Holiday in Space

Holiday in Space
Space is filled with so many uncertainties, and science is working tirelessly to unveil the principles behind them. A holiday in space is the desire of most business tycoons, the cost associated with such possibilities can be scary, so people tend to push off taught of space holidays. Space missions require intense calculations and preparation, countries which embark on space missions, spend a fortune in accomplishing such tasks, most space shuttles are propelled by rockets, the rockets provides the energy required to overcome the earth's gravitational field, the cost is extremely high.

Space missions require special kits and training, because life in space is completely different from what we experience on earth. The force of gravity is not available in space, so any form of inappropriate act can lead to loss of life, a new method of motion must be learnt, and space candidates must get acquainted with space instruments. Special training is carried out on space candidates, they learn how to walk, eat, and run in space, fluid motion is different in space, so everything must be under control.

When you opt for a holiday in space, you are in for a remarkable experience, this implies, you will be leaving planet earth for a while, imaginations of such holiday will definitely, leave smiles on your face. Space is incredible spot for holidays, relaxing in space will expand your knowledge on things, that exists outside this planet.

• A flawless experience. • You learn new things about space. • The earth is seen from distance. • Distanced from earth crisis. • Spectacular view of the galaxies.

• Incredibly expensive. • require special training. • Little mistake can cause loss of life. • Lacks natural oxygen.



A childhood dream

Although my only childhod dream was to experience zero gravity, I would to experience for myself how space feels. I cannot stress how I will choose this one over the poles because I really dislike cold temperatures and it will not take long before I hate the experience. Having a vacation at space will take a lot of preparation, but the experience will be OUT OF THIS WORLD.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 08-09-2017

Outer Space

I have always had the childhood fantasy of travelling in outer space. Truth be told, it would probably be a very harrowing experience, especially the liftoff and the ultimate realization that you are not even on your own planet anymore--however, once I became accustomed to that reality, I think that I would definitely relish space travel and landing on a colony on some foreign world for an exotic vacation. In comparison to the North or South Poles, out space travel seems to be the most exotic an enjoyable choice. Also, I guess that maybe I could do both and visit the poles on the other planet I land upon, right?
Posted by Anonymous on 08-10-2017


I think a holiday in space would be so cool. It would be something completely different and like nothing we have ever experienced before. I think the travel there would be a huge thrill in itself. What a wonderful and amazing experience that would be to get to have a vacation in space. Where do I sign up? lol
Posted by Sue on 08-10-2017

Sounds exciting!

Both are very unique and sound exciting but I think that the experience of being able to travel in space would beat anything else. Come on, who hasn't dreamed of doing that? Just imagine how beautiful the view would be... and being able to see other galaxies you've only read about!

I can't imagine a better holiday than going in space. Every friend you have would be jealous of you, haha. Also, I'd love to see how it feels where there isn't any gravity and you just float around in the air... wow.

Posted by Mehano on 08-09-2017
Jonathan Solomon


Well, in my opinion, both sound like quite adventurous holidays. Though a holiday in space appeals to me a bit more than going to the poles. A holiday at the poles kind of seems boring, cold, and uninteresting. A trip to space for a period would be amazing. Though it would seem quite expensive from the onset due to lack of oxygen. However, if a space holiday program was invented, I'd be quite interested to take a trip if available to the public.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 08-19-2017


A holiday at the pole is cool yes, but a holiday in space is unique! We can visit any place on Earth and often it's not a big deal.. sure there are some places nicest than others, a little more amazing.. but what could top space? You go there and when you go back you can say "I was in space!" Plus, while in space you can visit almost all of Earth at once... from a distance, of course
Posted by Xilkozuf on 08-09-2017


If it were possible, I would probably choose to visit space. Although I like arctic animals, I don't think the poles would be a very fun destination because it is so cold and remote and there doesn't seem to be much to see since the landscape is all snow. I feel like space is the more unique destination since you're leaving the earth, but it also requires a lot of preparation and it would probably be difficult to adjust. However, because it's such a unique kind of holiday and there would probably be a lot to see, I would probably choose space.
Posted by lilac123 on 08-13-2017


I always wanted to go into the space. But my health and money may or may not permit. So I think it depends on how the space may respond to some of our health issues. i'd say if things run smoothly who knows we may see space one day. It'd be surely a reality.
Posted by overcast on 08-10-2017

I love Space

I love watching movies related to space and I would love to travel to another planet one day. I really want to know what it is like to live in space. I am sure that we are not alone in this universe. I would love to know if there are other life forms. Movies often depict aliens as evil but this may not necessarily be the case.
Posted by Pixie on 08-09-2017


