Governments should not be expected to have a benefits system

Governments should not be expected to have a benefits system
I'm not sure whether other countries actually have a benefits system but in the United Kingdom we have one which basically means several people in different positions can receive money from the government. Things like being a single mother, not having a job, being disabled etc. The only fair one in that for me is being disabled. I understand that they may have difficult working so I don't see too much of a problem with that. But I do not think that not having a job is a reason why people should receive benefits. They should be able to find a job. The only that the benefits system does is make these people lazy to find a job because they are supported whether they try to find one or not.



Pareto Optimality

The government is not solely responsible for the welfare of every inconvenienced person in the country especially if it means having to raise the taxes for the working class. Living in the Philippines where there are way more middle-income workers than obscenely rich people, the taxes are sky-high and hardly fair! Especially since we have a relatively young population so that means our labor force is hardly tenured to expect better positions and higher pay. And given the global integration and BPO's present in our country, most of the work available are administrative in nature - even those who don't finish their post-secondary education can do the job - which is why promotions and professional development is hard to come by and so the pay more or less stays the same level for a very long period of time (around $400 -$500 a month).

And since foreign goods overtake the market, it's quite difficult to control consumer good prices so the standard of living here for a local is pretty highly priced.

Given that, it's hard enough to pay your bills, eat 3 meals a day, and enroll your kids to a proper school. It's counterintuitive to have to raise taxes as well. Which I guess is part of the reason why so many of our actual professionals (doctors, teachers, lawyers, the likes) would prefer to find work abroad where the pay is better, the standard of living is more reasonable, and the tax reforms are relatively understandable.

Instead of a benefit system like unconditional/conditional cash transfers or government loans, it would be better for the government to ensure that corporations and employers treat and compensate their employees justly (this means no contractualization, lesser turnover).

Aside from this, the people don't need "help" which would feed them a day or two. The people need to be empowered to stand on their own two feet. A culture of strength and determination despite adversaries should be promoted and moreso, giving them jobs instead of unconditional benefits make for better, more disciplined, and productive citizens.

** Disclaimer: Although those truly suffering from hunger, thirst, homelessness, and diseases and disability (especially PWDs, Senior Citizens, Pregnant Women, and those suffering abuse) should definitely be given immediate attention from the Government, there should be a timeline and active guidance/counsel from Government employees to lead them to a path of self-sustainability.

Posted by Anonymous on 02-21-2018


I think government instead needs to properly structure out the tax. And have to think of the benefits system. Not to offer the benefits system as they see fit. Because that would only increase the misuse of the system. And we have to be really understanding of that part.
Posted by overcast on 02-04-2018



Benefits help protect the vulnerable

As someone who lives in the UK I have seen the benefits system help some, and others that have abused it. It is necessary because some people do fall on hard times, but benefits are really called welfare because the government does help.

I'm assuming the OP hasn't met many people who have fallen on hard times in the UK. There are some who end up homeless and who commit suicide because they are too proud to seek help. Is that the kind of country you wish to live in?

There are many that abuse the system though, and it needs to be stopped and the addition of migrants also abusing the system has made it worse.

Posted by Alexa on 02-03-2018

Yes they should!

I find comments like this from people who have obviously never had to rely on benefits amusing. I was relatively wealthy once. I then developed severe mental health issues. I lost everything, including my family and my home. I ended up penniless, homeless and totally lost.

Thank God, the safety net that we have in the UK called the NHS and the benefits system saved my life. It has also saved many other people’s lives. If it weren’t for the benefits system, I, and many more people like me, would continue their downward spiral. Then, the people who think that the benefits system should be scrapped would be left with an even bigger bill to pay, and an even bigger mess to clean up.

Most people who claim benefits are not cheats, scroungers or lazy. They are people who need help. Most of those people also go on to give something back into the society that stood by them when they needed that help.

Always remember; you never know what is around the next corner. Don’t judge people who claim benefits. The next person who needs to ask for help could be you, your children, or your grandchildren. Would you like people to judge you or your family in the same way?

Posted by Artois52 on 04-14-2018

Strongly disagree.

