(Lovely pets) They are Innocent looking rodents. Have you ever visited a rodent store and observe how many animals are groomed? You'll discover a small hairy lovely looking rodent with perfect colour combinations, that rodent could likely be a hamster.

Hamsters are very active at night and hence called nocturnal, their level of movement, responses and feeding at night is very high.

Their gentle and calm nature during the day makes them one of the most interesting pets to raise at home.

Hamsters should be handled with care to avoid biting or attacking the owner, children playing with hamster should be guided to avoid improper handling of the hamster.

Hamster are very territorial so it's safe to raise them separately. Could make good companion to adults who prefer staying awake all night due to their work demands. Hamster are harmless, but when scared might likely bite to protect themselves.

  • Good night companion
  • Very gentle during the day

  • Territorial in nature
  • Bites to protect itself
  • Can carry salmonella, a bacteria that affects the intestine



Hamsters are cute

I in the picture above is a Guinea Pig, not a Hamster. Anyways, Hamsters are very easy to keep and they are small, cam multiple at an astonishing rate and I find them very cute.

Don't know much Gerbils but as far as I know they tend to need large families do be happy and I don't really want to have 20 Gerbils around. haha

Posted by Cristian on 12-23-2016


Hamster are usually gentle, generally if you wish for a pet small in size , active at night and friendly to kids hamster could be a good option. Its very important to watch over kids when they play with hamsters to ensure they don't stretch above their boundaries. Its all fun and lovely watching the hamster night activities.
Posted by Jeshurun on 12-21-2016

Cute animals!

I have not heard about Gerbils, though they look very cute too. I have raised hamsters before, and I think they are really cute and sweet. My kids like hamsters very much and always request to keep one or two hamsters too. I think hamsters are a suitable pets for kids to start learning how to take care and spend time with, as they are small, easier to take care of and clean too.
Posted by kaka135 on 01-27-2018


I've tried to pet hamsters before and I can say that they're so cute to be my pet. It's so easy to take care of them since they don't require much attention to make sure that they're doing fine and always make sure that they do have a companion so they won't get homesick since they have a playmate.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-05-2017

I Hate Rodents

Gerbils vs Hamsters hmmm, I'll pick hamsters because their smaller and look harmless, but they do bite a lot. Actually I hate them both but my 2 sons love them and theyre breeding hamsters to sell to their classmates, anything that makes money is good to me.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 02-14-2018


Hamster for me is cuter, they look more domesticated little animals, and they are so fluffy and have chubby cheeks.
Posted by allyn2017 on 11-28-2018



(Great pets) Smart looking hairy rodents, many keep gerbils as pets, they are usually housed in aquariums in which all that is necessary for their daily activities is present.

Non-nocturnal animal very active during the day, they like chewing, diging and moving around, their aquarium must Carter for these needs.

Gerbils are lovely pets, they like to be rubbed gently, when the environment suit all their demands the gerbil will play and children can have enough fun.

Children should not be left alone with the gerbil because they can make it scared and in turn bite them.

Great supervision is needed in selecting the correct habitat and cleaning it up when necessary, they need daily interaction.

  • Lovely pet, active during the day
  • Very cheap, you can own a gerbil for just a few dollars

  • Can bite to protect itself
  • Needs aquarium.


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When I was a girl, the most popular caged pet aside from the love birds is the guinea pig. I don’t know if it’s the same as the gerbil but it looks the same to me. The guinea pig is easy to care for and the food is anything that is green. But in my adult years, I have noticed the emergence of the hamster as the favorite of children. Most of our neighbors have hamsters even if it is expensive and not so easy to care for. Until now, I’d say that most children prefer a hamster for a caged pet than any other animal.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-15-2018
Will be great to have a hamsters from the description especially for the fact it more active at night,it will be a great companion at time especially when humans have all retired to sleep one can still a companion to keep company and make one more active.
Posted by lovely on 01-30-2018
I used to have hamster before when I was young, but it died and now I want to have one because they are so adorable and very cute.
Posted by allyn2017 on 11-28-2018