Going to cinema alone is awesome

Going to cinema alone is awesome
Going to the movies is one of the common choice of a evening with your friends. You have your group, you go to cinema, you watch a movie... But have you ever tried going to the movies just by yourself? It's amazing. You can go to the hour you want, see what you want, no one will bother you... I love going to the cinema alone, it's an amazing experience in my opinion. It's considered weird but I really don't see any valid reason for it to be.



Yes all the way.

It is just that with friends, you tend to get distracted and you end up not focusing yourself on the movie. Or that your friends are distracting you even though they know you are watching the movie.

I mean, you went there to WATCH, not to talk to each other. Post-movie discussions with your friends are nice though. But I'll take watching alone than with my friends any day.

Posted by airfightermax on 07-16-2017

It's better with friends

I have gone to the cinema alone and had a great time, but I personally much more prefer going with a friend or two. I'm that awful person that talks during movies (I'm quiet though) and it's always fun to talk to somebody and maybe share a joke or two. Especially if the movie isn't as great as you hope it'd be.
Posted by Anonymous on 07-16-2017

My secret preference

I used to go once a week during the day as it was cheaper alone and loved it. You can pick what to see, where to sit, and what time you want to go. It's really quite liberating as going with friends always means compromising and often I would see films I wasn't interested in.
Posted by Alexa on 07-16-2017

I love it!

Haha, I agree with you. I have gone to the movies alone before. More than once. I don't know why some people see it as a bad thing or are afraid of doing it... Sure having a bunch of friends with you is good as well since you got company and can discuss the movie after and so on but going alone is amazing! It is perfect for when you simply want some alone time. Nobody will bug you. You can just sit, watch the movie and eat some delicious popcorn. Sounds like a good evening to me :)
Posted by Mehano on 07-16-2017
Jonathan Solomon

Yes, but...

It depends on the reason I'm going to the cinema. If very interested in the movies I'm about to go see, I only want to go with someone who has a somewhat equal interest. Otherwise, I prefer going alone. For me, it's not about being able to select the right movie with friends, it's not about scheduling a time or place. It's about the principle of hanging with your friends while trying to pay attention. Generally speaking, if I go to the cinema with my friends, I'll lose interest in the film itself halfway through goofing off with my friends. This is fine when the film is uninterested. However, it can be quite annoying if it's something I really want to see.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 07-20-2017


Although I usually go to the movies with my family or friends, if no one wants to watch a movie that I want to watch, it doesn't stop me from going alone. It's not as if I will be talking to anyone while watching a movie anyways, so it's actually the best activity to do alone in my opinion. I'm not sure why it's still considered weird since I'm sure most people have watched a TV show or movie alone in their homes before, and watching a movie in a theater is essentially the same thing.
Posted by lilac123 on 07-16-2017


I totally agree with that. I love going to the movies alone, and I sincerely prefer to go it alone. :-)

Some friends often say that when it comes to "going to the movies" I'm a little annoying (basically because I like to watch the movie carefully and not to mess up), but I don't care about them, haha!

Posted by WildSpirit on 07-15-2017

It's cool too!

Yes, I agree with you, though I think I have only been to the cinema alone once. I always wanted to go to the cinema on my own, as I don't really like to talk to others while watching movies. But there are many times when I told others I was going for a movie, my friends would join me especially they knew I was going on my own. I am totally fine to go cinema or dining alone, I think it's awesome too, though being with friends are great too.
Posted by kaka135 on 07-15-2017


I like going to cinema alone and it is really awesome. Unlike watching movies with my friends, they talk too much while I'm watching and it's very disturbing to me, I can't concentrate what I'm watching.
Posted by rage35 on 07-15-2017


I would love to watch movies with someone but there are times that I would like it done by myself. I orefer doing it alone because I can watch the movie in peace. No one will be nagging me about why is that scene happening like that or to hear their personal comment about the story.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 07-16-2017

a little me-time!!

