Hallmark CBS Star Trek Spock Christmas Ornament

Hallmark CBS Star Trek Spock Christmas Ornament
This is an ornament with remarked qualities, and is here to make our Christmas experience memorable. Hallmark Christmas Ornaments have taken the world by storm with the kind of Christmas ornaments they produce, most of the ornaments they produce are based on classic and contemporary movies, popular toys and TV shows. This makes them highly acceptable in the society, as kids and other members of the family enjoy the decorative appeal of these ornaments during Christmas.

The material used in producing this precious ornament is polyresin, this material is very durable which makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. The dimensions of the ornament are 1.8×3.3×1.5 and comes in a delivery box 3.5×4.7×2.5, this special Christmas ornament will hang perfectly on your Christmas tree.

The Hallmark CBS Star Trek Spock Christmas Ornament originates from command bridge of U.S.S. Enterprise, as they wish all star trek fans an exclusive Christmas experience.

Christmas is a time of merriment in most part's of the world, people engage in different ceremonies during the festive season, and Christmas tree's are integral during decorations. This is a good ornament to add to your Christmas trees to give it a resplendent touch.

• Made from polyresin which is highly durable. • Make's Christmas trees resplendent. • Adds an admirable decorative appeal to Christmas trees. • Comes in a handy gift box. • Leaves smiles of the faces of star trek lover's.

• A good number of the ornament is required in decoration of Christmas trees. • Require ribbon hangers.



Sounds good.

The memories of last Christmas that we celebrated is Stl fresh in my mind and that is as a result of the fact that this Christmas tree was used in making it look really nice. The thing about Christmas trees is that you get to make use of special items in decorating them and that is a way to show uniqueness and creativity in every home.
Posted by Barida on 03-11-2018

Hallmark CBS Star Trek

I vote for Hallmark CBS Star Trek Spock Christmas Ornament. I love Christmas. I watched Star Trek.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-25-2018


Hallmark Keepsake 2017 STAR TREK BEYOND U.S.S. Franklin Christmas Ornament With Light

Hallmark Keepsake 2017 STAR TREK BEYOND U.S.S. Franklin Christmas Ornament With Light
This ornament represents the U.S.S. Franklin ship as shown in the jaw dropping movie Star Trek Beyond, Christmas trees are bound to look different when you hang this brilliant piece on them. The ornament is highly detailed as they are handcrafted, the detailed nature adds to the kind of feeling derivable from trees decorated with the ornament.

Lighting of Christmas trees remains a dominant feature, people enjoy the radiance especially during Christmas Eve's. This Franklin Christmas ornament have incredible lighting feature, the light effect is practically overwhelming, therefore you can make your Christmas tree standout this season with this ornament.

The ornament has a button for switching the lights on and off, so you can easily save power by turning the lights off when deemed necessary. The ornament comes with batteries LR41 alkaline which are replaceable, the batteries are affordable and do not rundown easily, be rest assured your Christmas ornament light will serve expressly.

Packaging is very important when selecting special Christmas gifts, this flawless ornament 3.4×1×5.1 in size, is carefully packed in a handy gift box 5×5.9×2, therefore it can be delivered seamlessly to any location. Christmas trees can be found in offices, streets, market, Church and other public palaces, this ornament will make your Christmas trees unmatched.

• Creates a unique feel on Christmas trees. • LR41 alkaline replaceable batteries are available in the box. • Button for switching the lights on and off. • Excellent packaging.

• Batteries are required to power the lights. • A good number of the ornament is required in decorating a big Christmas tree.



Star Trek

I don't see Spock as being that exciting in terms of a Christmas ornament. I think Star Trek beyond U.S.S. Franklin would be what I would be interested in honestly.
Posted by kgord on 12-14-2017

I like the Ship best!

Spock is totally cool and all, so don't get me wrong, but I would rather have the spaceship hanging on my tree. It would remind me of the Star Trek series overall, and of deep space exploration; whereas, Spock would just remind me, as an ornament, of a highly logical intellectual creature, and I don't need to be over-logical during the holiday season.
Posted by JoeMilford on 12-18-2017

Looks Better

Honestly I never liked human ornaments on trees, it's just creepy and rubs me the wrong way. The USS Franklin's more cool and looks neat on a tree anyhow. The Spock ornament is of demented proportions anyhow so it's not really that appealing to look at.
Posted by Rhodolite on 12-23-2017


Pardon me for saying this comment about the products that are featured in this discussion. I understand that Star Wars is a very popular movie and actually it’s not just the movie but the book version as well. However, I cannot come to terms with the inclusion of Star Wars for the decorations for the holiday season. With that kind of modern decoration, it looks like the tradition is being changed. Of course, we always love the good old days that we should continue with our tradition sans the modern displays and decorations.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-02-2018
The star trek ornament light will do justice to any tree for during the Christmas period it will help put people in the celebration mood and of course there will be excitement in the air. it great that the light has where one can actually switch it on or off so one get to choose when to on and off it and has batteries which are irreplaceable. it will nice to have the Star trek light on one's Christmas tree.
Posted by lovely on 04-02-2018