Hardware Bank Token

Hardware Bank Token
The banking sector always looks for the possibility of making bank account users experience satisfactory and as well protected against fraud or stealing of one's money digitally. This is why tokens are invented to offer two-factor security check before completing huge transfer of funds to a receiver.

Hardware tokens are technology designed to generate OTP password to be used to approve transfers. Without using the OTP password generated by the token, the transfer would never be approved.

  • Easy to use.
  • Offers security to bank account holders.
  • Portable to carry about.
  • Fortified against hacking.

  • Costly.
  • Can easily be misplaced.



Simple and user friendly

I think hardware bank token are more user friendly that software bank token. Also, I dont really trust software bank token because of the advancement in IT nowadays. I have an impression in software bank tokem that it is easier to crack and hack. At present times, there ade becoming more and more incidents of hacking and viruses. So I prefer hardware bank token. You should only be more careful and responsible in using them to avoid misplacements or any other problems.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-22-2018


I choose hardware bank token because of its safety. It is more secure than software bank token. It may be costly but it you will be able to sleep at night because you are confident that your account are not being hacked. It is better to pay more than to lose all your money because you had been hacked. Always, choose security first for better service.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-25-2018


Which one is ideal for you will depend on your requirements and whether you are willing to pay for it really. Hardware bank tokens are expensive but much more secure (as long as you don't lose it of course). Add to that the fact that they are so easy to carry around means that you are much more likely lose it when you are out and about.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-24-2018
It really don't matter whether it is costly as long as the files are safe. This method secure our files as long as we keep the hardware.

Hardware Token

I think they are more safe. And also being used for longer time than the software token. Lot of sites make use of that. And also software token seems to be easy to crack. So the hardware token is what being used in that case.
Posted by overcast on 08-19-2018


Even with all the jitters on software tokens being very convenient since you don't have to worry about carrying the token around either wearing it on your neck or in pocket or held in hand, I still prefer and used hardware tokens because it's a lot more safer for me to wear it around my neck. I'm the type of guy that is very careless with dropping my phone, so with my software token getting lost in such manner, I would choose hardware tokens.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-19-2018

Hardware Token is the Safest

Hardware tokens are used by the banks ng industry to facilitate fund transfer anywhere in the world securely. It's why we can send money to our bank account without any fear of the money getting lost or being stolen. It's a very important factor in online banking safety.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 08-18-2018


Safer and better. More convenient on using this thing that is already used by many.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 08-25-2018

This is what my bank uses

I've had one of these since 2006 and it's still working - 12 years later!! I haven't misplaced it either (thankfully!) so it's been a valuable investment. At the time I bought it, it was $20 from my bank, but I do think it's been worth every cent of that. The security can't be beaten.
Posted by amelia88 on 08-18-2018

Hardware Bank token is better

I would choose hardware bank token over software bank token because hardware bank token is user friendly and easy to use. I prefer to see my files stored in Hardware bank token because I feel like it is safer there.
Posted by mark86 on 08-30-2018

More safe

I understand the fact that hardware bank token can be easily misplaced but I believe that it's just a matter of how you take care of it. I feel more secure in using this compared to software bank token. People nowadays become smarter and hacking your software or any online account will be easy for them. This is also the reason why I don't have an online bank account. I prefer to go to the bank for other transactions that I have to do. We work very hard to save money and it is better to be safe than to be sorry.
Posted by superlicca on 08-22-2018

more secure

I would prefer hardware band token than software because hardware token are more secure. Software token are more risky because it can be hack easily unlike the hardware one. Specially if my account hold large amount and I fell more secure to use the hardware. The only thing I like about the software is that it's portability where in there's no need for me to put it in my pocket.
Posted by blackmist on 08-20-2018

Avoid being Hacked

I am willing to buy a costly product that have a better quality compare to cheap product that can easily be penetrate by hackers. I want more security so I will be choosing Hardware Bank Token. Today, there are many hacker so its better to purchase a product that provide tight security.
Posted by Zelmontero on 08-26-2018

Trust Issues

I always believe in progress and technology but sometimes I have trust issues. I prefer hardware bank tokens because the incidents for hacking is increasing by the time. Hackers are getting better in developing programs that easily penetrates the system. If you own hardware bank tokens, you must be responsible so that it will not be lost.
Posted by anchoreztin on 09-06-2018

Very Safe

Though it is costly, I can definitely sure that it more secured that the other one. I personally think it is not easily-misplaced given its importance to the user, if you hide or put it in a good place properly, surely, you'll not have problems . It is not to complicated to use, anyway.
Posted by theresajane on 10-10-2018

Still Hardware

While it is true that technology and softwares are far advance now than they were before, Hackers of today are also far advance now than they were before. Having it physically in your hand is still better than relying to an app which might in any way be hacked.
Posted by emiaj55 on 10-23-2018


Software Bank Token

Software Bank Token
Technology is now moving towards making almost everything to have a software version of every hardware tech produced and bank tokens aren't excluded from this trend.

