Going to the cinema

Going to the cinema
Going to the cinema is considered to be more of an outing or an occasional treat for movie lovers. There is the inherent risk of not getting the tickets of the movie that the person wishes to watch, unless the tickets are bought upfront online. Though people do choose their seats, there can be limitations to such a choice. The best seats may have been booked before. Another disadvantage is that people have to sit beside strangers and if there are any issues there is not much to be done. One will also need to be quiet, whereas on the other hand if one is at home he/she can laugh, eat or drink noisily or talk during the movie. Traveling to and fro a cinema hall can be time consuming and expensive too. People also spend more to watch a movie in the cinema. In addition, choice at any time is limited according to the movies running in different cinema halls.

  1. Movies not yet available on Netflix can be watched in cinema halls;
  2. Projections are large so the movie effects are of a higher quality.

  1. Overall costs are higher.
  2. There is limited choice as far as seats is concerned and sitting besides strangers does not always make it comfortable to be laughing or joking freely.
  3. Choice of movies is limited.
  4. People have to strictly adhere to the timing.




I like going to the movies but not nearly as much as my husband does. It's his favorite past time. I often do like to stay at home, but the selection on Netflix is pretty disappointing these days. I love the sound effects and the experience of being in a movie theater. I just wish it wasn't quite so expensive! Still, when you go and see a movie you are really excited about, buy special buttery popcorn, sit next to someone you love, it's a really great experience to be at the cinema.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 11-14-2017

Cinema for new films

It depends obviously. Netflix is great because you can stay at home, have some food that you don't have to pay stupid prices for and watch whatever you want from a large collection of movies and TV shows. But I voted for the cinema because there are some films (the new ones) that you just can't watch on Netflix. Plus the large screen, surround sound and overall experience just makes it better
Posted by kingcool52 on 11-09-2017

Our house isn't comfy enough for visitors....

Of course, when I want to watch a movie by myself, I just open my laptop and watch movies that I have saved in my internal hard drive. But when I plan on watching movies with somebody else (either with my girl or with my friends), we usually go to the movies.

It would be cool to just chill out at our house, it would be pretty cost effective... However, our house isn't comfy enough for visitors. It's just a lot better to simply go to the cinema and watch movies there even if it is more costly.

Posted by limberg on 11-09-2017


This time last year, I would have voted for Netflix hands down. But within the past couple months, my friends and I signed up for Movie Pass cards. For $10 a month, the Movie Pass will pay for one movie every calendar day of the year. Essentially, we can each watch 30 movies a month all for $10. This has rejuvenated our desire to go out and see movies in theaters, which has been great. There's something about watching a movie in a theater that is so much better than sitting at home on your couch.
Posted by TheArticulate on 11-09-2017

Going to the cinema

Both options are very good and have their advantages and disadvantages. But I particularly prefer going to the movies instead of watching a movie on Netflix. To be honest I canceled my subscription on Netflix a few months ago, since I thought I was paying to not have a good selection of movies at my fingertips. Today, if I want to go to the movies, I also have to choose a good movie with caution, because I do not like paying to see any movie. Anyway, currently my option is to go to the movies instead of watching Netflix at home.
Posted by hermessantos on 11-09-2017

Movie Night Out!

Whenever I get the chance and can afford it, I prefer to go out to the movies instead of staying at home. I love getting movie popcorn, with the awful and decadent butter, and a large soda and then walking down the corridor towards my film of choice. I like the communal aspect of experiencing the film with strangers. I also appreciate the entire medium of the big screen overall. It's the best way to see a film, and I grew up on this experience. Sure, it is convenient and cheap to watch movies streaming at home, but attending the event at the theater is an entirely different and much more fulfilling experience.
Posted by JoeMilford on 11-09-2017


For me, it's the cinema no doubts about it! I just love the whole atmosphere. The sounds and the cool foods. Not to mention it's a great place to make out! Extremely nice
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-08-2017
A great place to make out would be the privacy of your home. No one wants to see that when they are attending My Little Pony!

Ideal Scenario

While sometimes it is more financially practical to watch Netflix at home I will always prefer going to the movie theater. I like the experience of going to the theater and discussing the movie on the way home. I also really like the popcorn and snacks available at the movies.
Posted by anna on 11-10-2017

TV can't compare to Cinema

I can spend hours watching Netflix, but that doesn't compare to the thrill of watching a movie on the big screen. The sound is more vivid, and if we are talking about a horror/action/sci-fi movie, obviously, there's no way I can experience same emotion at home. Also, I can't bring all my friends home to watch a movie, I can't offer same comfort and space.
Posted by ballyhara on 11-09-2017


I'm completely addicted to movies (in a hard level, haha), so... Going to the Cinema is one of the greatest pleasures of my life. It's the only place in the whole world where I feel myself truly complete (I can't explain it just by words).
Posted by wiseagent on 11-09-2017

Cinema watching for cool movies.

