How do you earn from your website ?

How do you earn from your website ?
Nowadays many people are earning money online with their websites/forums/blogs. I am also earning good money with my community forum. I am earning money by selling advertisement space on my forum. It work best for me. I believe that there we have a lot of methods to earn money with our website. I didn't try any other method yet. But I will like to know how you are earning money with your website/blog/forum ? You are also selling advertisement like me or do you use any other method ?


As of right now I am not earning money from my website but that is because the website I am running is for fun purposes and not for profit. In the past though when I have run websites for earning purposes I tend to use Google Adsense. Placing ads in good places such as the side of the page, in the footer or even the header have always proven to be great ways for me to earn from my website, of course that doesn't always happen without hard work put in by me in terms of promoting the website to get the traffic I need for the ads to work out.
Posted by Shortie on 03-31-2017
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There are huge ways available to earn from blog or forum. One of that is product selling option. You can get products from several affiliation company. You can search google for the best product affiliate company like or many other site. You will apply with your blog or forum. If you have huge traffic than product based company will give you affiliation. I am earning by selling product. The affiliate company will give you 5-10% or more for selling every products.

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Posted by centjoseph01 on 04-06-2017
I don't think there's much chance of making money until you acquire sponsorship and ad revenue that can attract a fairly large audience.
Posted by Atropia on 05-05-2017