With the complaints of hardware tokens getting lost or misplaced easily and being expensive, led to the development of software tokens in form of applications that does exactly what hardware tokens does. The only difference is that software tokens are installed in one's smartphone.

  • Very cheap.
  • Only activation fee is required to pay.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Available in Google play store.

  • Constant updating of the application.
  • Not as secure as hardware tokens if the user isn't careful.
  • If you lose your phone, you will lose the software token included.




I understand hardware bank token seems to be more secured, but nowadays there are many transactions that can be taken place by just a smart phone, like using those digital wallet. Hence if we are using software bank token, we just need to take very good care of our smart phone, instead of taking care of two things -smart phone and the hardware bank token. I just find that the trend seems to be going this way, and we will just have to learn how to protect our smart phone no matter how.
Posted by kaka135 on 10-05-2018

Hail Technology

What more than my vote for software bank token. The era when people carried their details in hardware is now subsiding into the past. We hail the Software Bank Token. You just carry it in your phone.
Posted by stbrians on 08-18-2018

Software Bank

I choose software bank token. Its because this is cheaper. You can download this from the Google playstore. This is very good.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-16-2018

Just Easier

While the hardware option may be more secure, I prefer the software option as it relates to paying with a mobile phone. It is easier to do this. The saving on cost is an important factor and it is easier to lose the hardware. Agreed the software option is vulnerable to hacking, but with a good password, this is preventable. The only problem is if you lose your phone. However, these days there are tracking devices you can use.
Posted by HappyLady on 10-06-2018


