Have you tried the Chinese mooncake?

Have you tried the Chinese mooncake?
It's Mid-Autumn Festival today (4 October 2017), and it's considered one of the major festivals for Chinese. The traditional food we eat during Mid-Autumn Festival is mooncake. The typical mooncake is in round shaped, as it symbolizes the moon (reunion), and that's the main focus of the festival too. Nowadays there are many types of mooncakes, the traditional fillings are always Lotus seed paste and red bean paste. Some even make jelly mooncakes, and it's one of my favorites too.

Have you tried the Chinese mooncake? Do you like it?


Around here we do have typical food but none that has some spiritual or religious meaning. That said I have never tried the Chinese cake and have would love to do so. I have always loved to take part in other people's cultures by trying their food.
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-03-2017
I think the Chinese mooncake has nothing to do with spiritual or religious too, though there is a fairy tale about it. It's also said it's related to a war in ancient China.
Posted by kaka135 on 10-06-2017
Sounds delicious, no I have never tried it but if it's anything like eggrolls, less the oil then I'm willing to give it a try for sure. I'll ask the Chinese chef in the local supermarket here if he knows how to make moon cakes. They somehow remind me of scones or cupcakes. Those are delicious and I will try a few moon cakes on this premise.
Posted by Joteque on 10-03-2017
I think you should start try to start eating one, because when you try to eat Chinese moon cake, it is believed that, the cake itself represent of luck of someone eating it. There are many local Chinese love to eat such cake. Asians refer to eat this one, because whenever someone tries to sell it in other countries, unless when story was told to the buyers will always a good marketing style of Chinese at the same time, it will always a good profit. It was said in Chinese sayings; when you eat it, you will encounter good luck of your life, when ever you do something, specially jobs you seek.

The more you are curios, the more you wanted to try something special to try on it. It is up to you, if you wanted that food, as people always referring to eat in festivals. It is kind of luxury food, for the people of every Chinese festivals. It is different from cupcakes, and somehow it is the unique thing I have ever tried.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 10-03-2017
Chinese mooncake...hmm. As weird as the name sounds, am sure the experience will be tasty. I haven't tried it before, I in fact don't think I can find such around here so I won't bet on eating mooncake anytime soon.

We have special meals in my tradition that symbolizes worldly names and have some kind of spiritual significance too. I hope someday I can get to experience the Chinese traditional mooncake feelings.
Posted by Rumu on 10-03-2017
Yes, I tried it, and it's very delicious. There are many versions of Chinese moon cake in Philippines, and sometimes it is the best sale of optional food here. I like the mongo flavor of Chinese moon cake, so people always flock here to buy some of it, because it was common to buy someone visited here. I cannot deny that, people always looking for it just to taste its uniqueness of flavor. The more people know about those things, the more businesses booms around, and produce more foods to sell.

