How young is too young for a mobile phone?

How young is too young for a mobile phone?
Do you think there is a specific age that is too young for a mobile phone? I've seen people with children as young as three or four years old asking what phone would be best for their child. To each their own, of course, but I wouldn't buy a child that young their own phone. Would you?

Children get hooked on screens so easily these days that I just don't see the point of making it earlier and earlier. I'm not going to tell someone else that they shouldn't do it, but I'm just curious about other opinions. Am I the only one that thinks a toddler is too little for his or her own phone? Maybe I'm just old school or just old.


A tablet? yes. A phone to contact the outside world? No! :D

What real use is a 'phone' to a toddler? Who are they gonna call, gramma? A tablet on the other hand means access to educational apps and hours of fun. Sure, there is a Skype app on most tablets, but I don't think most little kids will figure that one out for awhile.

Though maybe a mobile phone would be good for a school aged child who needs to call mom or dad to come pick them up for a ride from school or friend's house. Could be a good security accessory too. I'd hate to think of a child being stranded out somewhere with no way to call home.
Posted by Beverly on 05-05-2017
yah! i think only a regular 2g phone for calling or texting in case of emergency to contact there parents.. mobile phone maybe absurd...
Posted by Anonymous on 09-26-2017
I think what you are saying is very important. They need to learn in the digital means as far much as they focus on other things. The outside contact to the world can be dangerous hence no internet.
Posted by Martin on 08-07-2018
Exactly. I agree with the proper use of technology items, specially phones. We have to face the fact, that kids will download applications like YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and that cand put them in danger. If they're left without supervision, they will use those to make "friends" online, that can end up putting them in risky situations. Also, their curiosity can lead them to play those online scary games, where they're supposed to challenge themselves by hurting others. People, be serious about the use of phones by kids, be responsible and supervise them.
Posted by ballyhara on 09-09-2018
I agree with you. I think that you should always supervised your kids in using internet. They may also gone to other sites that are rated 18+ and not suitable to their age. Always have restriction in your connection if you have a kid using internet.
Posted by Wenkx03 on 11-25-2018
Exactly. I agree with the proper use of technology items, specially phones. We have to face the fact, that kids will download applications like YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and that cand put them in danger. If they're left without supervision, they will use those to make "friends" online, that can end up putting them in risky situations. Also, their curiosity can lead them to play those online scary games, where they're supposed to challenge themselves by hurting others. People, be serious about the use of phones by kids, be responsible and supervise them.
Posted by ballyhara on 09-09-2018
I agree with your point, children can be given a tablet but not phone. Children can use tablet for entertainment as well as educational purpose. What if you do not have a tablet? You can give your phone to the kids for sometime. They can use the phone for the same purpose that they use tablet for. However, I also do not recommend a personal phone to the kids.
Posted by vinaya on 10-19-2018
"Sure, there is a Skype app on most tablets, but I don't think most little kids will figure that one out for awhile. "

I do not agree with the above statement. Children today are wizards with gadgets. They can figure out what you have not known exists. Give them one and you will be tauggt that being a toddler does not mean that your mind is blank. It has ideas.