Never had a hardware token but. I have software token and I must say it just the best.With the app installed in ones phone no need of thinking about misplacing it or one picking it up easily .It is easy to install and easy to use.It available in the store for everyone.
Posted by lovely on 08-18-2018
If you haven't heard about hardware tokens, it simply means that you haven't actually been using tokens till the software tokens were developed because it has been hardware tokens all the way when banks decided to up their security protocol against hackers. If you go to banks, all the staff are issued hardware tokens and all of them makes use of hardware tokens.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-20-2018
I never said I have never heard I said I have never had one because at that I never had the need for it.. Hope you get the difference now.
Posted by lovely on 08-20-2018
Oh! Sorry my bad, I misread what you wrote. Now, I understand exactly what you meant and it's all good. Not having a need for hardware tokens makes it not appropriate getting it in the first place.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-21-2018
I don’t know about those tokens even if I am into online banking. That’s the method I have been using to pay my bills that I have enrolled in my online banking account. To access my online banking account I just type the password and that’s it. Maybe I have to ask out tech in the office if we are using the tokens with our online banking because this is surprising to me.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-12-2018
Since the purpose is security, I would go for hardware bank token. There's too many functions for my cellphone already. When it comes to my account, I want a separate tool solely for that purpose. I fear that my details or security will be compromised if I rely on the software. It can easily be hacked as compared and it's less secured.
Posted by Chinet23 on 08-19-2018
I completely agree with you on this one. When money is involved, it's better to have a separate security tool to have access to the fund and having a separate hardware token for one's account seems to be the appropriate thing to do especially when you have so much needs for your phone. Adding ones token in a software format in the phone looks convenient but it's not a wise thing to do.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-23-2018
If you rely on software, your security might be compromised. Likewise, if you rely on hardware, your device is prone to theft or loss. Therefore, hardware and software both have weak points. personally, I like to use software because I can secure the software in various ways.
Posted by vinaya on 08-31-2018
As much as I would love to digitalize I think the hardware option is much better. I mean the security of your valuables needs to be secure and having it just a hack away is actually super risky.
Posted by Martin on 08-19-2018
Software are seriously prone to hacks if its security protocol aren't strong. There are hackers out there looking for the slightest opportunity to exploit any software program and overtake its mainframe network. So, if software bank tokens aren't well secured, it's a big problem.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-24-2018
If software tokens are prone to hacking, then hardware tokens are also prone to theft and loss. Therefore, software tokens and hardware tokens both have advantages and disadvantages. You should use the token that you find comfortable to use.
Posted by vinaya on 08-30-2018
It is always the matter when it comes to software vs. hardware. It is important to know who among them have the great kind of security more importantly that is about money. So I guess hardware is more practical.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 08-27-2018
Hardware tokens cost more these days. Because here there is a production going on. I have learned from my experience so far that the hardware tokens are going to be lot better. But the software token being hardware agnostic. They seem to be getting more popular as time goes on.
Posted by overcast on 08-20-2018
Exactly! Hardware tokens are quite expensive. One of the local banks I have an account billed me almost $20 to get their hardware token. It's too expensive and I'm sure it's actually one of the reasons why there is option for the software version of the bank tokens. At least, it's only the activation fee that will be required to pay which is around $4.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-25-2018
It is surprising that more people have voted for hardware tokens. I find software tokens better because hardware tokens cost more money, it is prone to theft, loss and missing. On the other hand,if you secure your software tokens properly there will be no breach in the data.
Posted by vinaya on 09-01-2018
One thing I also prefer about a hardware token is that it’s a separate device. If my bank sent me a code on my phone, the number would be at the same place my banking app is. It seems less safe to me.
Posted by amelia88 on 08-21-2018
This is very correct. Hardware tokens are small separate device that you will receive the OTP authentication code to complete your banking transaction. So, it's more secure than using the software token. The good thing about hardware tokens is that they are very portable in a way that you can't nag about having to move about with a heavy tech.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-26-2018
Yes, my hardware bank token is about the size of a keyless entry for a car - probably a bit smaller than that - and it's easy to carry around, very portable!
Posted by amelia88 on 09-09-2018
This is a hard one. I've had a hardware bank token. This seems like the safest version to me. The only risk you run is your hardware crushing or someone stealing your hardware. I don't like the proposed software version I think that it is too risky. It is very easy for someone to hack it online. I prefer the hardware version. I guess time will tell which of these versions win, with technology improving ever other day you just never know.
Posted by jaymish on 08-23-2018
In my opinion, I think using a software token is less risky than using hardware token. Anyone who gets your hardware token can access your account, however, software token is secured with password and codes and even if someone has access to your software, he cannot breach the account.
Posted by vinaya on 08-27-2018
When, even when you lose your hardware token , it's still going to be very difficult for that person to be able to use it. Take for instance, getting the pin to login to your hardware and also getting to login into your online banking and initiate a transfer transaction before using the token.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-29-2018
I think both hardware and software bank tokens have their strengths when it comes to usability and convenience. Hardware tokens for physical to terminal transactions and Software tokens for online cyber transactions. When it comes to safety hardware tokens are more secured because it can only be accessed and hacked during the time it's being used unlike software tokens which can be hacked online.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 08-24-2018
The risk of hacking token is higher with software bank token, I believe that it's the reason why most people are choosing hardware tokens over the software. With the increasing rate of cyber crime, it would be safer to use hardware tokens.
Posted by Martinsx on 08-30-2018
My bank does not offer hardware or software tokens. They use the phone number for two-factor verification. You can access your account only when input the security code you receive on your phone via text. I think software token is better than hardware token because it poses less risk.
Posted by vinaya on 08-24-2018
