Heathers (1988)

Heathers (1988)
Heathers follows Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder) as she navigates her unique position amongst the titular "Heathers" - a group of teen girls all sharing the same first name, taste for popularity, and cut-throat attitude toward high school. A new kid, JD (Christian Slater), comes to town and entices Veronica to ditch her cruel, superficial friends and team up with him instead. From there, the body count begins adding up and Veronica must confront that JD is a much more destructive force than he first appeared.

Heathers became a cult hit upon it's release to VHS. After the lightheartedness of John Hugh's legacy, it was a dark and delightful breath of fresh air. It's had an infectious effect on pop culture; well-known for the inventive slang used throughout and a hot take on the way American culture metabolizes teenage angst and experiences. It also had a heavy influence on what would come to be other classic teen girl-focused films: Jawbreaker, The Craft, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Mean Girls to name just a few. With the portrayal of teen-on-teen homicide, it's been said a movie like it could never be released in the post-Columbine US and we'll see if that's true with a planned 2018 remake on the way. It has also inspired a musical adaptation.

This film is considered a cult classic, inspiring works all the way to the present day. It fundamentally changed the way audiences and directors interact with high school stories. The writing is sharp, clever, and the characters are dark but instantly recognizable. It holds up to this day.

The writer intended for the film to be directed by Stanley Kubrick (it never reached Kubrick) and as a result, some of the stilted length or unreality of certain scenes may not be to a particular audience's taste.



Better Plot

Nothing makes a movie better and interesting is a better and complete plot. It's exactly what I enjoyed watching Heathers (1998). With the character of Winona Ryder in the movie makes it very interesting.
Posted by Martinsx on 07-24-2018

Winona Ryder

Any movie that involves Winona Ryder is a classic specially Heathers and Beetlejuice which was both shown in 1988. There's something about her that appeals to audiences, she wowed movie watchers in another cult classic Edward Scissorhands opposite Johnny Depp in 1990. Between Heathers and Mean Girls, Heathers is quite better.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 07-24-2018


Mean Girls (2004)

Mean Girls (2004)
Mean Girls follows Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) as she navigates an America high school after being homeschooled by her zoologist parents for over a decade in Africa. Though somewhat socially inept, she's immediately taken in as something of a pet project by the most popular girls in school, "The Plastics". After the group's leader, Regina George (Rachel McAdams), embarrasses Cady by promising to hook her up with a boy and instead taking the opportunity to hook up with him herself, Cady and another of Regina's victims, Janis Ian (Lizzy Kaplan), plan the demise of The Plastics. As they begin to successfully destroy Regina's popularity, Cady finds herself becoming more and more like the mean girls themselves.

Written by Tina Fey, Mean Girls catapulted the careers of Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and Lizzy Kaplan. It was a humongous pop culture phenomena of the 2000's. Like it's predecessors Clueless and Heathers, Mean Girls brought new slang into mainstream culture and provided a scathing criticism of the ways young girls are taught to interact with one another, what they're taught to value. A direct-to-video sequel was released in 2011 and a stage musical was set for release in 2018. A spin-off, Mean Moms, is currently in development.

This movie is a good time, plain and simple. The supporting cast puts in delightful performances and the script is filled to the tin with memorable lines and dialogue. It will likely be heralded as one of the most popular films of the 2000's and required watching.

Despite inspiring plenty of memes and related work, there is a question as to how well some of the film holds up. People of a certain (millennial) generation are guaranteed to find the content relatable, but as current events shift the cultural teen conversation towards mass shootings, sexism, racism, and internet harassment in schools it's likely that even this take may appear rosier than it should.



Rachel McAdams And still ht Lindsay Lohan

Love Mean Girls, great comedy,and hot girls. Loved Lindsay in this film, when she was still hot, and Rachel is so beautiful.
Posted by Anonymous on 08-09-2018

more well rounded

I recently watched Heathers and was reminded of how dark it was and while it was entertaining and I do appreciate dark themes, I do prefer a bit more lightheartedness and comedy in films a bit more so I choose Mean Girls. Both are good in their own way and are celebrated for good reason, but my preference just leans more towards the more modern one.
Posted by Wubwub on 07-25-2018

Enjoyed it.

The time that I spent watching the Mean Girls was never a waste as I get to see thr good as well as the bad that always happen when we are talking about the things that occurs in high school. I mean everything that played out is a lesson to the current generation of how to behave when in schools.
Posted by Barida on 07-25-2018

Mean Girls (grudgingly)

I personally am not a fan of either film but I could sit through Mean Girls at least once. Heathers though, can't do it. Maybe it's because it feels so dated in 2018 and all.
Posted by NickJ on 11-10-2018

bias :D

Of course mean girls. No other reason but because Lindsay Lohan was there.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 07-24-2018

Such a fun movie

I think Mean Girls was a really fun movie, but also something that had a lot of lessons to be learned from it. I can't believe it's been 14 years since it was released, though! Where does the time go?

