How do you handle depression?

How do you handle depression?
Depression is a very serious health problem that is psychological, emotional, mental and physically challenging to anyone suffering from it.

When depression gets to its climax, it's most likely going to lead to having no need for living any longer which pushes most people into committing suicide.

Suicide is a mortal sin and should be avoided by all cost because anyone who commits suicide have already condemned his or her soul to eternal damnation.

How would suggest that someone deals with the feeling of being depressed?


I think you handle it by finding things that make life worth living, and clinging to those things as tightly as possible. All the while searching for more things to add to the mix.
Posted by NickJ on 11-15-2018
Depressed people can find succor from embracing things the love and worthwhile to them. My friend that was depressed a while back but find succor in her job because she loves to cut and sew. So it better to find life again in what you find worthy.
Posted by lovely on 11-15-2018
Making you environment way different from what you use to be can also help to avoid being trap at depression. Find way to release everything and to throw all negativities away can help too.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 11-15-2018
I agree with you. It is important to keep them busy and let them work on things that have meaning and sense for them to realize that they still need to live everyday. It is also important to keep them company.
Posted by theresajane on 11-16-2018
Seeing a doctor is the best thing to do if it is a serious depression. Mild ones go away by themselves. Since a person loses interest in activities he used to do, the interest has to be developed. Give them reasons to live. Create interest in life
Posted by stbrians on 11-16-2018
Drugs and alcohol
Posted by Anonymous on 11-15-2018
Drugs and alcohol will drag you deep into the depression you are trying to evade. Hallucinations may cause people to take their own lives. No! Not drugs and alcohol.
Posted by stbrians on 11-22-2018
Personally, I haven't experienced the level which makes someone to commit suicide but I was depressed in the past. Fortunately, I was able to conquer it by humbly thinking about my faults while admitting to my mistakes and thinking about how I could improve myself without blaming others and not hating myself because hating thyself is actually one of the reasons why people get depressed. They hate themselves to the point that they can't forgive themselves anymore, not giving any chance to change or whatsoever.
Posted by jaybee19 on 11-15-2018
I believe committing suicide isn't an option because we don't gain anything with it. It better to seek help when depressed than thinking otherwise.No need hating on self, people or things around one. its better to find a solution to the root cause of depression to find a lasting solution.
Posted by lovely on 11-15-2018
This is true. You have tobkniw he reasons why they hate themselves to the extent if killing themselves. If it is a disease that is threatening them e.g Aids, then proper guiding and counselling should be done.
Posted by stbrians on 11-16-2018
Depression is a serious illness. Thank God you managed it by yourself. Not so many people manage.
Posted by stbrians on 11-22-2018
I think admitting your fault is the first good step in defeating depression. You will feel more depressed for a short while but later on you will realize that you have admitted and accepted the situation whether it is you to blame or not. I think the people who are depressed takes a long time to heal because they resist the admission of the problem. When you accept that you are depressed then your mind will try to fight it.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-10-2018
I deal with depression by listening to music and talking to others. The best way to let go of depression is to simply talk to those who you trust and are comfortable with talking about certain topics. Sometimes it is best to talk to your best friends, your lover or any teachers or close friends you are goods with. The best solution if you are alone is to just listen to music to make yourself open minded and to put you at ease for the time being. This is the greatest and best way to let go of these depression cases.
Posted by YoloBoy on 11-15-2018
I believe depression is a thing of the mind and it should be tackled from the taproot which is finding the solution to the pressure or problem getting one depressed. Depression is real and one need either some drugs or a therapy. Professional advice should be sorted too.
Posted by lovely on 11-15-2018
Deal with depression thru prayer and meditation. Exercise and good nutrition may help as I noticed within myself that I feel good about myself when I am exercising and eating the right amount of nutrition or my body. Its just that you have to take care of your mind and body for you to be able to avoid depression.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 11-15-2018
Being alone most of the time leads to depression. It is being alone when you face a lot of problems. So having some one that will listen to all your experiences will be a big way to avoid depression.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 11-15-2018
Depression is a dependancy of thought. The method for handling depression is similar to the method for changing all habits of thought. Typically people embark on this tough work because they need to change a habit of thought that causes a behavioral pattern that makes them sad or is adverse or dysfunctional.
Posted by jetselle on 11-15-2018
Depression is very hard on a person who does not have the support of those who love them. If you are suffering from depression, seek professional medical help and advice. If you do not have someone close to you then try to find a support group. Don't go through this alone. People who commit suicide tried to solve the problem all alone.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 11-15-2018
Guiding and counselling plus medical care will go a long way in treating the depressed person. People living around the person should show him love and appreciation too. The person should be involved in many activities which he enjoys. Never leave him to himself.
Posted by stbrians on 11-17-2018
I used to be depressed and it was not that easy. But it is important that you are surrounded by the people that you love. These people can help you survive and give you a motivation to go on. If you think it is severe, then you should have to see a doctor who is a specialist when it comes to this kind of case. Some people who are experiencing of depression can commit suicide.
Posted by superlicca on 11-16-2018
I am glad you overcome it. Many people suffering depression and needs this to be addressed immediately.
Posted by mark86 on 11-16-2018
Handling depression is never easy. for some they choose to ignore the signs. For others, they try to share their feeling but they can't be understood. That is why it requires a compassionate and emphatic support group . Plus one must find meaning to his life. It sounds cheesy but a lot has found their sense by finding a cause or serving charities.
Posted by emiaj55 on 11-16-2018
This condition is very sensitive because some of us are afraid to talk it about. Some are afraid to go to psychiatrist because they will think that they are crazy or something. Depression is quite hard to handle. when you are depressed you feel like you you want to end your life because you think that no one loves you or no one cares for you. So when I am depressed what I did always call my sister or my mother to talk with them what I feel. And I am very grateful that my family is very understanding and supportive. So I think if you feel depressed always find a way where you to release all your feeling for you be release from the pressure that you feel. May it be talking to someone, or doing some activities together with your friends or with family just to keep your thought away of doing something bad.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 11-16-2018
Yes, that is absolutely right. There are some people who are suffering depression that don't want to go to specialists as well, because they are afraid to get diagnosed with the said mental illness and they don't want to be talked about having like that so in the end they just endure it as long as they can. Sometimes, other depressed people are enduring it until they finally break down which is actually crucial because they are already on the part of giving up. Yeah, depression is NEVER AN EASY thing to handle or to even solve.
Posted by mitan143 on 11-16-2018
I agree with you. That's is why a lot of people are just shocked to suddenly hear a news about their friends' death due to depression. There are a lot of people who prefer to hide their depression because they know that the people around them would be affected if they told them.
Posted by theresajane on 11-16-2018
I have personally experienced depression years ago. It was very serious, I got to the point that I wanted to die. I lost all direction and I thought that the world was against me. I don't want to eat, don't want to talk, cut classes and just stayed in my room for weeks. It took months before I recovered. Even though I have undergone that serious of a depression I was able to recover and to learn from it. What help me to get through that time was God. My parents and family doesn't understand what I am going through. They tried, but it didn't work. They don't know that the constant quarrels of my parents is the reason I sink in to depression, there is also the threat of separation between my parents.