There are many tendencies that, people always refer to eat such kind of food, because it was believed that, the symbol itself of the foods gives luck to the customers who buy of it, and that is why people always looking to it. It is more necessary to try everything made from local Chinese food, because they are creative to create wonderful food to be sold.
Posted by jaysolano12 on 10-03-2017
Wow! it is nice to see a cookie that embodies the tradition of a nation. I have not seen a Chinese mooncake, but I must say that I have learnt so much from taking a look at this cookie. It is great for the makers to have found such an inspiration.
Posted by Barida on 10-03-2017
We have some typical Chinese cuisine here, but I've never known about mooncake. I've tasted the sponge cake, the one they use for birthdays or any special celebration, and it's really fluffy and delicious, so I hope this mooncake be something similar. Maybe they do offer it here, but I didn't know about it, so next time I hit the Chinese restaurant, I'm going to make sure, that I can taste a piece of this cake.
Posted by ballyhara on 10-03-2017
I have never tried to eat this so-called Chinese mooncake. I've heard a lot of it and when I see it in pictures, it looks delicious. I guess that this recipe is only made during such festivals and not on regular holidays right? because I wanted to have a taste of it but I guess it's impossible for now.
Posted by rage35 on 10-03-2017
Wow, that looks very tasty and yummy as well. I haven't tried eating Chinese moon cake before. It's not part of the snacks we have here in Nigeria, although I haven't tried looking it up in some of the shopping malls and eateries around. Who knows maybe I would get luck and see it. I definitely would love to savour the taste of that snack and know exactly how and what it takes like in order to truly appreciate it well and not just picture appreciation.
Posted by Heatman on 10-04-2017
I have neve5 trier moon cakes. I did Google it to see how they were made and they sound and look really good. We have a large Asian population here and many restaurants offering their cuisine but I have yet to see moon cakes on the menus. I would really like to give them a try for myself.nice am sure that I would like them.
Posted by Sue on 10-04-2017
Yes i have tasted Chinese moon cake and it is very delicious i only tasted the chocolate flavor of Chinese moon cake. it was during the festival because my aunties and other family members are half Chinese like me so we celebrate the Chinese moon cake festival i ate a lot of it the chocolate flavor have a balance taste with sweetness and little bit crusty.
Posted by tophew on 10-04-2017
I've never tried this traditional food because my country is so far away from China and, the chinese residents who live in my country, celebrate their festivities privately. This mooncake looks pretty good, I would like to try it someday.
Posted by cubo on 10-04-2017
In our region we don't have the chinese bakery. So no chance of tasting the mooncake. I have seen my cousin having it when he was in the trip to china. And it was kind of hard experience there. But based on what I have seen it'd be not much possible to have it. We don't have any ways for the chinese taste to have it here. So that's the thing one has to think about there as well.
Posted by overcast on 10-04-2017
Never seen or heard about these but they surely look so yummy and good. I would love to try them, they are quite similar to the cookies we have here and i like to have them on daily basis with my cup of tea in the evening and morning. Nice to know about historical attachment of it and actually most of the Asian countries have unique food for every season and festivals and this seems one of those.
Posted by HARPREETSINGH on 10-04-2017
Yeah, actually I have. Since I am an anime fan, I always wondered what red bean paste tastes like and while going through Chinatown I saw something that looked similar to that. Anyway, I asked the woman there what it was and she said something that I didn't understand but I bought it regardless because of curiosity and they really are as sweet as advertised. In Egypt as well they have something similar but usually with a date or fig filling and they taste very similar as far as the outside batter.
Posted by AlexHarris on 10-04-2017
I have never eaten Chinese mooncake but have tried other types of Chinese cookies and they were really delicious and I am sure that this one is palatable too. My manager is Chinese and each year for Chinese New Year she brings all kind of delicacies but never brought the mooncake. I will definitely ask her about the Chinese mooncake and hope that I get to taste it soon. I enjoy tasting new foods and that's one of the reasons why I want to travel the world.
Posted by Pixie on 10-04-2017
I have heard tales of the famous Chinese red bean paste but have yet to try it for myself. These cakes look really ornate and delicious! I really like that they signify something so wholesome and enjoyable, too. Are these available in the United States? Can red bean paste be made using local ingredients without losing the qualities that makes it so wonderful?
Posted by JaiGuru on 10-04-2017
I never tried something like this Chinese mooncake, it looks so good and the fact it has many variants just makes it look more interesting. It's nice to hear that there are typical foods all around the world that still follow a tradition and mean something, nowadays it seems we only care about festivities or Christmas. We should look into food related to ancient traditions more.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-04-2017
I am not afraid to admit that I have never eaten or heard about the mooncake. Judging from the picture though, it looks absolutely delicious. How hard is it to make? If I'd find a recipe online do you think I could manage it alone? I love this type of food and I have always admired the Chinese culture. You guys have such wonderful festival and different values that even reflect through food.
Posted by Mehano on 10-04-2017
I have tried other cakes but not the moon cake for the Chinese. Will love to have a bite someday.I see this cookies in most of their movies and it always look yummy. I will love to eat it soon if I get to that location
Posted by lovely on 10-04-2017
I never tried it but it looks yummy. I love the way it is made. It makes it look appetizing. Thanks for sharing this as i was not aware of this custom.
Posted by sspi on 10-04-2017
I still haven't tried it and I don't expect it to be that amazing, however it's nice to try things from different cultures and it would certainly be interesting to eat one so I can have an opinion on it. It's most likely tasty so that's a bonus, but it's cool that it has some cultural value.
Posted by manmad on 10-04-2017
I had never heard of Chinese mooncake until I read this discussion, but visually it doesn't look very appetizing. I would eat it to feel the sensation and have my own opinion, but the appearance really is not good, haha!

