Growing roses or zinnias

Everyone loves roses but zinnias are no less. Both come in a riot of colour. While zinnias are seasonal roses grow throughout the year with some slack period here and there. Roses are demanding. They need care round the clock. Zinnias on the other hand are seasonal and need least maintenance. What is your choice?

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I voted for zinnias. They require much less effort and constant care compared to Roses. Roses are also very beautiful flowers but I feel like they've been overused over the years. It's popularity on valentine's day and such is bit silly.

Zinnias deserve more love. They're so incredibly beautiful and colorful. I have some planted in my garden and it's so nice seeing when a butterfly flies by and sits on it. Zinnias are far more forgiving if you don't know how to properly maintain them. Roses aren't.
Posted by Mehano on 05-19-2017
I don't know what zinnias are. I have never heard this name. Perhaps, the English name is unfamiliar to me and I actually know this plant. Since I know about rose, as a flower, as a multipurpose herb, as a edible flowering plant, I believe roses are easier to grow. In fact I have grown over a dozen varieties of roses in my garden. I grow rose from stem and rose grows easily in every season.
Posted by vinaya on 05-19-2017
I adore roses! I would chose roses over any other flower except orchids which would then be a tie. Roses offer so much more happiness than plain, ol' zinnias, which you only get to see once a year. Roses are a gift from the heavens. The visual beauty and variety, the fragrance, the historical mentions, the emotions they convey at Valentines, funerals, weddings, birthday, courting, etc. Oh no, roses, hands down and forever and ever.
Posted by DeeFree on 05-19-2017
I am partial to roses. They are a classic emblem of romance and an expression of love. Roses just brings out emotions that other flowers don't. Maybe the blood red rose resembles the heart and the fragrance is wonderful.
Posted by JeffHart on 05-20-2017