How do you deal with rude people?

How do you deal with rude people?
It's no use hiding, they're everywhere: inside our houses (at least one representative must exist in every family), at work, on the street, at the market, at the bank, at the university, at the subway... Anyway, everywhere. They are like a type of virus that spreads quickly. :-(

Unfortunately, often we can't avoid them and we have to end up socializing with them in some way. Even if it is something forced, but we have to maintain education, for example: in the professional field (and this is a classic one, right? who has never had that co-worker who is rude? haha!).

It's a situation that can become very complicated for many people (if they don't know how to deal with it), but I always ignore those kind of people and my life is still great and beautiful. :-)


It's either I ignore them or I become rude back really. But more often than not, I just ignore them as I know I can't change them if that's just what they are. But if they keep being rude to me for no reason, I'd become rude as well and make sure they wouldn't want to talk to me again. I think that the best way to deal with rude people is to shut them up. Ignoring them would just encourage them to keep talking smack at you.
Posted by arachnophobik on 06-30-2017
I agree with your stand that we cannot change the attitude of rude people which gives us the mentality to ignore them in order to have peace for ourselves. I have encountered so many kinds of people and whenever I would meet a rude person, the first thing that comes to my mind is to treat him with kindness. There is a saying that you cannot go wrong with kindness and that may be a good antidote for rude people.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-03-2018
It's hard to deal with them because they already adopt that kind of attitude in their life and I just ignore if I deal with them but sometimes I get mad and become rude at them as well.
Posted by rage35 on 06-30-2017
I try to be as polite as possible while still being sharp-tongued to put them in their place. You know the type, smile and talk with a soft voice while delivering a passive-aggressive comment that lets them know I won't stand for this kind of treatment, but sounds polite enough not to get me in trouble should they get angry.
Posted by VintageRose on 06-30-2017
With fire, just take a match and set them on fire. Seriously I was on the phone with a guy today and he was just completely talking down to me, while I'm trying my best to assist him. And you can't do anything cause you want his business, it feels like the world is made for people to push boundaries these days and manners have just been thrown out the window. Just so tired.
Posted by kooch on 06-30-2017
I usually just let them be. Although with my general attitude I don't really have problems with rude people. If I did, I would just let them mind their own business and go my way. In the end of the day, it does not really matter what they say. Unless it's discriminating, racist and what not, why even care about douches?
Posted by Makefort on 07-01-2017
if someone is rude to me, I will give tit for tat, which means I will also be rude for rude people. These people don't deserve my politeness. There are occasional rude people and habitual rude people. Occasional rude people are the people who become rude because of bad mood, frustration, anxiety etc. I will easily let go these people. There are habitual rude, rudeness is in the bones of these people and I will never allow them to treat me badly.
Posted by vinaya on 07-01-2017
Well stated, some people think they have a monopoly of rudeness.being rude all the days of their lives, one just simply has to pay them back in their own coin.I know they will always exhibit I don't care attitude but it still good to give it back to them.I really dislike rude people.
Posted by lovely on 12-31-2017
I will just avoid them if I can. If I can't like at a work environment, I will just talk work related to the bare minimum and continue on.
Posted by simplym on 07-01-2017
I just ignore them but politely so it will irk them even more. I feel it's just bad manners and if I can't leave or get out of the situation then I do something like read or play on my phone so I don't have to engage with them or acknowledge them. I have a neighbor who has a rude friend who I cannot abide, who when she comes in ignores me and carries on talking to my neighbor. She isn't like by many people and she wonders why she is a lonely spinster with a dog in her sixties?
Posted by Alexa on 07-01-2017
I have came across lot of rude people out there. And the only means that works against them is that I try to put myself aside. And I try not to argue. This way as you can see a lot of people can be ignored. As you can see there are some of the people who can't really make much changes in the lives of the other people. So it is safe to say that dealing with rude people requires some patience. That is for sure.
Posted by overcast on 07-01-2017
I keep quiet when I deal with rude people in the household. SHow them my black face and they know that I am angry . Then, they will refrain from talking to me and realized that they had done wrong by being rude. For outsiders, it is difficult to ignore them when I am dealing with customers who are rude. If I ignore them, I will be filed a complaint and scolded by my superior.
Posted by peachpurple on 07-01-2017
I am at a site where this person will roundabout try to be rude to me. But I have learnt that ignorance is the best form of insult. And that is how I insult her by ignoring her. I adopt the same attitude in my real life too. If I can remove them from my life I will do it or as I said I pretend as though I have not followed them and never allow to precipitate the issue.
Posted by iamawriter on 07-01-2017
I don't come across too many rude people but one thing I do notice is that some people who I see when I walk my granddaughter to school look down when they see me approaching. I was always taught it was polite to say good morning to people you see on a regular daily basis and I must admit the majority of them do. I kind of realise that you can't be liked by everyone but it doesn't cost anything to smile and say hello.
Posted by littlewitch66 on 07-01-2017
Dealing with rude people is an art that needs to be perfected overtime. It's even more difficult if you are constantly in close proximity with this person - for instance a work colleague. One way to deal with the situation is not to respond at that moment. Let it go and come back to address it when the moment has passed. Another way is to let this rude individual know the comment/behavior is not acceptable. Sometimes, the perpetrator is not even aware they are being rude. We come from different background and social status, so you have to let them know that such behavior is rude and wrong (in a gentle corrective approach).
Posted by joegirl on 07-01-2017
Typically if someone is addressing me in a rude fashion, I try to think nothing of it. Generally I try to stay calm and collected and speak to them in a calm tone as I regularly would. This takes a bit of practice though because you have to appear calm while also not seeming patronizing or condescending. If you manage to strike a balance there, I typically find that the person begins to pick up on my vibes and actually improves their behavior as well. Being as rude as they are typically just escalates to a confrontation, and I'm not a confrontational person.
Posted by Denis_P on 07-01-2017
I have anger management issues. When a patient or someone related to the patient is rude, I retaliate. I would even shout back at them. It's really annoying that your trying everything that you can to help and that is the appreciation you'll get.

