Hallmark Signature Valentine's Day Small Gift Bag (Glitter Heart)

Hallmark Signature Valentine's Day Small Gift Bag (Glitter Heart)
Correct packaging could be all it takes to make a huge impact, Hallmark Signature Valentine's Day Small Gift Bag with glitter heart is a dignified gift bag for your loved ones. Advertisement professionals know the importance of packaging, they understand the effect it has on acceptance.

For instance, a product of high quality can be rejected due to poor packaging, since the first impression can be repulsive, but well packaged quality products are likely to cross milestones and exceed initial targets.

Hallmark signature Valentine gift bag is elaborately designed for a jaw dropping Valentine impact, your loved ones would hardly recover from the love gesture. The depth of the bag is 3 inches, 5.5 inches high and 5.5 inches in width, this will definitely serve for your Valentine collections.

You can pack your Valentine gifts such as wristwatches, bangles, cards, chocolate, candies, frames, clothes, sun glasses, cups, plate, iPad, phones, flowers, fruits and lots more in this appealing gift bag. Well managed strengthened forest paper was used in producing the bag, the level of processing confer strength and ruggedness to the bag, enabling it carry heavy gifts without qualms.

The design on the bag consists of horizontal stripes on White background, and a glittering heart of gold is placed at the center. The handle is bright pink, which makes it classic.

• Highly appealing stripes, exceptional design. • Can hold a number of gifts. • Good for excellent packaging. • Inexpensive. • Neat and simple.

• Cannot carry very large items. • Sharp objects can destroy the bag.



simple and nice

I like this one because it looks simpler and less cluttered. The other one looks fine but it's just too messy for my taste. This one feels like the design has a bit more focus and it's not too much over the top. I guess depending on who you're giving it to, either can work, but for me this is the type I'd be looking for in a design.
Posted by Wubwub on 07-09-2018

Better design

The simplistic design of this gift bag looks better than the other one and can be used for other purposes because it is not overflowing with hearts.
Posted by treecko142 on 02-19-2018

Charming in its simplicity

I like that this one doesn't feel too cluttered but still has an aesthetically pleasing design. My eyes immediately were drawn to it - I think it's just more of my design style. This one wins for me!
Posted by amelia88 on 11-05-2018


Hallmark Valentine's Day Medium Gift Bag with Tissue Paper (Multi Heart Banner

Hallmark Valentine's Day Medium Gift Bag with Tissue Paper (Multi Heart Banner
Hallmark Valentine's Day Medium Gift Bag with Tissue Paper (Multi Heart Banner) is an exceptional gift bag for excellent delivery, beautiful bags are mostly resplendent, their captivating appearance will definitely call the attention of your friends and families.

Quality gifts deserve incredible packaging, the overall look has a lot to do with the final touches. The bag can carry loads up to 5 pounds, the height of the bag is 9.6 inches, this height can accommodate many light gifts. 7.75 inches wide and a depth of 4.43 inches, these dimensions makes the bag ideal for your gift delivery.

Very few bags are suitable for delivering varieties of gifts, because everything depends on the desired standard, when people wish to create good impression, chances are high they'll prefer the best method of packaging. This gift bag can be used in packaging gifts such as books, CDs, candles, video games, small clothing, watches, cream, writing materials and other valuable gifts.

The materials used in producing the bag were properly refined, papers from well managed forests was used in it's production. The bag has befitting designs, glittering hearts of gold on back and front, the handles are made of red satin ribbon, an amazing gift tag " Be Mine", and two sheets of red tissues. This is a lovely way to make your gifts count.

• Very resplendent. • befitting designs. • Can carry light gifts. • very affordable. • contains glittering heart.

• Cannot carry heavy loads. • Has limited reuse value.


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This year's Valentine's Day is gone, however, you don't need a special occasion to speak about your love and give something special to your love. I think Glitter Heart bag will make a wonderful present for your valentine.
Posted by vinaya on 02-21-2018
As said by the description for the gift bag, it depends on the packaging. And I agree to that because products always depend on the kind of packaging. There are products with low quality but with good packaging that sell like the proverbial hotcakes. The makers of gift items have been so creative in their endeavor that any occasion can be turned into a commercial activity like the items above. They are simple yet attractive and probably selling good with the consumers.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-31-2018