How different is your lifestyle from that of your parents?

How different is your lifestyle from that of your parents?
So much has happened from the time I was born until now and most of which my parents never got to enjoy, My parents did not have electricity until the tail end of their ife while I had it when I was born. They cooked on open fire. We now have gas or electricity. They watched a movie may be once a year and now I have them lined up for me on a daily basis to choose from. They had the most basic diet. I have the world before me again to pick and choose. The only travel they did was to visit their relatives. I have seen half the world. My wardrobe is busting at the seams They had clothes that could be counted on their figer tips,. They walked bare feet and now the shoe cupboard is packed with footwear not knowing what to wear. They had to struggle to make two ends meet as mother did not work but I did and so we are financially comfortable. They had sprawling homes while we lived in a flat until lately but we too now have property where we live comfortably. They had support from the extended family as they lived together. We have to depend on society for that. Contacting each other was only through personal visits and that is never heard of these days . It is now asyou know through phone calls and emails. But visiting personally would have been better. One never heard of migrating to a foreign country in those days but now it is more a rule than an exception.
Very few those days were graduated but now we have post graduates – cheaper by the dozen. There wwere no calculatoros then but today because of that one hardly anyone knows how to count. What is the difference between your lifestyle and that of your parents?

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Life have been easier for this generation that whenever I reflect on the things my parents tell me as regards when they were growing up, I always think that I can't be really able yo survive those conditions. The story of walking long distances just to buy food and going lots of kilometers in search of water to drink is, but a few of what they experienced back in those days. The need to see life from that angle always make me afraid and I'm always grateful that I was born in this age.
Posted by Barida on 01-31-2018
I understand the life in the rural area that you have experienced. My parents also told me of the hardship in the rural life that they had to walk more than a mile just to reach school. They go to the forest to gather firewood for cooking because there was no electricity. I cannot imagine living in those days in a home where there is no electricity, no refrigerator and other appliances. That would be a great torment considering that we have the luxuries of life now.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-22-2018
It's very different. I'm sorry to say that's why you should do what you feel is right for you and not necessarily what your parents want you to do, because life as they knew it has changed. For example when we were young we all used to congregate in the living room at the end of the day to watch Television. Nowadays everyone is off in their own corner watching movies, Television or Youtube on their Laptops, Phones or Tablets. I'm sure if you asked your parents they would think this is antisocial , but this is how life is, we just have more choices and don't all have to watch the same thing because one person wants to.
Posted by jaymish on 01-31-2018
When I was born, every household in our place was just using a lamp to lighten the night. No electricity, no television, no internet. They already exist in other places but not in our town.
Posted by vhinz on 01-31-2018
My parents where born in the 50's and 60's both from families which had Businesses. They had a much easier way of life then. When my grandfather died, the business was sold, over the years the money was spent and I became a working man.

I envy their way of living then, in those days they have a lot of money and the prices of things was so low compared to present day prices of basic goods.

There where no computers nor smartphones back then and life was much simpler bit still I envy their generation.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 01-31-2018
I wouldn't say my lifestyle is vastly different to that of my parents. In terms of work, both my parents and I have always done things with a "work to live" attitude as opposed to "live to work." No one in my family has ever pursued intense careers and we have always been content with humble living. The biggest difference between my parents and I is that I've always pursued artistic passions. I'm constantly writing, drawing, or playing music while my parents are perfectly content with just spending the day reading, cooking, or watching television. I'd say the main difference between us is just that I'm more of a creative person.
Posted by Denis_P on 02-01-2018
I would say my lifestyle is not radically different from my parents, but I guess I do a lot more running around then they ever did. I do alot of driving to various things and activities and they never did that. I also am so wired. I eat a lot more then they did. There aren't too many differences.
Posted by kgord on 02-01-2018
My mom had to work before she finished school because she dropped out due to poverty. My grandma passed away, so my mom's aunt took care of her but she had been traumatized by ill treatments. They had electricity, water but no internet. It was in 1960-1970s. Now the modern era, everything is available with finger tips and most children are lucky.
Posted by peachpurple on 02-02-2018
I don't think there's a big difference between my lifestyle and that of my parents. My father was one of the executives of a multinational oil company and could afford to give us a better life than what most people had. Nowadays, I can also provide the same level of comfort to my family not because I have a great job but more because there are more options nowadays and things have gotten cheaper over the years. My father passed away more than two years ago but he got to enjoy the modern trappings of life when he was still living because he can afford to.
Posted by chatbox on 02-04-2018
My parents lived in a different time. Their experience of life is more basic but also more lively. These days we're all hooked on gadgets and media consumption. It's almost as if we're watching life from a lens instead of living in it. But they didn't have all these distractions. While they may not have experienced the advantage of most modern devices, they still managed to live their lives fruitfully and with purpose. This says a lot about our dependence on the internet to keep us happy and sane.
Posted by Steve5 on 02-06-2018
I agree with you though we are having a life filled with gadgets and all it has to offer, I think we are more distracted that our fathers. we spent more than on our gadgets and leave some important things unattended to but it still good all the same.
Posted by lovely on 04-07-2018
I believe I have fairly similar to my parents' lifestyle except for the fact that I am passionate about technology and being more fearless in certain matters. Regarding religion and beliefs, I believe my mind is a little more open than my parents.
Posted by hermessantos on 02-08-2018
I can say that some of my beliefs and principles in life differ from them in a sense that they are more driven and strong willed than I could ever be. I could never be courageous enough to confront people. I'm more of a quiet and shy person who will keep everything inside and I wish that I could have inherited that trait r at least learn to habituate that kind of attitude because I think thing would go smoothly for me if I was that kind of person.
Posted by hazel42704 on 02-20-2018
I can say that some of my beliefs and principles in life differ from them in a sense that they are more driven and strong willed than I could ever be. I could never be courageous enough to confront people. I'm more of a quiet and shy person who will keep everything inside and I wish that I could have inherited that trait r at least learn to habituate that kind of attitude because I think thing would go smoothly for me if I was that kind of person.
Posted by hazel42704 on 02-20-2018
Excellent question. My later father was a very intelligent man and grew up in another country. He was also much older than mother so by the time I was born, he was aging and his health was beginning to fail. I can compare myself to my late mother.

