How do you feel Donald Trump is doing as President?

How do you feel Donald Trump is doing as President?
This seems to be a very popular topic at the moment since Donald Trump came into office in January, many people feel he is doing a great job however others feel that he is failing in more ways than one. In some cases people who voted for him back in November 2016 are now regretting doing so because a lot of what he promised he has not been able to fulfil those promises meaning some changes that people hoped for are not happening.

My question to you is how do you feel Donald Trump is doing as President? Do you feel like he is doing a good job or is he not doing as well as you hoped and if not how do you feel he could improve in his job?



Give him a chance

This is still pretty early in his presidency. I think Trump has potential, even though at first glance it doesn't seem like he is doing a great job, I still hope he will take the right decisions and haves an overall plan to handle the rest of the world and restore both the US to its formal glory but also make peace in the regions that are now destroyed by conflicts.
Posted by Cristian on 04-21-2017
That's like asking a person to give a hungry tiger a chance... letting the cat cuddle up with you ..and hope it doesn't turn on you ...Lol

I am agree with Donald Trump

Hello Everyone Have a wonderful day.

In this election everybody we have seen that trump has won the white house or Washington DC chair as a perfect man and it has been proofed that native Americans are Republican. For the last 8 years republican was powerful on congress and still now Republicans are powerful on the congress. Trump is a happy man in this world. I heard Trump was a USA fighter and its the highest rewards for an USA citizen. Previously everybody of this world has felt some trouble because Obama was not pure american for the 14 Generation. Trump is pure American for the last 14 Generation. On this election I have measured one more thing is that pure Americans are republican. Democratic peoples are maximum from outside of USA. But on USA English community is hard. Trump have proofed that. I wishes for his upcoming 8 years will be successful as like as George W. Bush Junior and USA economic sector will e strong.

Every decision of Donald J Trump is supported by the world. He is smart more and he have a real feelings about USA soil. What decision he will take every decision will come from real Americans republic society.

Wish him all the best.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 04-23-2017

Have to Agree with Trump

No President can please everyone. I would not say that there is no one more qualified, but I say he is the best of the choices, and I am please with most of what he has done so far.

I recognize that every protest I could make against Clinton, has also been made about Trump but this is about my opinion, so I will say that at the time of the election, we did not know fully what we could expect from Trump. I think most people felt that it was abundantly clear what could be expected from Clinton.

I could go on about all of the issues that have been evolving to the detriment of our nation; it has all been said. But I think I can speak for the majority of Americans, when I say that it was time for someone like Trump come in and push to repair and rebuild, based on the established procedures of our structured Government. Obviously, Americans felt that it needed to be someone who is more of a patriot than a career politician.

Posted by kvkennedy on 05-04-2017

He's the President

No matter who is the Oval Office, once they're in there, they are the President. The citizens should do their best to support the leader. Supporting them does not mean agreeing with everything they say and do.

You don't vote for a person to take office and then use that office to take your rights away from you. That very thing has happened in many other countries. People voted for a leader and once that person was in office, nobody could get them out!!

I believe in America. I don't believe we will ever have a president who won't serve his/her term, and then be more than happy to leave when the time comes and hand the steering wheel to the next driver!!

Trump is no different from any other president. We the People can tolerate him for 4 years, or maybe even 8 years. But no more than 8 years!

Posted by cmoneyspinner on 08-21-2017

Better than expected

I believe that Trump is definitely doing better than everyone expected her to. He might not be perfect and I don't agree with many of his positions. Still, he has was most country leaders lack today: Strenght and decisiveness
Posted by Marvadaum on 09-21-2017

He will deliver

The problem is that Donald Trump has lots of hatters and as such a lot of people are expecting him to fail, they attack him with lots of criticism on all fronts in all his policies but I'm quite sure and certain that Donald Trump is a man of strong character and so therefore, nothing that they would ever say is going to make him lose focus on his duties. Personally, I'm very much convinced that Donald Trump is doing well so far and might still go along way in proving his hatters and doubters wrong.
Posted by Heatman on 09-29-2017



don't like him

In my opinion he isn't doing a great job most country's do not even like him. He as a lot of people hating him and you can't blame them either ... He is rude , racist and big headed .

