Halogen light

Halogen light
There are a lot of necessities that we don't even realize anymore are necessary, since are a stable part of our lives and our homes, and for this reason we don't even realize how many options we have related to those. For example, lights: noboy wants to live in complete darkness, and everyone have some sort of light source in their house. While there might be someone who still want to stick with just window or maybe even candles, the majority of houses have lightbulbs of similar sort. One, for example, is the halogen one.

On the surface, and even reading a generic description of it, it might seems like a regular incandescent light bulb - but there are actually some major differences with it. Like the name suggests, it contains a halogen gas that allow the lightbulb to become hot and to allow it to turn on its light. The gas it's not alone in there, there is often also a noble gas of various kind. Thanks to the gas and the material included, there is a complex process and cycle (called indeed the halogen cycle) that can actually allows the lightbulb to last longer than a regular incandescent lamp.

Sadly, they have some problems - their ultraviolet rays can really hurt our eyes and can eventually even cause skin cancer. Maybe it's also for this reason that they won't be around that longer anymore, and at the end of this very year, 2018, you won't find anymore any kind of halogen lightbulb around. This doesn't mean that, if you really like them, how they works, and all the advantages they offer and don't mind about their cons, you can buy a lot now and save them for later, almost like having a winter supply, but instead of food based on lightbulbs, and to last a lifetime or almost.

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  • It emits more light than a regular incandescent lighbulb
  • Can last from 2000 to 6000 hours
  • Commonly used in many houses

  • They emit ultraviolet rays
  • Can cause problems to human eyes
  • In rarer cases they can cause skin cancer
  • Can cause some fading in the colors of nearby objects
  • They will soon be out of market



I love it

I love halogen light. It is nice and bright. You cannot move it out of sight It is worth the fight.
Posted by stbrians on 09-25-2018


LED light

LED light
In the big scheme of things, in the massive progresses that we make in science, LED lights are one of the most recent ones, since they aren't that old as you might think: the first time they appeared was around 1962. Their creator is called Nick Holonyak Jr (still alive and well today, actually) and to create LED lights he exploited the properties of various semiconductor materials, capable of emittin photons - this means they were also able to emit lights, and therefore a electrical potential. While the idea was developed in 1962, the first LED lights appeared on 1968 - but were able to only emit red lights. Slowly they improved, and the commonly used white LED lights first appeared on market around the 2000s. So, they might actually be considered a bit recent if you only mean the most used ones.

LED lights, thanks to their semiconductor structure, are fairly better than the commonly used incandescent lamps. They last longer (a lot longer), and consume a little bit less energy. And the light they emit is exactly the same, maybe of a even better quality. Today you can find them not only in many houses, but even in public transport. Sadly, LED are still a new technology and they need some improvements. Sure they last longer and their impact on the environment is just minor. But they cost a lot, and some of them have some serious overheating problems. Besides, some of the post powerful ones can cause some trouble at eyes - but this might also be true for any kind of lightsource. You know, you don't stare directly at the sun as you don't stare directly at a lightbulb.

In any case, LED are elegants, new, powerful and with a pretty long lifespan. They are just the newborns of domestic and public illumination, and with the following years they will hopefully be improved adressing all the minor problems they have.

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  • They consume little energy
  • They last a lot longer
  • They light up instantly
  • Good quality lighting

  • Still very expensive
  • They are a new techonology that still have to be improved
  • Some overheating issues
  • Can cause problems to your eyes




LED lights are ten times better. I actually hate the halogen lights because I have sensitive eyes and the light that those lights project is so terrible. It makes my eyes sting and they become watery.

We currently have LED lights all over our house and they're very pleasant, cheap and they last a long time.

Posted by Mehano on 02-07-2018

Cheap and effective.

So recently I renovated the attic in our family home into a separate living area for myself. The electrician helping me with the renovations insisted on me installing LED lights everywhere, and boy am I glad that I listened to him. Not only do LED lights shine beautifully and light the room up better than halogen lights, but they are so incredibly cheap and long lasting as well! My electricity bill is noticeably lower than that of my family below me which is obviously great. And on top of that, while they had to replace their lights several times, I've had the same LED lights in there since I installed them.
Posted by Denis_P on 02-07-2018

LED is better

LED is cheap and better for the light. You can see that some of the time it can be really low cost. And it can give better light. I am not sure how other lights fare on that. But the low cost light is what the reason i'd prefer the LED. It may not be always good but for now it is good.
Posted by overcast on 02-07-2018
gata montes

More economical

Having switched over to LEDs when they were first introduced way back in the late 1990s - I now wouldn’t even consider using anything else.