That time, God was my only haven. Through praying and constant reading of the bible, I was able to realize that the problems that came in my life are nothing compared to my Father (God) who loves me the most. I realized that problems are there to strengthen me for me to realize God's perfect plan for me.
Posted by Alymae on 11-16-2018
I haven't been to a psychiatrist for me to say that I'm diagnosed already with depression, but in my case I can still consider this as depression everytime I feel everything is useless and I can't make it. During times I need to do decisions between life and death. But what I usually do is I always quickly think of something that drives me into some inspiration to keep frighting on. Being fortunate than those who is suffering more than me is what keeps me going with life. Life must goes on and I am practice to be always at positive mindset.
Posted by mitan143 on 11-16-2018
I haven't been diagnosed with depression but I often feel so much stress because of the things and problems that I encounter. The things that I usually do to handle such stress is to listen encouraging songs and worship songs. I also pray to God for guidance and strength to fight. I often feel so down that I felt like losing all my faith to continue fighting but after listening to songs and praying, I feel like I gain strength and giving me reasons to fight again.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 11-16-2018
I handle depression by not thinking of the specific problem itself, I just let it through and forget about it on the other day, because thinking of the problem every time can make you depressed, just let it go.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 11-16-2018
I manage how to avoid depression somehow by thinking positively in all problem that comes. Having friends to talk to most of the time and I never isolate myself. I don't want a quiet atmosphere, I always play happy music or watched comedy shows to divert my emotion. Depression is not a joke, it can cause death, if you can't handle depression yourself, you should see a therapist.
Posted by KIRZZ on 11-16-2018
I think that depression is a common problem these days and it is often neglected most of the times. If you don't take remedial measures in case of a person who is suffering from depression for a long time then it can lead to further complications. Acute depression can lead to suicidal tendencies in such patients. I think that proper care and consulting a professional psychiatrist is very necessary for a person suffering from acute depression. Regular Meditation and yoga can also help in this regard.
Posted by jpk0007 on 11-16-2018
I think that if it's very severe it's always important to talk to your medical professional. There is nothing wrong with needing help. If it's a minor case I think exercise is a great help, it can really help to get those endorphins pumping. Surround yourself with encouraging people, too. I think that's hugely important.
Posted by amelia88 on 11-16-2018
Excercise is important as it helps increase seretonin levels. I rarely feel depressed, but at one point in my life suffered a cause-related clinical depression. Writing and art therapy were helpful tools in my recovery. I believe God healed my of my depression and prayer was important The other thing I did was bur Ylang-Ylang oil as this lifts the mood.
Posted by Anonymous on 11-16-2018
Depression is horrible and need to consult a doctor. It should be addressed as always. People who has suffering this kind of illness needs more attention too.
Posted by mark86 on 11-16-2018
Yes it is always better to consult a doctor. And be realistic about how things affect you. And some of the time learning to make better choices also helps out in depression. So it takes time to adjust with depression.
Posted by overcast on 11-16-2018
Depression to me is overrated, I mean it's for the weak of mind . I can be depressed but only for several hours, then I'll feel normal again after I've sorted out things. In my opinion people who have a history of substance abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, Psychological imbalance are the ones who suffer long term bouts of depression. In such cases it's best to have an intervention by talking to a psychologist and joining help groups. In my case, I eat depression for lunch.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-16-2018
I had experienced depression and it was the worst part of my life. I'm actually lucky enough to get away from that state and even luckier that I never had suicidal thoughts unlike the others. It is important to keep yourself busy. Focus your attention to everything that you're thankful for and not much with the negativities. The most important part, your family.
Posted by theresajane on 11-16-2018
I honestly struggled a lot with that. I live alone working on a day job. Come back home without any family or friends. I watch TV and spend time on internet. And I have started giving myself positive scripts. So that keeps me going. Always have something positive to start your day with. That should give you some direction for the life and gets you out of depression.
Posted by overcast on 11-16-2018
I am glad you found your way out. Depression is a killer disease. Unfortunately, most people neglect this disorder, only find their loved ones or friends have reached a point of seeing life to have no meaning.
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 11-17-2018
I think many don't have money to go to shrink. Some have issues dealing with money and the work. And they go into spiral. I have problems with dealing it with doctors too. I didn't took medication. I have one app named Calm. And that helped with the depression a lot. In fact their features are really good to calm the mind.
Posted by overcast on 11-18-2018
It is hard to handle depression. Even today mental health is such a taboo in society. Depression is hard to cope with. A lot of people just tend to not get it. It is easy to tell a person who is depressed to be happy, to focus on the good things in your life but in reality that is why they are suffering because they can’t be happy. I think professionals should handle this. We should depression as a disease. A person should be diagnose by a doctor. Therapy might help but it is really hard to prevent and to cure depression.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 11-16-2018
"Depression is a mental health disorder characterised by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life." This is according to Wikipedia.