No offense intended, but I have to hand it to you; really spoken like a true capitalist. Government benefits are more than necessary in this day and age as more and more jobs are becoming automated and people are being put out of work. There is a difference between having a benefit system in place and allowing the system to be abused. Government benefits are not the problem. The problem lies within the people who abuse the system the government which does not regulate the system properly. But don't worry, at the current rate of job loss/automation, benefits will be a thing of the past and governments will be forced to give the population a universal income.
Posted by Denis_P on 02-03-2018
Yes you are quite the right in your opinion. Abusing the system should be stopped by filtering out the people who are trying to abuse it. Increase in population leads to severe problems. Lesser jobs being one of them. Now the businessmen and industries are trying their level best to put all drivers out of jobs as well. Just think how would we survive. I think in the upcoming years good pays would be a dream. Instead, it would be a battle for survival. Most importantly the less developed countries would have more survivors as old methods would prove gold there.

Not Everyone Abuses.

Not all people abuse the system. When people are working they pay into the system anyway so if they need any help at some point then they have already paid something into the system.

What is wrong is giving to people who have not paid into the system. That is where the money is lost. Then again, more checks should be made that people are doing all they can to find work and to root out the abusers.

Posted by JMS on 02-09-2018

I Disagree

I do not think that governments should provide aid to their citizens in every area of daily life, but I do think that our governments have a responsibility, to a degree, of taking care of those citizens, like the disabled and elderly, who can not yet take care of themselves. There are many people, however, who do take advantage of the system and profit from it in illegitimate ways. This is very unfortunate because it has the potential to de-value government programs which actually assist people with real needs who need real help!
Posted by JoeMilford on 02-03-2018
You might be living in the developed world where per capita income is very high. However, I am from Nepal where more than 25 percent of the population live in less than $2 a day. IN the countries like ours, where people are unable to earn a living, benefi system helps the poor. After all the government is for people.
You might be living in the developed world where per capita income is very high. However, I am from Nepal where more than 25 percent of the population live in less than $2 a day. IN the countries like ours, where people are unable to earn a living, benefi system helps the poor. After all the government is for people.

Someday you might need help too

I have never experienced having to rely on the government yet, thankfully, but I often think about having to because I'm always thinking about money and being out of it as a resource and it scares me sometimes. I think we can afford to think this way when we are feeling comfortable but once we are in the shoes of those who need help we might see things differently as it's not always as easy as it seems to climb out of a hole. I get that some people take advantage, but to me that's more an issue of fixing the system rather than doing away with the system entirely.
Posted by Wubwub on 02-04-2018

Let's be considerate.

I understand that this is a serious issue that is even raising a lot of debate in most of these countries, but the reality of it all is that we really need to take it upon ourselves to consider the stress these people pass through just to be alive and talk with others on a daily basis. One thing is that we really put ourselves in the shoes of others and see how painful it is for them to live. As long as there is no job for them, there is need to give them these little benefits for it might not really be enough for them at the end of the day.
Posted by Barida on 02-02-2018

It's Not Benefits. It's Entitlements.

In our country (USA), we don't call them “benefits”, we call them “entitlements” and I've heard many refer to the system as a “social safety net”. (Whatever!)

It seems that some of our politicians and some of our citizens who don't require government assistance would love to rip that “net” because they insist that the people who are receiving these “benefits” or “entitlements” are just a bunch of freeloaders who don't want to work and earn a living.

Funny thing about a government. When it's time for war, leaders are quick to drag able-bodied citizens into a war zone. They can find a way to make it happen.

But showing compassion on the poor, the sick, the elderly, the wounded soldiers and other disadvantaged people? They always have all kinds of excuses why that shouldn't or can't be done or should be reduced if not completely eliminated. One excuse: They abuse the federal programs. Another excuse: They take advantage, game the system, and commit fraud. On and on and on.

Just for the record. There are civil servants who work for the federal government who are tasked with the responsibility of properly administering assistance programs. Has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe they didn't do their jobs? Maybe had they kept an eye on things, abuse and fraud would not have occurred.

For those who object to government assistance programs TO HELP THE NEEDY, I can't speak for other countries but I'm an American.

Bottom line:

In the USA there is a plaque at the base of our Statue of Liberty reads: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore ...”

Uuhh ... WHY? They're already beat down with the hardships of this life. What is America going to do with them? Beat them up even more??!