I like going to the cinema with friends as well, but especially if it is a film that I really want to see in the cinema (because of the style of the images or the subject), I prefer going alone and having the full experience of it without worrying if someone else is enjoying it or not. And I can take a bit of time afterwards to let the whole experience sink in without having to talk to people immediately.
Posted by Nele on 07-16-2017


I agree although it can also be fun with friends. I do enjoy watching movies alone though, as I feel like it's a great aphrodisiac for me. Eating alone, minding my own business and just watching a movie while some people walk by in groups, I feel like I'm gazing upon a star and just admiring the whole vibe of the place, which is nice.
Posted by arachnophobik on 07-16-2017

It is!

When you go alone you actually watch the movie, you can actually appreciate it. I'm not saying that going with friends you do not pay attention, but mostly you can get distracted.
Posted by StolenKid on 07-17-2017

I like it

I've been to the cinema alone many times and I really enjoy it. I usually go to the earliest time so there's just gonna be a few people watching the movie. I like it because I have no distractions of friends or anything else.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-15-2017

I agree with you

I agree with you, because I find going to the cinema alone is better because going to the cinema alone makes me pay attention to the movie, so no one can just attract my attention or ask me a question will I am focusing on something.
Posted by Moaz on 07-20-2017

Not a Social Experience

I couldn't agree more! The cinema isn't a social experience, at least not if you have any manners at all. You can't really talk to the person beside you without ruining the movie for other people or missing the movie yourself! These places are expensive, too, so why would you want to miss a second? Furthermore, I don't want to discuss a movie I've just seen. I spent two hours with it...I'm done with it.
Posted by JaiGuru on 07-15-2017

Its way better.

I wouldn't want someone interrupting me when the movie is going on so i prefer to go alone, i don't go to the movies much, but i when ever i decide to go, i want full 100% concentration so the need to be alone comes as an important criteria for my seeing a movie.
Posted by zeedollar on 07-16-2017

Yes it is

Only one time i went alone and was very fun actualy, i met a some strangers in the process and i really enjoy the movie, there he was me alone and watching a movie, i never though that would happen but happened and i really enjoy it actualy.
Posted by Deathisue on 07-16-2017

Alone Is Just Fine

I totally love going to the movies alone, getting a big tub of buttered popcorn, a huge Coke, and settling into the seat to absorb a good film. Don't get me wrong, going with a date or loved one is superb, and then you have the benefit of that shared experience and discussion; however, going alone has its own benefits, and it is good to treat yourself to alone time and special treats on your own now and then.
Posted by JoeMilford on 07-23-2017

Totally agree!

Going to the cinema with friends is great too, but I like to see some films alone. I like to think over a film I've just seen, and it can get really annoying when I leave the cinema and everyone's talking about it and trying to get me to discuss it while I'm still putting an opinion together. Also, certain friends like whispering to each other in the cinema which really disturbs the film.
Posted by talkative on 07-16-2017

Going with friends is better

I have went to cinema alone and I had fun, but I much more prefer going with friends. It's like going out on the town. Yeah, you can go out alone, but it's much better when you're with your friends. You can also borrow snacks from them during the movie and generally discuss it after it's over.
Posted by fushius on 07-16-2017


I especially love it and most of the time I prefer to always go it alone (especially when it's a movie that I really want to watch). I always think that my cinematic experiences are always better when I go alone.

No matter what others say, going to the cinema alone is incredible!

Posted by wiseagent on 09-10-2017

Self Treat

Going alone to cinema is great since you can have precious time for yourself. Watching movies in cinema with friends are still enjoyable but it is not that bad to spend some quality time for yourself. For me, I find it enjoying and worth while since I can do or cry whatever I want without being laughed at by my friends.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-14-2018



Afraid to be alone in the dark

Nope, I have to disagree with this. I am afraid to be alone in the dark, regardless of the location, cinema too. I need someone to accompany me to watch the movie is the cinema, usually, it is my hubby who was then my boyfriend.

I don't feel afraid when someone is beside me, just in case that some creepy guy or young chaps might scare me behind my back or suddenly sit beside me! This creepy acts usually happen when single ladies are watching in the movie alone, in our country. So, it is best to have a guy or a group of girlfriends around you when you are in the cinema.

Posted by peachpurple on 07-15-2017

No fun on your own!

