Hiring a Freelancer

Hiring a Freelancer
Increasingly in this day and age businesses are turning to freelancers to buy their services for business. They work on a pay per job or a pay per hour service. Freelancers tend to charge less money per job, but quality can be a serious problem. They often only have one single specialty such as "content writing," or "Search Engine Optimization".

Tend to earn much less, but this is an advantage for business owners who get work done for less money. Can specialize more on a specific subject leading to increased quality of work sometimes.

Hard to check quality before hiring a freelancer. Freelancers tend to earn less per hour and per hob.




As a freelancer myself I love the flexibility that comes with the job as I'm not tied down into a single role/ business. I am also able to work whenever I want and at whatever pace I want, which is good for me and the business as it motivates me to work as fast as I can.

It also allows businesses to to only hire when they are in need of work, which can be fantastic if the company is only small. Not only that, but it requires much less paperwork/ insurance, as you are buying a service instead of hiring them as an employee

Posted by hasa1015 on 07-30-2016
Yes I agree with you. So far I have only had pleasant experiences with freelancers. I start off with small jobs and if someone is really good then I give some more work. This way I don't get disappointed.

In South Africa employees are very well protected. If I hire someone there is often a 3 month probation period, however if after those 3 months are over and I don't want that employee it is not as simple as saying sorry, you did't make it.

I have to before the end of the 3 months is up tell the employee that I am not happy, give reasons and give the employee a fair chance to meet my expectations.

Once the 3 month probation is over there are so many rules that have to be stuck to so I stick to the basic conditions of employment act.

If i want to give an employee a warning or take any sort of action I must first conduct a hearing. it is such a process. I don't want to ever do that again.
You do make some very valid points, some freelancers are much more useful than some employees, however with flexibility comes inconsistency in my opinion.

Less Problematic!

I had an employee and I will never do it again. It was an awful experience and if you have an employee that is disloyal and doesn't do their job it is not that easy to get rid of them.

Having an employee is a huge responsibility and costs a small fortune. It is fine if they are doing a good job and bringing in money to your business then that is great, but they can also turn into a major liability.

I have hired freelancers to do specific jobs for me and I kick myself now for not going that route long ago. What a pleasure. I pay for the job done, not for the amount of hours worked. I am a customer to a freelancer not an employer and they treat me well and try their best with every job completed.

Posted by LynneHuysamen on 07-30-2016
Why was employee disloyal if you do not mind me asking? I am curious as to the reason for you getting rid of them. I think lots of people who want single jobs done tend to go for freelancers, whereas bigger businesses tend to go for employees because they can work more consistently... that is if they are loyal which it sounds like yours was not.
After the employee was retrenched due to the company finances dropping so significantly over a period of nearly a year, this employee went onto social media and tried to send all my customers to my suppliers cutting my company out of the equation.

This was not only unethical but also in all honesty stupid because the employee was still technically employed at this stage but was not required to work out the notice period.

Since then the ex employee is still blackening my name and my company name, as well as trying to start up a competing business in the same industry.

However all my customers and suppliers that are contacted have always called me and told me about it.

It is sad because I tried my best to look after this employee, the salary was way above the standard wage in this area, in fact high above any average wage in the country for the job description.

The whole experience has taught me a lot about the way I do business now and deal with other people. So I am wiser, I must be grateful for that.

I have since changed the direction of my company and my career and I am managing almost everything on my own and earning so much more money. I have learned how to automate so much of what I do now and I am so much happier.

It just goes to show how everything we go through can lead us on a path to better things.

Freelancers are cheaper.

Freelancers are cheaper, and can get the work done. Some may say that hiring an employee would result in more quality work, however a freelancer can have the same quality of work. If you need a small service done why would you hire an employee?

I would much rather hire a freelancer just because it's cheaper than to hire an employee. For employees you have to pay hourly, salary, or whatever payment system is agreed upon by both parties. Having an employee can cut into the businesses profit.

Freelancers are everywhere, and are always in need of work. Not only will they be willing to do work at a fair price, they will almost always come back to you if you need something done again. Freelancers love repeat business, and they will also offer deals to you because you're a regular client.

I vote for freelancing, not only because it's cheaper, but you're actually helping a freelancer survive!

