German shepherd

German shepherd
The german shepherd is the absolute iconic guard dog. It had evolved in Germany since ancient times having rather wide varieties in coat and size from region to region until 1899 when the breed lovers finally united under an association setting the breed standards and main features.

The german shepherd is one of the most balanced breeds of dogs you can own. Can be great around kids and very easy to train. When you acquire a german shepherd puppy you simply don't have to worry, the dog is highly intelligent, playful and will certainly guard and protect you out of instinct.

  • The german shepherd has it all and in my opinion, this is the absolute dog breed.
  • Very easy to train, love to work and learn stuff, you don't need to motivate much a german shepherd, they'll do whatever you want with no "questions" asked.
  • The german shepherd is very balanced from a psychological point of view. Smart, obedient, driven but also calm enough for any family situation.
  • Can be great with children, very careful and protective. In any case, when it comes to babies make sure you make the proper introductions well enough and keep an eye on both dogs and the baby, in any case, I don't think you can find a better breed to be around your baby than a german shepherd, there have been so many cases where this dog has died protecting its family.

  • This is a large breed and can be very demanding in terms of taking of the dog.
  • German shepherds are known to have some medical problems like hip dysplasia. I personally had a german shepherd that died at a very young age from a certain medical condition, but overall this breed is pretty healthy.
  • The American version of the german shepherd is a little bit more bent, like a banana, this may raise certian health problems. I personally don't like that, the European version has a straight back.



German Shepherd

Definitely a German Shepherd dog! I used to have one, a long haired German Shepherd (Wolfy) and he was an amazing dog! Always very kind and obedient. Always playful and loved his walks along the beach. He used to love playing in the sea and once he was off the lead it would be hard to get him back! You had to entice him with doggy treats! Enough until you could get him back on the lead again! And although the Belgian malinois is a nice dog. I definitely prefer a German Shepherd to one of them! I think they (German Shepherds) look better anyway, a more better looking dog compared to the Belgian malinois. I've never even know anyone I know to own a Belgian malinois anyway!
Posted by idealmikey on 03-31-2017


This is my favourite dog breed, my first dog was of same breed. Very agile, he bark's all the time, I really enjoyed the presence of the dog. The dog consumes food and it was fun watching him do so. This breed is one of the best for security, whenever a stranger approaches, he informs us.

I like dogs a lot and we've been into it for a while, it is very cool to have dogs around, especially those with an attractive appearance. The dog is strong and has great pulling power.

Posted by Jeshurun on 03-31-2017

My first pet...!!!!

My very first pet was a German shepherd pup,Alex.I was about 8 years then and when I saw him for the very first time,he was very small,but he grew up so fast...... I could ride him like a He was a loving pet,many say that German shepherd dogs are really friendly,smart and is a great protector.I am a German shepherd lover from the day Alex came to say with us. Love you Alex and your breed.
Posted by achi007 on 04-20-2017

Smart and obedient

I have never thought of getting a Belgian Malinois, it's not the kind of dog I like. I like German Shepherd, it's actually my husband likes it and then I searched more information about it. I think it's a great dog as it's smart and obedient. It would really be nice to have a German Shepherd at home and my kids will be really happy to play with the dog too.
Posted by kaka135 on 12-11-2018

Guard dogs

A German Shepherd is a dog I look forward to owning because they are so reliable and so cute to have. I want to have a dog like them because they really show their loyalty to you plus they would be absolute great guard dogs to keep.
Posted by YoloBoy on 12-11-2018


Belgian malinois

Belgian malinois
The Belgian malinois may be the most active dog breeds ever. I personally had and raised both a german shepherd and a Belgian malinois and although german shepherds are excellent dogs with high motivation and level of energy, the Belgian malinois is just insane on steroids, there are no other words to explain the level of energy these dogs have.

Training can be very easy, I mean, this dog will train himself if you are too slow with the commands, can be a real mind reader.

The Belgian malinois is a little bit smaller compared with the german shepherd but this isn't a disadvantage in my opinion. The malinois is faster, agiler and can jump higher than ant shepherd, companies with the high levels of energy make this breed the perfect police dog.

There are a couple Belgian malinois variations, but the only difference is their coat, everything else stays exactly the same.

  • This dog doesn't have very important health issues. In fact, my malinois was the healthiest dog I ever had.
  • Does well staying outside, even during winter, its coat isolates the dog from the cold.
  • Easy to train and loves to learn and work. Constantly give him something to do and you will be amazed by the things this dog is capable of and by the fact that it seems it will never run off energy.
  • Can be great with every family if it keeps the dog active.
  • Highly protective of his family and owner, don't forget this can be a fierce guard dog.

  • Owning a Belgian malinois means taking on a huge responsibility. This isn't the kind of dog to lay around lazy waiting for you to come home from work. This dog needs something to do, constantly! If you don't are a highly active person (and I mean very active) don't go for a Belgian malinois. if the malinois gets board it will develop destructive behavior and if not around to correct that it can become a huge problem.


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Dogs are Man's best friend, they can be solo loyal especially if you give them the necessary attention.
Posted by Jeshurun on 03-31-2017
I have never seen the Belgian malinois for real. I even did not know the name. I have of course seen them in pictures and they are beautiful breeds. However, I will always have a German Shephard. I have never raised a German Shephard, and I always wnated to have this breed.
Posted by vinaya on 09-06-2017
Haven't had a chance to see an actual German Shepherd although from what I've heard these breed of dogs are certainly not just useful but loved to have by every pet owners. The cool thing about them too is they can be trained to saved lives especially they're very own owners in emergency situations. I think I may not be qualified to have one yet but I gladly accept and pet one supposedly someone entrusted me their pet. I think way back 3 years ago, my employer decided to buy a Belgian Malenois as his pet dog and we have been with that dog on our workplace ever since it was still small. And from what I've observed as he grows up, he's really a loyal breed of dog not just to my boss but his family as well. From time to time though its kinda hard to control it anymore as it grows really large but really fast. He often tends to bite other co-employees whose kinda suspicious and those people that he doesn't know yet. I don't know maybe if he doesn't recognize the smell of that person, he tends to get angry and bite that person on the legs and sometimes on their butts.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 10-10-2017
I love German shepherd, One attract me most to them is their level of intelligence.Training is so easy you don't need to worry about them doing dumb things or going missing.They always look attractive especially the puppies.Cute tiny things.Security is top notch from them when they are well trained.I like the fact that they release themselves to be well-tamed, unlike other breeds.It a pride to own a German shepherd breed of dog.
Posted by lovely on 12-01-2017
The Belgian malinois is a new breed of dog here. I think it emerged just a few decades ago. It is mainly for surveillance use particularly in detecting explosive or prohibited drugs. The German shepherd has been with us since I was a girl. From what I know, the German shepherd is the most intelligent breed of dogs. In the olden days, it was called Police Dog because it was used in service like what the Belgian malinois is now famous for – detection of danger. But for the ferocity, I guess the Belgian malinois is more ferocious than the German shepherd.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-16-2018