Get shrunken to ant size

Get shrunken to ant size
Yes! For all the scientists around here, I do know that as for now it's physically impossible and it probably will never be, since atoms and stuff like that can't be shrunken or resized... But hey, this is just for fun! And who haven't thought about this before? Think about that old movie, Honey I shrunk the kids - how amazing it would be wandering around your garden, with massive blades of grass around you and gigantic insects everywhere? But then, why limit yourself to the garden? In the house you can have lot of fun when shrunken! You can hide anywhere, you can climb furniture and chairs pretending they are actually mountains and... a piece of cake? Now it's so big that it can be your house, and you can also eat it! It will last for days and weeks, and that's true for every other foods! Getting shrunken you will hardly starve. Of course a life in so tiny dimensions won't be easy. You have to watch house because anyone can step on you, and it probably won't be fun. If you live in the cake you also need to be careful, you don't want to accidentally get eaten... stomachs are dark and ugly places to live in. But after all, does it matter? A lot of movies and books show us shrunken people, and situations can be good or bad depending on the situations. From the amazing adventures of AntMan to the terrible fate of the protagonist of The Incredible Shrinking Man. You might be tiny, but you can have incredible adventures.

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  • You need very little food - and this food will be massive!
  • You can hide basically anywhere
  • You are a pocket person: free rides everywhere
  • Lots of adventures to have

  • You can be stepped on
  • Afraid of bugs? Too bad, now they're giant
  • Stay too close to food might lead to a... digestive fate
  • Walking around your house might take hours, or even days




I think being the size of an any would be magical. Everything would look so interesting. I love the movie "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" because it gives you this perspective. Suddenly everything looks so magical when you're the size of an ant. Of course, you're more vulnerable at that size as it's easy to get stepped on and squished. However, as a giant, you would stick out like a sore thumb and receive all kinds of unwanted attention. As a small ant-size creature you can scurry around unnoticed if you're careful.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 10-08-2017

Small is good

I'm pretty amused by this versus. :D It took me a some time to weigh all the pros and cons but I finally settled on getting smaller. I know that the main disadvantage of getting small to an ant size is the danger that it presents. Hazards and dangers would be magnified a thousand fold. But with that, comes a lot of benefits too. There would be abundance of food. A jar of peanut butter would last a life time if I were in ant form. There would be more space to set up home. Getting smaller in size would magnify the lot area available. I would be able to squeeze through places that I couldn't. Yes, it would be more dangerous, but it would also be oh so fun.
Posted by limberg on 10-07-2017


Getting shrunken to ant size can be pretty convenient, you could do much more things without people knowing that if you are turn into a giant, I guess I found it cool and interesting. You could even get into places without people realizing you are even there. It could be a little shady but being a giant and stepping into people is not that good either.
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 10-07-2017

I prefer this

I think both have their advantages and disadvantages but I think I'd just go with getting smaller because I think being too large would be a bit too much of a hassle. I wouldn't want to step on anyone and kill them, and being small I at least wouldn't endanger anyone and I could get fed with a very small portion of food so my survival wouldn't be too difficult in terms of that as long as I am kept away from other hazards like insects.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-09-2017

Being Tiny

I'll choose to become smaller because it's more practical than being bigger. Considering food, lodging and other necessities, it's more practical and economical. Although it does have several downsides too, like it's more dangerous because there's a lot of insects and animals that can pose a threat.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-16-2018


Become a massive giant

Become a massive giant
Anywhere, everywhere, in any kind of fiction, somewhere there is a giant. Massive creatures tall as buildings or even more, able to shake the earth with their steps, able to crush people under their feet, able to hold entire villages in their hands... Giants are terrific creatures, when they are evil and can be impossible to defeat and also when they are good and a valuable ally. Of course like in the shrunken situation, becoming a giant would be impossible in real life since the bones structure won't be strong enough to hold your body and you would suffocate to death... Not a pleasant situations, I know. But again, it's fun! As a child, all of us imagined of being a giant and stomping around terrorizing everyone! Maybe you want to take revenge to someone (maybe a lot of people!) and becoming a giant would really help with that. But you can also be a friendly giant and actually help people: imagine the thing you could do with your strenght, with your size. You could maybe build buildings in a few hours, move rocks and save people from disasters without even blinking an eye. Everyone would respect you... but also fear you, probably. Even if you are good and friendly, you still are a giant. And a giant's life is not easy... where can you find XXXXXXL clothes? How much food will you need? And what food will you need? I mean, if you are good you wouldn't want to eat fellow humans... right? So as far as amazing might be becoming a person with this massive size, it also comes with some cons. But it might be worth it. I mean, the whole Earth will be at your feet.. literally.