Neither my bank. They still use the text message verification, or security questions. I really don't know when my bank will get some technology. I guess the main reason is the bad security issues we have here. We tend to have so much online robbing and delinquency, so maybe hardware/software tokens will be another plus for thieves. That's why thieves always look for your phones, they know we like to use mobile platforms nowadays.
Posted by ballyhara on 08-28-2018
Seriously? Your bank doesn't offer either software or hardware tokens, they are seriously left so behind when it comes to growing with the technological advancement every sector in the financial sector is witnessing at the moment. Maybe they are working on launching their own hardware or software tokens sooner than later.
Posted by Martinsx on 09-01-2018
Wow that seems super safe. Seems like they do not like to gamble or take chances with their customers. It is actually a pretty good indication of excellence in services.
Posted by Martin on 08-26-2018
Exactly! It's for the purpose of increasing the security of their customers that tokens are built for in the first place. As long as you use it cautiously, your money will be safe from hackers.
Posted by Martinsx on 09-02-2018
No banks in my country offer a hardware token. They don't have to and I don't think that would be acceptable to their clients. I agree that the use of an OTP for online transactions offer an additional layer of security but the smartphone, or even a regular cellphone, can take the place of a separate hardware token anytime. I regularly perform online banking transactions and I always make use of the OTP instead of answering challenge questions online. I always use my laptop for this purpose. The OTP is sent to my phone as an SMS and I then encode it on the bank's login page. I honestly don't trust smartphone apps that much so the software bank token is not an option for me.
Posted by chatbox on 08-27-2018
Some people actually have serious avarice towards the use of software applications especially when it's software applications that are financially related. Some people are never really comfortable with online banking and the use of banking mobile applications because they are prone to hacks and robbery threatened.
Posted by Martinsx on 09-04-2018
Hardware tokens are safer compared to software tokens because you have control over who has access to it. It is far more risky to leave your crypto on exchange sites because there is always a risk of the company running with your money or the exchange site getting breached by hackers or thieves.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 08-31-2018
This is true one can to best trust anything that is offline than security online which can be compromised by the site used or external bodies like the hackers. The sure is hoping that nobody get to tamper with the security features put in place for any of these tokens be It the hard or the software token.
Posted by lovely on 09-01-2018
Exactly! It's true that some cryptocurrency exchange site are tested and trusted because of how long they have been in business without any stories whatsoever. But you should bear it in mind that it only takes a day for something to go terribly wrong and you will lose all your money and cryptocurrency. So, why not have control over accessing your cryptocurrency with the use of hardware tokens?
Posted by Martinsx on 09-05-2018
I agree with you. It is better to be safe than choosing something which you think is more convenient. I also think that the risk is higher compared to hardware tokens. Anyway, hardware tokens would not be safe if a person that owns it isn't careful. Being careful and cautious are the key factors.
Posted by theresajane on 11-08-2018
My best friend actually works in our local bank and she always told me that the hardware bank token is FAR more secure. If you have the key in your hand then nobody else can gain access to it. We all know that software is full of little holes and exposed to various malware/hackers.
Posted by Mehano on 09-01-2018
Exactly! I actually did 2 years IT working in the bank back in the days and from my little experience on the bank job, I realized the importance of hardware token over the software token. There has never been any report of any kind of problem by any user of hardware tokens but there is always one complaint or another by software tokens users.
Posted by Martinsx on 09-07-2018
Hacks issues are always associated with software. That is why getting the hardware token is better than getting the software token. You cannot easily lose this token and you can just simply keep this to your house.
Posted by superlicca on 09-07-2018
Yes of course, it's the problem of hacks that are associated with using software bank tokens that makes most people to choose hardware bank tokens because they are 100% fully secured against any form of hacks and security breach. Even though the hardware tokens are relatively small, you don't need to carry it around everywhere you go, so losing it isn't supposed to be a big problem.
Posted by Martinsx on 09-08-2018
For me, I would choose hardware bank token, because you can keep it safe as long as it's in your hand, unlike software bank tokens, there are a lot of possibilities that it can be attacked by the hackers because it is on the internet.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 09-15-2018
Software bank token has a high risk of being attacked by the hackers online. So I will go for hardware bank token
Posted by jayjaydimson on 09-19-2018
I believe that even if your hardware token has stolen by someone else, it does not mean that your account will be accessed to. There is still a password that needs to be entered before transferring the amount. As long as the thief does not know your password then losing your money is impossible. It is still more secure to use a hardware token compared to software token. With this small device, you can keep this in your most secure part of your home. No one will know where you hide this unless you tell anyone else.
Posted by superlicca on 09-24-2018
I know that software token is free while the hardware has a charge. But it is worth it. Hardware can be prone to theft and loss but I believe that it is just a matter of being careful when it comes to keeping the token. I know that I can keep the hardware token in the safest part of our home. Even if there is a thief inside our home, he would need to spend forever to find it.
Posted by superlicca on 09-26-2018
In the world where people become smarter when it comes to technology, hacking some software or account is easy for them. That's why I prefer to have the hardware bank token. I also know someone who works in a bank and suggests to get the hardware token instead of software.
Posted by superlicca on 09-27-2018
It is a shame that I do not know about those tokens considering that I am working in a bank. We have the OTP or the One Time Password that is sent to the phone that is registered to the account. We also have the challenge questions similar to the technique of Yahoo Mail.
Posted by Corzhens on 09-29-2018
I go for hardware bank token. Yes its true that it cost you but the main thing that we all concerned here is the security of our account. It's easy to carry like you can make it as a keychain or together with your ID lace, no hassle at all. It's easy to use and in case of lost token, it's easy to request for a replacement to your bank. Unlike using the software token, though it's easy to use too but if you lost your phone, big chances that they can access your private information as well as your money too.
Posted by romy_ter on 09-29-2018
Though I voted for Hardware Token, I still have to commend software token because it is still useful. Though many people prefer the hardware one, still we cannot deny that software token has served a lot of people good.
Posted by theresajane on 10-25-2018
I think I go with the safer option which is hardware token. I have lost phones in the past so even though it's more convenient, I like having the security the hardware token offers.
Posted by iambeth on 11-03-2018