Have you ever planted a tree?

Have you ever planted a tree?
There are a hundred things we have to do before we die. Generally in these lists we include several activities that we intend to learn, perform and experiment. Planting a tree is often on the list of many people. I particularly planted three trees last week and I can say that I felt very accomplished for that. But and you? Have you ever planted a tree? How many were approximately? What kind of tree did you plant?



Yes. Palm tree.

On this running plot of my father- 15 years ago mum said me to plant a palm tree. Than I have been planted one palm tree. Mother have been planted some more. Now father got a new plot on my country capital -Dhaka Rajuk Jhilmil residential area- keraniganj- there had a scope to plant tree- but Governemnt said to father to make a building within 3 years. So there is no chance. One side of my country have sea and this is very popular to plant tree socially or any blank land to get save from storm.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 06-27-2017


Yes! I have planted plenty of trees already and I don't plan to stop. We have many trees around our property but the very first one I planted was years back when I still lived with my parents.

It wasn't any special kind of tree. It was just a plain good old apple tree but I felt so amazing after doing it. I love nature and I know how important trees are for its survival. It is crucial that we don't stop planting them.

Funny thing is, even after all of these years, my very first tree that I've planted still bears the most fruit every single year.

Posted by Mehano on 06-22-2017

We are backyard farmers

It is actually my husband who is the gardener in our home and I was kind of influenced. Aside from the big mango tree that is currently fruiting, we have small trees like sugar apple, star fruit, cashew, mulberry and some others. We also have seedlings in plastic pots for giveaways to those who want to plant a tree. Now, do I need to say I have planted a tree? Yes, I had planted trees and I continue to plant for our stock of seedlings.
Posted by Corzhens on 06-21-2017

Plant a tree if you want the world to survive

I have been spreading the message around the need to plant trees. I have a garden that is full of trees and a lot of greenery. We need to make good what we have lost by the concrete jungles that are mushrooming everywhere. There should be a law in place for builders to plant atleast 10 for the one they uproot.
Posted by iamawriter on 06-22-2017

Yes I have

I don't mean to brag, but I've planted about 10 trees in the past 2 months. Six of which are mango trees and then there are one lime tree, one orange tree, and two banana trees. One of the banana trees died due to excessive rain but not before it could reproduce and make another banana tree right by where it died. Nature is amazing, isn't it? At the moment, I am trying to plant an avocado tree but they do not seem to want to sprout so going to have to keep at it. Planting trees are a joy for me, but you know what really grinds my gears, aphids, ants, along with this other beetle I have yet to identify. The termites actually help with the dead trees but the ants and aphids are a nightmare. They've killed about three of my trees in their infantry which really makes me sad and there aren't really any pesticides that I can use that won't affect things surrounding it. So yes I have planted trees
Posted by AlexHarris on 06-21-2017

So nice!

Yes, I already had this opportunity (and it was something very fun to do). It was an apple tree and I planted it in the garden of a school I studied.

That brings me good memories because it was something very special for me.

Posted by WildSpirit on 07-23-2017

I have

I planted a small maple tree in my backyard when I was 13 years old. I am Canadian and we were all given maple trees to plant for one of Canada's birthdays. It's still there to this day and bigger than ever. When the leaves turn color in the fall it looks beautiful.
Posted by Lizzyib on 06-21-2017

Yes, it was a great experience.

Thankfully I have the honor of saying that yes, I have planted dozens of trees. Now let me get off my high horse and say, no, at the time it wasn't out of my own goodwill (although given the opportunity today, I would certainly volunteer to plant more trees) but for a while I had worked as a landscaper. Often times clients in my area would have wide open spaces that they wanted to fill up, and they usually opted for planting trees. Because of this I planted dozens of saplings that turned some areas into mini forests! I have also planted apricot, apple, cherry, and pear trees in my garden as well.
Posted by Denis_P on 06-27-2017

Its A Good Deed

Yeah I guess we all need to, though i haven't planted any tree till time but i may soon plant at least one if not more. Its good and as you said will make us feel good because these trees will ultimately help the coming generation with shade, paper, fruits, wood, oxygen and trees help in making the atmosphere better.
Posted by HARPREETSINGH on 06-21-2017

I love nature!

I planted a tree few months ago in our yard, is a cherry tree, and we are so happy to see that his leaves are so green. I must be honest, we planted many trees in the past like a walnut tree, an apple tree and an apricot tree.
Posted by wallet on 06-22-2017

Yes, it's great to help Nature.

