How have standards of beauty changed over the years?

How have standards of beauty changed over the years?
Beauty is an amazing word which we all can relate to as it defines how we see and experience life, but it is also a very abstract term as nearly every person has his/ her own definition of what beauty is and there isn't one correct answer and that's the beauty of beauty!

But just as we all have a definition of beauty so has every generation which has come and will come. Ascertain styles of clothes, music, buildings, hairstyles, etc are specific to a specific generation and people can define a specific era by the things they found beautiful, tells me that people's definition of beauty is changing overtimes and that is what is making every generation beautiful and unique. Just as each person has a different definition of what beauty is and indirectly makes us unique. So does general cultural opinion about beauty makes a generation unique.

How boring would life have been if every general would have been exactly the same and even worse if every person was exactly the same!

But a definition I always like is that there is nothing new under the son and that life is like a big circle. Styles, beauty, definitions changes over time and everybody likes the latest fashion and what is the new in thing, but it has all been there before and faded out and after some time it just comes back and is the new thing again and that is the same with beauty.

So to summarize my thoughts, every person and generation has its own definition of what beauty is but it also runs in a circle, we might change our definition of what beauty is to something new but it has been there before!


I think standard in beauty tends to differ between countries. Asian wanted to have bigger eyes. Caucasians lean more on wanting tanned skin. I grow up thinking white skin is superior. I think society now is more accepting toward different types of beauties. I now know that my skin color is beautiful in its way.
Posted by Anonymous on 10-20-2018
I never thought of that. But that was a big factor on having standard of beauty. Different countries varies of what the prefer about beaty. People who live in a place will love somebody with different characteristic because they are used to what they see. Then some people will give meaning to beauty on what he or she see in their counry.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 10-23-2018
Great thoughts my friend. Indeed each and every person is beautiful in their own way and no one should have to feel dejected just because they do not look lik any other individual. i think that we should all live by our own standards which will make us happy and not any other individual.
Posted by Martin on 10-26-2018
I am from Nepal, the people in my home country still believe in the superiority of white skin. The highest selling cosmetic is a cream that claims to make your skin white just in 15 days. Ideally speaking, black hair was the idea hair color, however, these under the influence of the west, women are more focused in coloring their hair. The concept of beauty is more inclined towards west, at least in my home country.
Posted by vinaya on 10-26-2018
Yes, I agree with you. People have different standards. Sometimes, their standard of beauty does not align with their own appearance. People tend to label foreign beauties as superior. Mostly tned to praise something that's not found in them. Sad but true.
Posted by theresajane on 11-06-2018
Black is the most beautiful colour. It is not inrefered with the sun nor cold. Balack absorbs rather than reflect light. Black people are hot.
Posted by stbrians on 11-11-2018
You are right that beauty is also dictated by the culture. I cannot mention here some details about the differences because I might be tagged as a racist. We are of the brown race and we admire fair skinned people. That maybe was due to the influence of the Americans in our culture. The most popular foreigners here are the Latino with their fair skin and tall stature.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-11-2018
People view beauty differently, one might beautiful thing could just be nothing to the next person and as you rightly pointed out the standard of beauty has always been there depending on what is in vogue. Well for me I just like natural beauty that doesn't need to be enhanced or painted.
Posted by lovely on 10-20-2018
Natural is always the best since you are neither adding nor subtracting anything on what "your mama gave you " as we like to say here on this continent. Each person has their own natural flair which when appreciated can go a long way in enhancing the self esteem. We should learn to look at ourselves proudly and say that we are enough hence we do not need to add anything to be acceptable. Any beauty enhancements should be for pleasure or satisfaction.
Posted by Martin on 10-26-2018
Certainly it should be about what we came to the world with and if we go by this then there will be no need for cosmetic surgery so as to look like the current models and come to think of it,it might just be the person natural beauty but we will just want to be like the person, irrespective of our age.
Posted by lovely on 11-05-2018
It is hard to explain what is natural beauty? You can easily talk about the nature and the beauty of landscape, rivers, lakes, mountains, hills, however, it is quite impossible to judge natural beauty in human beings. If you mean t say natural beauty means not wearing makeup, that I don't think this actually explains what natural beauty is.
Posted by vinaya on 10-26-2018
But in essence, that's what natural beauty entails. Leaving one's self the way one is devoid of artificial add-ons like fake nails,weavons, painting and coating of the face and stuff like that.They are people without all is that looks more beautiful while those with coated faces look a mess.