Being stranded in school might be your intent, but will they keep to it?
Posted by stbrians on 11-18-2018
I agree with this. Tablet is a more appropriate device for the little kids since all they care about is gaming and watching cartoons. There's a parental control feature on the iPad so I wouldn't worry about kids opening inappropriate apps or visiting inappropriate websites.
Posted by ivandelrey on 12-18-2018
I would say anyone younger than 10 years old should not have a smart phone, but if the phone was a “dumb” phone like the Nokia 3310 then I would say that it should be alright for someone as young as 5 years old. One piece of advice: Make sure to monitor your kids phone usage aka do some parenting as good parents seem to be in short supply nowadays.
Posted by Gaince on 05-05-2017
It depends really on the parenting. Some parents will allow children younger than that to have phones whilst others don't. Whether or not a child should have a phone at such young ages is just dependent on opinions really. My sister was given my old phone at the age of 7 and it was a pretty good smart phone too. Not at all a dumb one like a Nokia 3310 XD. And we give her the freedom to use it freely because we trust her. Just because you don't monitor what they do, doesn't mean that makes you a bad parent. It actually could be the sign of a good parent because you are able to trust your child and your child will respect that.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-28-2017
The problems here is that parents are often weak when it comes to their kids demanding phone which in it self is caused by other kids showing off that they have the newest iPhone. A lot of parents give their kids smartphones as it kids their child engaged without having to be decent parents. Sad really but a lot of parents just can’t be bothered to care for their kids.
Posted by Gaince on 12-11-2017
I am amiable with on this point of view. We don't allow school aged children to use any handheld devices. Instead we encourage them to play outdoor games and spend some time with their friends, This way their physical stamina and endurance will develop and they will also learn how to communicate and cooperate with others.
Posted by anahbello1206 on 02-07-2018
A child and a gadget are inseparable. They know their way round themore than the adults. Children are wizards. It is as if these things were designed for them. Your monitoring may be in vain unless you catch them unawares on their game. Children are smarter than all of us put together.
Posted by stbrians on 11-18-2018
Yea that's true, as you have said a child younger than 10 years should not use a smartphon,I also suggest it goes beyond that too and should be increased further to 18 years old because kids now are more corrupt through internet than other means.
Posted by EarlAlexander on 12-02-2018

According to me, a kid should not get his own phone, until he understands what a phone can do other than just watching cartoons and playing games. Tho a kid might use a phone of a parent or sibling under supervision and for a limited period of time.

as @Baverly said, a kid might have a phone if you are concerned about security or need of calling at any time. Yes you can give them but an phone without internet access and parental control on.
Posted by contracterboss on 05-05-2017
My granddaughter is 10 and has had a phone for 2 years. At first she just had an old one of mine which she played games on but now she is out and about I buy her credit so that if I want to contact her I can. I like that I can satisfy myself she is safe by texting or calling.

I personally feel a toddler is too young for a phone. They are likely to break it or lose it at that age. You can get age appropriate tablets which are fine for youngsters and are usually geared towards learning.
Posted by littlewitch66 on 05-05-2017
I think preteen can have a phone that she can use it for playing games, watching videos and using educational tools. She can also use the phone to make calls. I think preteens are old enough to understand the value of phone and the benefits of having phones. However, in my home country, even the high school students are not allowed to carry phones in school.
Posted by vinaya on 10-19-2018
Who would a toddler call aside from their siblings? Other toddlers...? Who has a number at that age and what would they talk about? It's a similar debate to whether a child should have a social media account at a young age. I think it's important to emphasise interpersonal relationships at that point, instead to enabling them to wall themselves up behind a device...and don't get me started on those games aimed for kids with a buch of microtransactions urging kids to steal mom's credit card for more playtime. Tablets are a different matter altogether, as we can download some very nice games for mental development, not just Flappy Bird and Fruit Ninja.
Posted by Dionysia on 05-05-2017
I agree with you. We have to let them utilize technology in way that we know will help them with their studies and with the building of their moral values.
Posted by theresajane on 11-12-2018
Depends on how well the parent/guardian does at teaching the child how to use the phone responsibly. But of course a toddler can't handle a phone properly, so I'll say around seven or eight years old should be the lower limit.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-05-2017
As with anything, different ages may work better for different kids. At a younger age, the most important reason to have a cell phone would be for contact. For this reason, when a child reaches middle school age when they're beginning to take part in more extra curricular activities or events away from their parents, a cell phone would be incredibly useful. It'll make contact easier to arrange for rides to and from school, band rehearsal, football practice or the likes.

