How do you feel Donald Trump is doing as President?

How do you feel Donald Trump is doing as President?
This seems to be a very popular topic at the moment since Donald Trump came into office in January, many people feel he is doing a great job however others feel that he is failing in more ways than one. In some cases people who voted for him back in November 2016 are now regretting doing so because a lot of what he promised he has not been able to fulfil those promises meaning some changes that people hoped for are not happening.

My question to you is how do you feel Donald Trump is doing as President? Do you feel like he is doing a good job or is he not doing as well as you hoped and if not how do you feel he could improve in his job?



Give him a chance

This is still pretty early in his presidency. I think Trump has potential, even though at first glance it doesn't seem like he is doing a great job, I still hope he will take the right decisions and haves an overall plan to handle the rest of the world and restore both the US to its formal glory but also make peace in the regions that are now destroyed by conflicts.
Posted by Cristian on 04-21-2017
That's like asking a person to give a hungry tiger a chance... letting the cat cuddle up with you ..and hope it doesn't turn on you ...Lol

I am agree with Donald Trump

Hello Everyone Have a wonderful day.

In this election everybody we have seen that trump has won the white house or Washington DC chair as a perfect man and it has been proofed that native Americans are Republican. For the last 8 years republican was powerful on congress and still now Republicans are powerful on the congress. Trump is a happy man in this world. I heard Trump was a USA fighter and its the highest rewards for an USA citizen. Previously everybody of this world has felt some trouble because Obama was not pure american for the 14 Generation. Trump is pure American for the last 14 Generation. On this election I have measured one more thing is that pure Americans are republican. Democratic peoples are maximum from outside of USA. But on USA English community is hard. Trump have proofed that. I wishes for his upcoming 8 years will be successful as like as George W. Bush Junior and USA economic sector will e strong.

Every decision of Donald J Trump is supported by the world. He is smart more and he have a real feelings about USA soil. What decision he will take every decision will come from real Americans republic society.

Wish him all the best.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 04-23-2017



don't like him

In my opinion he isn't doing a great job most country's do not even like him. He as a lot of people hating him and you can't blame them either ... He is rude , racist and big headed .

Don't know who will agree with him but defo not me I can't stand him one bit. This guy needs to stand down and let someone else who actually cares step up.

Posted by moneybags82 on 04-19-2017


This guy isn't taking the position he is in seriously ...trump is only concerned about worthlessness and the nothingness of this temperial world
Posted by Anonymous on 04-24-2017