So depression is a health problem that needs a doctor. However, it is good for the depressed person to see something that he can enjoy to do. Treat him with respect
Posted by stbrians on 11-16-2018
I have experienced a lot of trials and tribulations in this life and thanks be to God, I have never gone to depression that leads to suicide. I have a friend who suffers this kind of depression. She even try to commit suicide. A lot of factors can help someone to cope depression like those wonderful comments above. However, the greatest factor for me is prayer and it really matters.
Posted by burgosmichael2407 on 11-16-2018
I haven't reached yet to a stage of depression in my life because haven't encountered problems that unbearable yet. Depression is the result of some unfortunate things happened in ones life such as loss of a family or a loved one, business failure, major health problems, etc. There are people when bombarded with so many trials in life give up when they feel like there's no hope for them. I'm saying that I'm so strong in facing problems that came into my life but when I encounter challenges in my life, I firmly hold on to my faith that God will help me in dire situations. You will not lose hope and fall into depression when you know that there's a powerful God that is willing to help you. Just be prayerful and commit yourself in helping other people so when the time comes that you are in great challenges, you'll be strong to face them because your strenght is coming from God and the people that you've helped.
Posted by vhinz on 11-17-2018
The best thing one can help a depressed person is by showing them love, making them feel appreciated and valued. If possible, keep the depressed person as busy as possible, but doing activities that make them happy. Also, you should take them to counselors.
Posted by Focusedwriter10 on 11-17-2018
First, I need to have someone to talk to. It's pretty hard to keep your mind stable if you have something in mind that you can't release. I used to keep everything to myself and eventually realized that it's hard to seal your own problems to yourself. Even if your friends won't fully understand you, at least you know that you have someone who you can't count on.
Posted by hstinscdln on 11-17-2018
How Do you Handle Depression: Depression is the time when we feeling low/pity to ourselves. It's not just YOU and ME experience the trouble of having a depression, everyone in this world encounter such thing. And it's not so easy to fight with it. Mostly, are teenagers who always feel this: Bullying, one of the roots that gives depression to the teens, nowadays.