It also was back when Lindsay Lohan was big - it was a shame to see her fall off the wagon so badly.

Posted by amelia88 on 07-26-2018

Like it a lot

I watch mean girls for the nth times now. I lost track of how manu times I have watched this movie. This is just plain and simple but this kind of movie is what I needed the most during my mood swings. I don't know, I just felt good after watching this.
Posted by lei08pineda on 07-25-2018

Better than others

I love Mean Girls over the Heathers. Mean Girls was portrayed the reality of life. It was a fun to watch and has a very interesting story.
Posted by mark86 on 09-14-2018

Great movie

I am a big fan of Lindsay Lohan that is why Mean girls is my choice. This movie is very great to watch. I am just amazed at how they portrayed their roles. The characters are fun, smart, and they gave an excellent performance in this movie.
Posted by superlicca on 08-24-2018

Great Movie!

I like the movie Mean Girls. I had fun while watching it eventhough I was still a child when I first saw it. I have seen a lot of memes about it in social media and I could relate to them. Also, the cast are so beautiful and elegant. Eventhough some people say that they could not give a good example for children, I still grew up in a good manner. I mean, they could give influence to people but we can still decide on how will our life go.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 08-27-2018


I will choose mean girls because it is more funnier. Lindsay Lohan is there and I really like how she act. Mean girls is really refreshing and fun to watch.
Posted by Zelmontero on 08-30-2018

Where is the TEA?

Mean Girls depicts that high school drama really exist. In real life, drama do exist. Mean girls embodies the harsh reality that there are angel faced people who are pure evil and two faced. This series is full of lessons. It also plays with one's emotion effectively, it became one of the all time classics in hollywood.
Posted by anchoreztin on 09-03-2018


I love this movie a lot. Partially because I love Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan. I also like the story which clearly portrays the lives of teenagers. This somehow relates to the people on my generation or what we call the "millenials". I had really fun watching this movie because of it's interesting plot.
Posted by MiaManimbo on 09-20-2018

Nice movie

The movie is funny and crazy at the same time there is a lesson on it. I love it when Lindsay Lohan become a part of the mean girls, I love the characters, the casts. I love the scene which is when they perform the Jingle bells song it's too cute! The lesson I learned in the movie is that It's OK to be different, Trash-talking someone else won’t make you feel any better, Don't let popularity go to your head, and Don't care what other thinks. So yeah this is why i love Mean girls so much.
Posted by annexeyn28 on 08-30-2018

Mean Girls

I vote for mean girls. They are good in acting. They are also very pretty.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-23-2018

Amanda Seyfried

I've not watched the Heathers so I'll choose Mean Girls. It's actually funny and interesting. I did not get bored while watching it until the end. I really like Amanda Seyfried the most. She gorgeous and hot. I watched some of her movies like Anon. She's a great actress. In the Mean Girls movie, she's not the main character but I really like her. I've watched it just this year (2018).
Posted by kinja90 on 09-11-2018

Wonderful film

Regarding into the meaningful lessons that it imparted into us we can also see that it reflects upon the people at that times. So we can look into the bigger picture and able to tell into ourselves of what is the right that they do and what wasn't appropriate so that we can follow and disobey some doings in that time. Of course that as times goes by surely the film will get outdated and the more refine generatuon will find out that there are some a lot of improper contents into it.
Posted by Gilgamesh on 10-04-2018

This one.

I must say that it is widely popular for a reason. Mean Girls has been an iconic movie and has been like the basis of people who view others as mean. It is very entertaining and I must say that the characters, the plot and the chemistry were well developed.
Posted by theresajane on 10-26-2018

You can’t sit with us.

This more my generation. I never watched the Heathers which I probably dhould have. But I think I’ve watched Mean Girls countless times. I love Rachel Mcadams here. She so perfectly anoying in the film. The movies has a lot of good taglines. I just live for Mean Girls truly.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 10-31-2018

Fun movie to watch

I watched it together with my sisters and we did enjoy it. This type of movies aren't really my type but this movie, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the scenes very much and I know that it became even more popular for that reason.
Posted by hstinscdln on 11-22-2018

On Wednesdays we wear PINK!

