Gama of thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Review

Gama of thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Review
I'm going to try something different this season. I will write down my review here on for every GOT episode of season 7. I just seen episode one so without further ado here is my review (spoilers ahead):

The season started almost where the season 6 ended, at the Twins with Walder Frey giving a speech to other House Frey members, from the very first second of this scene I know that wasn't Walder and that was really Arya in disguise, Walder was actually killed by Arya in a very bad ass manner last season so the only explanation was that Arya was wearing Walder's face in a successful attempt to kill all the Freys by giving them poison wine. I kind of saw this coming a mile away ever since Arya fled the house of black and white and didn't really struck me as a twist, nevertheless the scene was great and I have enjoyed Arya taking her revenge on all the Freys.

I hope Arya's character will further develop this season and I hope we are going to witness a full Stark reunion as well as more people erased from Arya's death list, hopefully, the Queen Cercie at the end of the season.

Further one we are presented with the Hound story development which I enjoyed and I hope we are going to get more insights on the red God this season through Gregor Clegane. Moving on to Sam I really didn't enjoy the first part of his scenes this episode, it was absolutely disgusting! Seriously this part didn't seem to ever end, I was enjoying a big hamburger right when that stuff started playing and it totally ruined my appetite, I also didn't want to skip one minute of the show because we are talking about GOT here, but yeah, totally disgusting but in essence I guess it was funny to some degree. Sam still didn't make a lot of progress finding information on the White Walkers but nevertheless, it was decent enough.

Back in King's Landing, Cersei Lannister and her brother Jaime are planning future battles as well as making new friends (Euron Greyjoy). Jaime didn't seem to care much about war and seem focused on all his dead children as well as pointing out the fact that Cersei was basically all alone with no allies (and that's' when Euron came in).

The episode moves on in the North, showing the Little Bear fierceness yet again and kind of killing it, at least for me, it was definitely an overkill, in my opinion, we get it, Lyanna Mormont is bad ass, now stop it. I don't think Sansa will betray John anytime soon but there was definitely some conflict between them. Also happening in the north: Bran finally reached the wall.

The episode ends with Daenerys landing at Dragon Stone. I really enjoyed seeing the castle as well as all the inner details. Great scene, loved it.

Here is my take on the whole episode:

It wasn't as great as I expected. Given the fact that we are only getting 7 episodes this season instead of 10, I thought the episodes will be a lot longer, hopefully, the next ones will be a little bigger. Nothing special happened and I wonder what are they waiting for, there are only 13 episodes left (together with season 8) and we still have a lot of ground to cover and I wonder when they are going to cover everything. I don't really want to leave everything for the very last episodes giving us full action stuff because it most certainly won't be that great. Action and as well as fill up parts need to be balanced if a movie wants to shine. But that's just my opinion.

What do you think about the first episode of season 7 of GOT?


I am looking for the new episode. I like how the changes are going on with the game of thrones. It is kind of good experience to see how the characters are unfolding one after another. And it's even interesting to see how the season is progressing. They say it's final season. So I am guessing a lot of characters may not stand for long with that. So that's going to be one good experience there as well.
Posted by overcast on 07-20-2017
Sadly I won't get to see this new season yet until its way finished! I have the box sets of season 1 to 6 and am watching season 3 for the second time now. Then I'll be on to the other seasons. When I've finished all those I'll get this last season.

I'm hoping this is going to be it. I don't want it to carry on and on. The whole show has been brilliant so far and it's compelled me to want to read the whole series.
Posted by JMS on 07-20-2017
I hope you did not read the whole post! :D You must try to avoid as many spoilers as you can because the night is young, and the dead is near. ;)
Posted by galegatling on 07-21-2017
I watched it right away when it was played on the HBO and I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. Nothing extremely shocking happens... Arya murdering the people with poison was promising but then it just turned into a sleep fest. I expected some good action, turns, and twists but everything that followed was sooo expectable. I hate how they always put Daenerys into the episode right at the end... or for like five minutes. Her parts always tend to be the best yet they don't use that to their advantage? Makes no sense.

Overall, it didn't meet my expectations at all. I really hope that they deliver more and better things on the second episode. Fingers crossed!
Posted by Mehano on 07-20-2017
I actually liked the first episode, I took it as an episode that will set the other episodes. We will definitely see more action in the next episodes. I also liked the fact that they killed off 50+ people at the very scene. Really tells the viewers that Game of Thrones is back. Also, Clegane hinting for The Hound vs The Mountain was also pretty cool. It pretty much hyped me up and I cannot wait for that fight to happen. Overall, I liked it and it was just at the right pace that I wanted.
Posted by airfightermax on 07-20-2017
I have seen it of course and I think it was one of the best episodes, with the exception of Arya massacring an entire room of people. I am worried that the “gift” that Euron referenced is the horn that allows him to control dragons. It was a good start and I think this is the base for the next episodes. I barely wait to what it is next!
Posted by wallet on 07-20-2017
I am still watching Season 6. I am almost caught up now though. I am looking forward to Season 7. I do like Arya's character and I am hoping she gets a bigger role this season. I would also like to see the family reunited. It is long overdo. I am sure the season will pick up as it goes. GOA never disappoints so I am expecting a lot this season.
Posted by Sue on 07-20-2017
I was expecting a bit more butt-kicking, but I guess they were setting the stage. There were some good parts though, and I especially liked how Daenerys walked into her castle and went right to the war room, ready to get started. That was a great scene. Now, let's get busy!