I am fully aware that this is not good and I am actulally trying to change. Now, if they are rude. I just smile and said to my self, I'm here for the money, but times my mouth moves faster than my brain. Baby steps hehehe
Posted by Neiltarquin on 07-01-2017
When I was younger, I would confront a rude person that offended me. I would tell him in his face that what he did was wrong. But when I aged, I mellowed with my stance towards people. When I get offended with a rude person's action, my tendency now is to think of the best way to get his attention. And my main intention is to befriend him so that I can tell him that his attitude towards other people is wrong. I have done that "befriending" many times and it is more effective than confronting the offender. Instead of having an enemy, I gained a friend somehow.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-01-2017
I tend to ignore them as much as I can, they only want attention so if you don't give that they won't do a lot. Also, the rude people loves the weakest persons, those are their favorite target, so I recommend not to show your scare or fear. The best option is to stay as away as possible, avoid any contact and you'll see that you will be alright.
Posted by luispas on 07-01-2017
Yea, if one can take far away from them better but most times they run after I have an aunt that is very rude and she would never stay in her house, she comes to the family house just to be rude to people and foment trouble.Since she is older we mostly avoid her and ignore her totally and I know it gets to her all the time.
Posted by lovely on 12-31-2017
Oh I tend brush it off my chin like a real man. Most of the time, I get caught off guard by rude people. Well, I'll pretend to be okay but in truth I'll never forget the offense so the very next time it happens, I will be ready. And he or she better be too.
Posted by missionreport on 07-01-2017
Depends on what level of rude they are and who they are. For someone that I have to deal with their crap, of course, I act politely. With someone I do not have to deal with I either just ignore them or simply tell them off.
Posted by AlexHarris on 07-01-2017
The best way to deal with rude people is to never take them seriously. I once had an elderly woman budge in front of me while I was checking out a bunch of groceries. Her excuse for doing so was that she had to be early to a night out with her lady friends. I actually just laughed and made her feel embarrassed, something I don't regret doing.
Posted by Okaviator on 07-01-2017
If someone being rude to me, I just try to ignore him, but, if he's being rude to any of my housemates I just can't handle myself, I get angry, but for me I just ignore it.
Posted by Moaz on 07-01-2017
I tend to ignore them, it's just tough to deal with these people and make them see how rude they are or they can be to others, even if you do it politely most of the time it's hard to succeed. That's why I just ignore them and let them make of themselves just idiots.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-01-2017
That is probably the correct and best way of dealing with such people. I have tried dealing with them head on when I was younger but now I fully realize that they are simply not worth the time or energy.