Particularly as - apart from the considerable savings made on the amount of electricity used - as they are way more economical to run than any other type of light bulb - but as they have an incredibly long life - the savings have been more than I could have ever imagined - especially as - although I perhaps shouldn't say this - as it might mean that one will probably go tonight - but I haven't as yet had to replace any of my bulbs - even though they are regularly used for long periods of time - since I first put them in - 12 or more years ago.

Posted by gata montes on 02-08-2018

Led is famous

LED lights are very energy efficient. As a matter of fact they consume as much as up to 90% less power than do incandescent light bulbs. This culminates in LED lights decreasing monthly electricity bills and overall power costs as well by a considerable amount.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 02-07-2018


Now that LED lights have been invented I don't see why we should go with anything else because it consumes a lot less energy so we not only have to pay less but also we don't require as much energy from fuels and therefore are helping the environment. Maybe I am missing some details but LEDs really sound like the best option to me.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-02-2018

Family choice.

Led light is simply the choice made by my family and I think it is one I support them on not minding how others will try to view it as. The thing is that led light is a better way of saving energy especially in a country like ours where people are suffering from situations such as epileptic power supply which make things difficult. This type of light is what is good for families that pay high bill for electricity.
Posted by Barida on 02-06-2018

Nobel Prize in Physics for the invention

I double checked before writing my response. I remember when the announcement was made but wanted to be sure my memory was not playing tricks on me. Yes. The scientist (or scientists) who invited LED lights won the Nobel Prize in Physics. ~ ~ It's not a put down to the inventors of the halogen lamp. I'm just saying that LED lights won out over the halogen lamp. Both types of lighting have their purposes. But, in my opinion, the LED lights have more practical use purposes.
Posted by foxchannel on 03-02-2018

Energy saver

Energy-saving, environmental friendly, without sacrificing brightness all while remaining still budget-friendly, LED lights are a step up over the older halogen lights and are the safer choice to place in your home.
Posted by treecko142 on 02-08-2018

LED is more efficient to use than Halogen light

There is no doubt that people would choose the use of LEDs rather than Halogen light. Even though LED is more expensive than the Halogen one, still many consumers would choose to have the long term benefits of LEDs. First, it is safe. It does not emit harmful radiation that might cause eye problems. Second, it can be cheap. It can be cheap in a way that your monthly electricity bills can be reduced by about 30% compared with Halogen light and the traditional incandescent bulbs. LED does not emit heat which is an indication that your lighting system consumes more power than it should have. And lastly, LED has longer life span. We do not need to buy every other year or months to replace our burnt out light by which I find not cost efficient.
Posted by Vinsanity on 03-30-2018


This days are the LED days. We are using a lot of LED nowadays because it is so economic. They are cheaper than halogen but greater its function.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 10-18-2018

LED is better

I am used to halogen bulbs and light because the country where I live is too slow in advancement that we only had LED until 2012 I guess. For me LED light is better because it is more efficient meaning you can save a lot of electricity. Also, the light it emits are not too bright and so it doesn't hurt the eyes a lot.
Posted by jaybee19 on 10-28-2018

LED light

Many establishments use LED light because of its good and high quality performance. Many households also choose this LED light because they believe that this is not consuming more electricity compare the other one.
Posted by mark86 on 10-03-2018

Better option

We have been using LED for many years without any regrets. Aside from the fact that it consumes less energy, having a long life stands out as the number one benefit of LED lights. LED lights are also free of toxic chemicals which is safe for everyone.
Posted by superlicca on 10-22-2018


We used to use halogen lights for our house and it was more costly, when we switched to led lights our bill became less, compared to last time we used halogen.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-02-2018


It is not as bright as halogen but it can last longer and is much cheaper in the long run.
Posted by LuckyKing on 12-01-2018