I'm not choosing mean girls because I'm a fan of the actresses. Ok maybe I am just a tiny bit. This is one enjoyable movie to watch! I think I've watched it a dozen times already, and it's one of those movies that you won't get tired of watching.
Posted by knnon on 12-07-2018


I think Heathers 1988 was a real classic movie since the characters display how teens make friends and interact easily in America The movie was great.
Posted by babyright on 07-23-2018
Wow, that was the year I am born. But with what the post said, I felt that I needed to watch that movie. Sounds interesting because it became famous.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 07-24-2018
Mean Girls for me is better. Not because of the plot or anything technical but because it was my age. The other movie is way too old for me and maybe I will find it hard to get along with it. And of course Lindsay Lohan has an appealed that makes me love this movie.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 07-24-2018
I think the Heathers, I much more related to this one. I really love the classic teen movies, I really like how hard the communication during that time and to make friends with other people. However, on this movie, it's looks easy and there was no problem even without gadgets of phone, a simple interaction with other people makes this movie really interesting.
Posted by ion on 07-24-2018
I think the Heathers, I much more related to this one. I really love the classic teen movies, I really like how hard the communication during that time and to make friends with other people. However, on this movie, it's looks easy and there was no problem even without gadgets of phone, a simple interaction with other people makes this movie really interesting.
Posted by ion on 07-24-2018
Heathers is a classic, and inspired so many other teen tv shows and movies, including Mean Girls. So, let's say extra points to Heathers for being a pioneer into teen world movies, but honestly I rather watch Mean Girls instead of Heathers. Pranks are meaner, and it shows how cruel can be high school for some guys. Not that I agree with bullying or being mean, but let's face it, that's happening still on every school around America, at least kids will identify those situations and try to stop them.
Posted by ballyhara on 07-24-2018
Well analysed, heathers is really classic and it came in a time I needed to see a movie of that nature as I was still a teenager then so I loved the storyline too but I still love mean girls it was more captivating for me.
Posted by lovely on 07-25-2018
I love the mean girls because of its storyline it was an interesting movie but in a realistic way. The writer was very creative and the cast and crew did a perfect job of interpreting the story perfectly just an exciting movie to watch .I'm so waiting to see mean moms.
Posted by lovely on 07-25-2018
I have never watched the Heathers so I can can only vote for Mean Girls and it is indeed mean and fun movie to watch. I guess they are somehow the same as teen girls with the popularity that they have and to add that attitude. Mean girls is one of those movies in my time that still reflects to most teens nowadays.
Posted by Marako0406 on 07-31-2018
I love mean girls. I haven't heard about heathers. And also its an old movie I have not noticed but mean girls, my teachers recommend us to watch mean girls and what can I say is that it was a good movie for me.
Posted by nekonieden on 08-19-2018
I also can only offer my comments regarding my acknowledgement of mean girls and not heathers. Part of why is because by 1998 I had not yet started watching anything I could only concentrate on being breastfed.
Posted by Martin on 09-08-2018
I love sitcoms and comedy shows on tv. Unfortunately, I don’t think those shows mentioned above have not been shown here even in cable channels. Based on the descriptions, I think I would enjoy watching both shows and I cannot make a judgment now since all I know is based on the description.
Posted by Corzhens on 08-30-2018
I have never seen Heathers before, probably because it came out way before I was even born! But I definitely know Mean Girls and I have seen it several times. It's a really good movie with a lot of funny scenes. It has an appealing and relevant topic with great and talented actors/actresses.
Posted by Mehano on 09-03-2018
I think most people would be voting for Mean Girls because it is a newer movie. There is a huge gap between the release of these movies and that could be why this poll is biased towards Mean Girls. I haven't watched Heathers yet because of its age and Mean Girls was hyped during its release.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 09-15-2018
I choose mean girls. They all look beautiful. They are mean to their opponents as well.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-23-2018
The mean girls are just fine. Typical girl from high school that wants to be popular but changed to get her real friends back. The heathers are really intriguing me because honestly I haven't watch the movie yet but I'm really planning to look for a copy of this movie and see for my self what this classic movie really like and why its been compared to Mean Girls movie. Well yeah I was born already but very young to get interested to watch this on early 80's.
Posted by romy_ter on 10-01-2018
Mean girls for the fact that it reminds me of my teenage years. Highschool life, bullies, nerds, parties, crushes. It’s a good teenage movie and a lesson or two can be learned. I haven’t watched a single episode of The Heathers
Posted by conniemac on 10-26-2018
I honestly never heard of Heathers. Maybe because I'm not from America that I didn't know what was the talk of the country. I must say Mean Girls is really popular here in our country and has been a very iconic movie.
Posted by theresajane on 10-27-2018
I haven't watched the Heather yet, but it seems interesting. As for the mean girls, I've watch it a few times and I really enjoyed it so much.
Posted by allyn2017 on 10-31-2018