If you're depressed, find a way out to that feeling. Here are some that can help:

  • make your day busy for something that makes you happy
  • think those happy memories instead of those bad ones
  • spend time with your family. communicate and be open with them whatever you have gone through, believe me they will help you.
  • listen to a music- which help you to express what you really felt.
  • have time to jam with your cousin at your age and close friends
Above all talk to GOD, He knows every struggles you did. He knows every pain you had hide. He knows everything, all you had to do is lay everything on Him and you will surely feel better.
Posted by mhingnhormz on 11-17-2018
Handling depression is quite hard. It is easier to those who said that it's okay but the truth is, it's not. Your worst enemy is your self. That is why it is important you have a constant companion where you can about your problem. Also never forget that God is on your side, you can call him and ask for guidance. Have time to enjoy together with your friends and your family. It helps you to calm down and aside from that it makes you feel important they are always there for you.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 11-17-2018
By seeking a therapist. The best thing to do is see a psychologist who can help you address your illness. We should acknowledge that depression IS an illness, it is not something that can be cured with happy thoughts. Of course, social support is crucial, and changing the way you think may help, but the cornerstone of treatment is medications. Seek help.
Posted by astraherondale on 11-17-2018
Having a good support system is key to prevent depression. Having a good relationship with your loved ones and talking to your family about your feelings is one way to avoid the disease. If family members truly know each other they are able to detect significant changes in emotions and mannerisms.
Posted by iambeth on 11-17-2018
I agree that one needs unconditional support in those times. Having good people around solves most of the problem. And then the thing is that often people don't understand their emotional state so they have to deal with depression on their own.
Posted by overcast on 11-18-2018
On a side note, have some people that you regularly talk with, and it's all good. Talk about anything under the sun without the depression you're experiencing. The thing with society is that once they found out you're depressed, they tend to make fun of you. To prevent that from happening, never tell anyone you're depressed.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-18-2018
There are a ton of ways to handle your depression but people are not looking enough and are already weary of their problems to the point that they feel like nothing, don't have anything and take a suicide. If you are suffering from depression, praying will never be old. Seeking help from God is the best way and he will heal you in no time. Having a good support system is also good because you will know that you are not alone on the battlefield because there are people who are going to support you.
Posted by vivalavanda on 11-18-2018
Depression have always been their, its just now that its being recognized. Almost all of us experience this phenomenon because of too much stress that we experience in our day to day life. For me, depression does not have a cure, it will always be there. We just have to stay strong because it is just one of the obstacles that we have to accept and overcome.
Posted by agbuyarashel on 11-18-2018
Depression is a common problem these days. Most of the IT professionals are facing depression at some point in their careers. A combination of medication and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can certainly be of massive help in bringing down depression to a great extent. Also, avoid staying lonely. Try to mix up with people and try to keep yourself busy all the time. If you are lonely, negative and unwanted thoughts will keep haunting your mind. Seek the advice of a good doctor and visit a good therapist.
Posted by kaushikangara on 11-18-2018
Talk to someone. Depression kicks off when you do feel alone at times, so the best way to get over it is to have someone to converse with. I'm not saying you need to tell them you're depressed or some of that sort, what I'm saying is that you only need a person to talk to and you'll feel good afterward.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-18-2018
To be completely blunt, not very well. I’ve dealt with depression for the better part of my life, all thanks to a combination of genetics and mentally abusive conditions in my childhood household. It’s been far better these days than it ever has before, but it still comes in waves. When a wave of severe depression washes over me, I often make poor decisions like turning to alcohol and other reckless behavior. Thankfully waves of such severity have been few and far between, but they still do come now and again. For dealing with moderate depression on a daily basis, I’ve found that exercise, meditation, and watching/reading positive and encouraging material make a big difference.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-19-2018