I am also a fan of netflix but I prefer to watch in cinema especially if the movie is awesome to watch. Think of it this way. Watching your favorite movie in just a small screen and you can't adjust the volume because you have neighboors who hates noisy sounds. So watching your favorite movie in the house is impossible. So I prefer watching in the cinema. The screen is big and you can feel the movie because of the high volume sounds.
Posted by blank629 on 12-10-2017


Still, nothing beats going to a cinema to first watch the movies that you've been waiting for rather than wait for it to release on DVD, torrent or watch it on Netflix. The sound system on a cinema definitely makes you feel that you really on the scene and it was so good. It's also much better to watch it on a big screen as you can't miss any detail on the movie.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-08-2017
You're so right. There's just something really unique about seeing a movie for the first time on the big screen as opposed to watching it on your TV at home. That's why my local theater will run Harry Potter and Studio Ghibli marathons in theaters every once in a while. Tons of people love the chance to see their favorite films on the big screen again!


I always loved the feeling of the dark room and cold temperature inside the cinema especially when I am bonding with my friends. It just feels more real and I can be more into the movie when I am watching in the cinema rather than Netflix at home.
Posted by hazel42704 on 11-12-2017


I would prefer going to the cinema than Watching Netflix at home simply because it has a better atmosphere and I enjoy it better when I am watching a film outside of my home.
Posted by antonToledo on 12-14-2018


Watching Netflix at home

Watching Netflix at home
Netflix has become a preferred way of watching films because it offers more flexibility for movie lovers. Having the possibility of sitting down on your sofa in your pyjamas or whatever you feel comfortable in, and choose what to watch from a nice selection of movies on your TV is simply great. There is ample choice and some of the older movies which are no longer being telecast on televisions or shown in cinema halls can also be accessed here. People can sit comfortably or lie down on their bed while they watch. In cinema halls they have to remain seated in a particular position for the entire length of the movie, with just a short break where generally one needs to go to the restroom or buy something to eat or drink as quickly as possible before the movie resumes. The price is not that high considering the variety of movies and convenience.

  1. Flexibility and overall quite affordable;
  2. More choice in movies
  3. More freedom to sit and watch movie in any position and laugh and comment

  1. Not all movies are available on Netflix.
  2. The screen is smaller when compared to the large screen of the cinema hall.



Netflix & Chill

I should probably support Cinema because that is how movies make their money however I will go with Netflix at home because as Angie said, it's more comfortable. I can not stand going to the cinema and being around a movie go-er that makes too much noise. This is an awful experience, and this usually happens way too much for me. This includes popcorn eating. Some people eat their popcorn so loud it's hard to concentrate on anything but the noise of them chewing their popcorn. The cinema prices of popcorn, candy, and refreshments is outragious. I would never pay $5 for a popcorn $2-3 for a water, and $3-6 for a candy bar. Are you kidding me?
Posted by Everett on 11-09-2017

More comfortable

I am more comfortable at home watching movies. I love going out, but there is just something about being at home watching movies. I do not have to hear others eating their popcorn loudly, I can pause the movie if I have to get up, and I can eat whatever I desire when I watch the TV (sometimes it is nice to have a pizza party and other times popcorn suits me). Plus I can cuddle with my cats, which is always a huge plus for me. And it is way cheaper to pay for netflix a month then to go to one single movie for.
Posted by angie828 on 11-08-2017

Netflix for the win!

I would have to without a doubt go with Netflix when it comes to watching movies. As much as I know I should probably support the local cinema's, I find that when it comes to Netflix it is so much cheaper and also a lot more comfortable as well. You can relax, not have to worry about others around you and you can have all the treats you like without the price tag. It's also a lot cheaper when it comes to a whole family wanting to watch a movie as well. You may have to wait a little longer to see a movie but it's usually worth the wait.
Posted by Shortie on 11-29-2017


I prefer to watch movies at home in the comfort of my own home. It does not have to be Netflix though. I like being able to watch it at my own pace and pause if i have to leave the room. I can rewatch parts that i want to watch again. I can watch it in my pyjamas. It is just more comfortable and more convenient.
Posted by Sue on 11-09-2017

Netflix forever

Netflix all the way! I used to love going to the cinema with my friends and family but now, if I think about it... I don't even recall the last time that I went. Why? Easy, the price.

Our cinema has such bad movies playing and the pricing is absolutely crazy. You pay so much money for two tickets and a popcorn - I can watch Netflix for over a month with that amount.

On Netflix, you can watch ANYTHING you want, even series. You are comfortable at home, eat any food you desire and if the movie is bad you can find another!

Posted by Mehano on 11-12-2017

More relaxing.

