How Thor will fight without his Hammer ?

How Thor will fight without his Hammer ?
Recently MARVEL Entertainment published a teaser trailer of Thor Ragnarok. I have just watched that trailer. In the trailer I saw that Hela destroyed Thor's hammer ! The Hammer which can't be taken by any other except Thor and Vision. Even Hulk couldn't took that in Avenger. That hammer just destroyed by Hela ! I think Hela will be a great villain of MARVEL Universe. How Thor will fight without his Hammer ? I think Doctor strange is going to join with Thor to reverse into past. I don't know if it will happened . What do you think ? What will happen ? By the by you can watch the trailer here :


Hela is generally one of the most mysterious characters in the Marvel universe, who in the comics is either helping or making things worse on whim. On that regard I think she's a character that gives a lot of artistic space for changes of any sort. By the way, Thor is an Asgardian, he can fight well all on his own as we've seen in the first Thor movie...then again he could always use his brother's help...again. In any case this seems to me like a Loki & Thor tag adventure, like we see in the mythology (absolutely hilarious moments if you put it in the Marvel setting) ...but the comics touch very little on that, except at the and of Ragnarok and beyond. Generally it's obvious that the script writers are drawing from the more recent comics where the Loki & Thor duo is more prominent.
Posted by Dionysia on 04-29-2017
I think it's a good chance for Thor to rely more on himself and less on the hammer. I guarantee there'll be a scene in the movie where Thor will be depressed about the loss of his hammer, how he's lost a piece of himself and there's no way he can fight without it and someone, (Loki?) will have to pep him up and remember it wasn't the hammer that gave him power, but that he was worthy!
Posted by Knightmanx on 05-01-2017
After watching the first Thor movie, I got bored. Thor, the God of thunder, is an interesting characater. He belongs to Norse mythology, however, mobie depiction is very prosaic. The storyline was also very uninteresting. I don't care how Thir will fight without the hammer because I won't be watching this movie.
Posted by vinaya on 08-21-2017
Just like what Odin said to Thor, "Are you Thor, the God of Hammers?" Thor became more powerful without the hammer in which he only uses the hammer to channel his power. I'm still pretty sure and hope that the Mjölnir will be reforged again or might also be getting a new weapon that's more powerful than what he has before but I'm pretty sure that won't happen on this coming Infinity War. Let's wait and see what will happen next.
Posted by ColdFlameChris on 12-01-2017
That situation of Thor without his hammer is a big challenge for the writers. In fact, we are now speculating of how Thor will continue to be powerful without his hammer. I know that writers have far out ideas when it comes to challenges and for sure they will think of a nice way for Thor to remain with his powers. It may either be that Thor will discover another power or his hammer will emerge out of the blue. But whatever it is, I guess it is worth waiting for.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-08-2018
I have watched the movie Thor Ragnarock, it was a good movie but somehow funny. It lacked the excessive seriousness that other Thor movie carried but it was at least averagely good in my opinion.

Thor's sister was actually the one that destroyed the Harmer and Thor felt helpless without it because he believed it was the source of his strength, but only to find out that the Harmer was just a tool that helps him have control over his lightning power. His father Odin revealed that to him before he died and he knew that he was even stronger without the Harmer.
Posted by Martinsx on 04-08-2018
I have watched the movie. I saw how the hammer was destroyed and what Thor has to endure after wards, however, I got bored after Thor and Hulk escapes from the captivity. I did not watch the entire movie.
Posted by vinaya on 12-10-2018
Well, he can use his fist to fight others like what Superman does to fight the villain.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-09-2018
It was always just a symbol, a weapon that harnesses and focuses the real might of the Mighty Thor. But Thor is Thor because of Mjolnir, so it was a surpirse that Blanchett just broke the hammer without breaking a single sweat. It's a whole new world for Thor's character and his writers now that Mjolnir is out of the picture.
Posted by sonnyisabeast on 11-11-2018
He is the God of thunder. Having the powers of lighting and using his fist is already enough. Besides, he already has his new stormbreaker with him that can destroy those who walk in front of him and stop him from getting what he wants.
Posted by YoloBoy on 12-10-2018