Oh wait a minute! I forgot! In America, we have churches, other religious institutions and non-proft organizations who help "those kinds of people". And sometimes people show up who say "We're from the government. We're here to help."

OK! I'm done. :)

Posted by foxchannel on 02-22-2018

I beg to differ

In my opinion, Governments should be expected to have a benefits system for all it's citizens who are in tough situations and simply cannot help themselves. The government should look out for its people and not abandon them when things are difficult for them. For crying out loud, what is the purpose of the tax money, if not to use it and take care of its citizens? Those funds should be put into good use and I definitely believe that the benefits system is one of those options to strongly consider.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-03-2018

Why pay taxes at all then, heck why have a governm

TL;DR: You pay taxes, shouldn't you expect something from them

I really do understand the idea some people have of the charicature of a quote"welfare queen", the person who is juicing at the mouth for ways to avoid labour and burn the taxpayer for a little bit more than they put in or deserve. The type of person who is actively avoiding work, jumping through hoops and shredding through red tape to milk any source for cash they can. This person is an unfortunate blemish against those who actively do need assistance or aid, but luckily and happily they remain an outlier in the system, atleast in the western / industrialized world. They simply dont exist in numbers to warrant the rage and paranoia some have against these types of people.

The truth is the reason there are people like you at all, people who question the validity of social safety programs, is because of very effective counter narrative campaigns. Also known as propaganda, subterfuge, pseudo / junk science, lies, deceit, or simply B.S. There is an honest debate to be had about how much assistance is warranted and where, for who and for what purpose, for how long and under what conditions, etc. That being said, there is no argument, either moral or rational, that could be reasonably made against most social safety programs, outside of arguments over cost. And all of the arguments over cost treat people like a number, a mark in a ledger, instead of like a tax-paying contributer to society. No rationale person is saying make sure everyone has a fully furnished multi tier home in a nice suburb with cash to spare and no cost to living at all, although if that were possible what on earth would be wrong with such a world...but no, what we are saying is you cant leave people in society, in your community, behind. Not one it would cost you as a society more, both morally and financially, to do so. Especially when we all pay in to this system wether we want to or not, a system by the way that has no problem funding frivolous things such as perks for politicians or new lawsuits for government officials to settle, or truly heinous mmoral things such as war and foreign intervention / meddling, but has to have a red in the face debate every time one solitary cent of funding is needed to fix a road or bridge, or to help citizens after a disaster, or goodness forbid someone who is sick and needs aid.

At the end of the day, you, me, everyone in a civilized society should want safety nets in place. For starters, we pay for them with our taxes, so why wouldn't we want to be able to get something in return for those funds. This isn't free stuff if we are paying for it. Secondly safety nets help to protect us when an econonomy crashes, or when another driver crashes into us, or simply when insurmountable debt or hardship brings our world crashing down. We are there for you, I want society to be there for me too. And finally, we all sign the social contract, so I doubt most people who despise social safety nets, or have a misunderstanding of socialism / reality ever complain about mooching when they are travelling on public roads, or expect firefighters to put out a blaze at their home, or law enforcement to protect them in a crisis etc.

Posted by Stranger on 02-02-2018

Definitely disagree

A benefits system helps promote the improvement of the citizens of the country, and is one of the key aspects of having a government. We elect these people so that they will fight for our rights for these benefits, and arguments have shown why this is much better in the long run.
Posted by treecko142 on 02-14-2018

Looking after those who are down on their luck

Welfare/benefits help people get back on their feet. Not everyone comes from a wealthy family or has had the opportunities in life to have everything handed to them on a silver platter. For some people, one thing goes wrong and they need help. It benefits the entire society to try and give someone a helping hand so they can then help themselves again.
Posted by amelia88 on 09-26-2018

Be thankful that you're helping instead of complai

I'm actually thankful that I'm helping people even if it's indirect because still, I'm helping. A lot of people wants to help the poor and the disabled through Charities and Foundations but they can't because they always hesitate. With some of the taxes being given to those people who're in need, their wish to help will never be postponed anymore because they are not allowed to hesitate in paying their taxes. It's actually a blessing to help others and I am thankful that the government are giving such benefits to those people, because if not then it's a waste of tax already because politicians right now are crocodiles - they're too greedy for money. Might as well help the poor than feed the already rich politicians.
Posted by jaybee19 on 05-24-2018

