Have you ever played the ‘Treasure Hunt’ game?

Have you ever played the ‘Treasure Hunt’ game?
I know those in the US and other Western countries go treasure hunting for Easter Eggs. I have followed this on you tube and the game is pretty exciting. We here in the India, atleast in my school, used to play this game as part of our sports activities. We all looked forward to it as it was a full day affair – almost like a picnic. This one treasure hunt game that I played is etched in my memory and wish to share it with you.

We were in the last year of high school and this was the last game in our school going years. The nun gathered us all in our classroom and blurted out the first hint and that was a slip of paper kept on her desk. That slip said that there would be 10 hints all written on slips of paper that we would have to search for one hint leading us to the next..

Following all the hints and in the middle of which we even came to a table filled with fruit juice glasses to quench our thirst. We were even led out of the school premises to the side roads. The last slip directed us back to the school and into our class room from where we had started our hunt. It was hilarious to see us running helter skelter searching for the treasure. Since the school had a holiday we were not restrained from making any noise. The word ‘table’ was one of the words in that last hint. Every table on earth was searched for and finally the treasure was found inside the teacher’s table on top of which where the first hint was placed. We were in ecstasy and were wonder struck how the nuns could have worked on such an innovative thought. The gift was in the form of an invitation for all of us l to join the nuns for lunch.

Anything you can share?

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So, if I understand correctly the treasure hunt is played during Easter? I have never personally played it before but I think that I've heard that some countries do play it. Here, during Easter we don't really have any special games - sure, sometimes parents hide the gift but it isn't like a proper treasure hunt. I'd love to try and play it even though that I'm an adult, it sounds so much fun!
Posted by Mehano on 11-12-2017
I played a treasure hunt game about four years back. This was organized by last company I worked for as part of a team building activity. We had 7 teams each consisting of 4 members. We searched for the hints in a nature park, the beach, a church, a garden and we had to travel by boat to a small island to find the last hint. My team didn't win but it was a fun activity. I wouldn't mind playing this game again.
Posted by Pixie on 11-12-2017
I had never heard of this game until I read this post, it seems to be something seasonal, isn't it? But anyway, although it sounds like a simple game, it seems to be fun and interactive (especially for younger children, haha).
Posted by wiseagent on 11-12-2017
I love hearing about different traditions and these type of things are something that's really missing here in Italy, but I don't know if I would be able to appreciate something like that. Hiding my gifts when I rarely get them.. That wouldn't be pretty :)
Posted by Tania997 on 11-12-2017
I have only seen treasure hunt game played by selected people for TV series and viewing but i have not really played the game myself. The game is just like an adventure and it is interesting.
Posted by babyright on 11-12-2017
I have never played it. As a matter of fact i have never even heard of it. Now that i read about it i definitely want to give it a try. It sounds like it would be a good game to play and something that i would enjoy. I think that i will check it out sometime.
Posted by Sue on 11-12-2017
I never played treasure hunt games. When I read Treasure Island, I wanted to go on a voyage for a treasure hunt, however, this was just one of the hundred wishes I had as a child. Having said that when I was young, I was not interested in outdoor games. Until I was sixth grader, I played outdoor games like football, however, once big boys hit me (while playing), so hard that I decided not to go back to the ground.
Posted by vinaya on 11-12-2017
Here in the US we call them scavenger hunts or geo quests. Scavenger hunts can be looking for almost anything. Geo quests are usually done using a GPS in a specific geographic area. They are a little bit like Pokemon GO..but can be anywhere. These are the types of games that people can use and might enjoy as something different.
Posted by kgord on 11-12-2017
We had that game played in the office. And it was indeed a good experience. I have found out that some of the people playing that game were having fun too. Most of the HR people do this as a team building exercise in our company. And this happens every thanksgiving or so. And that is most of the time from what I have learned from the efforts taken lately. It may surely change if more people take interest.
Posted by overcast on 11-13-2017
Treasure hunt that's new to.me haven't heard about it and it mostly played in easter,well don't know about that.The popular game in.my region during Easter is the Easter egg game and it always a delight playing them.
Posted by lovely on 11-13-2017
I have never really played any games like this although it actually sounds quite good. I like the idea that the clues could lead you to some drinks which can help you get rid of thirst if you have got tired whilst searching for the rest of the clues.
Posted by kingcool52 on 11-13-2017
I did and it was great. We did this when I was a kid, but not for any season or holiday, but for sport activity at school. In my case, teacher gathered us in teams, then gave us a map, and we were supposed to find a chest. We went crazy about it! Also, we had to make an activity any time we reached a clue, so that way we were making exercise, and we were busy for hours. In the end, the chest got a lot of sport equipment for the winner team, unfortunately my team didn't make it, but honestly I was so tired that I was happy it ended hahaha.
Posted by ballyhara on 11-13-2017
Yes I played this when I was about 4 years old. I had to follow the hidden clues to find my birthday present which was hidden somewhere in the house. It was pretty cool, now that I think about it.
Posted by Anonymous on 11-28-2017
Yes! Over her, it was mandatory to host one every Easter and sometimes every Christmas too! As a Kid, it was so exciting to try and find the gifts knowing not what cool surprise awaited us. Something I miss dearly from my early days
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-28-2017
A few years ago, my niece celebrated her birthday in a mountain resort. As a game guru in the family, I was tasked to handle the parlor games for the young adults with ages 20 to 25. There were more than 10 of them who joined the games. One of the most enjoyed game was the treasure hunt. I had designed it like an Easter egg hunt but with a different flavor. Of course, there is a map for my benefit so I will know if there are still treasures not found. And to make the hunt easier for the contestants, they have to solve the clues. It was really a fun game and how I wish that I could participate someday.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-13-2018