Hatchimals Nursery set

Hatchimals Nursery set
Have a birthday party for a younger child to attend? Perhaps you will be interested in this Hatchimals Nursery set. It sells on Amazon for $22 and has free shipping on orders over $25. This play set is an Amazon Choice toy. This nursery set has 35 plays for your hatchimal to play. This whimsical house will be sure to delight any youngster that loves hatchimals.

What is fun about this play set is the things your hatchimal can all do. It can go down the slide. There is a shower for him or her to use. There spinning cribs and swings if your hatchimal gets bored. No batteries are required for this toy. It is made for children ages 5 and up.

Hatchimals are great toys that are very popular. It is great that there are some sets that can help children explore their creativity.

Included in this set are 1 Hatchery Nursery Playset, 1 Hatchimals CollEGGtible, and Assembly Instructions.

  • reasonably priced
  • was a huge hit with children
  • arrived on time
  • was in great condition
  • fun
  • adorable
  • bright colors used
  • entertaining
  • provides lots of places for hatchimal to play
  • children will play hours with it
  • great quality
  • larger then expected
  • cute
  • great place to store Collegtibles
  • children are obsessed with it
  • makes a great gift
  • extensive play
  • creative play
  • highly recommended
  • awesome

  • arrived dented
  • was late in arriving
  • egg cranker portion was missing
  • box arrived opened
  • crank handle comes off all the time
  • crank is hard to turn




I think that this Hatchimals Nursery Set seems a lot better than the other option because it's much bigger and actually seems like something that kids would love to enjoy and play with. The fact that it arrived dented and late is probably due to the seller and the delivery not being great.
Posted by kingcool52 on 04-10-2018

Good for my baby

I have a 10 months old baby boy and I believe this will be the right product for him. I am yet to buy interactive toy for the baby, however, I understand the importance of interactive toys for the children. I have never seen hatchimals for real and I think my child will be interested in this toy.
Posted by vinaya on 03-11-2018

Nice Easter present

Hatchimals always seem to be popular with the younger generation and this is something that looks like it is no exception to that rule. I would certianly like a playset like this one if I was a little tyke.
Posted by kgord on 03-09-2018

more to do

I think there's more to do in play sets like this one since you could have an environment wherein you could make up stories and scenarios whereas with the other one you just mostly have storage space. I think I would choose this one but in the end it just depends on the kid who is getting the gift since it's much better to just buy them what they prefer as they don't usually think of what's practical and mostly just pick what they want based on their gut.
Posted by Wubwub on 03-08-2018

Wonderfully beautiful

Kids loves toys more than ever they would love to eat, they can practically play with it all day without getting tired. I think that looking at this particular piece Hatchimals Nursery set of toys, and scoping the cost it came with, it's definitely going to be a good bargain for my kids. I'm definitely getting one anytime soon for my boy who starts his nursing 1 in a few months time.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-12-2018

More comprehensive

This set to me looks more comprehensive and something that my child would play with for longer. The other alternative seems like it would be interesting for a much shorter period of time.
Posted by amelia88 on 06-21-2018


Hatchimals Secret Playset CollEGGtibles set

Hatchimals Secret Playset CollEGGtibles set
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles are a lot of fun for children to play with. They are a toy that can spark creativity in children, which will lead a child to play hours on end with the toy. Amazon is offering the Hatchimals Secret Playset CollEGGtibles set for $20 with free shipping on qualifying orders over $25. This playset will be one of three- Bubblegum Bloom, Lala Lavender or Sunshine Sparkle. To determine which one your child receives, just hold up to the light and peek through the flowers to reveal which set is hidden.

Each playset comes with it own Hatchimals CollEGGtible. Each playset offers 15 places for your hatchimal to hide or play. There is a slide they can ride on, a merry go round for them to spin on, and they can be pushed on a swing.

The outside of the egg playset is beautifully decorated with bright colors. It will be sure to entrigue any little girl. The inside opens up when the flower is pulled on. A magical world awaits your child.

To hatch the Hatchimal, your child will warm up the egg using her love. Once the heart turns from purple to pink, the egg is ready to hatch.

  • cute
  • comes with hatchimal egg to hatch
  • each set is a surprise
  • easy to open
  • hatchimal collEGGtible is easy to hatch
  • fun
  • provides hours of entertainment
  • bright, vivid colors used
  • magical and whimsical
  • little girls love it
  • small enough to take on the go
  • 15 places for your hatchimal to play or hide
  • look through top of egg to see magical scene inside
  • creative play
  • nice place to store hatchimal collEGGtibles

  • did not come in the original box
  • not as large as expected
  • not great if you do not like surprises


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Oh, this looks like a good Easter gift to children. I know that Hatchimals are still very popular and a nursery set is another exciting innovation of the manufacturers of that toy. And what’s with that secret play set? However, I have to admit that I have yet to see a Hatchimal because I haven’t seen that in the mall here. Maybe it is only sold in the imported store like the Marks and Spencer. But for sure, I will try to check the mall stores before Easter comes.
Posted by Corzhens on 03-09-2018
These would both be great Easter presents for kids, I think. However, I am partial to the Nursery set because of its many functions, such as the swing and the shower. It's almost as if it teaching how to live in one's own home and to start one's own life. I love toys like this, and toys like LEGOS, etc., which get kids to use their imaginations and to think abstractly and creatively about things. If your kid likes the Hatchinals, then I can see him or her really loving playing with this set for hours and hours on end.
Posted by JoeMilford on 03-10-2018
I don't think that I played with either of these toy sets while I was a kid for they were really expensive back in those days as well and dear mom couldn't just afford buying toy sets that are that expensive for me then. This is one of the things that I always say about some toy sets in the sense that the makers should try as much as they could to produce the ones that are very cheap. I really won't want to get expensive toys as well for my children.
Posted by Barida on 03-10-2018
I think the hatchimal nursery set is the best toys for the kids since it has a variety of 35plays for hachimals to play with kids and its affordable and it also has bright colors to attract children.
Posted by babyright on 03-11-2018
Judging from the post and review of both products, I think they'll both be a good product pick for kids to have a fun filled time. Kids generally like toys, both products should in someway serve different purposes for kids be it during a birthday celebration or just during the house play time. Giving the uniqueness of both products, making a preferred choice is quiet difficult, so I'll go with both as my pick. It's a tie for me.
Posted by Rumu on 03-12-2018
Sometimes honestly, I do envy the children of this modern generation because they are the ones in for one hell of a ride when it comes to having good benefits of living. Technology invention has brought about massive upgrades in what we used to make do with back in the days by making state of the art toys available for them. If it's possible to bring back my childhood days now, I would definitely give it a trail but that's not possible, so I got to move on.
Posted by Martinsx on 03-12-2018
The two sets are great but I believe the Hatchimal secret play sets will be great fun for the kids.Children love hatchimal and I'm sure I will be excited to have the play set. it will be entertaining and creative for them.Having to watch the egg hatch will be added excitement and of course it will be easy for them to play with.
Posted by lovely on 03-22-2018