Have you created blogs adding several photos and videos?

Have you created blogs adding several  photos and videos?
I have a huge collection of photos and videos and my subjects are my garden, flowers, holiday memories, guests, parties, birds, pets and family .

I am seriously thinking of creating blogs uploading these photos and videos subjectwise adding a story to each of those photos and videos.

I am hoping to have several blogs created this way. I want to know if such blogs would be viewed and commented on as I feel opening blogs that have images and videos would take a long time and viewers may lose interest.

What has been your experience? Have you createde such blogs that have images and videos and you have had good viewership? It would indeed be a sad thing if images and videos are shunned just because pages take a long time to load in which case my work would just languish in my digital photos and videos folder that has taken me years to collect.

Then there is the question of Ad sense. What is the criteria for getting an Ad sense account? Would blogs such as these help one get that? What has been your experience specially those who are earning good from their blogs

No matter what the outcome I have made up my mind. I shall go ahead and start writing blogs focusing on my photos and videos. Who knows someone somewhere on the net would be happy to look at them. I have a very good ISP at this moment. I have just changed my hard disk that crashed a few days ago. This should help me do my work in peace.


I digitally hoard and am way too lazy to create blogs for the stuff I do hoard. A friend of mine does collect and takes the time to share but it takes a while to get an audience/following going to get any money from adsense, ect. I still admire them for the work to put into sharing their collection, ect. There's a market for everything but times change and so do people, just gotta know how to roll with it if you're dedicated.
Posted by Rhodolite on 10-20-2017
If you have lots to share in your blog, I wonder why you are lazy. But maybe you are lazy because of the meager earnings that your blog gets from Adsense. I know of several people who are like you, they lost enthusiasm because of the small earnings. I was a co-blogger before but the blogger quit working when he was dissatisfied with the meager earnings from Adsense. But if I were you, I will take time to upload all those photos and videos and then promote your blog in social media.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-01-2018
No not yet, I haven't created any blog yet as I'm still in the learning process of how to create a blog, so therefore in no distant time I would have mastered how to create my own blog and see how I progress from there.
Posted by Heatman on 10-20-2017
I have created a blog before but I was too lazy to update posts. For me, I think there's no problem including photos and videos on your blog posts. In fact, it helps generate viewers since your blog will not that kind of boring or something. People are attracted to pictures, also people are enticed with videos as well. I think you don't get any problems with AdSense if you have such kind of blog but I am not sure of this.
Posted by rage35 on 10-21-2017
Sadly, for the time being, I haven't gotten around to starting my blog yet. I've always had the intention of starting up my own blog but somehow I just haven't been able to find the time and money to invest into the endeavor.

Instead of just jumping into things, I'm the kind of person who wants to learn as much as possible about something before taking the leap, so that when I do it I do it right.

I do intend on supplementing my blog posts with my own video and image content, though, so that's the plan.
Posted by Denis_P on 10-21-2017
Well, if you want to get approved by Google Adsense you will need more then just a blog full of pictures and videos. You will need proper content in the form of posts/articles. Google values that very highly and without it, you won't get approved. But yes, you can get good viewership doing a blog that focuses on pictures and videos. Generally, people prefer that over the regular text anyway and you should always include these things into your articles anyway. And yes, I do have a blog with pictures, text and even videos.
Posted by Mehano on 10-21-2017
I haven't created a blog because just like everyone else said, pictures and videos is not going to generate any revenue. It would have to be a great blog with decent posts or articles and I don't have so much time to dedicate to it.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-21-2017
Yes i tried creating my blog with videos and pictures it was during our high school years where in we have a project to create a blog, photos and videos all about nature so i create it and try uploading on my website i found it interesting but due to business with my programming subjects i ignore it for 2 years already but i can see that blogging really needs passion and time dedication to improve in that field also ad sense i a great option to make some cash out of your context. i think you are eligible for ad sense if you can have 1000 visit sites a day.
Posted by tophew on 10-21-2017
I haven't done it yet but I have thought about it. We do a lot of camping and have been to many different places. I have a lot of great pictures and stories to tell about our many adventures. I would like to keep a blog of it so I can look back at it over the years and also to share with others who maybe interested in it. Maybe someday it will get done if I get the motivation to do so.
Posted by Sue on 10-21-2017
I have created various blogs and the microblogs over the years. And I have lost count of the amount of projects that I have handled. I guess with the time things change. And those who are making the proegress with instagram and other image blogs, they seem to have got enough followers. I hope that in near future I can move to platform where I can get the most results. That's for sure.
Posted by overcast on 10-21-2017
I have a blog but I rarely share photos on my blog. In fact due to the topic that my blog is based on there is not much photos that I can actually include on there. I have also advertised my blogs on various social media sites to drive traffic to my blog. The key to succeed as a blogger is to write quality content and also interact with the visitors to your blog. I am that your photo blog can be a success. Advertising is what will actually help increase the number of visitors to your blog. I will recommend you to start your blog as soon as possible. Good luck
Posted by Pixie on 10-21-2017
I haven't really created a blog for personal reasons but I guess it would do well if you managed to do it right. If you have some interesting photos and videos then I am sure that your blog will do well especially if you are in an interesting area where there is a lot of things that you can showcase to the people reading your blog. The best thing to do is to update it regularly and to post as many interesting things as you can.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-21-2017
I don't have a blog filled with only photos and videos but a blog that I write articles then use one or two photos and video to either show what my articles is all about or use to illustrate my points on the articles.I don't know about building a blog for uploading photos and videos for now but if it about uploading photos and videos depicting the wording of the articles on my blog, then I will sure then continue to do.
Posted by lovely on 10-21-2017
I have blogs, I publish photos with my blogs. I also create videos, and I also have videos on my blog posts. However, I don't have photo blogs or video blogs. I am a hobbyist photographer, I have a lot of photos, one day I will love to launch my own photo blog. I am also thinking to do video marketing and I am considering to launch a video site. Until then I am happy with posting photos and videos on my article based blogs
Posted by vinaya on 10-21-2017
Yes, once I worked with one of my friends on a blogger site. We used it to help the students of our university get the latest notes and all the homework that was being done. Well, we didn't want to promote plagiarism but do wanted our classmates to love their studies.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-21-2017
Blogs and websites should be created from pleasure and genuine enthusiasm. Trying to monetize it before you have even started compromises that notion immediately. By all means post photos on a blog but remember people do have a habit of stealing images. If you don't mind sharing them by all means do or watermark them.