Posted by lovely on 11-05-2018
I think it is more culture dictates beauty standards. Generally people tends to what something they doesn’t have. People wanting whiter skin, bigger eyes, double eyelids or tanned skin because they are born with the opposite. Yes I think beauty trends also influence beauty standard. But now everyone is more accepting of everyone’s differences.
Posted by thejoyrevolution on 10-20-2018
Trends is the major standard in this era of what should be beautiful or ugly. I do notice that if the trend is giving people with red lips the award, then everyone want to have a red lip as it is the trending thing and it is the standard for beauty. I hope a time will come where there will be no standard but just acceptance.
Posted by lovely on 10-21-2018
I think so too. Because a lot of people want to be like the most industrialized or developed people in the world, they think that merely looking like them would do the trick. It is however not possible to have a common thing especially in the outlook if you were different and we should all learn to appreciate our own uniqueness.
Posted by Martin on 10-26-2018
You have a point. In a culture where dark complexion is natural, they want fair skin. In a culture where white complexion is natural, people want to tan skin. People want that they don't have. Beauty likes in the eyes of the beholder said the Great Greek Philosopher Plato a long time ago. Beauty is something that appeals to you. The think that appeals to you does not appeal to me and I have my own standards.
Posted by vinaya on 10-26-2018
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Just like the blind men who went to see an elephant. One said it was like a tree trunk because he touched an elephant's leg. The ear one saw it as an umbrella and the tusk one a spear while the trunk one saw it as a snake. That is beauty. It has many faces.
Posted by stbrians on 10-20-2018
I like how you interpreted this. Beauty is something like the six blind men in the fable who tries to know what elephant is by toughing different organs. For the one who touches legs beauty is like a trunk of a tree and for the one who touches tail, beauty is like tail.
Posted by vinaya on 10-26-2018
I think these days anything ugly is beauty. Like people dying their hairs with different colors. Obesity as beauty and so on. Surely the world has changed. And it has gone more towards the degenerate level side. You can see that beauty standards are often based on the trends. Some trends fix the things and some of the time some gets out of control.
Posted by overcast on 10-20-2018
I agree with you. History repeats itself. There is nothing new under the sun.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 10-20-2018
Yeah that is right. What is in trend right now will be trend in the near future. One of the biggest factor on how we give definition to beauty.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 10-24-2018
Beauty changes quickly. I remember in the 90's growing up, that waif look was very popular - and a grungy clothing vibe. Now these days it's all about curves like the Kardashians, or at least it seems that way!
Posted by amelia88 on 10-20-2018
A lot of it is influenced by the growth in other sectors and more so the showbiz industry. There are numerous people out here struggling to look like the celebrities and would go to any level just to enhance their look. I have heard of terrible surgeries people have sought just to be like another individual while it is all too much unnecessary effort.
Posted by Martin on 10-26-2018
Standards of beauty vary from region to region. What I am always wondering about are those people who underwent plastic surgery SO MUCH only to meet those standards. I know its superficial and everyone wants to feel confident with the way they look, but do they lose a little of who they are by doing that?
Posted by NerdIndeed on 10-20-2018
I agree. When you're young and strong your body can probably withstand the trauma of the plastic surgery. But you don't stay young forever. I never hear stories about the people who had plastic surgery in their 20s, 30s, or 40s and whether or not they had health-related problems from the surgery decades later in their 60s, 70s or 80s. Honestly! Seeing that we all eventually get old and wrinkled and "ugly", if we live long enough, which would you rather have? Beauty in your 20s OR great health in your 80s?
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-20-2018
I also think that so many people end up looking downright ridiculous after plastic surgery. They change one thing and end up thinking they should change every last feature they have, and end up looking like cartoon characters. We all have flaws and imperfections but I think that's part of the beauty of being alive and being human. Focusing so heavily on our looks is a recipe for unhappiness and misery!
Posted by amelia88 on 10-22-2018
Beauty is not related to age. Old women are also beautiful. However, in order to appreciate beauty, you should know what beauty is exactly. The Buddha said, beauty and ugliness is the two faces of the same coin, one cannot exist with other and both are transient in nature. The most beautiful woman will one day become ugly ad the ugly ducklings become beautiful swan.
Posted by vinaya on 10-26-2018
I agree that every generation has its own definition of beauty. This maybe because every generation has its own fashion and style. I was born in 80's and I can say that styles before in terms of the way people wear clothes has a big difference with today's fashion.
Posted by vhinz on 10-20-2018
Yes you are right. Every generations have its own meaning of beauty. Different generations have their diffrences and how they love a certain things. But sometimes there are people who really loves what is the trending style even though it is not his or her generation.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 10-22-2018
There are actually times when people used to decorate themselves with bones or stones as others painted themselves. It was still considered beauty and i think that culture has a huge influence since people from a particular region may want to look like they have some uniqueness and the external awareness they have in line with their interaction with any outside or international people.