A holiday in space sounds like an exciting adventure! Imagine the possibilities! The view, the suspense, the thrills, sounds like a really good experience.
Posted by StolenKid on 08-09-2017

Space is a Marvelous Place

As The Crumble Lady (watch "Britain's Got Talent" videos) sang, "Space is a marvelous place!" Or as Star Trek toted for so, so many episodes, "Space, the final frontier." Though I can't say that I've ever vacationed at the poles, I would choose to vacation in space because it is such an unknown adventure. In fact, it is literally out of this world! My husband has always dreamed of traveling in space. In fact, we have a pact that once we are older and have lived most of our life on this planet, if the opportunity should arise for us to move to or travel to space (even at the expense that we never return), then I'll pack my bags and go with him.
Posted by this_free_spirit on 08-09-2017


As a child I always wanted to go to space. If given the chance to do so I would take that opportunity in a heartbeat. Space seems so cool with the view of earth from the moon must be awesome. I've seen NASA photos of the earth are mesmerizing, and must be even more mesmerizing seeing that with your own eyes. I rather do that, get to do want the astronauts do from training to flying in a rocket ship. That'll be a dream come true for anyone.
Posted by tmccoy on 08-25-2017

more extreme

Neither would be my first choice because I'd prefer being somewhere populated for my holidays but between these two I think space would be the better choice just because it's the more extreme of the two. I'd also enjoy being in cold weather but a trip to space would just be more special.
Posted by Wubwub on 12-16-2018

Holiday in space

This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience that will gonna be hard to achieve as you should have to pass a tremendous amount of exercises and simulation before you can abort a spaceship even just as a passenger. There is no view like in the outer space where not only you can see the world, but you can also see the galaxy up close and personal.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 11-09-2017


Holiday at the Poles

Holiday at the Poles
A holiday at the poles can be an indelible experience, owing to natures influence on the poles. The poles experience constant daylight for six months and nighttime for the next six months, this is an incredible attribute obtainable at the earth poles. The weather at the poles is extremely cold, this could be a major setback in making the poles a favourite holiday spot, but the availability of light for an extended period without darkness, is something that is worth experiencing.

The cost of staying warm at the poles is high, but if things are put in place, it is a good place for meditation. You can experience complete frozen sea at the poles, the absence of sunlight for an extended period during Polar nights causes extremely low temperatures.

The sea and other water bodies in the poles get frozen due to the drop in temperature, the land is free of human activities and ice covers a good portion of the land. Snow hotels are built at the poles, this is one of the best places to visit during holidays, a house carved completely from snow, is a magnificent scene to behold.

People troop in thousands yearly to visit this piece of beauty, the exceptional nature makes everything about it astonishing. The cost of lodging in snow hotels is high, but you will definitely find value for such lodging. You can distance yourself from city crisis, by making the poles your favourite holiday spot.

• Six months of constant daylight. • Distanced from city crisis. • A pleasurable experience, when you visit snow hotels. • Free of human activities. • A good place to meditate.

• Extremely cold. • High cost.



Holiday on pole

Holiday on pole will be charming. There six months day and six months night. This is matter of the nature. I want to enjoy this matter. Great creator is great.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 08-17-2017

The poles!

I guess I'm too afraid to travel in space. Traveling in space brings a lot of risks and expenses that I would not assume. I prefer to travel somewhere here on earth. I never traveled to the poles so for me this would be a fantastic travel.
Posted by wallet on 08-10-2017

Swimming POLES? :D

I haven't been to any of the two but I would love to go one day if I get the chance. I have been living on this hot and rainy country so I'd love to feel some ice even just for once. :D
Posted by galegatling on 08-11-2017


Personally, I love the cold and would love spending a vacation in the poles. Just imagine the types of fun activities! Snow ball fights and much more!
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-09-2017

Space is intriguing

To actually convince the thought of going to space is something any adventurous person would ever dream of and coming to the part of going to space is for holidays and exploration of new horizons, who would say so to such experience?

I personally would give up on the opportunity to visit the space once in my life time, so long as I could afford the expenses that comes with it. Traveling to space is not like going from one country to another, and the means to transportation is practically different. So it's very exorbitant financing a trip to space.