Don't know who will agree with him but defo not me I can't stand him one bit. This guy needs to stand down and let someone else who actually cares step up.

Posted by moneybags82 on 04-19-2017


He hasn't really fulfilled any promises that he's made so far, for example the wall was supposed to be paid for by Mexico. And we all know how well that turned out. Medicaid? NAFTA? Tax reports? There's so much more I could elaborate on, but his behavior so far shows a lack of understanding of history, and failure to keep his word. I'm watching and waiting to see what happens next, but as of now I don't think his presidency is doing well.
Posted by pastelplastic on 04-30-2017

I have differences with President Trump.

I believe President Trump is a rabble rouser who exploits the fears of everyday America. Moreover, I feel as though he has done more to divide America than he has to unite us. Furthermore, I feel as though he is a hypocrite. He wants to build the wall to keep foreigners out,
Posted by Dola91 on 05-01-2017
I made a mistake while posting. Here is the revised version.

I believe President Trump is a rabble-rousing bigot who exploits the fears of everyday Americans. Moreover, I feel as though he has done more to divide America than he has to unite us. Furthermore, I feel as though he is a hypocrite. He wants to build the wall to keep foreigners out, yet his mother and wife are foreign. Anyways, we will see how long he will last in the White House.

He's doing very poorly.

By every metric of a President's success, Donald Trump has been a failure. The defining features of a strong president are as follows. They must be able to have a positive influence in global affairs. They must be able to provide and support policy domestically that is agreeable and helpful. They must seek to form bipartisan and nonpartisan support for their ideas, and must have a strong, honest, and cooperative administration.

Trump failed internationally with overly active efforts into wars, with repeated disasters of calls, with unaddressed investigations of his international ties, and of lack of support for immigration. His desire to pull out of multinational organizations has been denied and postponed, his military actions were without warning and without precedent, and all of his international policies have been halted by courts or opposed by those hired in the first place.

Domestically has been no better. Those hired for border wall design promptly used their power to design the exact opposite. His supported legislation on healthcare died on the floor of congress. His positions on terror have been in opposition to his actions, and he's inspired either fear or disappointment in most of his base.

Surprisingly, he has fostered an increasing amount of bipartisan support. Against himself, primarily. Other than that, most of what he's fostered has been opposition, not cooperation. His White House has constant infighting, with power plays being made by its members and leaks made constantly. The administration itself is also no longer trusted as a valid source of information or commentary.

This is all in line with the very extremes that were dismissed during his campaign. He's a failure, and he has a far below failing approval rating. History, statistics, precedent, and action all dictate this President will only get worse from here.

Posted by PlayfulPage on 05-01-2017

Not agree!

One thing is what people say and another different thing is what people is going to do. You can hear great things on Trump's speeches but that doesn't mean he is going to do it. Another fact is that you may belive that he is not going to do anything bad or you don't thing he is capable to make a bad decision but when the moment arrives there is a chance he is going to do something bad. History always is telling us that and we have to remember our history to learn from the past and not repeat these mistakes.
Posted by wezegan on 05-01-2017

No Thank You

Not a fan of Trump. He's too racist. His way of making America "great again" is basically eliminating anyone who is not white. I don't like how he makes racist and sexist comments. It makes America look bad.

Plus I honestly think he's stupid. Has anyone seen his Twitter? He makes ridiculous posts that are straight up wrong. And when people point out that he's wrong, he bites them back. He can't take criticisms and loves to stir up online arguments.

I'm so scared for America's future. I hope these four years pass quickly.