I do the same as you and ignore them unless they would cross a personal line.
Posted by Mehano on 12-10-2017
I try to ignore them when possible, but sometimes I just can't handle it and I straight up yell at them. This actually happened quite recently with a "friend" I went on vacation with. She was being really rude and unreasonable and I'd put up with her for almost 3 days. She was really ruining my trip with her bad attitude and constant-pissed off face. I finally couldn't take it any more and had to yell at her and tell her she was wrong... of course, things didn't turn out well, but I feel like sometimes we have to straight up tell them. If we don't, then they'll justify their own behavior and continue acting the way they do.
Posted by kataomoi on 07-02-2017
It depends on who they are and how rude they are.

For example; if the rude person is my boss then I will obviously just keep quiet and suck it up. But if the rude person is just some random stranger and he pushed my buttons to the extreme then I might be rude back.

Most of the time though, I just try to ignore the rude people. Why waste your time and energy on such people? I pretend that they don't even exist.

I agree with you that there are so many rude people everywhere. It is quite sad because it shows a lack of good education.
Posted by Mehano on 07-02-2017
For me ignorance is the best resort. I prefer to limit my conversation as well as interaction with such people. But I make one thing very clear that it is their rude behavior which is not at all acceptable by me. If they want to have a good relationship with me they first need to work on their tone.

The hard fact of life is that it is very difficult to change a person. If a person cannot control his way of interacting with others he is meant to be a loner.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 07-02-2017
You are right. At times we can't avoid them. Unfortunately I have to deal with someone like that at work. We do not really talk to her. If we do then it is only about work related issues. We usually have to do group work and working with her becomes difficult. But over time we have understood have to deal with her.
Posted by Pixie on 07-02-2017
I ignore them and stay away as much as possible. I'm a very patient person, and it takes me a long time to decide that I've had enough, but when I do, I strike back to those rude people and show them that they're messing with the wrong guy.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 07-02-2017
Hi, Wild Spirit I am usually trying to avoid such people because they are taking my energy when I am around them. If they do not stay away, I may get rude with them and tell them all I have kept on my soul, sometimes is great to find someone on who to "download" the whole frustration.
Posted by wallet on 07-02-2017
What I usually do is say my point and when they still become rude then I end up ignoring. To them, it may feel like they've won or they made you surrender, but you know that that's not the case. You just simply realize that it's no use arguing with people with bad attitude. :)
Posted by galegatling on 07-02-2017
I think the best way to deal with rude people is to simply act with education and calm. I think that acting rude to these people is the worst thing, because it simply puts you on the same level as her. People are beings who must know how to act in society, so if one day you come across someone who is rude, let there be education, for I believe this will be your best answer.
Posted by hermessantos on 07-03-2017
I think that I am a very non-confrontational person so I would usually just ignore someone being rude unless I absolutely had to deal with them. I was taught that just because other people are rude to me, I should not stoop to such a level and act in an immature way towards them. If someone that is being rude to me actually has an impact on me (eg. they are trying to get me fired) then of course, I will fight for myself and try to explain myself, but I would do it in a calm manner. Otherwise, if they have no impact on my life then I don't really care and I tend to ignore it.
Posted by lilac123 on 07-04-2017
I don't regard them. I always believe if one is arrogant, then one is automatically rude. That is one of the elements or products of being arrogant in life. I always consider it that the act of being rude comes as a result of being proud over nothing. True achievers don't pride themselves because of what they are, but display a great style of humility and keep rising, but empty barrels make a hell of noise over emptiness. With this knowledge, I treat a rude person as an empty barrel who is only making a hell of noise over nothing.
Posted by pioneerauthor on 07-04-2017
It depends on how rude they are and on the situation. I think that whenever possible one should keep a cool head, walk away and try to ignore such people. When this is not possible it is best to try to reason things out with them, provided that they are reasonable enough to hear you out and admit their mistakes. If not, just get away from them as they are not worth your time.
Posted by sspi on 07-05-2017
I guess it depends on the situation and who they are being rude to. I will stand up and stay something is a person is being rude to a person who is working somewhere. If they are being rude to somebody I care about I will definitely speak up and let them know that their rudeness is unacceptable. There is never any excuse ever to be rude towards someone else ever. If somebody is being rude towards me I will often just ignore them and walk away. I have no time for such people.
Posted by Sue on 07-09-2017
I normally smile really big at them because I think it annoys them. Sometimes though I can't take it and I am rude back to them. I can't stand rude people!
Posted by BigDreamer on 07-14-2017
It could be an art but not everyone has the ability and time to master it. Anger management is a serious issue. Be it while travelling, in the work place, academic and social environment and so on. We encounter these set of people everywhere.