Don't get me wrong, but... Honestly, it sounds rather weird.
Posted by wiseagent on 10-04-2017
I never tried the Chinese mooncake, but I am really curious how it tastes. Can you provide us more information about this....maybe we can even have a recipe to cook it at home, I am asking because it looks really good!
Posted by wallet on 10-04-2017
There are 9 main-stream traditional varieties when talking of Mooncakes. I believe some may argue there are more styles. No matter which style it is, a moon cake must be round, just like the moon. I have seen them in a Buffet but didn't tried. I am going to remember this when i see them next time and try them for sure.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-04-2017
My husband loves mooncake. In fact, he just bought mooncake today and is offering me a piece. What he bought is the Lotus Seed, that is his favorite flavor for the mooncake although there's also yam and other flavors. The mooncake is a Chinese influence and they emerge almost everywhere during the so called Mooncake festival. This occasion is a time for bonding among the Chinese and their friends regardless if you are Chinese or not.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-05-2017
I have never tried Chinese mooncake, I have never heard about mooncakes. My home country shares a border with Tibet. The great himalayas are the boarderlines between China and Nepal. However, Chinese culture is somewhat alien for us. Over the years, people from my home country have visited China for study, work and business, and the Chinese have also arrived in the country for travel and business, yet China is so alien for us.
Posted by vinaya on 10-05-2017
It looks too pretty to eat! I would hate to ruin the little, pretty shapes in the top of the cake, I have never tried it in the past but I will be willing to eat it. The filling it's a little unusual for me because I'm not use to eat beans in a cake or sweet beans in general but it has to be a great experience to have!
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 10-07-2017
I'm Chinese so mooncakes show up every year during the Moon Festival. However, I don't like mooncakes. I feel like it's too heavy. I'm not a big fan of sweets and mooncakes are too sweet for me. I used to eat it for the tradition, but it makes me sick to eat such overly sweet stuff.
Posted by kataomoi on 10-19-2017
Yes, I did! I love the red beans on it and the taste is so delicious. It's also so addicting to eat. I also love the presentation. During Chinese New Year, we always go to the mall and buy them and taste also some other flavors of it. They also have a display of a giant mooncake where I think the size is around 40 inches in diameter. I'm pretty sure that everyone will like this. I'm not Chinese, I just love eating this delicious delicacy.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 10-24-2017
I've tasted it and it's alright although I wouldn't really seek it out the rest of the year as there are many other food items that taste way better. I don't really follow tradition all that much either so even on special occasions I never come across these anymore. I think if the occasion didn't exists people wouldn't really buy this because honestly as much as it tastes alright, I don't think it tastes that good that people would go out of their way to buy them if there wasn't an annual reminder to do so.
Posted by Wubwub on 10-25-2017
I agree that people buy the Chinese moon cake only during the festival period because of 2 things – the taste is not really that good and it is very expensive. To be honest, we seldom buy moon cake because of the cost. But we enjoy eating moon cake when it is given to us by our Chinese friends. In the Chinatown here, moon cake is available all year round but only the Chinese are buying.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-26-2018
I like the sweet kind with the different nuts and candied fruits, it has a bean paste for the base of the filling. What I don't like are the ones with meat filling with century egg, I think it's an acquired taste and I just can't eat it.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 04-14-2018