How much can you stand Show-off?

How much can you stand Show-off?
The world is full of self-boasting people. They consider themselves as Supreme and look down upon every other person with disgust. All they have to speak is about their achievements, possessions, and personal activities. They prefer to live in their own world where they see themselves at the top. They lack the ability to realize and analyze the true world.

Personally, I cannot stand such people. I hate them to the extremes. I'm a person who believes in the power to actions rather than words. Moreover, I prefer remaining down to earth and expect others to do the same. If God has really blessed you a public display is not at all justified. For how long can you stay in the company of such self-boastful people?



Stay away from them

I don't mind a bit of competition between people but there are some people that take it to a whole new level. These people are just too annoying to be around and personally, I think it's just best to stay away from them. These people will always try to show off and try to show that they are better off than you. There is no point in being friends with these type of people as you will just feel angry or sad in the end after talking to these people.
Posted by kingcool52 on 10-15-2017


Yes, I don't like that. Sometimes people do have a lot of good things to talk about but the whole world doesn't need to hear about it constantly. One of the people who did a lot of this that I know was not a very nice person..the other was..but honestly, she didn't really need to be doing that all the time. I think it comes from a place of insecurity.
Posted by kgord on 10-15-2017


I hate showing off and I can't stand even the slightest bit of it.That is why I avoid social media as much as I can. I see nothing of productive and lots of boasting people
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-15-2017

Terrible people

I can't stand them at all. It is hard to be around these people. I find it completely annoying when they go around saying and showing off all their achievements to others. I think there's no need at all of doing this but some people just like to make their ego higher by making feel others inferior to them.
Posted by felabruno on 10-15-2017

I hate those people.

I can't stay in the company of those kinds of people, I really hate them. They just talk and talk and never do something, also, many of those people love to show off their parents or family's achievements and, because their parents or family achieved something, they think it's like they achieve it too. I'm a quiet and private person so, I don't like to tell people what I'm doing or what I've achieved in my life because I think it's so much better if no one knows about that. People are really envious and they like to see people falling down so, they send bad energy to those who are on the top of their life or higher than them.
Posted by cubo on 10-15-2017


I hate those kind of people. They always think that confidence and being delusional are the same thing. Nowadays everyone shows off, a quick look on social media will tell you that and it's sad to see that society is starting to become a contest on who can show off more. If you are really good at something, you don't need to show off. That only tells everyone you're insecure.
Posted by Tania997 on 10-15-2017

I can't stand them!

I can't stand a show off and whats worse is 90% of the show offs out there don't really know what they are doing and are just pretending to know what they are doing.

And then you have the show ~off's who like to buy big houses and big toys and they are in dept up to their ears and they have to work all the over time that they can get just to keep up with the payment's. Those are the show offs that I like to laugh at lol.

Posted by Soulwatcher on 10-17-2017

Yeah right

I dont like it either. How can you work or stay in that kind of place and with that kind of people. Its very uncomfortable and annoying. I preffer working with people that has a dugnity and good heart.
Posted by jayken on 10-16-2017

Big mouth

Yes i totally agree with you they show off like they are on very top. for me in my personal encounter i don't want to mingle people with that kind of attitude it just boils my head and ended up being angry so i just get away from that kind of friends. and try to ignore them if ever i have a chance to meet someone who really show off.
Posted by tophew on 10-15-2017



It is needed sometimes.

To be successful someday, you must show and proved that why you are the best of all. So it would be better to show-off but make sure that there are no other people who will be affected if you do this. You will just do this because you want to achieve what you want.
Posted by blank629 on 10-15-2017


I do not care much for people like that. They can be very irritating and get on your nerves really quickly. It is one thing to talk about yourself and a completely different thing when you boast and looking down in other because you think that you are better then them. I don't usually hang out with people like that because they tend to bring me down. I am proud of myself and all my accomplishments in life but I very rarely talk about myself to others unless they ask.
Posted by Sue on 10-15-2017
To be honest I prefer to stay away from such people. They can be very annoying and they are always trying to prove that they are the best. They are also very good at putting others down. Those people just think about themselves and don't care about others. Those people usually laugh at other's failures. I think they can't accept the fact that there are others who are better than them.
Posted by Pixie on 10-15-2017
Sometimes you really have to avoid them when you cannot stand the annoyance of their bragging. And when a person is bragging, that means he wanted to be above the others so it is raising himself or putting down the others. My question in this issue is this – what do they get when they show off excessively? Nothing, really, it’s just to feed their ego with those praises for himself. And with us? Nothing much either except when we mind the bragging, we are bothered.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-03-2018
Just like race, people are born with different characters which doesn't show till adulthood. It's not a choice, the majority were born into it naturally. You might find them annoying, but for them it's just normal and that's why you never see successful people like them complaining about each others behavioural character...only the underclass does.