One way I deal with rude people is basically to ignore them. Sometimes, as soon as I notice that it's their nature, I simply smile and let them be. I try not to exchange words with them as well. More often than not, pride clouds their sense of reasoning and human interaction. That's why no matter where a person is today, status or fame, it pays to be humble.
Posted by Dparagon on 07-16-2017
I have a protocol for deal with this kind of people, first i ask then why behave like that, why they are so rude and if i dont have a right answer to understand his behave, i just ignore him, is the best believe me, there is people who dont deserve our time and words.
Posted by Deathisue on 07-21-2017
I believe in Karma so mostly I ignore rude people. I can't deny that sometimes I act rude too to those who are rude in things like saying bad words. Teaching them a lesson is just because there not suppose to be rude because we are created equally and with harmony. People who usually rude should shame themselves because they act a spoiled brat in our society.
Posted by mcbryan080990 on 07-22-2017
Tolerance and love is the best way, and that's what I try to emulate when I come across rude people (easier said then done) I know. But there's no benefit to letting people who do not pay rent live inside your head right? :). Just hug them.
Posted by Inqogn1to on 07-27-2017
Today's day and age people are under severe stress and you never know when they are going to snap. So if someone is being rude to me I try and win them over with kindness. Because you never really know what could be happening in that person's life that is causing them to be rude. And maybe all the need is someone to treat them with kindness to make them feel human again.
Posted by Soulwatcher on 08-22-2017
Ignore, avoid and move on. Nothing you might say or do can change that person drastically. Especially on older people. I had experienced a lot of those rude people, and tell you, most of them do look really nice at first but when you turn your back, they really had the horns of a devil. Taking every chance they had to ruin your mood for the whole day. I ended being a plastic just to show I'm not avoiding the person but his attitude really sucks.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-12-2017
I study people a lot when I'm in a crowd or in a new environment when once I see rudeness in a person because they can't hide it.I simply move away from such a person.I can't just deal with rude people, they can be irritably annoying.I keep such people at arms length and move quickly away if the ever come close.They're not worth my time.
Posted by lovely on 12-02-2017
I usually just avoid them once i find out what they are like. I do not associate with them or allow them to be a part of my life. I have no tolerance for rude people who do not show any respect for others. There us no excusr fir that kind of bevaviour ever.
Posted by Sue on 12-10-2017
To deal with rude people might not be very easy at first but you can still cope with them overtime by being patient with them and you can try and tell them that their manner of speech is wrong in a very polite way, when you correct them gently then with time they will change and have good manners.
Posted by babyright on 12-24-2017
Same as you, I usually just ignore them. I either smile and tell them I have no interest to talk further with them, or I just walk away. But there are also some times where I want to talk to them, I try to be polite but I am sure I am not friendly anymore no matter how hard I try to calm down myself sometimes. As I am growing older, I can be calmer and I just try to ignore most of the time. Moreover, I always try to think there might be some reasons behind this person that he/she is being rude. Trying to understand and forgive makes me feel better and easier to deal with rude people too.
Posted by kaka135 on 01-23-2018
I think that the obvious best way to deal with rude people is to completely ignore them as if they never existed or mattered in any way. It's when they get attention from someone that they probably show off their rude manners which is very annoying to my kind of person. There are some people whom I have ruled out ever saying a word to ever again until I die because of their rude and nasty behavior.
Posted by Emmaz on 03-09-2018
I do the same thing. I'm still a student and I do have a rude classmate who is very annoying. He is like a walking improper person and he always make sure to make someone's day ruined because of how he loves to argue and etc. However, because I don't want my blood pressure to skyrocket (just kidding), I always make sure to treat him professionally or sometimes show my savageness but in a slightly subtle way.
Posted by jaybee19 on 11-01-2018
I guess most of us have to deal with rude people all the time right from our families to our workplace. We all get used it after some time and search our own ways and mechanisms to tackle with such persons. Most of the time it is better to ignore such people and move ahead without responding to them. However, if such people cross all there limits then it is better to give them back and respond assertively to there provocations.
Posted by jpk0007 on 11-12-2018
The primary thing is to figure out why they're being rude. If they are under the influence of alcohol, or otherwise artificially altered in a few way, the great thing you could do is seek a few help in getting the individual out of the establishment as fast as possible.
Posted by jetselle on 11-22-2018
A lot of factors play into this for me. Sometimes I prefer to just ignore rudeness. Other times I’ll often say something because people need to know they’re being rude or inappropriate! Sometimes calling someone out on their behavior is what’s needed to stop it from occurring.
Posted by amelia88 on 12-18-2018