As was mentioned by someone else here, a tablet would be a fantastic option for younger kids for the purpose of playing games or drawing, but a cell phone with connection to the internet and other people is not necessary until around middle school, in my opinion.
Posted by TheArticulate on 05-05-2017
I think we should not understand phone in the literal sense, Today when we sat phone, we understand a device that can be used to make phone calls, watch movies, listen to songs, read books, use internet, play games etc. Your kids might be too young to use the calling feature on the phone, or use social media through the phone, however, he might use your phone to access internet play games and use educational apps.
Posted by vinaya on 10-19-2018
I believe a mobile phone is extremely important for a child. While at a younger age, around 5, a simple T-9 phone is great. Its important to teach them how to use it, but it allows them to be able to contact you and, worse case scenario, call 911. Growing up, both of my parents worked, so we were at home alone and it was vital we had a phone just in case. Smart phones are a bit different as they have access to the internet. I would personally wait until my children are at least mature enough to handle it and I'll buy them one. I would start out without a data plan as they have WiFi at home. When they get their own job, then they can start to pay for their data and phone to help teach them responsibility.
Posted by CubeJ on 05-05-2017
Before we give a device to a kid we have to ask ourselves what it’s going to be used for. I believe there is no exact age for a child to have a phone. A teenager going for things like camping, should have a phone so as to keep in touch with his parents.
Posted by Joelnexus on 05-05-2017
I don't mind if your child has a phone but age is an important factor. I agree you can keep in touch with them and it's a great convenience as it can make both of you safer in more than one ways. I also think that most parents provide a phone to their young kids for this particular reason but when I see a child of 4 or 5 playing games for most part of the day, I feel that's a big downside of this useful facility. I can relate when teenagers having a phone for more practical purposes like calling or texting in emergency or remaining in contact with their friends but when I see a child of 5-6 using a phone well, it's a tough call because that's not the right age for a child to use a phone.
Posted by mesush on 05-05-2017
Children don't really need cellphones until they're at least at junior high age (12-13). These days young people use their cellphones predominantly for surfing the web and playing games. Young children are not yet independent enough to warrant the need for a cellphone. They spend their time either at home supervised by their parents and family members, or at school, supervised by their teachers. If any emergency were to come up, they could easily use the phones of the adults in charge of their care. Personally, I believe giving a child a cellphone at too early is unnecessary and can be quite a distraction for them. It is alarming to me to see so many young children with their eyes glued to cellphones and tablets when i'm out in the world. I understand that it helps keep children occupied when out with their parents, and there are educational games and videos they can use on cellphones, but they have their whole lives to be submerged in the digital world. Until they're older and becoming more independent, going out with their friends without their parents, old enough to use social media and text/call their friends outside school hours, they really don't need a phone.
Posted by krystyltbh on 05-05-2017
Well said. I don't think they need one either. If they are going someplace, they can take your phone if need be (if you have access to another or a home phone). That's what we did. I'd give them my phone and they could call home or call dad's phone.

My teenager has a non-service phone, and old one of ours that she sometimes listens to music on and stuff, but she won't have a phone of her own until she has a job to pay for it and pay the bill. She's welcome to borrow mine as needed, but I agree with the statement that "they have their whole lives to be submerged in the digital world."

So many people seem to be addicted to their phones and to social media these days. I just don't want to start them off any younger. They seem to find this stuff soon enough, if you ask me.
Posted by Zyni on 05-08-2017
I can add to what I said above that if your child shows a sense of responsibility, like if they let you know where they are, when they should come back home. Or if they keep their promise or they they do what they say. There is another factor that would help you decide is if your kid is forgetful type or lose things easily or the one who takes care of his belongings.
Posted by mesush on 05-05-2017
I'm honestly not sure anymore what age is appropriate for a phone, these days phones can be used for a variety of things and needs may differ from family to family. Giving kids phones so they can contact their parents when they need to is honestly the most important reason for a child to be given a phone, other than that I don't see a need unless you want your child to be able to play mobile games on their own device, without having to let them use yours and risk any accidental purchases.
Posted by Krimzen on 05-07-2017
It is a new world and technology is part of it. Most of us weren't born in this era of touchscreens and smartphones so it may seem foreign to use to allow young children to interact with these devices, but if you've ever seen a child working a tablet then you know they are far more really for this technology than we were at their age.

Plus I would argue that letting a kid know how to use a phone is very useful, shall they ever be in need to locate someone or something. I would say so long as the kid demonstrate the ability to use it properly they should be allowed to, after all, it is not like if this technology was evil or something.
Posted by QuickSilverD on 05-07-2017
Yep, my kids know their way around technology probably better than I do. Technology has come a long way and is very useful, but I think it's also good interact on a personal level and not just on a phone/tablet/computer.

