Happy Thanksgiving Throw Pillow Covers - Wonder4 Set of 4

Happy Thanksgiving Throw Pillow Covers - Wonder4  Set of 4
What do you want to be at Thanksgiving? Of course you would want to be happy, to be grateful, to be satisfied by all the food, etc... But let's not forget about comfort: I mean, after dinner or lunch you will probably try to rest on your sofa and without some proper pillows that would be pretty hard, or at least uncomfortable. Even if you don't want to rest you might want to have a nice looking sofa: what if the sofa is in the same room where you eat with your guests? Why have a plain normal sofa when you could have one perfectly themed for Thanksgiving, with a set of four nice pillows? This set is exactly that: four pillow covers, sold on Amazon for 14,99 dollars, featuring a bunch of different decorations. The first pillow goes directly to the point, with a huge "Happy Thanksgiving" writing surrounded by some autumnal leaf. It's simple yet good. The second have some butterflies and a small pumpkin, with a moral that remind you how you should act during that day: "Always give thanks in everything, happy thanksgiving!". The third one is a nice reminder of what day is it: a wooden board with "Thanksigivin Day" written on it, surrounded by pumpkins and other seasonal fruits and vegetables. And of course the four pillow covers have the protagonist of thanksgiving: a big nice turkey who once again reminds us to "Be grateful and give thanks!". All the pillows are nice and with very autumnal colors and fellings. They are made with cotton, and have a invisible zipper that can make them easy to clean. With those pillows, your sofa will have that unique autumnal atmosphere, a wonderful Thanksgiving look, that will gain a lot of attention during the day, and after which you should be the one giving thanks to those amazing wonderful items.

  • Really good looking
  • Excellent quality
  • Interesting and elegant design
  • Nice fabric
  • Really smooth

  • The pattern is only on the front side, nothing on the back
  • They are just covers, you need to buy the pillows separately
  • A bit small, they could have used a bigger size



positive messages!

I love the positive messages on these throw pillow covers which remind everyone to be grateful and thankful. The font and style of the writing is very modern, bright, and fun. It captures your attention immediately. The colors are appropriate for fall decor. The design is modern, simple, fun, and attractive. I would love to put these pillows out as a reminder to be grateful for all your blessings at Thanksgiving.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 11-12-2017


Elyhome Thanksgiving Decorative Square Cushion Throw Pillow Covers Set of 4

Elyhome Thanksgiving Decorative Square Cushion Throw Pillow Covers Set of 4
I won't repeat again all my discussion about sofas, about them looking more thanksgiving-ish, and the whole atmosphere part. I'll just add that you have multiple options: sure, the other pillows look nice, have a elegant look and are very well made, but maybe you prefer a different style. After all not everyone love "realistic" stuff, like they mostly are. Maybe you prefer something more cartoonish, with more colors and a happy joyful look. In that case, this other set of pillows is what's right for you! Like the other, this set with four pillow covers is being sold on Amazon for 14,98 dollars. Measuring 18x18 inches, they have all different designs - let's look at that. Beginning with the first cover, we have directly the Thanksgiving protagonist: a big colorful turkey, with his eyes closed. Maybe he's relaxed, maybe he's happy, who knows. There is also "Thanksgiving" written on top, with some small symbols of the day scattered around the whole drawing. The second cover have what look like a scarecrow, that while smiling is looking at two big wonderful pumpkin. Some autumnal leaves surround him. Another pumpkin is yet again in the third pillow cover: it's a bit different than the other three, looking a bit more realistic and less cartoonish. The pillow have some leaves around the pumpkin (on which is written "Happy thanksgiving"). And last but not least, a final pillow cover with yet another turkey whith some party supplies on the top, a pumpkin near him, a nice pilgrim hat, and a joyful and colorful look, that once again remind everyone to have a "Happy thanksgivin". This pillow covers look more colorful than the others, like I already said, but maybe the subjects are a bit repetitive. The other one were more different than each other (even if some of them only had some writing on them), while this we have not one but two turkeys, and two covers featuring pumpkins in some way. Sure they all look nice, but maybe you want more variety on your Thanksgiving sofa.