Yes, the scenes of Sam cleaning bed pans over and over and over was too much. What a waste of time when we have so little time left for the good stuff. It was definitely disgusting as well. Terrible. When he finally does get into the restricted area, he makes a profound discovery. That will be big later on. They could have moved to that part much more quickly though.

I like that Sansa is finally growing out of her wilted flower stage and standing up. I just hope they don't go all feminista with it and make her a shrew that just causes conflict for the sake of conflict.

It was interesting to see the Hound have a heart. I hope Arya gets a little more development and isn't just cold blooded revenge with nothing more. Maybe the two will meet again.
Posted by Zyni on 07-20-2017
The episode was great, the cinematography and photography were spectacular, the script was clean and near perfect and the episode was fast paced, my guess for this season and the next one is that there's gonna be more fast paced episodes and more action sequences.
Posted by StolenKid on 07-20-2017
I think it's not fair to expect a lot of action from the first episode of the season. We already got some bad-ass scenes (like Arya killing Freys) and a reminder of who is the important player in the game (Jon ruling the North, Dany having all that it takes to win, Cersei struggling) and what will be the biggest battle (we saw The Hound and his company who are going to fight with white walkers soon).
Posted by reginafalange on 07-20-2017
As a book reader first, I hate how the seasons proceeded. The first ones were pretty good, but later on the writers took too much liberties and changed way too much of the books. It didn't feel like A song of Ice and Fire anymore. It still have his dignity as a TV show, and overall it's not bad: the acting, the writing, the effects... they are good as themselves, but if I compare them to the books... well, they suck. This is why I don't care that much anymore about the TV show: I still watch and enjoy it, but I'm dying waiting the next book. I wonder if they ever come out... As for this episode, well... it was okay. I can't like it more than this.
Posted by Xilkozuf on 07-20-2017
I think that this episode was good, it bring the series that we wanted to us, there are a lot of enemies in every corner of Westeros, and you can connect with almost every character in the series, I love that Daenerys came to Westeros and Jon is ready to fight with the white walkers, Sansa is becoming a good person and she is willing to play in the game of thrones, also Bran is almost with Jon and this is a good thing, almost every Stark are together.
Posted by BatmanWayne on 07-21-2017
The truth is that I expected much more from the first episode. However, it was not that bad. The only thing that I truly appreciated is when Arya poisoned Walter Frey's soldiers. I am more interested in Arya and her journey. I would love to see her facing Cersei and killing her. I am happy to see that the Lannisters are weaker now to fight the coming war. I am wondering if Cersei will get married to Euron. As far as Daenerys is concerned I am not really impressed by her perfomance. Is she really that strong to fight Cersei? I am wondering when Jorah will be released too. I pity poor Sam and the job he is currently doing.
Posted by Pixie on 07-21-2017
I am also interested in Arya and her journey.I love her character and how she has grown over the seasons. I would love to see her facing Cersei and to see her finally getting her revenge for what she did to her father. There is so much left to this story and so many more things to happen. I hope we get to see more of Arya.
Posted by Sue on 07-25-2017
We have been waiting for this for quite a while and it has finally come! From the start to the end, this episode is an amazing one! And it's not just this episode, I believe all the remaining episodes will be a bomb since this season will have fewer episodes.
Posted by galegatling on 07-21-2017
They started out strong, then became kind of boring after. I liked Sam's scene, but besides that, it was okay. I was shocked to see Ed Sheeran on the episode. I didn't expect to see him there. I hope episode 2 would be better.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 07-21-2017
There was actually a bit of controversy over Ed Sheeran's cameo appearance. While some were excited by it (including the actress who plays Arya apparently, because she is said to be his fan), others felt it made the show less immersive. It pulled them right out of the fantasy, seeing him there.
Posted by Zyni on 07-21-2017
Was thinking the same thing. Lol. I think it made GoT a gag when Ed joined the crew. I mean, I don't know he doesn't just fit there. The show is very serious and then suddenly a ginger appears singing out in the woods. ffs.
Posted by galegatling on 07-22-2017
Such a shame that we have to wait for another two years for the last season. :(
Posted by Vastor122 on 09-05-2017
This is not a letdown for the Game of Thrones but I have quit watching tv series because of the complexity of the plot. Since it is a long-running series, the plot is usually a web of subplots that once you miss an episode, you may get lost in the subsequent episodes. What they do here is to buy the complete version in dvd so they can watch the entire season in their comfort. When they have no more time, they simply turn off the dvd and continue watching next time.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-14-2018
Season 7 was a good season and Arya finally took revenge over the Frey's who she poisoned and slaughtered disguised as Walder who she also killed. Season 7 also became the rallying point of Danaerys having John Snow and Tyrion Lannister as her allies, season 7 ended with one of the dragons being killed and resurrected as a white walker dragon which helped destroyed the wall. The army's of the white walker have now breached the wall setting the stage for a major confrontation in season 8.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-30-2018