I don't think anyone is claiming it's "evil" though.

I'm not saying they should never use a device, or know how to use various ones, I just don't think I'd buy a toddler their own. There is plenty of time for them to be glued to the screen later in life.
Posted by Zyni on 05-15-2017
I don't know how young is too young, but I do know that there's a big difference between having a phone for "emergency reasons" and having a smart phone. Most of the people I know, when giving kids under 14 or 15 a phone for emergency contact, have gotten the basic TracFone which costs like under $100 a year. If the reason is truly just emergency calls, that's all they need. Texting and games and watching videos don't need to be part of a phone especially when most of those kids have laptops and/or tablets for doing those other things.

On second thought, I think those basic cell phones even include texting now, so there's no reason (in my mind, that is) to supply a 10 year old with a $500+ smart phone.
Posted by Destiny on 05-08-2017
My idea of a kid's age to be given a gadget is when he starts schooling in the first grade. I understand that schooling now is as early as 4 years old but my rule of thumb is first grade or 7 years old. And the main purppose the gadget, be it a phone or tablet, is mainly for communication with persons close to the child, i..e. parents, siblings, and maybe cousins as well. And for the games, it is all right provided the installing of games is with the approval of the parents. To be honest, I am very strict when it comes to technology and I hate seeing families in a restaurant with the kids using the gadget instead of having a conversation with the family. And another thing, the child will have full independence on the phone when he reaches high school level. Regarding strangers, I think the child can avoid strangers in the internet or in texting if given the proper orientation. You just don't give a phone to a child. Of course, you have to teach him not really on how to operate but on how to use the phone properly including the security and safety against strangers.
Posted by Corzhens on 05-10-2017
I have no kids BUT I'm about to adopt three siblings from two to five years-old and my husband has seven adult children. I asked him what he thought since he has so much experience and he thinks around six-years-old is about right. By seven, these kids will be showing you stuff on the phone (if it is a smartphone and aren't they all?) and you'll be calling your child to help you out with phone settings.
Posted by DeeFree on 05-11-2017
I think when the children are in their teens, they're more likely to go out more, therefore, would need something to make sure they're safe.
Posted by Atropia on 05-11-2017
I have children myself and I only started letting my children have a basic phone from the age of 10 so they could get used to one however I only allowed them to have it so I could contact them and no the other way around. It wasn't until my children were 12-13 years of age that I allowed them to have their own data and minutes so that they could call me on their phones when they were out and about and the reason I allowed that is because of how far away school is from home and I needed them to be able to contact me and vice versa if there ever was a problem. A tablet from say around 3 - 4 years old is perfectly fine I feel but a phone is definitely a no go. Why would a child need a phone at that young age anyway? It's not like they will be heading out away from you as a parent and you will need to contact them. Phones in my opinion are there so you can contact your child. Once your child has more independence and tends to go off a lot more that is when it's time to consider a mobile phone, not before.
Posted by Shortie on 05-12-2017
I think once a child is old enough to travel back and forth from school on their own is the age they should get a cell phone. Anything can happen on their travel that they may need to make a call. Especially if they have after school activities and you work. Communication is the key to safety and less confusion about scheduling.
Posted by Zyphir on 05-13-2017
Yes, but does that mean that children ages 7 or so need a smart phone? Social media culture is taking over and is detrimental to the mental health of those in middle and elementary schools. These kids becomes obsessed with how many likes they get on Instagram and how other people perceive them. Social media becomes less of a record keeping idea and more of a show off culture. TV shows today are rampant with this idea - just look at Netflix's "Thirteen Reasons Why." While this is an extreme example, it shows the detrimental effects of social media culture and how naive children are damaged by it.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-17-2017
Indeed. That's another great point. Children don't need to base their personal worth on what people online think of them. There is plenty of time for social media stuff later when they can deal with it better and understand that not everyone will like what they like or agree with everything they post. I see older kids and young adults who act like their lives are over if their stuff doesn't get likes. It makes me sad.

