Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot
She is an Israeli actress (and model) who achieved some recognition in theaters through the character "Gisele" in some movies of the "Fast and Furious" franchise. Nowadays, she is known worldwide for the role of "Princess Diana" in the fisrt "Wonder Woman" movie.

  • She is a good and a very charismatic actress;
  • She is beautiful;
  • She represents very well the "girl power".

  • She never worked in any TV series;
  • She has a short career in theaters.



I go with gal

Gal and I are pretty much at the same age bracket. If she wasn't married, we probably could have ended together. Lol.

Anyways, I first saw her in the Batman Vs Superman movie and I was simply awed by her beauty and curves. I wanted to see more of her. The new Wonder Woman movie was truly a blessing. She got to show off her talents on the big screen for a longer period of time.

Another reason why I love Gal so much is that she has a very good sense of humor. I've watched some interviews of her on YouTube and she's hilarious. Her husband is a lucky man. But Gal should've been luckier if she was with me. Haha! Just kidding.

Posted by limberg on 07-24-2017

Gal is a super gal

I support Gal for the sole reason that she is the part of my favorite film series " Fast and Furious", beside that she is so beautiful and hot , I usually rewind and watch few of her scenes and I really feel sad that her character was killed in the FF series. Nevertheless Gal is my Gal
Posted by wikifarmer on 06-18-2017

Gal all the way!

I really love Gal Gadot. Prior to this movie, I didn't really know much about her so I was quite excited when I learned that a ''newer'' actress is taking the role of the iconic Wonder Woman.

I think it's good to give a chance to less experienced actresses and give them a shot at proving themselves.

In my opinion, she did an amazing job and portrayed Wonder Woman very well. She fit perfectly in the role of Diana.

On top of her incredible talent, she's also stunningly beautiful. What more could you want?

Posted by Mehano on 06-17-2017

Gal Gadot

Looking at the image above I can already tell that she makes a better wonder woman and serious character on ''Fast and Furious''. As for Lynda Carter honestly, she seems like the type of person who should star in a comedy, romance, and sit-com kind of movies/tv shows. Also, I feel as if I could watch any movie that she stars in rather than Lynda Carter.
Posted by AWPEK on 06-17-2017

She suits Wonder Woman so well.

Gal Gadot really represents the picture of 'Wonder Woman' so well. I don't actually know if such picture is the right picture of Wonder Woman, but when I think of Wonder Woman, I always think of a really powerful, independent girl. And Gal Gadot suits such character so well.
Posted by ValX on 06-20-2017

Wonder Gal

I haven't seen both Wonder Woman movies yet, but I've seen Batman vs Superman and Gal Gadot was great as Wonder Woman. In today's technology CGI is better, so I think Gal will have an edge with Lynda Carter here. I'm pretty sure Gal Gadot will be an A-lister in a few years.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 06-25-2017

Gal for me

I've watched Gal in her latest movie wonder woman and talking about his looks and suitability for the role, she is perfect. Apart from the fact that she is a good actress, she is also very beautiful and hot that's why I like her much.
Posted by rage35 on 06-19-2017


I grew up knowing Linda Carter to be the only Wonder Woman. But Gal seemed to be much more appropriate for the character. Maybe because its how I see wonder woman as a comic character. She is a tough warrior, and with Gal's physique and facial expression. She seemed the exact live action counterpart of the comics.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-17-2017

I'm for Gal

Gal is better in this role. And I like Gal more because I think she is sexy.
Posted by Ipa07 on 06-17-2017

Gal Gadot was born to be Wonder Woman

Despite Linda Carter great interpretation of the role, Gal Gadot owns it on her first film as Wonder Woman, I don't think the cons are justified, a short career in the media doesn't havee to be a con, it makes it better, it's a pro, it's a great kickstarter for your career.
Posted by StolenKid on 06-25-2017

Gal Gardot!

Beautiful Israeli woman. She is so pretty. It was a brilliant move to cast her for this role. She is like your modern pretty uptown girl wit h some badass kick moves. Love her!
Posted by joegirl on 07-06-2017

Gal Gadot is the best.