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  • Respect from everyone
  • You can do anything you want with your massive strenght
  • You can offer free rides to your friend
  • You could be really helpful with the community

  • Even your friends might fear you
  • You might accidentally step on something
  • You'll need a lot of food
  • No clothes of your size avalaible
  • There are very few buildings big enough for you... and probably not a single door big enough




Neither is really ideal but if I'd have to pick one I would choose to become a massive giant.

I can't imagine being as small as an ant. Nobody could ever see you and they could simply step on you and you'd die. How is that any good? You would be terrified for your life the majority of the time.

But if you're massive like a giant then you don't need to fear anything. The others would fear you instead which seems like the better choice.

Posted by Mehano on 12-23-2017

You Can't NOT See a Giant

When I was a kid I watched movies and TV shows that had giants. I prefer to be a giant. Little people may be able to hide easily but they can get crushed easily. Killed accidentally just because you didn't watch where a bigger person didn't watch their step. Whereas with a giant, you can't say you didn't see them!
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 11-16-2018

Massive is Good

If you can be massive then you can go to the other places. And that could lead to the new exploration. I think this way we can explore more of the universe compared to others.And also we can experience things which are better than the others. So on that scale I think it's fun to get shrunk once in a while.
Posted by overcast on 10-08-2017

Become a massive giant

Become a massive giant it has no massive risk for me because there are no bigger animals than a giant right? So, I would be safe enough if I would be really big. Being small as an ant would bring a lot of danger because there are a lot of small creatures that could kill me!
Posted by wallet on 10-08-2017

Supersize Me!

I would have to take being expanded to the size of a giant over being shrunk because there are just too many spiders and hungry cats in the world for being tiny! I don't like those things at the size I am now, where I can simply step on them if they get in my way. I don't want to deal with them on their own terms! Still, being giant isn't without its problems. What will you eat? Where will you sleep? How will you protect yourself from storms when your head is in the clouds? It's not all fun and games you know!
Posted by JaiGuru on 10-08-2017


I guess nothing beats being huge! Imagine all the sorts of things you could do. You would be like Gulliver, invincible!
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-08-2017


I think becoming a massive giant is going to assist me in commanding the type of respect that I want as I am going to remain fixed up in getting a whole lot of things achieved. You get to the point where you can even presidents of countries tremble when you speak as they will be afraid of your huge size amongst humans.
Posted by Barida on 07-22-2018


Obviously I will prefer to be a giant. Directly or indirectly this will give me a feeling g of royalty and being supreme. I think if I become small in size, then I will have to live a life dependant on others. But, as a giant I will be able to render a helping hand to others. I will opt for living a life king size.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 10-07-2017
Well, being big gives a feeling of supremacy and it also exudes power and authority. I remember the stories of giants in the olden days that they were cruel hence they become a big problem for ordinary people. Even in the Bible, there is the story of Goliath, the cruel giant who was defeated by a small boy. But anyway, if given a choice, being a giant will be preferred by most of us simply because it is better to be big than to be small.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-22-2018
I really can't see any upside to being small beside seeing the world in a different view which I can easily to while I am my normal size. Being gigantic, however, has a lot of pros like simply being big and walking further do most of what your heart desires. Being big is also fairly hard since you have to find food according to your size and shelter as well as clothes and all those simple things are tall orders no pun intended.
Posted by AlexHarris on 10-07-2017
It is hilarious to think that, I never consider such things about the clothes sizing. The simple materials would be a problem instead of would be helpful, because basic sanitation will be a more of demand rather than finding foods. It would amaze about the perspective of every individual, the perception of a person in different sizing would be challenging. I would expect that, somehow it will discover a lot of mysteries.