Am not one that boast or brags, I wasn't born or raised with such character, but i tend to respect everyone's behavioural character be it annoying or not.

if we were allowed to choose characters upon birth, I don't think anyone will grow up with annoying behaviours. It's just life. If you were in their shoes, growing up in their homes, associating with their class, nurtured and educated in the manner they had, you'd probably turn out to be annoying to the majority of people who didn't have your previlages.
Posted by Rumu on 10-15-2017
I hate people like that. I think that it's very rude to show off and rub it in other people's faces what you make or can buy and so on. There are so many show-offs lately. Wherever I look I see a few... at my work, the television and so on. I guess it also depends on how you were brought up because I know that my parents always taught me to be modest and to not act in such ways.

I don't hang out with show-offs nor do I like them. I spend as little time with them as possible.
Posted by Mehano on 10-15-2017
I will not like to follow the people that show off and boast a lot because if i follow them they might want me also to become proud like them. The Bible says that he or she who humbles his or her self that is the person that God will lift up while the proud will be brought down.
Posted by babyright on 10-15-2017
We all are boastful in some way. We might be less boastful than others, but we cannot say we have never boasted. It is very common for us to be boastful. Some us overdo this, while some of us do it little, however, we all are boastful.
Posted by vinaya on 10-15-2017
Sometimes people show off to gain a positive result - if they behave this or that way, people respond, so they continue with that behavior. And at some point it becomes a need for gratification. It can come from insecurity, it can come because they gain positive result, it can come from a need to give something, it can be a help, it can become a drive. Well personally I hate these people but let's just pray that one day they could get their heads in the right position.
Posted by muaaz.93 on 10-15-2017
The only time you want to say you accomplished anything is if it's related to a job where success in the past is used as a measurement for future success in an area...and that's about it. Wealth and material things only serve to make people resentful. Humility is the best option to take with like-ability and general dealings with people in general. Showing off only serves to dig deeper holes especially if they're lying to cover up other areas in their lives. I tend to avoid people who are like that because they're shallow. It's better to keep things on the down low than to constantly be in the limelight.
Posted by Rhodolite on 10-15-2017
I practically plan to remove myself from the equation of anything someone who is a showoff is involved with because if care is not taken, I might end up insulting or hitting the so called boastful individual which is not the right thing to do. So therefore, instead of staying and eating crap from such being, I would rather take a walk away from that person so that I myself would have my own peace.
Posted by Heatman on 10-15-2017
I can't stand boastful people because a lot of time showoff comes with a lot of pride and lies.Showoff people live a terrible life of lies and deceit and they believe their lies because they can't fool everybody. I think showoff people lack self esteem and they're always looking for people to validate them.
Posted by lovely on 10-15-2017
Though I don't really enjoy talking to them (well, perhaps there isn't any chance for me to talk at all, but just listening all the time), I don't really hate them. Perhaps that's the way they learned to live which make them more comfortable, or that's how they were brought up. I agree with lovely, some of them actually need or want to be recognized by others, hence they keep showing off. If they don't really disturb me (not forcing me to follow their way), I am fine with just listening to them.
Posted by kaka135 on 10-15-2017
I would have to say yes and no with no being most of the time. As someone on here noted, social media is full of these fools and I've had it up to there with them. Well, in some cases, they're not bragging but just being a loudmouth. In other words, an opinion on everything. However, it begs the question, "Who are they?", lol.