I watch the movie wonder woman and Gal Gadot act like she is the true wonder woman. She suits in playing it and she is good at acting. I am looking forward to look for more of her movies.
Posted by blank629 on 10-14-2017

Gal Gadot

Honestly, I've never watched Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman since I'm not that old to witness her as the Wonder Woman. I've watched most of Gal Gadot's movie and I'm impressed by her. I do also love Wonder Woman among other DC Movies because the story and the characters are amazing. I guess you can line up Wonder Woman's success with other Marvel movies like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and more. This is the only movie that I liked to watch from DC.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-26-2017


Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter
She is an American actress who became world famous after playing one of the most powerful characters in the history: "Princess Diana". Her fame came through the TV series ("Wonder Woman") that lasted for 3 seasons (1976-1979) and after that, she made a career in theaters.

  • She was a extremely beautiful woman (and still is, despite her age);
  • She is a good actress;
  • She starred in a TV series.

  • The TV series only lasted three seasons;
  • She didn't have the opportunity to star in any movie of the character.



The one and only

Lynda Carter gave Wonder Woman a personality, and I think the the OP should reword their text... despite her age? Her age has nothing to do with talent or how beautiful someone is.

I often find when people try to do remakes it's hard and it usually fails.

Posted by Alexa on 06-17-2017

No Matter What Lynda Was First!

I support Lynda Carter because she's the only Wonder Woman I ever knew. I have no doubt than when becoming the female super hero character, Gal Gadot did her best to shine, because that she knew everybody would be comparing the two of them. :)
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 06-17-2017


I think Lynda was more of a knockout in her prime, the problem is that her wonder woman wardrobe didn't really fit right. It looks like they bought something off the rack and they threw it on her without a second thought. If she had a more fitted garment on this would not even be a discussion.
Posted by kooch on 06-17-2017


To me, it's pretty even between Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot. I remember Lynda in the olden times. She was the perennial pin up beauty, so to speak. That girl with the blue eyes. Gal on the other hand has the youth and a stunner since she is a model. But regarding Wonder Woman, Lynda is already an accomplished star while Gal still has to prove her worth as Wonder Woman in this modern time. And in fairness to Gal, she can act and she acts well.
Posted by Corzhens on 06-17-2017
Somehow this new girl simply does not have the same physical characteristics that Lynda had. The new girl looks a little too feminine and thin to do much damage. Shouldn't the Leader of the Amazons be foreboding and project a strong appearance. I don't think Gal it that girl!
Posted by workingwoman2017 on 06-17-2017
Both of these actresses are new to me, I don't know anything about them. Actually the fictional character Priencess Diana is very new to me, I have never watched Wonder Woman. I have never watched Lynda Carter, however, I have watched couple of Fast and Furious movies, however, I don't remember Gal Gadot. I find both women very beautiful though.
Posted by vinaya on 06-17-2017
Both are amazing women! I think we shouldn't even have this discussion, because each of them brought Wonder Woman on screen and honored the character with their amazing performances.

Lynda Carter and Gal Gadot are both powerful women, incredible actresses and important role-models for little girls. They became Princess Diana Of Themyscira and proven, in two different generations, how female superheroes are heroic, powerful and amazing, even when outnumbered by the male superheroes.
Posted by VintageRose on 08-06-2017
Well, it doesn't really matter who is the better woman as both had performed exceptionally well in their respective screens. Lynda Carter was the pioneer of superheroine as well as didn't had all the CGS abilities that Gal gadot has. So I respect Lynda Carter a bit more because she had to make Wonder woman look special when there was so much less to demonstrate the real abilities of Wonder woman.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 08-17-2017
Both actresses are great for their times and did excellent work in the role of Wonder Woman. However, I have to admit that I really enjoyed Gal Gadot in this movie. I think the role of Wonder Woman fell perfectly for her.
Posted by hermessantos on 01-29-2018