The only thing that might be a problem is about the terrorism. I would expect that making a giant technology would create a lot of monsters, or terror. Because in my opinion, the when a bad person knows about these things, they will take opportunity of it, and destroy a lot of cities. Even so, the small technology downsizing would have a advantage to steal in the banks, and many other things that the small sizing would make a lot of loopholes.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 10-08-2017
I prefer to be a normal person. Those people believed about it help to reduce a population problem is a hilarious to me, Because there's a lot of way to help make it happen, but not the why of experimental method by recommendation of other people. It is a little bit of problem to me, if I become small person. I would expect a lot of predators around be that, I would be victim to them, because the probability of danger is increasing rather than helping.

Maybe, if you believed you would contribute a massive problem, it would create another problem. The more it becomes happens, the more it will be complicated to the people who live according to their choices. Even so, I think another social problem will be born such as discrimination of sizes, and a lot of more. It is my opinion, and this is my prediction of what will happen someday, if that technology would exist.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 10-08-2017
People who get shrunk may able to see things which many of us didn't though of. And that can be a good feeling too. But for some of us it's better to be giant. And we can able to find out more about the other worlds. Then again we are normal. And we can't really think of doing anything bigger or smaller too. So it'd be fun to see how the massive giants can look like. And how they may change things as well. It's just fun to experience that.
Posted by overcast on 10-08-2017
Neither of them. Instead, I would like to own a power to stop time instead. What's better if you have infinite time to do your work. Time is everything. It passes by without telling anybody. If captured can change the universe we know.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-08-2017
Personally, I would prefer to have both qualities of getting shrunken to ant size and becoming a massive giant at the same thing. I would have a means of switching to the one that suits my task at hand. This my choice of having both the qualities is because as much as being a giant looks so cool and interesting, there are some tasks a giant can never be able to do and it's only an size specie of a person would be able to do so.

This is why I would prefer to have a means of toggling between getting shrunken to ant size and becoming a massive giant, as it would help me adapt to situation and have it sorted out.
Posted by Heatman on 10-08-2017
Bigger is better because big symbolizes more power, more strength. Small means weakness, fragility. Therefore, I will choose to become big instead of getting shrunken. When I am big, I will have a super power, when I am small I will lose my existing power. When you are small, you are under the risk of being trampled.
Posted by vinaya on 10-08-2017
I would want to be massive, if I was as small as an ant, I would likely get stepped on. These are just some of the things that are possible in the world. It is something that you need to take advantage the sort of if you have the fun of getting to change your size and shape. It was awesome.
Posted by kgord on 10-11-2017
To get shrunken will be a good idea because you will be able to hide easily and receive Favour from others unlike when you are a giant whichmakes you uncomfortable since you are not physically fit.
Posted by babyright on 10-14-2017
No,wouldn't want to be an ant,I will like to be a giant.Fight nations and other peoples battle.Be helpful and give others a ride. I will make people feel my vibe as a giant and I will be well respected, recognized and popular.
Posted by lovely on 11-08-2017
I don't want to be stepped on and die anonymously. I'd prefer to become a massive person because giants have more potentials to be useful to the community. Being a giant makes one stronger and more powerful than ordinary people. If you have a massive body, no one will dare attempt to mess up with you. No one can sweep you away like you're dust. You can move from one city to the next with just a single step. I wouldn't worry at all about food because I can raise livestock or plant vegetables on a farm.
Posted by chatbox on 12-23-2017
If it can happen that I will become a giant, I have so many things that I can do particularly in helping mankind ease their life. First is the strength of the giant in lifting heavy things particularly things as big as boulders. Next is in saving lives of people. For sure, I will be a superhero like The Hulk although I wouldn’t have the tantrum because I want to be a friendly superhero who is strong, big and reliable in times of need.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-13-2018
Becoming an Ant-Man is a great idea. I do both loved to have this kind of power where I can shrink or become giant whenever I want. There are lots of things that I want to do if I have this kind of power especially to become a giant where I can swim in Mariana Trench and other places. This looks really fun to imagine.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 01-31-2018
Between being shrunk or being a giant, I think I'll take my chances of being shrunk, although I need a lot of fire power shrunk along with me since there would be a lot of insects around. Atleast I won't have any problems with food or lodging unlike being a giant, I mean how would I eat or where would I live right?
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 07-07-2018
I would choose to be a giant because why would you choose to be small when you can be tall, right? And it would be wonderful and advantageous for me because I'm afraid of heights or high places. If I'm already big, I would no longer have problem about it and I can reach even the highest mountains or even touch the clouds. That would awesome!
Posted by jessie271 on 12-17-2018