A long time ago, me and my classmates did the work of planting a lot of trees on the top of a mountain based in our little town. It was beautiful to do it, we watched a lot of trees that has decades here and we hope that the ones we planted will get those years too.
Posted by luispas on 06-21-2017

Yes, I did

It was looong time ago in mid school when they took us somewhere for a very short excursion and we planted some trees, I remember I was really excited about getting my hands in the dirt, digging a hole and planting this tree. It was a very nice experience that I still remember. I hope that tree it's alright now.
Posted by reginafalange on 06-27-2017

Yes I Have Planted Trees

My grandfather was an avid gardener, and growing up, we would plant peach and apple trees on his land quite regularly. I remember being able to just reach up and pluck fruit from his trees while playing outside. I always loved that. We also planted pine trees after he would cut some of them down for firewood. He passed away years and years ago, but those trees are still growing on his land which we planted together. It always felt good to set the tree in the ground and to know that you were giving something life that would most likely outlive you.
Posted by JoeMilford on 08-22-2017

Tu B'Shvat Planting

Yes, I have had the opportunity to plant trees and in the process help others, which made it even better. My husband and I celebrate the Jewish holiday of Tu B'Shvat, a time when you celebrate trees and the fruits that they give. At the time a local farm was holding a community day to help plant young trees which would then be open to the public to have fresh fruit available over the years. We happily donned some gardening clothes and helped out for the day. We planted about a dozen or so trees together, out of the couple hundred at the farm that day. I'm not overly sure what trees we planted, some types of fruit trees, but it was being able to participate in the event that really made the day special.
Posted by this_free_spirit on 08-06-2017


Yes, it was a very good experience and it happened when I was doing a school job with one of my little cousins. It's amazing how such a simple act can make so much difference in the world, doesn't it? I mean, it's only a seed... But it will play such an essential role in the future.
Posted by wiseagent on 09-17-2017

Of course I am!

Every year in our school there was always a tree planting as a requirements to move to the next year level. It's fun to plant trees because not only you learned how to plant trees but also you contribute to help the environment. Even in our house, I started to plant trees that will help us someday. It maybe in a way of food, income, or to our surroundings. Trees are very important to us. So, I encourage everyone to plant more trees for a healthy living.
Posted by blank629 on 08-27-2017

Activity for a Cause!

I am really fond of engaging myself on outdoor activities especially tree planting activities. Once a month, I join both government and non government organization on their endeavors on planting trees to help mother Nature. This activity is not just fun to do but also satisfying in a sense that its an activity for a cause.
Posted by Istine on 08-26-2017

We did it back at school

Back when I was at school we did this - perhaps we were ahead of our time since there seemed to be a focus on protecting the environment even back then. I think it’s a worthy thing to do and I wish more people would get involved with that kind of thing.
Posted by amelia88 on 11-29-2018


Jonathan Solomon

Sadly, no...

I've donated plenty of my time to cleaning up local community recreational parks, along with planting flowers and hedges. But I've never actually planted a tree. It was never a field trip activity in any of the schools I went to. Although I feel it's something important everyone should do.

Personally, I feel if I lived in more of a rural area for farming and soil turning, I would probably have planted a tree or two. Despite this, I still feel I've contributed fairly to nature, even just by cleaning the surroundings.

Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 06-23-2017

It is also important to remove some trees, not jus

While it is definitely important to reforest land that has been logged over, it is also very important to selectively cut down and remove some trees when the woodlands has more trees than they need. Some older trees are actually dead or dying, but they are still standing and their foliage is blocking smaller, healthy trees from growing, and these older trees should be removed on a regular basis by selective logging. While it is very important to have enough trees, when they become overcrowded, then none of the smaller trees can grow properly, and once the taller trees die and fall over, all that will be left is scrawny smaller trees that didn't grow well because they were deprived of sun. Planting new trees will not alleviate this problem, only proper care of our forests can prevent this. So while I totally am in favor of planting new trees, this must be done selectively, and in a place where the new trees can grow to their full potential.
Posted by Happyflowerlady on 06-22-2017


