HP Ofgicejet 4650 Inkjet Printer

HP Ofgicejet 4650 Inkjet Printer
HP Office jet 4650 inkjet Printer is a new realm where printing technology is at its apex. There are imminent negative working conditions that can be avoided by using this printer. Get quality coloured work done in minutes. The printer is acclaimed for delivering impeccable services.

Have you ever imagined the possibility of printing any image of your choice instantly while using your smart phone? The HP Office jet 4650 inkjet printer has made it a possibility, so just print on the go.

The printer has double sided printing ability, this feature impressively save printing time and reduces the number of paper required. The double side printing ability deserves accolades.

Documents and fax can be printed instantly if you connect it to your feeders, with this printer you can easily meet up with exigent printing demands.

• High quality colored printing. • Double side printing, this saves time and paper. • Affordable price $88 • Can connect to smartphone and tablet.

• Monochrome, so only one color can be used. • It does have double side printing ability.



HP all the way

Never seen a Samsung printer. I only owned and still own HP printers. HP Ofgicejet 4650 Inkjet Printer is very similar to my current HP printer, maybe a little but more modern, but has the same functions. I have mind for at least 5 years now and still runs perfectly without the need of taking it to a service or replacing certain parts except the toner.
Posted by Cristian on 03-21-2017

HP office

Hp office • colored printing is very necessary, I've come across so many printers expecting so much due to their beauty, my discovery is that the capability of a printer is independent of its beauty. Many HP products are reliable, this particular printer is a perfect printer for doing light colored printing work.

When you use this colored printer carefully without overloading, that's when it functions perfectly and the life of the printer is also preserved. Colored printing with this printer produces final result that doesn't need extra drying, everything is timely and perfect.

Posted by Jeshurun on 03-22-2017


HP Officejet comes with extreme technology that is perceived to be at the apex of the printing world. The ease of use and the various functionalities that accompany the printer is more than meets the eye. We spend considerable time trying to print our coloured works, this printer can help maximize time by reducing printing time as it print double sides simultaneously. HP is renowned for their excellent services in the printing section, this printer can serve for years without any hitch.
Posted by Trisha on 03-17-2017


Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA

Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA
Samsung SL - M2020W/XAA monochrome printer, with lightning speed capabilities, this printer stays ahead in all printing ramifications. Only few printers match the monochrome quality of this printer. The printer is very flexible, it can be synchronized easily with so many devices. Durability is a good virtue of any asset, this printer is extremely durable.

Wireless capabilities was seriously enhanced, this makes it possible to print with ease from tablet, smartphone and any device that can easily connect wirelessly, you don't have to be station at a particular place to accomplish your printing demands, all you have to do is enjoy the wireless flexibility The Samsung SL -M2020W/XAA has to offer.

Professional eco button was put in place to help the printer optimize its paper, toner and energy with admirable convenience.

The toner can easily be replaced by employing the services of Amazon dash replenishment. Their are few printers that can deliver with such accuracy and ease like the Samsung SL- M2020W/XAA.

• High speed printing. • Auto toner replenishment. • Can Connect to smartphone and Tablets. • Affordable price $ 79.99

• Monochrome, so only one color can be used. • It does have double side printing ability.


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We had an HP printer in our office for a long time now and I guess the HP is one brand that our company is loyal to. Although the ink cartridge is expensive, my boss said that there is no ink cartridge that is cheap. Thanks to the refillable cartridges that we can buy so the ink in the bottle can easily make for a refill which is just about 10% of the cost of the cartridge. And you know why? The ink cartridge itself is what makes it expensive. The ink is cheap and the cartridge is the one that is expensive.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-06-2018