Posted by Heatman on 09-08-2017


This is rather like a rock and a hard place for me to choose between space and the poles as I love to feel the earth beneath my feet without snow or space hehe! It sounds cool to visit outer space and just explore the galactic frontiers perhaps even closer than can possibly do so on earth. I was looking at your pros and cons for space and I noticed that you said as a pro "a flawless experience" then as a con you stated "little mistake can cause loss of life!" I wouldn't put that on a space brochure but I do like the concept of the outer space experience. Living in an ice castle or staying for the holidays sounds like a one of a kind experience. I don't suppose you'll have to pay extra for the drinks in the mini bar to be chilled for one! You wouldn't have to pay for AC either and perhaps not heater as this will melt your walls and your neighbors will invade your privacy, but then you can get your money back as you can tell the hotel you paid for a room with stable walls... Okay I'm overthinking this but the cold room in the pole does sound kinda cool to experience for a while I guess.
Posted by Joteque on 08-09-2017
Well, it is just as cold in space as it is at the poles I presume. I would prefer a nice beach holiday! Going to space for a holiday or going to the poles would be a once in a lifetime experience and I think it would be best enjoyed by someone younger and more agile than me.
Posted by JMS on 08-09-2017
Both the holiday ideas are unique and equally exciting. I would like to avail both of them. But if I have to choose just one of the two then I would choose traveling to the poles. The reason is that I would prefer to stay on earth than residing in air. Moreover traveling by a rocket or space ship does not appear as very pleasant to me.

Though the poles have extreme of everything and survival is tough but I would like to experience it at least once in my lifetime.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 08-09-2017
I think I will choose the holiday at the poles because I like my feet on the ground. I think it would be great to see the different ways they have transformed the surrounds of snow and ice into unique places to stay and dine. I am not sure if I would like the cold but it would be better than being in space for me.
Posted by morgoodie on 08-09-2017
Is there any other options besides the space and the pole? I don't think it would be comfortable to have a holiday trip to the space where there isn't anyone else but me and my family. Weird and scary. The pole season is weird too, 6 months of ice and 6 months of warmth will be a torture for tropical residence. I would rather have a holiday trip by the beach where there is sunshine, the wind blowing with the cool breeze from the sea surface and I do not mind on no internet connection as long as I am being fed well.
Posted by peachpurple on 08-10-2017
I am not a fan of either choices. In order to holiday in space, you would need to undergo plenty of training. It does not look comfortable in space. I do not like extremely cold places too so I am certainly not going to the poles any time soon.
Posted by fishmonk on 08-10-2017
rose thornes
I will prefer to go to the space with zero gravity. When I was a kid I always wonder what is it above the sky. Going to space will absolutely a dream came true and I have a chance to see the earth from above, the stars and galaxies. It will be fun exploring the space and I'm in the top of the world!
Posted by rose thornes on 08-10-2017
I hate cold, therefore I would prefer spending my weekend in space. It`s fascinating for every human being to see the earth from outer space.To see the galaxy, planets, Milky Way and who knows maybe encounter one of those green-coloured aliens and make a first officially recorded contact in history)))!
Posted by RosieCheeks on 08-11-2017
If I had money, I will definitely choose to spend my holiday in the space. Sky is something that has always fascinated me. When I was a child, I wanted to become a pilot because I wanted to fly in the sky. When I knew about rocket, I always dreamed of flying to the space in a rocket. I want to experience zeor gravity. Poles, after all, are the things on earth. Space is out of this world thing.
Posted by vinaya on 08-30-2017
Indeed watching those skies and stars. And then celebrating the life with the people in our circle. That type of the fun is always going to be interesting. I'd be surely going for that type of trip if I had the money.
Posted by overcast on 11-21-2018
I know this topic is possible so I will choose a holiday in the poles. But it’s the north pole, just to make it clear. I have been watching documentaries of the south pole and it is declared a dead place because it is extremely cold that even airplanes couldn’t go there during winter because the avgas will freeze. And what can I see in the north pole? Bears maybe and ice houses plus the dogs that are pulling sleds. That’s cool. In space, you can see nothing except the vast space of stars and other round objects. But you are confined in the space ship and I wouldn’t want that. I prefer to roam the north pole instead.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-20-2018
Wouldn't mind having my next holiday in space,I like to explore and space as always been on my mind, apart from.the training that I.need. I think going to space Weill be an awesome experience, one will be able to see new things and really appreciate the universe. it will be great exploration for me.
Posted by lovely on 03-21-2018
I think holidays in space sounds more useful than anything. The reason being they tend to have more demand. And also there is more to watch. In north or south pole you are not going to see much for sure. in that context it's better to have space holiday or vacation. That's what I have learned.
Posted by overcast on 11-21-2018