I don't think this is so much of a debate as an actual question. I haven't ever planted a tree mostly because... well, I live in an apartment building. There's nowhere TO. I wouldn't be averse to doing so - after all, trees do benefit the environment in various ways - I just have no practical opportunities. I've planted plenty of other plants, including a rose bush, but I was a kid and I never really got those plants to thrive effectively (seeing the roses come in bloom was fun, though!).
Posted by Linen on 06-21-2017
Yes, I have planted a tree, unfortunately it died. It is just one of the things that I have done in my life. I think trees are something that beautify an enviorment and allow you to get pleasure and satisfaction out of growing something. Trees are some of the great things you can use.
Posted by kgord on 06-21-2017
I grew up in a city apartment so it is a given that I didn’t have the opportunity to plant a tree. Fortunately I married a backyard gardener who taught me how to care for plants and in the proper way of planting trees. There is an impending law in our country to require graduating students to plant 100 trees as an academic requirement. That is a noble idea but the problem is the place where to plant the trees.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-06-2018
Aha, I have planted trees many times. I live in a farm house and I have trees around me. Every year, during the rainy season, I plant trees. In most cases, I will be planting fruit bearing trees such as mango, Lychee etc. I also plant timber tree and flower bearing tree.
Posted by vinaya on 06-21-2017
Aha, I have planted trees many times. I live in a farm house and I have trees around me. Every year, during the rainy season, I plant trees. In most cases, I will be planting fruit bearing trees such as mango, Lychee etc. I also plant timber tree and flower bearing tree.
Posted by vinaya on 06-21-2017
Aha, I have planted trees many times. I live in a farm house and I have trees around me. Every year, during the rainy season, I plant trees. In most cases, I will be planting fruit bearing trees such as mango, Lychee etc. I also plant timber tree and flower bearing tree.
Posted by vinaya on 06-21-2017
We plant a lot of fruit and vegetable plants in our backyard. It is a good resource for fresh fruit and vegetables and we know the soil we use (organic) so it is a lot healthier.
Posted by simplym on 06-21-2017
I lived on a farm and at that time I planted some trees. I remember that the first tree I planted was a lemon tree, but I also planted a palm tree and a pine tree. I think it is very important to plant trees, if the world had more trees, surely the climate and the environment would be much better.
Posted by Cauohashi on 06-21-2017
I have planted trees on numerous occasions. I believe that after planting a tree, other people like myself usual spare the time to nurture the tree and watch it grow to some sort of maturity. For me, it's a pleasing activity which may involve a bit of anxiety to see if the tree would survive or not.
Posted by explorerx7 on 06-21-2017
I love to plant a tree in my own garden. I have two coconut trees in front of main gate and many fruits trees inside my garden which i have planted from exper with advance gardening advice. Planting a tree is very simple, it is done by just digging a hole and throwing the tree or seeds in it. But main thing is that you have to take proper care of trees and know the tips and techniques for planting a healthy trees. Having good knowledge in planting zones, tree sizes , sunlight requirements and more would be best for growing trees.
Posted by Widad00 on 07-02-2017
Yes, I have planted trees before. I remember there was a campaign in my high school, and every class planted a tree at the side of our big field. Since I have a small garden in my front yard, I have planted mulberry tree, lime tree, lemon tree and kefir lime tree too. These are all small trees, as I just planted them in pots.
Posted by kaka135 on 07-03-2017
My hobby is growing bonsai trees and many of them were grown from seed or cuttings, so yes, I've planted lots of trees. I just like to keep them small. That way when I move house one day I'll be able to take them all with me.
Posted by Gina145 on 07-09-2017
I'm a very active student back when I was in college and always participated in tree planting that school is conducting. So as far as I remember I guess I had planted more than ten trees. I'm a fan of community outreach program, may it be clean up, tree planting or anything that is related community improvements I'll definitely participate in it.
Posted by DanoCath on 09-02-2017
Back when I was a teenager, we used to plant trees, vegetables, and some other herbal plant in our garden when we still live in our old apartment but now, not anymore since I'm busy with my work and doesn't have time to do some other extracurricular things like planting. We do have apple-mango, Muntingia, Santol trees and some other vegetables like okra, taro, peppers and lots more. We do always plant anything before since we don't have that much thing to do and there are no gadgets that we can use to get busy with so instead, we dedicated some of our time through planting. We still do some other trees in the backyard but we're not the one who plants it.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-25-2017
I have a small garden that I plant mostly vegetables of different sorts for my eating pleasure so no space to plant trees but I know it great to do this,I will plant one when I have a space to do so.I need seasonals fruits and the only way to achieve that is to plant it.will start this soon though.
Posted by lovely on 12-29-2017
I have not actually planted a tree before but i have planted food crops when i was still younger but planting of trees is the best way we can keep our environment and ecosystem in a wonderful and healthy state.
Posted by babyright on 01-03-2018