LED light is best for indoor lighting, however, for outdoor lighting Halogen lights are better. LED lights save energy, however, Halogen lights burn more electricity. LED lights are good for eyes, however, Halogen lights are harmful for eyes. LED lights are my ideal choice for home lighting.
Posted by vinaya on 02-06-2018
I have noticed that using LED bulbs outdoors is not that effective since the light is scattered somehow. But the halogen bulb is very expensive and it consumes too much electricity compared to the LED bulbs. By the way, we have bought LED just a week ago because the cost had gone down drastically that it costs the same as the ordinary light bulb called CFL. Since LED bulbs are very minimal in electric consumption, we can save a lot if all our bulbs at home will be the LED bulbs.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-21-2018
I think halogen light is less impact on the eyes. And they are preferred that way. But they take up more energy. And for this reason you can see that LED light is preferred for that reason. I'd personally see that LED Beijing used at my home though. Because I want to save the money and time on the light.
Posted by overcast on 02-07-2018
Led light has always been the best for me from a few years back still now because mostly it lasts longer than other lights and basically conserves energy better.I have not really had a disadvantage when it comes to Led light apart from the pricing which looks high but it worth the light and above all it gives good quality lighting which is like the most important thing.
Posted by lovely on 02-07-2018
LED lights have changed the way we use light bulbs for the better. They're much better compared to halogen lights particularly, when it comes to serious health risks. The universal use of light bulbs has made it important to ensure that they pose as few dangers to humans as possible. These things are what we use every day. We're constantly exposed to them and usually for hours at a time. That's why with LED, we can easily avoid the common trouble of eye damage by not looking directly at it.
Posted by Steve5 on 02-08-2018
The LED lights are now getting popular simply because the cost is slowly decreasing. All our light bulbs are still the CFL which is the compact fluorescent lamp that is also an electricity saver. But the LED consumes lesser electricity for the same luminosity. The only downside to the LED before is the expensive cost but now it is already affordable and we will be shifting to LED soon.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-08-2018
Yes it's popular due to low cos.t But the thing is light given by the LED is not that good either. And also old CFL was lot better in terms of the light that you get. I have seen many people complaining about the LED tubes and the bulbs being not so good with the light. Too bright and kind of painful.
Posted by overcast on 07-11-2018
LED light gets the job done. I think this is one of the options that you can get to make sure that you have the kind of lighting you need with your home. LED's are safe. They do not get over heated like halogen lights do.
Posted by kgord on 02-15-2018
They are safe and also less likely to blast as we expect with old bulbs. I think on that point I'd definitely choose it. But not sure if I like the light from it though. It just doesnt cut it for my usage scenarios.
Posted by overcast on 07-11-2018
I've worked with LED and i think they are very versatile. Although Halogen lights have some advantages on special circumstances, i'm very much into LED. LED lights are common nowadays because of their durability , size, and energy efficiency. The fact that it can me be modified easily according to design, the ideas and applications of LED is limitless.
Posted by fishbate on 03-22-2018
LED lights are more expensive than Halogen lights BUT it gives more benefits. I can say that even though it is more expensive I would rather buy LED lights because it does not cause problems to human eyes and can't even cause skin cancer. Nowadays, cancer is one of the most well known illness that kills people and still, it does not have a cure. Avoiding halogen lights will definitely lessen the possibility of having skin cancer, though it is little but it is a big help.
Posted by NesMarcos on 08-22-2018
Halogen lights are almost things of the past. Halogens are commonly used in aesthetics lighting like in stage lighting or studio fixtures. However, general lighting in most houses nowadays uses LEDs. The LED are low cost and offer good lighting. It also has longer lifespan compare to halogen.
Posted by Aeolos on 09-18-2018
I would choose LED light. I'm not really sure with what I heard but they say that LED saves more electricity than Halogens. Here in our country where prices are rising it is important that we choose one that can save us from more expenses.
Posted by mdayrit on 10-07-2018
You are right with the LED lights because they can make you save from the electric consumption. The LED bulb is equivalent to just 60% of the consumption of the ordinary bulb called CFL which means you really can save money. With the halogen lamp that is nice white light but I think it is consuming much electricity. But if your concern is lighting then the halogen is good particularly if you are shooting a movie that the movie camera needs more light that can be given by halogen lamps.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-14-2018
Both are really helpful and good use, however for me led light is better than hologen because it is cheaper than the other one.
Posted by nrnlss on 11-02-2018
When it comes to conserving energy, there’s a clear winner, and it’s the LED's. LED lights emit the same amount of light using 85% less energy than their halogen counterparts. It’s hard to argue with those numbers.
Posted by kelvz1984 on 11-21-2018
LED does not heat up than halogen does and its much safer to use. Halogen might be brighter but it burns out quickly, unlike LED that can last many times longer and can be arrange to shine as much as a halogen. LED is also much cheaper than a halogen. Whether indoors or outdoors, LED is much better choice.
Posted by LuckyKing on 12-01-2018
I have a '13 Accord that uses projector halogens. I by no means struggle to see, but after I drove an '18 Corolla with LED headlilghts, the difference was night and day. I could see a much wider range with the LEDs. Aside from the blue hue that they had, I would choose LED anyday.
Posted by Caguioa747 on 12-15-2018