I too would have to disagree! Where's the fun in that?! I think I'd feel like I stuck out like a sore thumb, so I'd absolutely hate it. I'd much rather stay at home and watch TV or snuggle up with beefy read. To me it's also a little sad, really; a bit like eating out on your own. But hey, to each their own :)
Posted by lushlala on 07-17-2017
I have fun watching a movie alone at home, and with the same way I have fun watching alone at the cinema! I think it's even funnier.. or just bigger, I don't know. The cinema itself is fascinating, more than a lonely house. And eating alone is also nice sometime. In a restaurant I worked there was a guy who always came alone, and I knew most of the servers pretty well

I like company

I don't like to go to the cinema alone. I don't find it be fun. I usually go to the cinema with my friends and family. If I am going to the cinema to watch a funny movie having my friends around make the movie more fun and enjoyable. We usually discuss about the movie when it's over and we all give our reviews. I really like the debate we have after watching any movie.
Posted by Pixie on 07-27-2017

No thanks

I've never done it, but it does not catch my eye. There is nothing like going to the movies with your friends and sharing opinions and you can laugh more. I prefer the company, I went out to the movies with friends, on a date, and I also like it because it's a good opportunity to get to know each other better haha.
Posted by luispas on 07-31-2017

Awesome meets an awesome upgrade when watching wit

If going to the cinema is considered awesome, I would say going with a friend or friends is greater. In most cases, people actually go to the movies to hang out with their pairs. At least in my case that is and what I have observed. This serves as another test marker on the subject. The number of people going to the cinema alone on any given day or night is usually less than expected. There are times however when it can be quite relaxing and just a feeling that cannot be replicated when with friends to go to the movies alone. For most other times I would rather going to the cinemas with a friend because the experience usually starts even before heading to the actual cinema. Perhaps there is a movie that we both love and have been following the trailers and release times, just waiting to get together to embrace the excitement of watching the premiere together. One might even say friends go to the movies to watch among other things the interaction of each other to share that moment over and over again!
Posted by Joteque on 07-16-2017

Joint Company Rocks!

It is cool to watch it alone but there's more fun in seeing a movie together with other people. You know, who will you laugh with in funny places, who would you grab by the arm at devious places or who would you imagine is seeing the same suspense as you?

I think the best moments are those shared. Not like there's noise in the cinema house anyway. So you gotta rock it with people you know..

Posted by olaryeankarh on 07-17-2017

Talking about it after

Once the lights are back up and the movie's come to a close, I like having the chance to talk to my friends and discuss our opinions on the movie we just saw. While the actual viewing of the movie isn't necessarily a social experience, having the opportunity to talk about it immediately after the movie has ended is a definite plus to me - and something you don't get if you're on your own.
Posted by Eggy216 on 07-15-2017

Strongly Disagree!!

Watching a movie in the cinema especially horror movies is not cool. Aside from creepy and scary, it can be a way of somebody taking advantage a seat beside you. It can be a rapist of a maniac. Having companion is still the best method for me. It can prevent intruders. It can also avoid the boredom and dullness while watching.
Posted by mcbryan080990 on 07-18-2017

The right company is always better.

I have been to the cinema alone before and while it is nice (Even more if it's a movie you really want to see) going with the right company is always better. Having a friend by your side to discuss the movie or your girlfriend to hold close at the right moment is just priceless for me.
Posted by Marvadaum on 07-16-2017

Not as entertaining

I prefer to go to the cinema with my friends or my family, because after the movie we can discuss it and laugh and joke about all the impossible feats (if it's an action or sci fi movie). With the right companions, even watching a boring or bad movie can be turned into a good time.
Posted by Dkaraly on 08-30-2017

Just watch at home!

I'll just on my own phone or through an HD TV at home rather than going to movie theater alone. I think I will not enjoy watching there alone as first of all you pay for your movie ticket. I remember watching Captain America Civil War on a nearest mall with my co-workers one Sunday afternoon and its fun having to watch with them together with other people and also kids who just yell but not so often when there's a really suspense scene. My two cents is its not built for watching alone that's why there's a lot of chairs lol thats common logic. I might enjoy more watching on my phone alone rather than watching at cinema alone. I don't judge you though.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-08-2017

Not fun to me

Why would I want to go to the movies and decide to go it alone? I think it's stupidity, as anyone in their right thinking mind wouldn't consider going to the cinema alone because there is no fun in doing so.