I also think personal (in person) interaction is important. It's no wonder so many people have trouble coping in social situations these days. Some people even text each other from the next room rather than talking to one another.

Why get them started early?
Posted by Zyni on 05-18-2017
I agree with what some people have said about phones vs tablets. A phone might be pretty unnecessary for a small child, but a tablet can work as a pretty powerful education tool. I don't really see a reason to withhold something like this from a child. After all, smartphones and tablets take a larger and larger role in our lives, so why not let a child learn?
Posted by hampus94 on 05-14-2017
Fluffy Panda
There are clearly a lot of people on this site posting their opinion but in my opinion, I think that you should get a cell phone by the time your 10 at least. The reason I say this is because cyber bullying has become a lot bigger and scarier. However I do believe that you should be able to call for help if needed but, that's my personal opinion. Lot's of kids that are really young are getting iPhones and I just think that's wrong but I'm not a parent so I can't decide for other children.
Posted by Fluffy Panda on 05-14-2017
In my opinion I do not think there is a certain age where a child is supposed to have a phone. It all depends on his ability to understand the meaning of a phone and the things he can do with it. While for the parents it can be useful because they can contact the child, or even locate them on the map through some applications, the baby point of view is a more delicate problem. It has to make the difference between the benefits that a phone can bring and the bad things that can occure, for example chat with strangers . This particularities can also be controlled with help from parents. In conclusion, I think it depends on the child to the child, depending on its development and the education it receives.
Posted by birlaandrei on 05-14-2017
I think you shouldn't give a child who is younger than 10 years old a mobile phone. We must not forget that mobile phones are tools to communicate with other people, and I don't see why a kid who is younger than 10 would need to call anyone. When I was that young I would always be around my parents and didn't go out with friends yet. Now, I know everyone is different, and that times have changed, but in most cases, I would say a phone is not necessary for such young child. A tablet or a laptop is fine. Nothing expensive though. Remember you're dealing with kids who don't have a notion of how much things cost nor how hard it is to make money. And please make sure your kids are playing outside as well. It's important to get familiar with the technology, but it's as important to get enough physical activity and socialize with other kids.
Posted by FatManX on 05-15-2017
I would say kids under the age of 10 would not need a mobile phone maybe a Nokia flashlight wouldn't be so bad. Young kids would not have to require a mobile phones as it can be very distracting and cause them to stray away from their studies. Parents should have an adjust schedule to attend to the child when school is over and in case of emergencies.
Posted by camshaq23 on 05-15-2017
hpro hamed
I think under fifteen or fourteen is to young to have a mobile phone. because mobile can access them to the to much informations that they are not ready for it. if you want to do that you surly should use monitoring apps to check them and don't let them to go somewhere that can mislead them from the good way...
Posted by hpro hamed on 05-16-2017
Some children are more responsible than others, so it definitely depends on the child. A parent should be able to use their best judgment according to the individual child in question. In my situation, I have one child that is responsible enough and gets decent grades in school, on the other hand, I have another child that really need closer supervision and isn't yet ready for certain responsibilities such as owning a cellular phone.
Posted by tinkerlove on 05-16-2017
Art Over Homework
I think it is up to the parents who care for the child. There are some children who are very responsible and who know how to behave. And there are adults who will play on that phone all day. It depends on the character of the person. not their age. However, at too young of an age, people will not develop the character and self control they need to have a cellphone. Therefore the parents need to be extra careful when deciding when or if they need one.
Posted by Art Over Homework on 05-16-2017
Having a designated phone (not smartphone) for emergency uses is necessary in a child life. When you restrict your child from these things your only causing them to rebel when they get older or lack there of the experience to manage there lives properly. I think under 12 years old is too early and above 12-15 depend entirely on the child's routine when leaving school whether they take the bus, train or has a driver to take them home, whereas when in school if anything should go wrong the teacher can call the parents. :)
Posted by onpointpaul on 05-17-2017
I am a mother of two. I allow my 8 year old child to use my old smart phone at home for games, youtube videos, music, and taking pictures. She will not have her own smart phone until she is at least 12 or older. Ideally, she will not need a phone until after-school activities such as sports in late middle school/early high school. I don't hate electronics, but I think that children should not be too connected during their formative years. There is too much unfiltered content online that they are not old enough to properly process. Also, children are emotionally undeveloped and can send mean or harmful texts or messages that can be quickly and thoughtlessly sent. Children can be meaner through technology than they would ever be in person. I want to protect my children.
Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on 05-17-2017
This is a very touchy subject. There is no right or wrong age for a child to have a cell phone. We, as parents or adults in these children's lives need to teach children what to use the phone for. My daughter had a boy in her class not only using his phone but, looking up inappropriate things. Now my daughter has a phone as well but it is put away during the school day. She only uses it to contact me if the bus is late or she wants to attend some activity after school.

