How early is too early to begin with the Christmas decorations?

How early is too early to begin with the Christmas decorations?
I know Christmas is the time of year for many where they look forward to celebrate the season with gifts and food and decorations. When exactly is the appropriate time to begin decorating the yard and decking the halls? Is it a family or community decision? Do you wait for the signs of the season's like perhaps the first Christmas Carol on The radio or for those who live in a cold climate the first snowflake or the onslaught of social media calibration from shopping stores' deals to Christmas decors on the websites and even TV stations? When is your ideal time to decorate and is there such a thing as starting the decorations too early?


Christmas is the most wonderful period of the year. I like the family gatherings and also to party with my friends. We have already started to buy some of the decorations. We like to prepare everything in advance. We normally start decorating the house and the yard by mid-December. Since some years I have been making D.I.Y Christmas cards for my friends and relatives. They love receiving personalized cards. I have also started to work on those cards as it is time consuming.
Posted by Pixie on 11-02-2017
Buying Christmas stuffs for decorations gives me unexplained enjoyment and excitement. I just always feel it whenever it's time for me and for my family to start buying the things we need for the decorations. We also use old stuffs but we want it to be mixed with new designs. What I'm excited to buy are the gifts which I'll give to my family and friends. It's actually hard to hide your gift for your family especially if one of the family members tend to excitedly peek on my things which he thinks are y gifts for them. It somehow disappointing but it also somehow cute.
Posted by mitan143 on 11-04-2018
I start my decoration from the tenth of December, I love the atmosphere and environment to be electric enough for Christmas.Let everywhere be frenzy and excitement.So anytime from the first week of Dec is good for me, it always good to prepare early so as to put everything that needed to be up in the right time and at the right time.
Posted by lovely on 12-27-2017
Every time you want there nothing bad about that. They have no right to force to stop you because that's your decision. We all know celebrating Christmas is one of the most happiest occurrence every year. :)
Posted by mar06 on 01-20-2018
I guess the decision should be done by the family. In our culture, once the 'ber' months starts, that is the time that we will set up the christmas trees, mistletoes, etc. The shopping done for those decorations are done 2-3 months before christmas so that we can avoid crowded malls and we can be able to pick on a wider variety of designs because once the end of November starts, the crowding of people on markets and malls starts. You wouldn't be able to shop properly and it will definitely take more time.
Posted by hazel42704 on 03-03-2018
In a world full of stress and anxiety, I think people like to associate things that make them happy, and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of childhood.
Posted by mcnasci24 on 11-21-2018
I think that everybody will interpret this differently but for me, if you start celebrating Christmas before December it's simply too early. When I was a child, there were no decorations three months earlier... only a week, maybe two. It's just an excuse for the shops to grab the attention of the consumers to make them spend money on all sort of things.
Posted by Mehano on 03-03-2018
I guess I've answered a question concerning this in the other post, but I would have to say again that the ending week of November that brings about the first week of December is the best period to start getting set for the celebration. This is the period that many are still thinking of whether to be the first that will start this, so when you lead, everyone will come around to see how creative you are when it concerns decorating the Christmas trees at this period.
Posted by Barida on 03-17-2018
Normally around Christmas time, I don't begin putting my decorations up until the 2nd week of December. I don't take them down until a week after the New Year is rang in.
Posted by NickJ on 04-17-2018
A lot of us put our decorations before December. Usually, after Halloween. Some countries love celebrating the Christmas season early. It's because it only comes once a year. So they prepare in advance to feel jolly good.
Posted by Steve5 on 05-17-2018
Our family starts decorate our house with Christmas decors before the start of December. It's a family tradition of ours actually and it's our decision to do that. We don't actually rely on the community where we live especially that some of our neighbors put their decors earlier than us.
Posted by jaybee19 on 11-01-2018
I have seen other people started decorating their houses with Christmas decorations as early as 'ber months. It means in the month of September. But my family usually do the decorations when November starts and after All Saints and All Souls' Day and in fact we are doing the plan of the theme right now. We're one of the family excited for December to come so we always make sure that our house is already stuffed with Christmas decorations.
Posted by mitan143 on 11-04-2018
We are quick to judge those who put their Christmas trees and decorations, but it turns out that they are more nostalgic people who are in contact with their inner child. Although there could be a number of symptomatic reasons why someone would want to put decorations obsessively before the season, it is usually nostalgic reasons, either to relive the magic or to compensate for past negligence.
Posted by mcnasci24 on 11-21-2018
I think decorating your home with Christmas ornaments mid year would be something out of the ordinary. I do think that one can start doing Christmas decorations at the start of the BER months which is September.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 11-28-2018
When to start decorating is not an issue for me. It's my son who puts up the Christmas decor so I leave it up to him when he wants to start decorating. He's also the one who puts up the props for Halloween and since it comes before Christmas, he waits until it is over before unpacking the Christmas tree. Our neighbors do the same thing.
Posted by chatbox on 12-18-2018
For me, I always go for after Halloween. It might be weird to have Christmas decorations while children with vampire masks and fake blood are going trick-or-treating.
Posted by astraherondale on 12-18-2018