  • Colorful
  • You will smile just looking at them
  • Cool design
  • Worth the price
  • High quality
  • Arrived quickly

  • Maybe the subjects of the drawing are a bit repetitive
  • No pillows included: just covers
  • On the back of them there is nothing
  • A bit different than the images
  • The colors on the cover were faded
  • A bit small



This one

I think that this Elyhome Thanksgiving Decorative Square Cushion Throw Pillow Covers Set of 4 is a lot better. I just feel that this would be a lot more suited for families with little kids because the art on these cushions are a lot better to look at. And the fact that this is the same price as the other set of cushions makes it great as well.
Posted by kingcool52 on 11-06-2017

Great motives

Damn this pillows cover set looks absolutely incredible. I really love having my cushions in nice, strong colors and this fits that standard. I also love the whole Thanksgiving theme even though that we don't celebrate it in my country.

I think that the pricing is very affordable considering you get a set of four covers. They will last you for years and years. A smart investment.

Posted by Mehano on 11-06-2017

Elyhome Pillows

I vote for the Elyhome pillows as the colors seem more vivid and more like what I would enjoy. I just think these are the pillows that I would like to have in my home. They are almost the same price as the others so getting what I would like would be fun.
Posted by kgord on 11-06-2017

Love these!

They are cute and can be displayed on anywhere inside your house. They are useful too as a pillow on it's and it's not long and bulky like the normal size of pillow which is usually long.
Posted by Scarlet on 02-12-2018


I love colourful pieces or covers so I will go for the Elyhome Thanksgiving throw pillow covers, from the description It will nice to have covers on one's pillows,from the image shown I love the designs and looks attractive to the eye.Since it of very good material I believe it will be durable and long lasting.
Posted by lovely on 11-06-2017
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in my country because I'm not from the USA, but it's awesome seeing all of these things surrounding this holiday. I didn't even know there were pillow covers, that's great to have something that really helps you celebrate the day.
Posted by Tania997 on 11-06-2017
We don't have a traditon of Thanksgiving, however, there is no harm in buying decorative thanksgiving items. I think Elyhome Thanksgiving Decorative Square Cushion Throw Pillow Covers Set is better than Happy Thanksgiving Throw Pillow Covers - Wonder4 Set because it has very cute prints.
Posted by vinaya on 11-06-2017
They are both really cute and the prices are good on them. Either sets would be great for decorating your home for Thanksgiving. They both have beautiful coloring and are perfect for the holiday. I don't think that you could really go wrong with either one of these. They are beautiful.
Posted by Sue on 11-06-2017
They do both look good in throw pillow but are you really gonna put some Thanksgiving design to your pillow since Thanksgiving only happens once a year and then after that, it's no use for the pillow to display to your home. For any permanent things in your household like Throw Pillow, I advise to just stick to its original pillow casing and never use a design such as this one.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-07-2017
I love throw pillows and I have a set for each occasion. And the throw pillows in the living room, said my husband, are the indicators of the season. When the throw pillows are changed to signify an occasion, my husband said that the occasion has officially started by those throw pillows. I think I have more than 2 sets for each occasion and that includes birthdays and anniversaries. Well, it’s nothing serious for me, just for the fun of it that I am using those throw pillows as part of the decoration in the living room.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-02-2018
Both set of pillow covers are really nice and one that you can always feel great about using at the home. The thing with colorful pillows is the way that we get to enjoy the positive vibes that they bring to the home and that is one thing that you can't easily get from any of the other ordinary pillow which is really good. I enjoy having colorful pillow covers at home as well for it is a way to show that the we have taste to make the house look colorful.
Posted by Barida on 04-02-2018