Should I feel the need to watch a movie all alone by myself, I think it's more understandable that it's done at home and not taking a trip to the movie house to watch alone.

There is a high joy that comes with having fun with a group of friends and family members, it makes the outing more memorable than when it's done alone. Movies are best enjoy when watched with friends and family members at the cinema film house.

Posted by Heatman on 09-11-2017

Not Ideal

I think watching alone in the movie house is one thing that is not my cup of tea. I will be bored and it is hard to not talking about the movie and the actors with someone inside movie house.
Posted by mark86 on 11-30-2018


I do not have a problem going to the theater alone but it is nice to experience it with someone else. Of course, if no one I know wants to see a movie, I will just go alone. It is not so easy now that I have children though so I do not get to do that very often. More times than not, I am taking my children to see a movie. But I like to share experiences with them so I do not mind not being alone during the movie.
Posted by morgoodie on 07-15-2017
Isn’t it boring to watch a movie in the cinema alone by yourself? When the movie is a comedy you will be laughing alone and when the plot is thickening you have no one to ask what is happening. For me, watching a movie is also a way of bonding and that is the reason why we make it like a date when my husband and I would watch a movie. It is more fun to be watching with a companion.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-21-2018
I go to the cinema with my friends and family. However, I also enjoy going to cinema alone. I have been to cinema alone numerous times, especially during my teenage days. When I was a teen I did not have many friends who shared my interest and hobbies. Since I am a family man now, I don't get a chance to go to the cinema alone.
Posted by vinaya on 07-15-2017
I have gone to the cinema or movies as we call them here alone probably more times than I have gone with someone. It would be nice to have the company sometimes, but often I just watch the movie. I am not really going to the movie to talk to other people. I can talk to them afterwards about it if I choose to.
Posted by kgord on 07-15-2017
Going to cinema alone for me has defeated the reason for going to cinema in my opinion. For me to go to cinema alone I would rather see movie on my pc privately. Going to cinema is an experience for so I will prefer to share that memory with some one at least. And the deal is that it is more fun to see movie with someone else at the cinema, especially after the movie and you people walk and discuss about the movie and have some good laugh that is priceless
Posted by Laiportal on 07-15-2017
I think that going to the cinema alone is also a good memory! Lots of experience you do alone are memories, there is no need to be with someone else. And if I want to watch a movie, I prefer the feeling of the big screen than a small PC. Maybe I'm a bit old-school thinking about that, but I just like the concept of the movie theater itself...
Posted by Xilkozuf on 07-15-2017
No, I have never went to the movies alone. I don't think it would be enjoyable because you can still be annoyed with other people watching the movie. I would rather have fun with someone and watching the movie with. To laugh with, or be scared with, or whatever the case may be.
Posted by simplym on 07-15-2017
I have never experienced this ever. I love to enjoy life in the company of people I like. If I want to spend some time alone it would be inside my room or a shopping venture. Watching a movie alone is definitely not something that I would like to do.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 07-16-2017
I am single person and most of the people around me are married. And they don't keep in touch anymore. So it's worth being into the activity that you can do it on your own. In such case you can see that it'd be worth having into the cinema going activity yourself. In that context, I'd say that going to cinema alone seems to be the only option. I have to say that it;s lot easier in that way. I'd prefer that option for myself.
Posted by overcast on 07-16-2017
Going to the cinema on my own or with company doesn't really bother me either way. If I was going to go on my own I would go on a weekday and during the day time. If I was to go with a friend then it wouldn't matter if I went at night on the weekend. There is a stigma attached to going to the cinema on your own though. I think this comes from the day when lads used to take their girlfriends to the movies before the days of television. That is why I would feel silly going on my own at a busy time or a night time. Yet if there was a film I wanted to see and no one to go with me, watching it during the day is acceptable. I have been a number of times on my own to the cinema. Especially when it has been a film that I wanted to see but my husband has not.
Posted by JMS on 07-16-2017