I think it depends on the maturity of the child as well as how often is the child alone where they may need to call an adult. Does the child have after school activities or visit friends houses often? If the child wants one because their friends have one in my opinion that child can go without.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-18-2017
I think children as young as one year old can be given a phone. However, children should not be left unattended when they are playing with phone. You can use your phone to let children listen to different kinds of sounds , such as animal noise, music etc. You can also use phone to let children watch videos of animals, and cartoon shows. You can also read books on phone for children. Phone is not just for talking to people, but also read books, listen to music and watch video
Posted by vinaya on 05-19-2017
Well, though I might agree with you about phones not only meant for receiving and making calls but I think handing a one-year-old any device especially a phone isn't wise, considering the destructive nature of kids.Such a child might see such as a toy and with their little hands were grabbing things isn't strong enough might be dropping the phone intermittently of course that would cause great damage.I think other means can be used to play music organs for them but phones should be out of it.
Posted by lovely on 01-11-2018
Jonathan Solomon
Growing up, I was always taught that a mobile phone is a responsibility. This is why I base my entire comment around responsibility.

Simply put, it depends on what type of responsibilities that child has. In America, we have a term called "latchkey child". These are children who return home from school and are home alone for several hours. Generally, children like this are more independent and responsible for their own well-being. My dad was a latchkey child at age 8. If he was my son, I would've bought his first phone at age 8. My parents always stressed to me about being in communication with them 24/7, no matter what the age. So personally, I feel it comes down to that specific child; how responsible they are and what type of responsibilities they have to take on.

If you're a parent, who's not comfortable with their child having a mobile phone, buy a tablet. They can still enjoy the perks of a phone, without actually having one. Just my opinion...
Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 05-19-2017
I don’t see that a child would even need a phone their own until they are in their early teens. Up until then, why can’t they use their parent’s phone to call friends?

If a very young child has a smart phone, it will be a distraction in school, you will have little control over what they are seeing, who is contacting them, and what types of photos they are sending or receiving. If a child is carrying an expensive smart phone, they also become the target of thieves and bullies at school. Then we have cyber-bullying, sexting, grooming, happy slapping, and the problem of those kids who will be teased simply because their parents can’t afford the very latest iPhone.