Posted by kataomoi on 05-22-2017


He's doing poorly and gets worse every day. Along with his beliefs and attitudes which are quite terrible, rude and insane.... I worry about his mental stability. I am almost sure he has dementia or the early stages of it.
Posted by NickJ on 01-17-2018


This guy isn't taking the position he is in seriously ...trump is only concerned about worthlessness and the nothingness of this temperial world
Posted by Anonymous on 04-24-2017
Trump is already massively falling. In fact, he scheduled to go out due to criminal activity. Actually, though, this is incredibly surprising as I thought he would last and gradually morph into another Republican like W. Bush. Of course, I was aware of the Russian stuff from all the way back during the election, but I thought that stuff would be forgotten and/or ignored.
Posted by jyy on 06-08-2017
I'm gonna be short; this is the worst thing the U.S.A had done. This crazy guy is just a terrible joke in history.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-05-2017
Well... He was simply the WORST option the American people have ever chosen! I think I'll never get the motivations for this nightmare to have become real... What have you done Americans? :-(
Posted by WildSpirit on 07-23-2017
The guy who has been in show business earlier seems to believe that politics is also a kind of show business. In the show business, you can grab people's attention through some antics and by having girls around you. Trump is doing similar kind of things. Instead of girls, he has politicians and bureaucrats around him, however, he continues to plays antics.
Posted by vinaya on 09-21-2017
He's doing as expected, poorly, I'm not American and still in shock, how would someone like that become president, it's beyond imagination, maybe the Americans are so desperate, they thought, what if we let whoever want to be a president. he vulgarized the presidency, now anybody can be a president.
Posted by joey98 on 09-21-2017
In as much as some of his policies have not been that great for most of the countries visiting America, I think he said that when he was campaigning that his major agenda is to restore true Americans to their position in power and respect and that is what he has been trying to do all these while.
Posted by Barida on 10-02-2017
Donald Trump is too controversial for my liking, he ditched so many promises he made to people though he his fulfilling some psychotic promises he made, like building the wall over mexico to close the border between them.

I like the fact that he declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel, this is the only thing that he has done that made me like him so far, he has put the whole of Obama's bills under high scrutiny and almost all is being disapproved by him which is not fair. Now the whole policies he his bringing into action only favors the aristocracy society while the poor gets poorer, America is no more the place were all your dream comes to reality or succeed on like before, everything is just turning around and sore for most people there. The Ministers that he appointed most of them don't even know their works same with him, you hardly see a colored perso securing a high position which is so sad despite they are citizens and it is also their land, a black man recently won the mayor election but they refuse to give him sits and keys to the city so he could begin his administration. The gay rights he promised to give and he even made them vote for him he has abolished their rights, how about the free school policies now it is no more the whole street once again will be crowded with hoodlums even more than before, I don't think he sees that he his causing serious problems and war for America because of him so many allies detest America. He advocates for gun policies which is very bad, not because of the fact that people will not protect themselves but because he his giving them license to kill even when not necessary, he sure knows how to get on people's nerves especially because all his family members holds positions in while his in seat which is not right at all and it has never been done in the history of America.

My point is that Donald Trump is messing up big time, he his not trying at all as the KKK has upper hand than others in the society, America is no more a place to leave in because of the fear of being killed all jailed. He his not doing fine at all, he his causing chaos for everyone in America including the world, another Adolph Hitler in disguise, he not doing well in the political sit.
Posted by Adesuwa08 on 12-28-2017
Donald Trump is a rich man because of his businesses. And I consider him a good businessman because of his wealth. Being the president of the US, he can do wonders for his county with his business acumen. It’s just that so many seem to be after his scalp. Whenever I would open the tv to CNN for the news, there’s always a slur against Trump as if the president has done nothing good. Maybe if Trump is given the benefit of the doubt for a year or 2, he can make miracles for the economy.
Posted by Corzhens on 01-21-2018
Well, from the news I read because I'm in a different country, I think he is trying and he should be given more chance to do more.Apparently, humans are very difficult to please and as such we might still expect so much from him but then he is trying in his own little way and I'm believing he will deliver on all his campaign promises.
Posted by lovely on 02-25-2018