Benefits stabilize the economy

While it might seem that welfare and similar programs are a waste of tax money at first glance, you have to remember that running a country and an economy is a job that entails a huge scope of both issues and people. At the intersection of economy and personal hardships is where you find the simple truth that those who are using government aid programs would be worse off, both personally, and worse for the economy and society without those programs. Imagine if all those people on welfare were even poorer, contributing nothing to the economy? Consuming as little as they can and most likely paying near to zero tax. Money received from benefits isn't wasted and it doesn't disappear - that money is spent to buy things, stimulating business and making a tax contribution. The worst thing a person can do, economically, for their country, is unemployed and moneyless. The two are a sort of hand in hand issue, but most aid programs seek to combat both issues at once. Can you imagine the social upheaval and discord, the strife and pressure if those programs were taken away? You'd end up with a lot more poor people fast, and they'd be angry to boot. Other things such as disabilities benefits are mostly clear from the get-go. Society is noble when it takes care and provides aid to the disadvantages. The same goes for aid programs for single parents. It is debatable if welfare could make anyone lazy. The amount of money received is a bare minimum with no wiggle room for saving money, spending on luxuries or something similar. This money that is given to people is a safety net we all pay into, and that we can all rely on to get us through a rough patch if need be. If all of this had to be reduced to a single sentence, I'd say that the benefits of a well thought out and functional welfare system far, far outweigh the amount of expense it causes a taxpayer. And all of this is even without going into the moral implications of why we should care for one another and help others out.
Posted by Iblissian on 09-19-2018

On the contrary

The government is for the people. In my opinion, the people should benefit from the government as the government depends on the people to function and fund its projects. Each government should not see its citizens as taxable subjects, but as member of a nation. and as a member, one should expect help when help is needed. You are very lucky to have a program like that. In ours, a project like that would just be another excuse to corruption. A government who runs those kind of systems cares for its citizens.
Posted by emiaj55 on 10-19-2018


You have a point! However coming from a country where day to day life is a struggle and there are no jobs, this sentiment is a bit harsh. Not everyone that's on benefits wants to be. There should be some kind of safety net. People lose jobs, people get depressed e.t.c I think society should support them until they get back on their feet. I don't think, there is anyone who wants to be jobless. Being jobless is a loss of dignity. I just think they should improve the system and weed out any abusers. Countries like Sweden are getting ready to pilot universal income, so that everyone has a safety net.
Posted by jaymish on 02-02-2018
We have government benefit system and people always ask for more. For instance, we have benefit system for people who marry someone from low class (called untouchables here), marries a widowed woman (widow marrying is a taboo here); a disabled person, a single woman (divorced), a single mother, and elderly people also receive incentives from the government.
Posted by vinaya on 02-04-2018
As you said it is the system that is at fault. If the government can only use a design of protocol that is transparent then corruption cannot be done and the money will go to the government instead of going to the pocket of the corrupt officials. With the benefits system my belief is always the work for money. It is not right to give money to the poor people just like that. They have to work for it.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-14-2018
I think that unemployment benefits encourage the unemployed not to look for employment. In certain cases, the unemployed even compare the salary that they will be getting from a prospective job with the unemployment benefits. If the latter is higher then they might refuse the job. All that I can say is that in certain cases giving unemployment benefits make the person lazier. This is quite unfair to the working population who are being taxed. Fortunately, there is no such law in my country.
Posted by Pixie on 02-02-2018
You pay taxes, I think it is reasonable to expect something in return. If your government has no troubles funding X number of foreign wars, or Y number of settlements for disgraced politicians, then I think they can manage to help those in need, and heck, why not help the rest of us a bit while they are at it. No one is saying people shouldn't have to contribute and just sit back and relax while society foots their bill. We are just saying let's think of the citizens first, with things like infrastructure, healthcare, education and worker / consumer / environmental protections we would be putting people first, all the while building a better society for business and workers and moochers alike. a better society for everyone. The saying " A rising tide raises all ships" comes to mind, if you get my meaning.
Posted by Stranger on 02-02-2018
I don't see any problem in this. When the government is already spending a lot of money on nonsense things, it makes sense to have a benefits system. The ministers are getting fat salaries and the people whpo voted for him are unable to get a two-course meal. This is unfair.
Posted by vinaya on 02-04-2018
With a debate like this, I sometimes find myself tongue-tied because we might not really know what the people involved are battling with, like my country,a lot of people are willing to work but where are the jobs.To be honest to all the parties involved both the government and those seeking for welfare,I think the way out is providing adequate jobs instead of just dashing people money,give them a job.use that money and build industries and companies and let them work for pay, that way people are empowered financially and otherwise.
Posted by lovely on 02-02-2018
Benefits should be there for people who need them or people who've earned them through work. It's already sad to know here in America that many of the young people working today, won't receive even close to all of their rightfully owed benefits upon retirement.
Posted by NickJ on 02-03-2018
I prefer to have a benefits system for the poor and less fortunate.

