Greek mythology

Greek mythology
The gods in this mythology were ruled by Zeus who controlled weather and sky. Then there were various other gods, such as Poseidon who ruled the sea, Aphrodite who was the “goddess of love” and Eros who was the “god of love”. Hell was ruled by Hades and Persephone was its goddess. The “goddess of wisdom” was Athena, while the “god of medicine and music” was Apollo. Other Greek gods and goddesses include Artemis, who was the “goddess of hunting”, Pan the “god of shepherds”, Hermis was “the messenger god”, Ares was “the war god”. Most of the gods had human traits so their behavior such as anger and emotions were easy to identify with, and anger in particular was feared. It is not known when this mythology came into existence though it is estimated that about 700 years later, Roman mythology was born. Somewhere along the way heroes of that era such as Odysseus also became integral part of the mythology.

  1. It helped to keep the society conform to rules and regulations, so that people could live without fighting each other every other day;
  2. It helped to blame gods when there was nothing humans could do;

  1. The priests found it easier to dictate terms, as others believed in whatever they said;
  2. People did not differentiate much between the right and wrong. Instead, they looked for signs whether the gods were angry with them about something.




I used to read Percy Jackson when I was younger and because of that I know quite a lot about Greek mythology and I quite like it too. I know that Roman Mythology is quite similar except for the names but I just enjoy the Greek mythology more. I love the different stories and the creatures that you learn about as well.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-24-2017

GoW fan here

I used to read Greek mythology and Roman mythology when I was a kid and I always found Greek mythology to be the more superior. It was more fun to read, it was richer and more colorful. Eventually, I got tired of reading the mythology stuff and stopped reading them entirely when I was in high school.

But then God of War for the Playstation came along. It renewed my interest in Greek mythology. The game was able to bring to life the different gods and monsters. And it was a joy to be able to interact with, and mostly, kill the gods in Greek mythology.

Greek mythology is a lot more fun and exciting.

Posted by limberg on 10-24-2017
As soon as I read Greek mythology, God of War was the first thing that came to my mind! I'm a huge fan of that series and the same thing happened to me, that game really renewed my interest in Zeus and everyone around him. I find it much more interesting and hope the new game will be awesome even if the mythology will change.


You have plenty of good stories worth learning about. And there are things you can learn from them. As you can see those are some good reasons I'd like to read more of greek mythology. And it seems to be good on that ground.
Posted by overcast on 12-15-2017

Greek mythology

Both are quite close, but the gReek mithology acostumed us with Zeus and its gods that appear in the most movies now. I like these movies even this is unreal and this Gods never existed, but is interesting to see in what others believed many years ago!
Posted by wallet on 10-25-2017


The Greek Mythology usually has better-constructed tales. Not to mention that the Roman mythology absorbed lots of things from the greeks
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-25-2017

The Greek ones.

"Roman mythology" has some interesting points (but I think some of them don't make much sense), but I find Greek mythology richer - mainly due to the number of branches - and more relevant considering the whole scenario (historically speaking).
Posted by wiseagent on 10-24-2017


Greek gods and goddesses are "human too human", they are just ourselves being immortal and with superpowers. They cheat, they can be amazing and pitiful, dreary and admirable, good and bad examples, everything we find in people in everyday life has a mirror, a counterpart in the world of immortals. The ancient Greeks looked at their gods and they saw themselves, by adoring their gods they were making an adoration of themselves.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-24-2017

My favorite

Greek Mythology has many amazing stories that have lived through the times. I find it so interesting and amazing. I love watching movies that are inspired by this era. There are so many stories that I would love to see on a movie screen and I hope directors can still find inspiration to work on them.
Posted by felabruno on 10-24-2017

Greek mythology

Greek mythology for a simple reason -aside from the fact that ancient greeks culture and philosophy sowed some of the bases of Western civilization- Roman mythology was greatly influenced by Greek mythology and also took many deities from other civilizations that the romans conquered. However, some Roman myths about the foundation or rise of their cities, especially Rome, were actually pretty good.
Posted by Dkaraly on 10-26-2017

Greek Mythology

I'm super fond of Greek mythology, particularly, about gods like Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. I love their story and all the cool stuff that they can do and also on how they defeated their father, Kronos. I'm an avid fan of all the movies that are related to Greek mythology like Clash/Wrath of the Titans, Immortals, Percy Jackson, and a lot more. To be honest, the story about Greek mythology is more appealing than any other mythology that there is, for me.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-24-2017


Greek mythology offers good historical information about the relationship between the old gods and new God we have as Christians. The stories of these Greek gods are very interesting and thrilling. Some of these Greek gods are Zues - god of Thunder and lightning, Aries - god of war etc.
Posted by Martinsx on 10-22-2018


