How do you hatch a Hatchimal?

How do you hatch a Hatchimal?
Your Hatchimal will need lots of love and attention before it can hatch. And, the more you play with your Hatchimal, the more it grows.

During the egg phase, your Hatchimal will be solely dependent on you for care, so you will want to tilt, tap and touch the egg to interact.

To start with you should place the egg in the palm of your hand and hold the bottom of the egg until your Hatchimal's eyes turn pink and you can hear a heartbeat from inside the egg.

Gently rock or tilt your Hatchimal, just as you would a baby. If your Hatchimal's eyes turn green, you're rocking too hard.

Interact with the Hatchimal egg in other ways to speed up this stage.

Your Hatchimal's eyes will turn a variety of colors to show his emotions. And, it's important to pay attention to the specific eye color so you'll know what your Hatchimal needs.

Your Hatchimal will come along with this convenient chart to help you know what your Hatchimal is feeling and what you can do about it.

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Respond to your Hatchimal's needs by following up with an appropriate action.

If your Hatchimal's eyes turn light blue (visible through the egg shell), you'll feel a shiver inside the egg, indicating the Hatchimal is cold. You can comfort your Hatchimal again by holding and rubbing the egg to warm him up.

If you see no lights, it means he's listening and waiting for your response. You can tap the side of the egg to get his attention and your Hatchimal will respond by tapping with the same pattern.

After 20-30 minutes of active play, your Hatchimal's eyes will flash rainbow colors to indicate he has entered the 'hatching' phase and he'll begin turning in a circle and pecking the inside of the eggshell.

You can speed up the hatching process by holding the egg in the palm of your hand and rubbing the bottom of the egg on your palm. Constant attention is the key to helping your Hatchimal to hatch quickly.

As your Hatchimal pecks away, you can remove loose egg shell to make hatching even easier.

Your Hatchimal may get tired and fall asleep during the hatching process. You may even hear snoring from inside the egg. So it's a good idea to let him take a short nap for awhile.

If you want to wake up your Hatchimal, you should place one hand on the bottom and one on top of egg and turn the egg upside down for 15 seconds.

Place the egg down on a flat surface and then pick it up again after a few seconds. At this time, your Hatchimal will begin the hatching process again.

Once your Hatchimal is fully hatched, he'll sing the "Hatchy Birthday" song to indicate he has entered the 'baby' stage of development. At that point, you can peel away any remaining shell and help him out.


My daughter received the Hatchimals Penguala as a gift for her birthday last month and the entire growth process went very fast. Is there a way to reset the Hatchimal to baby stage, so she can enjoy the process of raising the Hatchmal again?
Posted by Eva on 12-13-2016
I find Hatchimals to be sort of amazing. I love how they can show the different emotions. Like when they are cold, they shiver. Or that he will tap the egg just as you have done if you are trying to get his attention. One of the things that I find the most amazing is that they sing Hatchy Birthday when they hatch. How cute is this!
Posted by angie828 on 12-15-2016
How do you even hatch a Hatchimal?
Posted by Lop on 12-16-2016
@Lop, lots of tender loving care is required to hatch a Hatchimal. The Hatchimal depends upon user interaction to the point that it won't hatch if the child/person is not around. If you are not holding, interacting with the Hatchimal, then it will go inactive until you pick it up and start interacting again. You have to actively play with the egg during the egg stage before it evens starts hatching and if you give the Hatchimal enough attention (touching, rubbing, tapping, tilting the egg), then it will start to hatch. The entire hatching process takes 20-30 minutes. Once the Hatchimal has finished hatching, he'll just sit in the half open egg shell - so you have to actually reach in and take him out.
Posted by Beverly on 12-17-2016
This was a very good overview on how a hatchimal hatches, and the various colors are a nice feature. It is good to have that color list as a guideline because otherwise you might end up not taking proper care of it. Having said that, even though for me it would be interesting to see the changes in the colors and how it reacts accordingly, I really think that for a child thee seem to be too many colora, making it become quite complicated to know what to do, especially if he or she does not know how to read or understand such instructions. So parental assistance is important in my opinion.
Posted by EliteWriter on 12-19-2016
In all honesty I do not like the fact that kids are given the idea of nurturing based simply on rubbing and tapping. Pet care demands so much more than that. I know that these are merely toys but considering all the craze about them I think that they are giving a very wrong idea to young generations.
Posted by sspi on 12-21-2016
Unfortunately I never had a hatchimal when I was a kid. My cousin bought a hatchimal for my niece at ToysRus when it was on sale. You should take great care and shower your hatchimal with love. You must treat it in the same way that you treat your pet. How wonderful are hatchimals.
Posted by Pixie on 08-15-2017
I love to see a hatchimal hatched but unfortunately never had one as a kid, just happened to be in my aunt home for some visits and I was able to have a first-hand experience of it.I think they need to be cared for just like our different pets.
Posted by lovely on 12-29-2017
I have never heard of this toy before now. I think that it is very educational and it could be a good preparatory for when you are thinking of buying your kid a pet. I would definitely check this toy out.
Posted by emiaj55 on 12-17-2018