She never finished high school. ~ Thanks to her I attended private schools and graduated from a private university.

She married when she was a teenager and had 9 children. ~ I got married when I was 21 and had 11 children.

We both married men from The Bahamas.

Our lifestyles are not really that different. We both chose to live a humble and simple life.
Posted by foxchannel on 02-22-2018
Life was simple in those olden days and what I have seen is the simple life of my parents. Going to the movies is big deal to them as if it’s the equivalent now of our trips abroad. And my parents were always home unlike now that I am also always home when there are no social obligations. But with the spending, I am frugal like my parents and also practical with the expenses and spending.
Posted by Corzhens on 02-24-2018
I believe life is a lot better now than ever,I'm enjoying a more relaxed and interesting lifestyle than my parents with all the gadgets, accessories, instruments and information I think there are a lot of things I'm.enjoying now that wasn't there, so yes lifestyle checks I'm living better.
Posted by lovely on 04-07-2018
My parents can be somewhat old fashioned. Their way of thinking can be difficult to accept. They can be stubborn at times. But you simply have to understand them and know where they're coming from. The elderly are more willing to accept other people's mindsets and opinions if you're kind and patient in dealing with them.
Posted by Steve5 on 04-24-2018
My parents worked on the farm from morning till evening to end up with dishevelled crops. I work on line in the comfort of my house. They never saw a mobile phone but I use smartphones
Posted by stbrians on 10-31-2018
It's very different in almost every way but where I see the most difference is how we consume media. I see my parents watching news all the time and I think it's because when they were growing up it's all there was but for me I find watching news everyday tedious and depressing and I rarely even watch TV anymore and instead I just watch videos on Youtube most of the time.
Posted by Wubwub on 11-02-2018
My father came from another country. He received a good education and a vocational skill. When he came to America, he used that skill to support his family. He never went to college. But not because he couldn't. But because he chose to marry, have kids, and pour his energy into us. My mother married at a very young age and never went to college because she was having babies and working along side my father to take care of us.

By contrast I attended university and obtained a degree. My husband also attended college but did not receive a degree. He changed his career path and went into real estate. We decided to have a large family, similar to mom and dad.

The major difference was that my husband and I pursued higher education, whereas neither my parents nor his parents pursued higher education goals.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 11-02-2018
Things change from generation to generation. We cannot say that our parents are old-fashioned.They have their lifestyles. And sometimes we can learn from them, learn the values behind what they did to themselves, to their relative, to their friends and to us !
Posted by csk81 on 11-28-2018
A lot is different. Back in their time they went to the farm all the time, but me I only did that when I was a kid, and even at that, only during the holidays. They did not grow with the internet; no emails, no instant texting, no forum posting, no life streaming, and no social media. But here in my time, all these are components of my every-day life. Back in their time there was no easy means of transportation, but now the quick means abound. The list is endless.
Posted by mosesoscar on 12-01-2018
There is bound to be a big difference in the lifestyle from generation to generation. I have a completely different lifestyle from my parents. My parents had to struggle a lot durimg there childhood and also after there marriage in order to achieve succes in there life. There life was a lot more difficult than mine. I was able to have a privileged childhood due to the hardships that my parents had to go through in their life,
Posted by jpk0007 on 12-08-2018
My lifestyle is totally different from that of my parents. I'm in a generation where electricity is very common and technologies are very advance. While from my parents, they said technologies are obsolete and it is not easy to acces.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-11-2018
It is like saying that the progress of the society has left behind the ways of the olden people. Now it is the technology that I’m sure the young ones have a very different lifestyle from their parents. Even with entertainment we see the Korean bands and singers that are lording it over the airwaves. And the social media is the biggest difference since there was no social media during the younger years of their parents.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-14-2018
The Internet, technology has obviously made things easier than it was in their time. Now, I can be a stay at home working mum because of this. There was no such thing in their time.

There were no washing machines and every Saturday, my mum would pack a mountain load of clothes and wash them all by hand. I've always hated washing so now I have a washing machine which makes it so much easier.

Our traditional food is pounded yam. It is prepared by pounding yam into a smooth "lumpless" paste in a mortar. It is quite tedious especially if you're cooking for a large number of people. Now, with a food processor, it can be done in less than 5 minutes.
Posted by Tehilah27 on 12-16-2018
I remember my mom always told me, the things in those old days were so much cheaper. They can buy a snack at just 1 cent, but it never happens nowadays. In fact, 1 cent coin is no longer usable now. I don't think they had television when they were young. I still remember seeing a big black and white television in my grandmother when I was young, perhaps they bought it when they started working. There was no air-conditioner, but only fans. Nowadays, I suppose we have more than one air-conditioner at home, perhaps one in each room. Obviously, there was no computer and mobile phone, nowadays, almost everyone has one. My parents also have their own iPad each now.
Posted by kaka135 on 12-16-2018