I have honestly never been one for the cinema. Somehow I just find that I can't pay attention to films at the theater in the same way that I can in my own home. The only time I ever go to a cinema is if a movie comes out and I absolutely cannot wait for the home edition, or if I'm on a date with someone. Otherwise I will absolutely always choose to just hang out at home and stream some movies. It is just far more convenient.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-09-2017
gata montes

Way more enjoyable

As I really can't justify the expense of paying for the far from pleasant experience of sitting on uncomfortable seats - surrounded by people eating loud food - as well as fidgets and usually someone with big hair directly in front of me - I've always much preferred to watch movies at home rather than at a movie theater.

Particularly as - not only is the experience way, way more enjoyable as you at least have some degree of control over your environment and can sit in a comfortable chair - but its generally a whole lot cheaper too.

Posted by gata montes on 11-09-2017


I prefer going to the movies over watching Netflix. Netflix has a few good series and all but I'd never abandon the multiplex altogether for it. If there's something in the movies that I really want to see, I'm going to find a way to get there regardless.
Posted by NickJ on 11-08-2017
I enjoy going to the cinema as well as watching movies at home on Netflix. However, I will choose to go to the cinema instead og watching on netflix if the movie being showcased is from a big banner, for am great director, and features popular actors. When I go to the cinema it is more than the movie, I will also enjoy the ambience.
Posted by vinaya on 11-08-2017
It’s not only the ambiance for me when I go to the cinema but since cinemas here are located in malls, you can expect to go shopping or eat in fancy restaurants. It is like going on a date or enjoying more than the movie that I watch when I go to the cinema. We have not Netflix for now and maybe I will not desire to have a subscription for we may not go to the cinema anymore which is more enjoyable to me.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-20-2018
I love going to the cinema,it more enjoyable leaving the home to hang out with a friend or hubby in the cinema it comes with a different feelings and fun.One get to see a new movie, chat and interact with others.
Posted by lovely on 11-08-2017
Yeah, the interaction aspect with friends is what makes me go to the cinema. I always enjoy seeing a movie with my fiance while we have a cup of ice cream or take some popcorn at the cinema. The feeling is quite different.
Posted by Barida on 11-09-2017
I would always prefer going to the cinema since it is going to ensure I have some outdoor chats and discussions with those that I care about while we see a movie. I'm not saying that watching Netflix at home is not a good choice, but you can't compare the excitement you have from going to the cinema. It's just different and unique.
Posted by Barida on 11-09-2017
I would prefer watching Netflix at home because I don't want too loud sound I don't enjoy watching movies in big screens. I'm comfortable watching movies at home because I can do whatever position I want while watching. I can sit or lie down at the couch and have pillows while watching.
Posted by vhinz on 11-09-2017
It's difficult to vote here because it really depends on what I'm going to see. When the new IT came out, all of my friends wanted to see it so we went together at the cinema. If I want to watch a Netflix series with a couple of friends then staying at home is fine.
Posted by Tania997 on 11-09-2017
They both are different in their terms. When a very special movie is released which you think you can't wait to watch then yes going to a Cinema is a better choice. Like when Captain America Civil war was released then I had made a plan beforehand that this can't be missed. But when Spiderman homecoming was released then I knew that it could be missed to be watched alone. As we have had 5 spiderman movies already released and then thrown to the bin. So, I wasn't excited about it.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 11-10-2017
I like both and they are very different from each other. I go to the cinema a few times per year while I use Netflix all year. It's great to watch something at home without having to go out but I watch the movies on my laptop so the screen is small and the sound is flat. In a cinema you can feel the movie wholly but you have to actually go there and sit with other people.
Posted by felabruno on 11-10-2017
If you have a big family, it is practical to watch movies via Netflix and other video streaming facilities in order to save money. The cinema ticket is very expensive as its cost can buy your meal for the whole day. But for me and my husband, we go to the theater as a form of relaxation away from home. It’s also a sort of date. We dine in the restaurant after the movie.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-13-2017
I like watching movies. I don't regularly buy tickets and go to cinema. Though, whenever I want a special movie that I've waited for years to be shown, I wouldn't mind to step outside the house and watch. Movies on Netflix is fine it provides the comfort of my own home.
Posted by cess_08 on 02-20-2018
It doesn't really matter if its late but I preferred watching at home using netflix or downloaded movies than watching at the cinema. It's great feeling to watch in cinema but I am more practical and saving money so watching in cinema is not that essential for me. I'd rather watch movies at home and use money for buying food while watching instead of using money to watch at the cinema. It is still the same movie so why should spend money when I can still watch it later in internet. I am just being practical so there.
Posted by nekonieden on 09-13-2018
I rarely watch movies in the cinema. I only do when I have friends or family to go with. I love going in the cinema with my husband because it feels like a date but more often, I watch movies and series over Netflix.
Posted by mdayrit on 11-09-2018