I believe that depression is real and anyone who suffers it should seek help. Personally, I deal with it by being alone and listening to playlist which are compiled to make you feel good. Whenever I feel like I am depressed, I listen to "Anxiety Attack" playlist on Spotify. The songs make me feel relaxed and calm. I am not sure with other people but talking to someone doesn't seem to work for me.
Posted by clarisseblogs on 11-19-2018
I have to admit that there were times that I was on the verge of depression. One instance was when I got demoted in the office that all my subordinates were taken away from my assignment. I still have the same salary though and I was still in the same level of managerial position. What I did was to focus my mind on house chores. When I am at home, I never tire of fixing and arranging things that my family thought I was into something like buying a new house. That activity helped me fight depression.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-19-2018
I think it's more on not giving up and having even just a tiny bit of hope. I've been there and I'm not saying that I'm completely cured but I know that I can overcome it again incase it attcks again. I don't know how many times I have thought of killing myself but always ended up not doing it, not because I can't but because I know I'll hurt my parents, friends and God. I don't want my parents to blame themselves for not doing their best of raising, guiding and protecting their child when all they did is to give me everything. That was my hope, before I die I want my parents to see me graduate, fulfill my dreams and I want to give them a good life because that's what they deserve. They don't deserve a weak and selfish daughter. I want to live for them. That's what helped me get out of the dark.
Posted by agbuyarashel on 11-20-2018
It is very hard to find a reason to live when you are under the influence of depression. No matter how positive you think, depression kills all your hope no matter how big they are or small. Fighting depression alone is very hard so I think the best way to fight it is to seek help. Whether it is a professional or personal, it is very important to have someone beside you and makes you feel that somehow you are not alone and they can understand you.
Posted by gutzman on 11-20-2018
I usually hang out with friends or find something to do to handle the depression and forget about it. Sometimes music can help me get rid of the depression.
Posted by MittensFX on 11-20-2018
Music is great to alleviate the feeling of being depressed too. But it depends if you listen to music with lonely lyrics (something that relates to the problem) it might heighten the situation. It's still best to talk to someone or be around with close friends or family.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-21-2018
Depression is severe and is not a laughing matter. People who undergo such condition needs immediate attention. Talk to someone who is experiencing it and let him know that you are there to listen, sometimes that's all they need.
Posted by NerdIndeed on 11-21-2018
Sadness that is deepen by things and factors around like disappointment among many other things, the feeling of hopelessness and worthless. I believe that we can overcome depression gradually by surrounding yourself with only the people that really cares for your worth. One must need someone to talk to or a person to accompany you in anything that you do that is good and you think is worth life living for. A visit to church or saying a little prayer every night will somehow clear the clouds of emotions that is prohibiting you from the feeling of worthlessness. Think of the happy moments and things you do together that includes family and close friends.
Posted by Marako0406 on 11-26-2018
Depression is a mentally challenged situation, a common and serious problem that as years pass by, many suffer from this kind of condition globally. I would like to share on how to deal with a depressed person and how to help them cope up with their situation. It will be a great help for you specially when you have friends or relatives suffer from depression.

Support system is a great way to help depressed person to fight this battle. Remember that it will be hard for them to do it alone because they lack with motivation, no or less energy, hope and drive. They tend to withdraw and isolate themselves. So a help from someone who cares really a key to help them treat depression.

First, establish trust and rapport. This way, you can have access to the person to start and help cope up with the situation. With developed rapport and trust, you can influence or persuade the person to actively participate in treatment regimen or activities that may help them to deal with the situation. Remember to get their trust never say "I understand you because I also underwent so much sadness." It is because sadness is far beyond depression.