Countries that have it might really need it especially, developing countries. Some Asian countries need all the help they can get. So many people are unemployed because of a lack of positions and such. The benefits barely keep them alive. So if you take that away, you're kind of making their lives more miserable. Everyone needs time to get back on their feet whatever troubles their facing.
Posted by Steve5 on 02-03-2018
Lot of benefits system are being misused. And people are not even aware of that works out. I wonder if people see things properly about the benefit system. And they are spending the money and time the wise way. Because you know it can be odd to see how the people are not spending the tax. And at the same time expect the government to work off with the benefits and offers.
Posted by overcast on 02-04-2018
In developing world, people expect the government to help people who find it difficult to make a decent living. People expect the subsidy, reservation and other forms of incentives from the government. I think this is not bad because government's first priority is to ensure the wellbeing of the people.
Posted by vinaya on 02-13-2018
Yes me being from asia. I am so used to government not functioning as per requirement. And that is one more reason I think in order for system to benefit. We have all have to struggle and work harder. And things would surely change as we speak. There are times when we have to work harder though. Things just don't happen overnight.
Posted by overcast on 07-01-2018
I think the government should still continue the benefit system for the less privilege since it helps to reduce hypertension and prevents the idle from indulging in crime.
Posted by babyright on 02-04-2018
We are all for government helping the Masses especially the unemployed, but the problem is the abused of the system, the same people that the government is trying to help to avoid high BP is also giving others High BP by using the money for irrelevant things and making those that would have benefited immensely not to. I'm sure the government is willingly to go all out. Then the people should cooperate as well.
Posted by lovely on 03-19-2018
There are a lot of pros and cons about this but I would say that you are lucky that you have that kind of government system. It does proves that your country is not corrupt and you used your money wisely. Although the benefits outweigh the negative side like being lazy to find a job but still your government is doing a great job for the welfare of your people.
Posted by Scarlet on 02-04-2018
I totally disagree because in my opinion it's one of the most important functions of the government. All countries through its governing body as mandated by their constitition must protect and safeguard the interests of its citizens specially the seniors, minors, the sick, the disabled and the poor. These segments comprises the majority of of the population must always be protected by having a good healthcare and retirement program.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 02-05-2018
That's true. People elect the government because they want to gain benefits. In the poor economies, the government is the primary service provider. People not only expect the services for a cheap price but also free. There is nothing wrong on this because after all the government os for the people.
Posted by vinaya on 03-01-2018
In the olden days, the only benefits that the people get from our government is thru the social security system if you have worked in private companies and the government security insurance system if you have worked for a government office. And if you did not work then you get nothing. But a decade ago, our government created the so called augmentation allowance for students. That means if a poor family has a student who has reached the required grade average then the family gets a stipend as an aid for the student. The more students the family has, the more stipend it gets. And I don’t think that is an effective way of aiding the students because the money goes to the parents.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-05-2018
I think the government should have some responsibility for its citizens. However, there are a lot of people who scam and game the system. I think those who have worked all their lives and have paid into the system should be eligible for social security benefits.
Posted by kgord on 02-06-2018
Never! No government is concerned about the population. Unfortunately the vast majority are only concerned with enriching and staying in power.
Posted by hermessantos on 02-11-2018
I don't want to be as harsh as you, however, I see the truth in your statement. In Russia, Putin is in power for almost 20 years. I have seen the same people in the power circle since 20 years. The politicians always want to stay in thre power. However, in order to wow people they give something to the people and the benefit system is one of them.
Posted by vinaya on 03-01-2018
I think lot of governments around the world pay if the fertility rate is down. So it depends on how the people are working around. And how they are managed to have some sort of belief system. It differs from one part of the world to another. I guess we learn from our experience.
Posted by overcast on 07-01-2018
I hope there's something in between. I would like to partially agree and disagree. I'm in a third world country, finding job is really poor specially when you don't have enough money to move. So in that point how I wish our country gives financial support with people who needs support to find job.