Kids have enough to deal with just growing up, why open the door to a load of new potential problems for them by giving them a phone when they don’t need one?
Posted by Anonymous on 05-23-2017
I believe it is more a matter of maturity and responsibility than age. However, having said that, the ages mentioned above (3-4), I would definitely consider as being too young, unless those children were somehow exceptional enough to understand the importance and responsibility of having a phone. In this day and age, I could be wrong.
Posted by Mark.c on 05-23-2017
According to me, a kid should not get his own phone, until he understands what a phone can do other than just watching movies and playing games
Posted by Anonymous on 05-23-2017
A teen should have a phone. Teens go out a lot, and a phone is helpful to monitor your kids. Kids though, should spend more time playing outside rather than getting high-tech toys.
Posted by rvnaclw on 05-25-2017
Yes, outdoor activities are better for their recreation instead of too much time on their gadgets. I pity my kid because he doesn't have that freedom I had during my childhood days. So many vile people are lurking around these days that's why it's not that safe for our children to go out on their own. We can't lock them up though just make sure that we monitor their activities and whereabouts.
Posted by Chinet23 on 08-04-2018
I am disgusted by young children with smart phones. I personally think that no one under the age of 12 needs a smart phone, but perhaps if they still sell flip phones, I would allow a child younger than ten have one of those, just so they can contact parents or police in case of emergency. On the other hand, I have grown up in a very different culture. I was surprised to be told that perhaps my seven year old sister in law may be even more trustworthy with my tablet than I am, and seeing her using it, I do see that. Perhaps by the time I have children of my own, I will understand why some parents of young children let their children have smart phones.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-25-2017
There are also better ways to use a phone for children. If you give a phone to your 5 years old boy, you can know about hisn whereabouts. In case he is lost, you can track him. A young child as young as three years can use the phone for interactive learning.
Posted by vinaya on 12-26-2017
I think around 12 or 13. And they don't need a fancy smart phone. Just something that works.
Posted by Anonymous on 05-26-2017
There was a story in a local newspaper about a kid that run away from home because her mum told her she couldn't use social media anymore. The kid was about 12 years old and was already hooked to her phone, always texting and never looking up to actually experience the real world. Other than the inherent dangers of exposing your child to the outside world full of predators and scam artists trying to make a dollar by any means necessary; there's also the risk of your child being unable to interact with people in the real world because they don't need to when your friends are a text or IM away. So unless my child actually knows how to survive without a phone then they don't get a phone.
Posted by Githmaina on 05-27-2017
Yeah, that's crazy. I bet she didn't get addicted like that overnight either.

Yep, there is a lot of danger too. It helps to supervise, but then again, you can't watch them every second.

I keep seeing more and more about people not being comfortable with socializing in person or being in public. This seems to increase at about the same rate the use of social media increases... hmmm.
Posted by Zyni on 05-31-2017
Although I agree there might be some situations where young kids might need a mobile phone to contact the parents when needed, that should be wjen they reach school age and a basic phone just to make calls should be good enough. When the kids are at home or with the parents, I do not see any needs for them to hold the phone all day long.

I am not sure if those toddlers you mentioned are having their own phone, or they are just using the parents', I have seen some parents just let them use whenever they asked or cried for it. My friend told me, if he doesn't let his 2 year old son play game with his phone, he'd keep crying non stop. I personally think it's too young for a preschooler to use the mobile phone. Perhaps I am too old school too, but I think there are many disadvantages for young kids to use mobile phone.
Posted by kaka135 on 05-27-2017
I'd say that 10 is too young to have a mobile phone, at least one with internet access. I think the right age is around 12-13. What's the reason for buying a mobile phone to a 5-8 years old kid?
Posted by Chiari on 05-30-2017
I have two children aged 10 and 11 years old so I am going to have to figure this one out soon. I see no reason for them to have phones at their age right now. I would say that once they reach junior high and high school then they will probably have a phone but as money is tight it will not be anything fancy. I do not feel they need internet capabilities while they are away from home. Right now they have tablets and access to a computer so that meets their wants for gaming just fine. I do not feel that children under 13 need to have a phone. But I am a little old school when it comes to topics such as this.
Posted by morgoodie on 05-30-2017
I think Any child who knows to say" Dady I'm lost somewhere in a park can you come and pick me please" That will be like a 4 or 5 years old child Can own a Phone, But if he's my boy I would not give him the one which has access to internet To control him :-)
Posted by Clara1993 on 06-02-2017
well it depends on the maturity level of the child, kids are getting phones much earlier now a days. None of my boys have cell phones, but they all have tablets, and there 7, 9, and 11. and my 9 year olds figured out how to put a phone app on his tablets, so he turned his tablet into a mobile phone, I would have not gotten them tablets myself but the have a grandma who spoils them.
Posted by kamar19 on 06-03-2017
Emergency's unfortunately do happen and when they do any parent can agree that they would prefer that their child be able to contact them by any means necessary, in that scenario it makes sense. Now the idea everyone immediately gets into their head is that we will give these children unlimited access to the internet, social media, and other potentially predatory traps. That's not the case, our cellular providers do offer kid version cell phones that are easy to use and the parent does not have to be a professional programmer to figure out the parental restrictions.
Posted by Clprice on 06-04-2017
Kids definitely don't need the ability to call someone, so giving them a tablet is just fine. These days a lot of parents are buying their kids phones earlier in their lives. I even saw a kid that was 6 and had an IPhone 7. Children really don't have the responsibility to hold something thats ~700 dollars. Tablets can be really cheap at around ~50 dollars and some can be quite durable, so a tablet could be alright for entertainment.
Posted by lexcion on 06-05-2017
Well, my son has a V tech tablet and he got it 2 years ago when he turned 2. My son turns 5 this november and I am going to give him an old kindle fire after the screen gets repaired. I know it might come as a shock to some but the worry of children being "addicted to" looking at screens is (in my opinion) becoming irrelevant because when my son is an adult it will probably be a much larger part of his life than it is for anyone today. I provide him with educational apps, games, and shows for when we are on long car rides or when he is allowed to use it at home. When it comes to a phone I think that it is going to be something my generation's kids are going to need phones sooner than we did simply because landlines are not as common anymore. I think right before freshman year of highschool is appropriate for kids to get phones now, sooner if there isn't a phone at home but having a smartphone any sooner than junior high is just overkill in my opinion.
Posted by thedadinomicon on 06-06-2017
I've seriously considered getting my 8-year-old a basic phone to take with him. He has a short walk from the bus to the house and sometimes his other parent is on the irresponsible side, so as a safety thing it would be great. Honestly, a tablet can do 100x worse things than calling someone ever could and he's had a tablet for over 2 years now. We just have a lot of talks about stranger danger.
Posted by baksam13 on 06-07-2017
You make a very good point, @Clprice. The type of phone (and access) certainly makes a difference.