Posted by Martin on 10-26-2018
As the saying nothing in this world is permanent, beauty is not an exception. All of us were created beautifully one may say, but these saying isn't valued when you are being discriminated and bash by people around the world because of the dress you wear, and your natural beauty you had just like having flat nos or big forehead or might be wide jawline. Everyone has a say how you look.
Posted by Lhea932 on 10-20-2018
Everyone of us has a different standard of beauty. It think it also depends on what country or continent you are in. Every country has people's way of dressing and grooming themselves. Also, nowadays, with the presence of social media, thankfully, people are more appreciative of beauties not only in their country but of people in different places.
Posted by theresajane on 10-20-2018
I will have to agree to your last statement that because of social media and the internet at large it becoming to measure our beauty to just our country trends but what might be trending in other countries might even be used as a standard too. And feeble minded people might just want to measure their beauty standard with that.
Posted by lovely on 10-21-2018
It' surprising to think of it this way: people often tend to look for what they don't have. Like Asians wanting blondes or Westerns wanting tans. But I think that there is and always will be beauty that transcends generations. Such as a smile of the little children. Or a mothers glow taking care of a baby. Or that aged couple that withered challenges together. I think these things and many more like this defines beauty beyond generation.
Posted by emiaj55 on 10-21-2018
You worded that so beautifully! I think you're absolutely right - there are some things that are wonderfully beautiful in every culture. I love seeing old couples holding hands, it's one of those things that warms my heart every time I see it.

It's true that many of us wish for what we don't have, I think part of that is human nature. I'm trying to get better about appreciating the features I have and not worrying about what I don't!
Posted by amelia88 on 10-22-2018
Yes, I think change is inevitable in every aspect of human life . with time everything changes and it is in our best interest to accept this change and try to move along with the current time and trends. beauty and fashion also are areas where change has happened very rapidly. what was considered to be beautiful in the past loses its appeal with time. for instance, having a healthy and curved figure was considered for women in the past but today such a woman will be called fat and out of shape. I think that if you take these trends in beauty, very seriously and try to achieve impossible things due to peer pressure then you are committing a big mistake. After all the concept of beauty is very subjective. what is beautiful for you may not be that beautiful for someone else. the best option is to follow your own heart and develop your own style, your own identity, rather than try to copy others.
Posted by jpk0007 on 10-21-2018
I think the standards of beauty did not change. But what I understand is that every country has its own standards of beauty. Here is Asia, most of the people like or admire people with fair skin, with perfect shape of the body, a beautiful face. And for western countries, they prefer someone who has a tan skin. I know that these standards are just for physical aspect. I still believe that there are people who find someone beautiful if he/she has a beautiful soul.
Posted by superlicca on 10-21-2018
Each generation has a different perception of beauty. From geographical to cultural to mainstream, beauty is forever evolving, there's no such thing as a constant perception of beauty, it all depends on the eye of the beholder. There was a time in the past that voluptuous and fat women where considered the norm for beauty then it evolved into what we considered as beautiful today. There are also factors like fashion that helps transform our perception of beauty.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 10-21-2018
The beauty is in the variety of things. What really makes this world beautiful is the differences of each and every creature living in this world. Beauty is beauty and it really never changes. Its just the way that people identify beauty in a certain style or clothing is just a product of trend or advertisements but in reality beauty is always present in every one of us. The eye is easily deceived as to the mind. Seeing beauty beyond physical plane is what really matters and finding the truth in the identity of each creature really what makes this world interesting to live in.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 10-21-2018
I absolutely agree with you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Looks might be deceiving at times and basically it depends on how we react, and carry ourselves. Being beautiful outside is good, but being beautiful inside is a lot better.
Posted by NesMarcos on 10-21-2018
I think beauty depends on the eye of the holder. There are different preferences along people and we should learn to respect all of them. But I noticed how beauty changed and evolved throughout the years. Still, we all want to be beautiful. It also depends on the style a person want to use or the current mood of the person. We just have to learn to appreciate more of the people around us to see their own unique beauty.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-21-2018
As time passes by, beauty changes over the years. Different trends, fashions, styles and preferences change over time. Depending on culture and place, people have different preference and definition what beauty is. Needless to say, everybody is beautiful. Some can be beautiful inside and some are beautiful outside.