Next, establish good relationship. Remember that they tend to withdraw or isolate themselves and most of the time, they never ask help to anybody. Don't surrender. If you feel it is hard for you then think also how hard it is for them. Understand them. They need genuine love and care. You can start small things in every single day. A simple text or sending card will help. If you can influence him/her to go back to activities that he/she enjoy then do so. For example, exercise helps create positive feeling and improve moods, getting enough sleep, avoiding alcohol and healthy diet are essential too.

Moreover, seek professional help for his/her treatment, thorough diagnostic evaluation, medication and therapy. Also, be active to participate in the treatment course specially in initial interview. Your observation and report to healthcare professional helps a lot to determine the right treatment and therapy.

Another is to demonstrate active listening without interruption is very essential. Depressed person tends to share their feeling to only particular person. If he/she will share stories or feelings to you then it will be your chance to listen attentively. It is important that they may feel being listened and given information in a respectful and non judgmental way. Validate their feeling by saying "this might be hard for you. I am just here whenever you are ready to talk to me." Take it seriously and don't ignore them.

Therapeutic communication is a big help too. You should know how to talk to them and respond properly. Also be observant when they demonstrate non-verbal cues such as facial expression, actions and behavior that may be a sign of how they are and how they feel.

Finally, be knowledgeable. Study and understand depression. There are lots of books and information online. Listen to professional provider during consultation on how to deal with depressed person. If you understand the depression's symptoms and the course of the disease, you can better support them and avoid misunderstanding them too. Remember, if a depressed person who is withdrawn and isolated and no energy at all for a long time and suddenly became active or say "I am okey and nothing to worry", then be alert it might be a sign of suicidal attempt.

Depression can affect anyone. Hope this post can help you on how to deal with depressed people and help them win their battle and recover from this suffering.
Posted by Anonymous on 11-27-2018
I forgot to log in. Hope this ways on how to deal with person who is suffering from depression will help a lot of people to understand depression and help them towards their treatment. I can see many people, in social media, suffering from this situation, male or female, rich or poor, well-known personalities commit suicide due to depression. And we are here to lend a helping hand to help fight this serious problem.
Posted by rubeth1726 on 11-27-2018
Dealing with depression on your own can be hard, I have dealth with depression for like 4 years and it was really hard back at the start. I was not hapoy with my studies, the path I'm taking, the people around me. It was all a blur, like none of it was making sense. But then I started stepping out of my comfort zone, taking a different path than what people wanted me to take. Met new people and tried to make new friends, then eventually met ny partner. And she did help me, she's still helping me actually. I tell her everything I feel now, and it's just great.
Posted by Anonymous on 11-29-2018
Keep your self busy can also help you to think all the problems that have. Find someone to talk to so that yo can release all your frustrations in life. You can also ask for help and consult a psychiatrist if you think you can not handle it. Depression is very hard to manage, whether you try to find something to keep your self busy , i's always there in your head. Ask guidance to God because I know He will always help you and enlighten you.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 11-30-2018
I suffered from depression just recently and mental health should not be taken lightly I am ashamed to say that I tried committing suicide a couple of times but I realized that it would be a waste of my life. Started to reflect and realize that as long as I am alive not every day is a bad day. Now I still have some shadow of depression and anxiety but it is lesser than before. My best advice is to control your thoughts and emotions and surround your self with positive people finding a hobby can also be helpful.
Posted by antonToledo on 12-07-2018
I think I have been through this.. I haven't been diagnosed so I can't say but it's been year and finally I can say that I am getting better. First of all, I would like to say that it really is better if you go ahead and have friends to talk to and someone to help or support you along your journey. Try to not push them away. A simple hug actually helps. Next, try setting small goals for yourself everyday. No matter how little like getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, give a bit of money to the homeless, finish your homework and the like. Just simple things will do and you can work your way up. Take time for yourself and with others. Go watch comedic movies, have a deep talk with a close friend of yours, take a walk, enjoy the nature and let it calm you..
Posted by Yumyan on 12-07-2018
I would also like to add, what really worked for me is following God through prayer and meditating in the bible. It made discover so many things. The Lord is good. Really good to forgive me and give me so many chances. I am happy to say the least. I enjoy being in his company and truly I feel so blessed and protected. God Bless you and everyone. No matter what you believe in...
Posted by Yumyan on 12-07-2018