There are so many sites these days you can't guarantee views, and it was truly a hobby blog you wouldn't really care. It seems you want to make money from it and that's fine, but it's not easy, nor should any monies be expected or guaranteed.
Posted by Alexa on 10-22-2017
Jonathan Solomon
Well, my website primarily surrounds worded content. It's mixed with pictures and videos from other sources. Along with my own copyrighted material. So in a sense, I do create blog articles with several added photos and videos. Personally, I feel it gives more detail and rounds off your content, altogether. I also try an encourage the other members of our community discussion board to post pictures and videos as well.

Regarding load time, it can slow down your page. Which is why you shouldn't drown your website in digital content. Just enough to add what you've already created.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 10-22-2017
I have created blogs with product images and videos uploaded. Ever before, I used to publish content on my blogs without uploading images and videos, but noticed that traffic was not really coming as desired. Recently, I read an article on traffic generating techniques through which I learned the strategic ways to boost blog traffic. I read that uploading product - related images and videos really worked perfectly and found that to be very true when I applied it on my blog.
Posted by potentialwriter on 10-22-2017
You should make a blog and upload all your photos there, who knows maybe you will have a huge success, why not try it? I am sure you worked a lot on making the right picture every time, so, I think is the time to share your work and be appreciated for it. I did create two blogs and each of them have pictures, I have not uploaded videos but there are plenty of pictures to see and make a connection between the writer and the reader!
Posted by wallet on 10-22-2017
The last time i created a blog for my online business , i was only able to add some photos but not videos. I think the combination of photos and videos to a blog can actually help to bring more viewers and even traffic to it.
Posted by babyright on 10-22-2017
I have been a co-writer of a blog before although I don’t remember how many articles I had written for that blogsite. The blogs that I wrote were all about our dogs. Yeah, photos are included in my posts and I think there are some blogs that have a link to youtube videos, our own videos. It’s fun to write a blog about something you like. As they say, writing for your passion is no sweat. And I agree to that.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-23-2017
I've been thinking on how I'm going to create a blog that will contain most of the things that I do on a daily basis and in as much as it has not been an easy task for me, I have the belief that I'm going to get better at it sometime in the future.

A friend has suggested that I should watch more videos on how to open a blog for it is going to help me achieve that and that's the next thing on my agenda now as I write this.
Posted by Barida on 10-25-2017
In order to become a blogger, you need various skills. Writing is the most obvious. Apart from writing, you also need skills in SEO, digital marketing, and social media branding, among others. It is also profitable to have skills in programming if you want to become a successful blogger.
Posted by vinaya on 01-15-2018
It's cool to make a blog with lots of vids and pictures, but honestly, I'm just a bit lazy and/or preoccupied with other projects to get into it. However, it might be something I want to do in the future. Anyway, I am more familiar with forum creation, so the whole interface of WordPress etc. is a bit new to me, even though, I started out on blogs, but when I was doing blogs - I simply wanted more material to gain SEO advantage, the looks were on the back-burner.
Posted by jyy on 11-22-2017
I have a self-hosted blog which I don't really intend to monetize through Adsense. For now, I want it to serve like a portfolio blog, something I can show to others as one of my online engagements. So far, it only has 10 posts which are all about the different earning sites I've joined and some freelancer concerns like Paypal verification and online income withdrawal. Most posts have multiple images in them. They are supposed to provide visual support for the tutorials. I haven't added a video or video links though. Having too many images and videos on the blog will slow it down and make access costly for readers who are on limited data usage.
Posted by chatbox on 10-02-2018
I am planning to do that. I will include the travels I did from the past years up to now. I already created vlog and I wanted also to create blogs out of it most especially related to pictures and video shoots I did from the past months. Aside from that, I am planning to do some tutorial blogs just for me to earn even a small profit. I think its fun to think that to be able to create some blogs is such good thing to happen.
Posted by nekonieden on 12-02-2018
Photos and videos give more life to the blog. It makes your blog more interesting to read and not boring because you provide your readers not just the necessary and important information they need but you also give them a clear picture and visual understanding of what you are talking about. As a writer, be fun and creative! Know how to give more life to your content. Pictures and videos can add life to it.
Posted by jessie271 on 12-16-2018