Posted by NesMarcos on 10-21-2018
It had change a lot since the past ages. People become more wiser and knowledgeable about things. And fashion styles also the big factor of how we define beauty.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 10-22-2018
Beauty standards definitely changed over the past years and each continent has their own standards of beauty which are commonly influenced by beauty trends from both east and the west. However, I also believe that each individual has their own beauty standards and they contribute to the minority who doesn't their opinions about it.
Posted by Anonymous on 10-22-2018
Beauty standards have definitely evolved over the years and it's still changing. I still can remember how darker make up was the trend in the past and it was the beauty standard for most women until it changed to lighter make-up and paler skin color thanks to the rapid popularity of Korean Pop Music and Korean Fashion. However, the trending beauty standards for the majority doesn't still represent the general public and there are still minorities who have different beauty standards and they refuse to talk about it aloud.
Posted by jaybee19 on 10-22-2018
The standards of beauty today is really different from the past. It really evolved a lot. They say that the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it is really true. As long as you are confident in yourself and you look amazing then you have to believe in it and no one will judge you how you look like.
Posted by mark86 on 10-22-2018
Fashion and lifestyle is something that we can't always look at from the perspective of our personal opinions. I believe that fashion and beauty has evolved to now include how a lady or a guy can be able to display some favorable characters that matter much when we are taking a look at long-term views. This is something that we can't really achieve when we take a look at how other things happen. I believe that people define fashion the way that they feel that it is going to please their hearts.
Posted by Barida on 10-23-2018
I think that the standards of beauty have improved. The world is more open to what beauty is then it used to be. I think before there was a universal standard. Now I see beauty rated in a more open and subjective way. For example before white was considered beautiful. Now It's common to see black supermodels and they are absolutely stunning. I think that the most important thing to remember is that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is subjective not objective.
Posted by jaymish on 10-24-2018
I believe that the standard of beauty keeps on changing every now and then. There are certain period where thin is beautiful but after a few years changes to curvy. Just like in fashion, trends come and go. What is beautiful now might not be beautiful tomorrow.
Posted by mdayrit on 10-24-2018
True beauty is timeless, but beauty today is very much defined by luxury items, looking young, and also what is trending on social media. That's why influencers is an actual job now, because they influence what is stylish and what is considered beautiful.

I find with social media such as Instagram and Snapchat there is more pressure on what the standard of beauty is, but most is fake with the use of filters and apps. So it's a faux beauty and hopefully this trend will pass soon.
Posted by Alexa on 10-24-2018
Beauty standard has been changed over the years, because when you see a girl that is white and have a pointed nose, it's beautiful, unlike before, if the girl has a good hear that's the meaning of beauty.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 10-25-2018
People before glorified a thin figure and hated the fat stereotype. Now, it has changed. People want thicker girls and shame on the thin ones. I agree that the standards of beauty change over time but the way it if going now, it's going to repeat in the future the way it stands now. More stereotyping and body shaming will occur.
Posted by rlpzbeermoney on 10-26-2018
We can't avoid people who body shame and bash others who don't fit their standard of beauty. As much as we want them to be erased in our minds, the concept of "perfection" still occurs, this affecting how people see the beauty of others.
Posted by theresajane on 11-07-2018
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and depends on what generation you belong to or what geographical location you are in. I’m from the Philippines and most women here are into glutadrips, gluta soaps, hair dyeing inorder to achieve what they perceived as beautiful. There are also those who go under the knife which is not good. Beauty is more than what meets the eye. Real beauty comes from within and it shows thru the glow in one’s eyes and the sweetness of one’s smile
Posted by conniemac on 10-26-2018
I definitely think the standards of beauty have changed. When it comes to physical factors, small and petite used to be king in the attraction department. Today more and more people like others who are “thick”. I think the acceptance of more body types has grown.
Posted by Jstreeter26 on 10-26-2018
The standard on beauty varies to the majority of the people they agreed on. Beauty comes to new trends as well. It has many versions nowadays and it depends where you live. But one thing is for sure, beauty is on the eye of the beholder.
Posted by mitan143 on 10-26-2018
My answer is simple. Beauty, because it turned into recognize that has been a personal experience for what one sees as beauty and some other might see it disturbing. However, in as plenty the aspect of the beauty wasn't stipulated, I could be kind to mention my answer could be based totally on human beauty of which in current decade has been a think of general delusion for one hardly ever observe the natural beauty of our female counterparts in this time of modernity and mechanised aids to beauty.
Posted by jetselle on 10-28-2018
Beauty is all around us, it is what we see, feel and hear. Like for example a scenery of nature, great smiles of people, birds singing etc. You are right that every person or generation has its own definition of what beauty is. Some appreaciates style or fashion and whats trending others like it simple and minimal. Everyone has its own unique beauty in every way its just some people are not satisfied or not contented with what they already have.