Roman mythology

Roman mythology
The major difference between Roman gods and Greek gods is perhaps their names. Zeus of Greek mythology is known Jupiter in Roman mythology, ruling skies and weather. The sea god in Roman mythology is Neptune and the “goddess of love” is Venus. Pluto was the ruler of underworld in this mythology. Ceres as “goddess of harvest” gained more importance as did Minerva as “goddess of wisdom”. Other recognized Roman gods and goddesses are Mars “the god of war”, Mercury “the messenger”, Cupid “the god of love”, and Aurora, the “goddess of dawn”. There are similarities as well. Both Romans and Greeks worshipped Apollo as “god of medicine” and “god of music”, and Uranus who in both mythologies is the “father of Titans”. Similarities in names are also found. For example “Persephone” the “goddess of Underworld” became Proserpine in Roman mythology. Similarly Heracles, who according to Greek mythology is Zeus’ son became Hercules in Roman mythology.

  1. The existence of these mythological characters helped people to accept certain rules and reflect upon their behavior, and created a society that tried to evolve better methods, order, principles, and laws.
  2. Different gods helped to focus on different activities and some of the rituals evolved with scientific reasoning that was not understood back then.

  1. A lot of superstitions and rituals were forced upon people, which have been difficult to get rid of over the years.


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I know little about Roman mythology. The only thing I know about is Romulus and Reemus, and the name of the some of the Gods. Greek Mythology has been much more widely taught at least in the US so that is really what I know about. I wish I did know a little more about Roman mythology. This might be something that I would be interested in knowing about actually.
Posted by kgord on 10-24-2017
I can't decide because I actually find both mythologies highly interesting. Back in my high school when we had Latin, I studied both and it is so fascinating. It's impossible to choose because the Greek and the Roman side have their own advantages and things you can learn from. Also, both have their famous heroes and legends.
Posted by Mehano on 10-24-2017
I like both mythologies even though I haven't read for quite a while. I had to know a lot about them for school and I know that the Greek one is the more original one but on the other hand Roman history is well-known and more popular. I also find the Roman names easier to remember and pronounce.
Posted by felabruno on 10-24-2017
Every great Empire has its own myths and legends, big stories about the Empire and its conquests. Then we find the Roman Empire, the Egyptian, the Persian, but Greek mythology is the origin of them all. So we could say that all the myths, that we find in other Empires, are in some way, a modification or a modern version of the Greek one. To me Greek mythology was the one that I knew when I was a kid, all the stories about Greek Gods and mythical creatures got my attention since I knew them, and that makes them my favorites.
Posted by ballyhara on 10-24-2017
I don't know much about Roman mythology, but I have been reading or hearing Greek mythology since I was young. I think those stories are fascinating. I would like to find out more about Roman mythology, and I think these are great stories to tell my children especially when they are learning history about Greece and Rome.
Posted by kaka135 on 10-24-2017
The greek mythology have been very unique to the Greeks since it has helped to guide their citizens to believe that gods existed, though in form of a smaller gods.
Posted by babyright on 10-24-2017
I love the methodology if the Greek god, I have taught in my religious classes back in high school. I think it was a good way of keeping people away from evil and crime and steer people in the right way. I look at the world most times and I believe what humans needs is their fear of God or gods because with this humans would always do good. and that was what the Greek god seek to achieve.
Posted by lovely on 10-24-2017
I know more about Greek Mythology than Roman mythology. I have read many Greek classics, from Homer to Sophocles, Aristophanes, Euripides etc. I know few Roman myths but have not read any books on Roman mythology. I also love watching movies based on Greek Mythology. Troy is one of my favorite movies based on the war of Troy and the legendary character Achelyss. One of the myths that have greatly influenced me is Odeypuss and Electra.
Posted by vinaya on 10-25-2017
i am a lot more exposed to Greek mythology than that of the Roman mythology. I have read a couple of books about them and I am even a fan of the movies pertaining to the Greek gods. I even find it so realistic to the point of making me ponder are they real? although at times honestly it becomes confusing specially the names but never mind, the stories are great.
Posted by Istine on 10-25-2017
I like both mainly because many philosophical texts are based on the ancient classics. If you ever travel to the countries you will see how they have influenced buildings and names of the streets or areas. Italy is an amazing place full of references to Roman mythology, but I think Greek seems more popular because films and books have used the characters therefore more people are familiar with the names of the Gods.
Posted by Alexa on 10-29-2017
I am a fa on the greek mythology and the story lines. They seem to be more attractive and worth knowing about. You can see that greek have their reasons for the expansion in that time. And their stories were really good. And compared to romans they were good in many ways. I'd say it's worth knowing their stories.
Posted by overcast on 12-15-2017