You should be thankful if you are living in a country where your government supports you financially when you don't have a job. But I understand the point that people are becoming lazy. Maybe your government must revise its law regarding with this and set a limit of months where they can only support you. I think this must be applicable only to young members of the society. old ones who doesn't have family and didn't prepare very well with their retirement is acceptable to this.
Posted by gavinci13 on 02-16-2018
I have to agree. The government should give more incentive to business. And that way they can create more jobs to the people in this country. I guess we have to see the government through set of policies that can keep the country functioning with the society properly feeling safe. Not all the time that happens. And it just goes to show world needs change.
Posted by overcast on 07-01-2018
The government should have a benefits system that will help ease the sufferings of those who truly need financial assistance. However, this should not be something permanent that would partake the nature of a pension because that will severely limit the capability of the government to provide help to more citizens. Sadly, in countries like ours, such a system is being abused by both local administrators and the beneficiaries to the detriment of homeless people who are living on the streets and are out of reach of such benefits system. Remember that those benefits are funded by taxes and that ultimately, the private companies and citizens are paying for those benefits. We have a healthcare system that covers the unemployed sector for free but it keeps increasing its premium almost every year which only means that the employed are funding the coverage of those who are unemployed. Our healthcare premiums are like taxes that are based on the employed sector's income level and I really don't see the point why those who are paying more are entitled to the same benefits being enjoyed by people who are paying at the lowest levels. It is great if the government can extend help to the needy but it should not be at the expense of people who are working hard to support themselves and their own family.
Posted by chatbox on 02-16-2018
I believe that the government should offer some benefit system. Generally speaking, these benefits are aimed at the people having low income. sadly, this benefit system never reaches, or at least reach only partially, to the targeted segments of the society. In our country, the government gives monthly allowances to the elderly people from poor families. sadly, this benefit system is also used by the people who actually do not need it.
Posted by vinaya on 03-01-2018
I benefit from government resources every single day. I drive to work on roads built and repaired using federal and state funds. I am protected by a police force, firefighters, EMTs, an armed services network and an international cadre of spies and counterterrorism agents. I have clean water, electricity, sewerage and other utilities because those companies, regulated by government entities, have to sell it to me. With all these things on the line one can safely say that when government gets benefits than in return we do also.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 02-19-2018
I really liked your interpretation. Even though we may not be receiving benefits directly, we get many things for free, police protection for example. We don't have to pay the police to find the burglar who broke into our house. We are paying taxes and the tax money is used to build roads and other amenities. In our home country, basic health care and basic education is free. The government also gives allowances to the people above 70 years of age.
Posted by vinaya on 03-01-2018
I think the benefit system is just the free education and for the senior citizens, and that's enough. After that, they should find a descent job, and pay their tax. In our country sad to say, the group of rallies t who's not even paying their taxes don't have a job, and not even helping the government is the one who asking for the free houses, electricity, water.
Posted by ion on 02-20-2018
I think health and education should be part of the system. And rest of the things people have to fight for. And that way system can understand how the things may work around in that case. I have learned from the experience that benefits people who have disability and other issues. But we can't always force people to do the things. It just keeps on adding there.
Posted by overcast on 10-02-2018
It is true that those without jobs will get sion be in employment and there is no need to receive benefits. In my area the elderly receive some benefits from the government. The disabled are to receive too yet in my country they do not
Posted by stbrians on 10-02-2018
One of the extra worrying factors of benefits is sanctions. Those are given if someone fails to finish all their job search activities, The minimal sanction is to prevent a person’s benefit for a month. Despite the fact that the individual had finished all their steps for months, one failure can and frequently does mean no cash for a month. One of the outcomes can be homelessness. This could positioned a person out of the working populace for life.
Posted by jetselle on 11-10-2018