that is basically saying "I'm going to kill you". If you want to be like this, it's sold on Amazon for 33,99 dollars, and it comes with a jumpsuit made in polyester and a mask made in latex. Measuring 11'' high and 1'' wide, it's completely hand washable. Even The Joker will be scared if you wear this costume.

  • Scary! Creepy!
  • Good price
  • Excellent quality
  • Fits as expected
  • The mask is included

  • The mask have very small eye holes
  • The neck is not covered, neither by the mask or the costume
  • A bit thin
  • The velcro on the back isn't that strong
  • Mask made of cheap material




I feel that the other option is just better for people that want to be a clown for little kids parties. This FunWorld Killer Clown Complete Costume is just the better option especially if you want to go trick or treating or just attending some Halloween parties. It looks really cool and is quite creepy and scary which makes it perfect for the Halloween parties.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-17-2017


I think that the grown-ups would prefer this costume since it's a bit more creepy, serious and perfect for the Halloween.

The regular clown isn't anything special since you can see them all through the year.

I feel like this Killer Clown Complete Costume is more unique and far better. It has great design and look.

Posted by Mehano on 10-17-2017


I think that this one is better to wear for Halloween. Black has always been my favorite color and I think that this costume is perfect for Halloween. It is scary too. As for the other one it reminds me of those circus clowns. Furthermore it is too colorful.
Posted by Pixie on 10-17-2017

Without colors

I prefer this costume because I don't like to wear colored clothes and it looks darker and scary than the other. Also, I love black color so, that was a reason because I chose this costume.
Posted by cubo on 10-16-2017


I think this costume is very imaginative since I've never really thought of making a clown costume black and white to make it look creepy. Normally I am really over the idea of clowns being scary since I've seen so much of them that I feel like it's overused already but this costume actually has showed me that there is another angle to the design that can still bring something new and make it look scary even when many have already attempted to before it.
Posted by Wubwub on 03-26-2018

Much Scary

the black and white clown is more creepy than a clown who has many colors on his costume. but it also depends which theme you are in if that is children party go for the clown who has many colors on his costume but if you want Halloween party spooky pick this one. and honestly i want a scary killer clown good for Halloween pranks.
Posted by tophew on 10-17-2017


Fun World Men's Big Top Clown Costume

Fun World Men's Big Top Clown Costume
Clowns aren't happy. I mean, they surely are when they are performing, since it's basically their job to be happy and make people laugh - unless they are a sad clown that make people laugh with their sadness, of course. They aren't happy because of It, because of Pennywise, because many people use clowns as scary pranks. There are folks that are clowns by profession and are afraid to be left without a job due to all this creepy clowns around the world! Because let's not forget that clowns are supposed to be FUNNY! They can be colorful, silly, joyful, helpful! Not every clown is a murderous psychopath! So, if you prefer the classic good clown this costume is right for you. Yellow, blu, red, and a lot of different colors, it sure doesn't look scary at all! It's being sold on Amazon for different prices - but the most fitting one is the one size selling for 22,46 dollars. It includes the shirt, the pants and the collar... of course none of this will make a complete clown, and you'll need to buy also the not included wig, shoes and a good make up. But to be a proper clown, everything is needed, and all of them is worth it. Why scare people when you can make them laugh?

  • Big and great
  • Funny and colorful
  • Looks like picture
  • Made of good material

  • Wigs, shoes and make up not included
  • Arrived without some parts (mostly the collar)
  • Too big on some people (expecially the pants)...
  • ...and too small on others



Circus Clown

Clowns are getting a bad rap with all of the killer clown shows and movies. Clowns are supposed to be funny. I think we need to showcase them in their proper perspective so I am going to go with the funny clown costume.
Posted by kgord on 10-17-2017


I find both the FunWorld Killer Clown Complete Costume and Fun World Men's Big Top Clown Costume as very interesting Halloween costume prop. They both seem pretty cool to have as long as it suits the person that actually intends to wear it in terms of body size and weight. It's already know that not all people are of the same body mass, so therefore, there are those that Fun World Men's Big Top Clown Costume would suit better and those that FunWorld Killer Clown Complete Costume would be perfect for.
Posted by Heatman on 10-16-2017
I choose Fun World Killer clown complete costume. Black and white color and it is just the right costume for Halloween season or party. Big top clown costume is like a costume in birthday party nothing so scary. I like the black and white jumpsuit look so evil to me. The mask is pretty good too and price is affordable.
Posted by honeybabe on 10-17-2017
That fun killer consume with be a good hit for muscular men like my brother. A perfect fit for men during the coming Halloween love the color and the fact that it has a mask perfect combination. The price is good and a perfect outlook for Halloween outlook creepy and scary.
Posted by lovely on 10-17-2017
I think that the killer clown is more for Halloween. You can be a funny clown any other time of year. It also depends on the person's personality. Some people have an awesome sense of humor and are really funny and could play the funny clown well. They couldn't pull off the killer clown. The funny clown would be good for childrens parties where the Killer clown would be a better costume for an adult party. I think I would go for the Killer Clown. Great deals on costumes.
Posted by Sue on 10-17-2017
Not a fan of clowns actually, but if we are talking about Halloween of course the killer clown is a must. At least that will scare me so much, and that is the whole point of the holiday right? The funny one is for another kind of celebration, but not the right one for a date like Halloween, an also if you add some creepy sound or fake weapon, and also the killing attitude, that will give you extra points and make you more scary.
Posted by ballyhara on 10-17-2017
I don’t remember seeing a scary clown recently. I think that last time I saw a scary clown was more than 10 years ago when we were in a theme park. There was a parade of characters with different costumes, some scary and some were funny. But the clown, why was it included in the scary characters? It is like giving the clown a bad reputation so that children will be scared of clowns. I hope they will stop using clowns for Halloween.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-26-2018