How much money do you budget spending this Christmas?

How much money do you budget spending this Christmas?
One thing that is very common with every Christmas season is that there would always be an increased budget because of lots of expenses that needs to be taken care of.

Some people spend so much money on Christmas shopping that they find themselves in serious debt in the new year.

How much money are you budgeting for this Christmas holidays spending?


I spend money on foods for Christmas instead of spending it to gifts. We are not that rich so I would be practical and prioritized buying foods for the family.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 12-10-2018
You are right. It's better to buy something that would really fill your tummies especially during these times when it's really hard to earn money.
Posted by theresajane on 12-11-2018
That's my family priority too. With so many family members under the same roof, that's a lot of people to feed, so having a good dinner is a must. Our budget has become shorter every year, due the economical crisis in my country, and that makes us think a lot on what to spend the money. Presents are always there, but sometimes we even make our own gifts, because the meaning of the gift is not just how fancy the item can be, but the feeling and caring you put into it.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-13-2018
Me too, I will just spend my money on food for this Christmas than just buying gifts. It's more useful and a practical way for us to celebrate Christmas. It's not about gifts, rather its about spending time with family and relatives and that's the only chance to have conversation and bond with them just like in any other occasion like birthdays. At least we have food to prepare as there are family who find it hard to look for food.
Posted by nekonieden on 12-13-2018
Approximately $500-$600 right now for gifts, and I haven't taken into account food expenditure. I didn't spend anything on decor since we already had a bunch of decorations and our tree from previous year's Christmas celebrations.
Posted by amelia88 on 12-11-2018
Well, I actually don't have a fixed budget. I just make sure that I have enough money left for everything after Christmas.
Posted by theresajane on 12-11-2018
How much money would I spend this Christmas? I don't have a lot of knows a lot of people so I usually only give a gift to my closet friends and relatives usually my budget for a single person is more or less $100. I don't usually spend much my, parent usually do all of the spendings.
Posted by antonToledo on 12-11-2018
I do not have a plan. I go as per the need. Whenever I need something, I buy it. That saying, I am not extravagant and keep a close watch on my spending habits to make sure I am saving enough money at the end of the month.
Posted by kaushikangara on 12-11-2018
Me neither. My country is in the middle of a huge economical crisis, and we can't afford to spend the money like crazy. This year we're doing a list of our main needs, so we can cover bills and food first, and then we will take care of the rest. Also, you can't spend everything this month, and begin next year with zero amount of money, remember that bills don't take holidays.
Posted by ballyhara on 12-13-2018
I spend about a quarter of my monthly and my 13th month pay combined. Though I would like to stop this yearly bout of consumerism, there is something about seeing the smiles on my kids and nephews faces when opening gifts. This holidays are for kids. Make them feel loved.
Posted by pencilneckgeek on 12-11-2018
This is not to brag but my one month salary is not enough for the Christmas budget. Just for the gifts alone there is already a long list and the items are not cheap because the people in my circle are used to elegant and expensive items. We also have parties and gatherings that entail expenses. Maybe my 2 months salary is quite enough that I have to scrimp on some other expenses.
Posted by Corzhens on 12-11-2018
I think salary and the christmas bonus is kind of easy to burn out during the holidays. And the year ending also has it's own issues. On that note you can see that budget management is a bit tricky too. Some people don't understand that part and end up spending more money.
Posted by overcast on 12-14-2018
I only save like around a couple of bucks to get some simple gifts for my family members and just to buy some drinks for me and my friends to enjoy. Not much of a buyer especially during the holiday season. Probably in 10 years time I would start to increase my Christmas budget especially when I start to have a family of my own.
Posted by YoloBoy on 12-12-2018
I don't have specific amount to spend during Christmas season but approximately around $500. My spending amount for Christmas is based on how much we save from January up to December of the same year. I and my husband saved some money for this season, we have a small tin can as our coin bank. So, whatever we have saved, we budget our expenses for the gifts, decorations, buying new clothes, travels and food for this season depending on how much we have saved.
Posted by rubeth1726 on 12-12-2018
Being a practical person, it's more important for to spend money for food. Gifts are okay but it's optional if I do have enough budget for this. I didn't plan this year's budget for gifts but maybe next year. I want to plan my budget for food, travel, for my self and for gift to my love ones.
Posted by nekonieden on 12-13-2018
I'm going to be spending half of my earnings for buying gifts. I'll only be giving gifts to kids who are close to me and to my godchildren who likes to come over only on Christmas just to get their gifts. (I sound totally bitter about my godchildren who I only see during Christmas, it's because I am.) Anyway, I can't spend much this year as my family and I are taking a trip around New Year's so of course more money is needed for that.
Posted by knnon on 12-14-2018
I am thinking of spending around 800$ or more. Depending on the budget ofcourse. Some of the time budget spending may not be easier though. Considering that I tend to offer more gifts to people. And the people who are around me are more in number. I have to also spend on food and other stuff. So it just keeps on adding.
Posted by overcast on 12-14-2018
This christmas I don't have alot of money to spend. I am lucky because I have bought everything I need for the day food, drinks and gifts. I have also fueled my car ready for visiting friends during the christmas holidays. I will cut out unnecessary spending like eating out which I normally enjoy doing during the holidays and concentrate on saving for next christmas. Hopefully I will have more money to spend.
Posted by jaymish on 12-14-2018
For us, it only happens once in a year so it's not that bad to spend money more than what we spend in normal days. Anyways, there are a lot of bonuses given by their work that we could use for our feast and gifts. Although, of course, we still have to control ourselves in spending because we can't just eat too much today and be hungry tomorrow. We still have to budget our spendings so that problems would not be arised.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 12-14-2018
Our December Budget is twice our normal monthly budget. It's because of the Holidays, it's Christmas time and the traditional gift giving and celebrations, all this cost money. As to how much my wife and I are spending? About $1000 for me and $500 for her, and that includes all the bills, payables, it's really a modest amount for a family of 4 to spend for the whole month of December.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 12-16-2018
I only spend what I have. I don't spend beyond my capability. Sometimes I used to save money from the start of the year to fund my expenses for Christmas. It is not practical to be in debt just to have an extravagant Christmas celebration. If I have the capacity, I spend more than the usual but I don't, I am contented with what I already have.
Posted by burgosmichael2407 on 12-17-2018
I would just spend a quarter if my monthly income. Though christmas season is all about giving you have to do it in moderation. You cannot spend every penny you have and be broke the following year. Be wise in spending your money. If you want to spend a huge amount save it for the whole year.
Posted by Carrascoshiela on 12-18-2018