Posted by Everett on 08-14-2016


I've tried both and I go with freelancers. It's easier for me and it's usually cheaper too. Most of the freelancers I've been working with have been doing their tasks without any issues and almost all of them have been easy to work with. I just tell them what to do and they do it. Most of them have been hired several times as I've been satisfied with them. I also usually hire freelancers "long term" and not just for one simple job. It's usually 3+ months or so and I teach them everything they need to know myself too. So just by doing that, we communicate and get to know each other very well. I've been satisfied with the freelancers I've hired about 85% of the times.
Posted by hitmeasap on 07-30-2016
Eighty five percent of the time does not strike me as a particularly high number, if I hired someone and they only produced good work a mere 85% of the time and I was paying them per job I would be really disappointed at that number. The real problem I have with freelancers is that they often outsource their work again and again and a job you pay $100 for ends up being skimmed and skimmed as it is outsourced by a firm and you only end up getting, for example, $50 worth of work.

Freelancer is usually better

I would definately hire a freelancer over a fixed employee. The reason I would do this is that the freelancer tends to be cheaper and also tends to produce a similar quality of work to the actual employee which gives you a higher profit margin etc. On top of this the employee is entitled to paid leave etc which only makes it more expensive and less cost efficient to the business manager or owner. Freelancers can also get things done quickly, they usually don't have much work to do and most things can be sorted out online. An example of a freelancer site is fiverr where stuff that would cost the normal business owner around $20- $30 only costs $5 on there.
Posted by neilbhabuta on 07-31-2016
The thing I struggle with is that it is not about the cost of the job, rather the quality. I would happily pay $100-$200 for an amazing logo, but that does not mean you cannot go on to Fiverr or another website and get one made for $5. In my humble opinion and experience hiring people you tend to get what you pay for.

it reduces overhead cost

for tasks that a firm seldom have, it makes great economic sense to hire freelancers rather than have an employee who seats idle doing nothing.
Posted by mayorsunky on 05-14-2017

Hiring a Freelancer

I think that hiring a freelancer is the best option for companies as a registered employee can mean lots of unnecessary costs. Instead, when a company hires a freelancer, it is possible to be exempt from fees and other bureaucracies.
Posted by hermessantos on 07-19-2017


I think a lot of people can make more money as a freelancer. If they don't want to get bombarded with the freelancing issues. And it can be really good for the overall hiring process. I am sure you can see there is definitely some benefit from the same. I guess for many among us this is a good thing.
Posted by overcast on 01-29-2018


It's mostly the reason why they prepare to hire a freelancer because of a competition. What I mean is if there are lots of people who have the potential to do the job for you, they sometimes bargain themselves to the fact that their service is so cheap that you can't resist to hire them. There's always a way to check the quality of their work before you pay through 3rd party sites where they stand as a middle-man where they hold your payment until you're satisfied for the freelancer's job and agreed to pay them, that's the time that the 3rd party sites will generate the payment into freelancer's account.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-19-2017

Hiring a Freelancer

Depending on the nature of the job that needs to be done would go a long way in determining whether hiring a Freelancer or a full time employee would best suit the job. But on a more personal level, I am more for hiring a Freelancer for a job under contract.
Posted by Martinsx on 11-21-2018


Better to get freelancers, pay is cheaper, quality usually is higher and I get to save lots of money by not having a full-time employee with benefits.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 02-19-2018


Hiring an Employee

Hiring an Employee
Businesses tend to hire employees with a more diverse set of skills as appose to freelancers. Most big businesses tend to favour hiring employees over hiring freelancers. Employees tend to earn more and are often payed in salaries or per hour.

Employees tend to be more able to work for more hours and have a more diverse set of skills making them more ideal for big businesses.

Can be hard to fire workers who are employed in many big businesses due to laws of countries meaning many businesses find it hard to downsize and upsize efficiently.



Employees work harder

From my personal experience as someone who owns a business I would say that employees tend to work a lot harder than freelancers. They are more focused as they are more motivated because they get a cut of the profit compared to a freelancer who just gets paid per job or per hour.
Posted by Natty on 07-30-2016
That's an interesting point you make. Some people are motivated by profits but there are a lot of impatient people who want the upfront cash.
Not in my experience! But I had a staff member on a set salary.
I guess that depends.. I haven't experienced this myself. Whenever I hire freelancers I usually pay them a fixed amount for each task they do. And I've only had a handful of "rotten eggs" so to speak. The rest of my workers have always been 100% focused and they've done the job perfectly without any major issues.