Anyway, bragging and opinions might have their place, but it would be best to avoid them most of the time. However, that's nearly impossible for certain people on social media.
Posted by jyy on 10-16-2017
As with all things in life, there needs to be a balance here. I understand if someone wants to show off a nice new car that they bought, or a beautiful home, or even a cool haircut or outfit. It's okay to be proud of nice things you have. However, when you start making those things all that you talk about, to the point where it is basically your personality to just show off, there we have a problem. I myself am not a materialistic person so I don't get along well with those sort of people.
Posted by Denis_P on 10-16-2017
Sometimes I feel like people deserve to show off a bit. If they have a great accomplishment or something that they're really good at, I think they should get recognition. However, I don't want to see or hear about it all the time, and if it's to the point that they're arrogant and condescending about it (like the original post talks about), then I don't want to have anything do with those people. I can be a little vain at times. I like to share my photos and videos online for people to see and admire, but I don't want to push it on people all the time.
Posted by TheArticulate on 10-16-2017
I only laugh off when I see boastful people. I mean when I see that I can get better than those people, then there is no need wasting time trying to make them understand that boasting is really not the way to go about things in life for humility pays better.
Posted by Barida on 10-16-2017
My husband always said: "Self-praise is not a recommendation." But who knows you better than you know yourself? Who would be able to tell others what you are capable of accomplishing if not you? Boasting and bragging, however, is not acceptable as a behavior or as an attitude. But don't we all know this? Maybe the person who is boasting was raised that way and doesn't think there is anything wrong with tooting their horn ... All the time. ... Loudly. ... To everybody! ... Especially when what they say is a fact which nobody can deny. LOL.
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 10-16-2017
Well, I'm only human and I have bragged - especially when I was making a decent amount of cash (at least considering the situation) on Adsense. However, though, looking back it wasn't a good idea. Nonetheless, I had never made money like that before - so it was overwhelming. Nonetheless, bragging is a problem, a disease, and it has to be controlled.
Posted by jyy on 10-17-2017
Let me share with you my anecdote about a handsome guy who courted me. Aside from his looks, he was well educated, neat, and with a car. Guys with a car in those days are considered a gem. He would pick me up in the office for our date. But on our second date, I have noticed his superiority complex, so to speak. That he talks with an air of bravado and vanity as if he was the best guy in the world. The 3rd date did not happen anymore for I turned him down. And what’s funny is that his best friend is now my husband who is humble and the exact opposite of that showoff.
Posted by Corzhens on 10-17-2017
I also don’t like people show off a lot and always discuss about their achievement and be boastful. Most of us don’t like showy people because we assume that they are arrogant and because they sometimes remind us of our few achievements. From the outside showy people appear to be happy, possessing many things that others really want and sometimes superior But what most people don’t know is that their inside is much different. All people is boastful is some way, but some other people boastful that is annoying and irritating. Better stay away from that people and be humble whatever achievement you have in life.
Posted by honeybabe on 10-17-2017
Jonathan Solomon
From what I've come to understand, the principle and actions of showing off, all surround your self-importance (ego). We all want to have something to be proud of and to show off to the world; it's understandable. Also, nothing's wrong with congratulating someone respectfully on something they've just achieved. Because we all deserve credit for what we do. At the same time, some people get caught in the need for attention from others. So they become triggered to constantly show off what they have or posses. Even in some cases, putting down another person to make themselves feel higher. But in my opinion, it all revolves around ego itself.
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 10-17-2017
I don't like showing off. As it does not add any sort of value in our life. So we have to understand that there are always time when you can learn to do things differently. That's something you have to understand with the people. There seems to be things people have to learn and do things. I have learned that people don't always do that unless they are seeing the shiny bright stuff around.
Posted by overcast on 10-17-2017
I honestly can't stand show off and feel comfortable staying away from them. There are many of them online and offline. They give themselves titles instead of waiting for people to recognize them as such. They make each occasion an opportunity to boast and show people that they are superior, a class above the rest. They like to show off their possessions and expect people to praise them. Many of them are actually insecure individuals who need people's assurance and acceptance all the time. They can drain one's energy simply by their presence.
Posted by chatbox on 10-20-2017
I would rather be alone than be with a show off. I can't stand being with one even in just a minute. If you were this and that than wait for others to tell it to you and not brag about it. I would always conclude that all you have been boasting about is only self-professed. Actions speak louder than words. if you were someone act like one.
Posted by Istine on 10-25-2017
Yes pretty much. Recently I have cut ties with a friend that was showing off too much. He really felt my absence but I made a point to cut people from my life that weren't aligned with my mind set
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-25-2017
I do agree with you. They convince people through their words not through their actions. They speak a lot of things about them selves just to show that they have that kind of things or they possess those and that things or they are that kind of person and the other one is not, in short knocking down other people's life. I really can't stand those kind of people. Before you speak about yourself or you're boasting all the stuffs you have, make sure that all those things are coming from you not just from your mouth but from your actions.
Posted by nekonieden on 03-14-2018
I cannot stand to show off. I dislike people who show off. I never connect with people who show off. I disconnect with the people who show off. However, there are exceptions. I have a college friend who shows off. However, I am in cordial terms with this perosn because he is my friend since many years. She shows off but never disrespect me.
Posted by vinaya on 03-18-2018