Posted by Marako0406 on 10-29-2018
Over the course of time clothes have gradually become smaller and fitter to the body. The word minimalism comes into play, our bodies are naturally aesthetic and our clothes have followed that shape. And I agree it looks clean and agile.
Posted by DISTEFANO115 on 10-30-2018
The standard of beauty depends on the culture and region one belongs to. In Thailand, Kayan women elongate their necks with brass rings to be beautiful while in some parts in New Zealand women with tattooed lips and chins are those considered beautiful.
Posted by iambeth on 10-31-2018
Beauty by now is based on skin tone and the measurement of the body. In today's standard, lighter skin tones means more beautiful. A person who weighs less is more beautiful. The more skin is exposed, the more beautiful they consider a person. However, contrary to those people, I am one who prefers the conservative type. It is still a matter of preference. People are different after all and we cannot just generalize every other people on how they perceive beauty.
Posted by hstinscdln on 11-01-2018
I remember a time when should my petticoat got exposed there would be whispers from friends which would prompt me to rush to the rest room and have it corrected. Same with bra straps. But today exposing inner wear is in fashion. What more can I say about comparison between the old and new?
Posted by iamawriter on 11-01-2018
Beauty is beautiful. What I believe has happened over the years is a broadening of the borders of beauty, to include ladies with artificial lashes, heavy lipstick and total makeover. Natural beauty has always existed, but in our modern time it is no longer all about natural beauty. Beauty can now be synthesized, and our modern eye appreciate it
Posted by mosesoscar on 11-03-2018
The most marked difference between the societal standards of beauty today and in the past is the ideal body size. Centuries ago, society viewed plump women with high regard because they are known to be wealthy. In the present era, on the other hand, our society is obsessed with getting thinner and thinner while fat women are subjected to body shaming. This just shows the fluidity of standards - an ideal look today might be disgraceful in the future, while its opposite is celebrated.
Posted by astraherondale on 11-04-2018
I have been seeing articles with the title “50 is the new 60” or something like that which means the people now look and feel younger than before. But when it comes to beauty, I have to agree that beauty depends on the generation or the era. When I was younger, wearing decent clothes can be considered a sign of beauty but now wearing torn pants is the fashion and although I don’t think it is a pretty thing to wear but that is the trend and I cannot fight it. However, I don’t wear torn clothes because I really do not follow the trend at all.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-05-2018
I think that standards for beauty are fairly relative to each different culture, but there definitely are certain global standards for beauty that have changed over time. If you look back at the days of renaissance paintings, most of the models painted were quite, shall we say, “thick.” Heavier set women were definitely considered to be more attractive, as it was a sign of both health and wealth. Standards were different for men as well. Did you know that high heels were actually originally worn by noblemen and not women? And let’s not forget about powdered wigs and that hideously pale makeup. Standards sure were strange back in the day, but I’d say they haven’t drastically changed in the modern age.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-06-2018
I would not say that the idea of beauty has changed so much over the years. People mostly look at beauty as fair skin, slim body, green eyes etc. People with dark skin or not thin body are still looked down upon by some people. I still could heard people fat shaming and rejecting the person cause of their color. Everybody Is Beautiful is still not in the head of many people. But there is a very little change we can observe when we look at the movements on Instagram or Twitter appreciating people's very own beauty. Hope we will soon be able to erase the specific beauty standards validated by some people and will start look at the beauty of the heart rather than the face.
Posted by totoadrian on 11-07-2018
Beauty standards are all mixed up. You see people getting their hair done in all sorts of ways to look more attractive, people getting their lips injected with formulas and stuff. Implants are a thing too. For breasts, buttox, etc. It's weird. There definitely is more pressure on women to be beautiful though in society. Men are judged on looks also but not nearly as much as women.
Posted by NickJ on 11-12-2018
I think it's because of the upper classes back in the old days. Most of the powerful people before were white. This had influenced us on how to see beauty. Royalty do not only showcase power but also beauty. If you would think of it. beauty contests always have a crowns to be worn by the winners which is back in the old days means power for King and Queens. Today everything changed because of the television and the people we idolize. That's the time we had different taste for beauty.
Posted by gutzman on 11-21-2018
Beauty is not about looks, it is about what you are as a person. Being beautiful is not only having good looks but also being a beautiful person. Our birth is not in our hands, so one should be discriminated on the basis of how they look. But, being a better person is all in your hands whether you want to be one or not. Let us all strive towards becoming better persons.
Posted by kaushikangara on 11-30-2018