Never been to a cinema and in my mid twenties now. I'll likely not have any reason to go in my adult years. I prefer watching movies at Home. And for romantic outings, parks and gardens are good enough for me.
Posted by maria_c on 07-16-2017
I have been to the cinema a few times alone and I enjoyed it. I am a bit of a loner in that I like doing things by myself so it doesn't bother me to go to a cinema alone or to go to a restaurant and eat alone. I have friends and family who would never do that and they think it is odd that I do. I mostly watch movies at home though and only go to the cinema occasionally.
Posted by Sue on 07-16-2017
rose thornes
I watch cinema with friends. I have never watch alone but it could also be a good idea to watch alone, no loud friends and new experience. I might try it one of this days.
Posted by rose thornes on 07-16-2017
Yes sometimes I do like going to the cinema by myself. It gives me time to concentrate better on the movie and I can have times of introspection. However this is not often. I like going with my friends and family, but only sometimes I like going alone.
Posted by joegirl on 07-16-2017
I prefer to go alone but if i ever want to go with anyone, then it has to be a movie i am not overly interested in, at least i can endure being interrupted between movies. i also love seeing horror movies alone mostly, sincerely i wouldn't want some one running scared while with me.
Posted by zeedollar on 07-16-2017
I don't mind going to the cinema alone. I find that it's more entertaining when I have a companion because the interaction between us meanwhile we are watching the movie would make the time a bit more enjoyable.
Posted by explorerx7 on 07-16-2017
I've never actually went to the movies by myself. There's a good movie coming out soon that I want to see and I am going by myself so I can focus on seeing the whole thing without being distracted. When I watch a movie, I want to watch it and watch it all and not be disturbed if it's a good movie. I don't watch lot of TV, so if I want to watch something, it's something that I'm really interested in and I don't want it to be a social event, so I'm going alone when this movie comes out that I want to see. Kind of like having a night out with yourself. I could live with that.
Posted by freebird37 on 07-16-2017
Glad to know, that this experience makes You happy, though personally for me going to the cinema alone seems kind of weird . I would prefer watching a movie on my PC instead of going to the cinema. Cinema means friends, company, partner. I enjoy a nice movie in cinema only being with someone. Well, I hate being alone in public.
Posted by RosieCheeks on 07-17-2017
I believe that whether going alone or with friends is based on the preference of the person especially if one person is a detail critic. If you see going to the movies only as a social experience then of course you should go with your friends but if the movie is part of my favorite series, I'd have to say I would love to watch alone to fully absorb the film in every detail if possible. It is even better to go alone if the movie includes a very dramatic scene, you would not have to worry about being made fun of because you cried because of a movie.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 07-17-2017
I have been to movies alone many times. If you want to enjoy the movie wholly, you should go to the movie alone as there will be no one to disturb you. However, if you want to enjoy the ambiance and company more than the movie, you would not like going to the movie alone. These days, I don't go the the movie alone, instead, I was on my laptoo.
Posted by vinaya on 08-31-2017
Truthfully, I have never tried going to the cinema alone I also assume it going to be quite boring so I don't even bother but from your pros it quite reasonable for one that needs no disturbances to try out that.I know there sometimes I used to feel like being alone in the cinema but because I'm used to going with a companion I knock the idea off.Will try this soon.
Posted by lovely on 10-23-2017
Boring? No really! If you want to enjoy the cinema wholly, going alone can be very entertaining. There will be no one to disturb you.
Posted by vinaya on 01-01-2018
Depends with your personality. Other people can't stand having someone if they go to a cinema while most people wants to have a company while watching movies in the cinema so that he or she won't be alone and enjoy.
Posted by Scarlet on 01-14-2018
I don’t remember going to the cinema by my lonesome. When I was younger, I would always have companions when I watch a movie, be they my siblings, friends or classmates. When I started working, it is usually my colleagues who watch movies with me. I cannot imagine going to the movies alone because that would be awkward to me since I haven’t experienced it yet. And I’m sure I will not enjoy the experience even if the movie is great.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-19-2018
I never tried going to cinema house alone. I feel like not boring but I cant imagine commenting about someone with the strangers inside the movie house.
Posted by mark86 on 11-30-2018