I would prefer an employee if it were me just because I'd have more familiarity with who I am working with. I think having either would be okay as long as the person is skilled and works hard, but having an employee means you can build the relationship more and get to know the person more and thus work with their strengths and possibly even branch out from there.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-09-2018

More satisfying

I think that it depends on what one is looking in employing someone that determines the exact kind of employee one is looking at getting. And in my opinion, Hiring an Employee would give you more control over how your job is done for you and on the other hand, the employee would be looking to offer his or her best in order to be retained in the job.

This makes his or her work to be well detailed and better carried out in order to please his boss. But this is not almost likely in hiring a freelancer, as a result of his or her less permanent attachment to the job, there is a very good tendency of him or her not caring too much on how the job is carried out and this virtually affect the business in general.

Posted by Heatman on 09-24-2017


Decent comparison, thanks. Although the hiring process is actually fairly similar, interestingly enough. In both cases you should take a look at their previous work and evaluate their skills. You can use an online tool such as TestDome ( to give them a coding test. This is a good first step to narrow down your selection, but it either case you should always have a thorough technical interview prepared.
Posted by Anonymous on 09-13-2016
I agree the process of hiring varies. And so does the price. I think there are some really good sites from where we can do the hiring. And one can be really assured of the process for the hiring the employee. I am happy as freelancer and love to work with the companies. So I think I'd say such coding test tools can be good.
Posted by overcast on 01-29-2018
You are right that you have to check the track record and probably you also need to ask for recommendation from his previous employers. That is the standard in offices here when hiring for a job vacancy. The work experience is important much more in the recent job that the boss could tell you a lot of things. But for me, a freelancer and an employee is much the same except for the tenure.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-29-2018
I think everything should be taken in context. Some of the work are better to be done through the freelancer and some of the time thorough employee. I am sure you know how things can do get caught up. Not a lot of benefits of hiring an employee. Because you have to invest a lot into their skills. And you get into issue with them and may fire them. In case of freelancers you get skilled person.
Posted by overcast on 06-22-2017
i think the answer will depend mostly on the job requirement. If you need a person for special assignments that are non-recurring or needs less than a full-day's effort each time, it would be cheaper to find a freelancer. If the job, however, requires a lot of accountability like handling funds and keeping confidential records, it would be best to hire a full time employee. Although both type of workers can have equal skill level, freelancers may not have the same dedication and loyalty that a regular employee has.
Posted by chatbox on 09-17-2017
I agree with you, It really depends on what the business does. Not all jobs can be given to freelancers. There are businessman that hires both freelancers and regular employees to make the business processes faster and easier and to be more productive. And if the business is big, it is really great to have a regular employee where you can trust confidential matters.
Posted by vhinz on 10-17-2017
If the business is stable, I would prefer to hire an employee who will receive a regular salary plus the usual benefits of sick and vacation leaves. A freelancer is paid more but he has no benefits and can be terminated any time. That puts him to a disadvantage and it has a great psychological drawback regarding his loyalty to the employer.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-12-2017
I think that freelancer is the better option because not only does it usually cost you way less money, it's easier to just hire somebody for a project or two then move on. It's difficult when you hire an employee but after a while, you see that they're not a good fit and you have to potentially fire them.
Posted by Mehano on 01-29-2018
It all depends on the volume of work available because if I have much work to do then getting an employee and giving the person the job descrIption to perform is better,that way one don't need to repeat certain instructions all the time like when one is hiring a freelancer and the employee might end up doing the job designated better because of constant working unlike the freelancer that might do it once in a while.So getting an employee when one has volume of work is better.
Posted by lovely on 02-11-2018
I would prefer to hire a freelancer. Hiring and maintaining employees is the hardest thing ever. Think about benefits, salary whether you make any money or not. Employees are also the hardest people to manage, think about making sure they complete their work. Setting targets,assesing them.I personally think that employment is a continuation of school. Nursery school!Most bosses are patronizing and treat you like a child. You have rules and regulations, you can get in trouble,e.t.c. It's better to hire people that are responsible and can manage themselves.
Posted by jaymish on 03-21-2018