@baksam13, maybe what was suggested above would be a good tool. Having to walk on his own at such a young age, I can certainly see wanting your child to be able to contact you if needed.

Someone else mentioned a child 4-5 years old being alone in a park and needing to call a parent. I don't think a child of that age should be alone in the park in the first place, but maybe that's just me.
Posted by Zyni on 06-08-2017
Smartphones are different than basic phones. We need phones for children to call their parents or call whoever they need in times of an emergency. It's just being responsible. I'm talking about children over 7 years old. Yes. They do need phones. But Smartphones? That's a no-no for me. Whether we want it or not, internet and smartphones are addictive devices and tools and are already considered such by international Psychology schools. They just are, we need to accept that and work on teaching our children to use them in a healthy way. That's something they can decide in their late teen years. But it's definitely not meant for them to use a smartphone all the way through their childhood and puberty like most do. Call me the lame parent, I want my kids to go outside and build a treehouse!
Posted by Craap on 06-07-2017
I think any layman should be able to see that it can be addictive. Have you ever been in a restaurant and seen a couple or an entire family at another table, all glued to their phones instead of talking to each other? Next, it will be the baby in the highchair, ha ha.

I don't think you're a lame parent. I think it's great for kids to play outside. It's good for them to use their imagination, to enjoy nature, to get some exercise. I'm glad I didn't grow up with this much technology. I have great memories of playing outside.
Posted by Zyni on 06-13-2017
In my opinion, 12 years would be the minimum age for a child to start using a telephone. Other than that, I do not think it would be interesting for any child to have their own device. I think there is no need since children under 12 do not know much about the outside world and should always be accompanied and protected from their parents.
Posted by hermessantos on 06-07-2017
My husband and I have decided that our children will have a very basic phone when they are actively participating in an extracurricular activity that requires them to travel more than just to and from school. After that it will be based upon their behavior. We don't really believe in just giving in because all of the other kids seem to have a phone. If they are willing to work a bit for it then there is no reason why they shouldn't be rewarded. I also think that technology is a very useful tool for kids and they need to be familiar with it in order to be successful in today's society, but that is a very thin line between using it regularly and becoming glued to a screen.
Posted by cms6401 on 06-08-2017
Apparently, this is where the issue lies using it regularly and becoming glue to the screen. Children don't know when to stop and as such devices given to them must be heavily monitored to avoid over usage by them.
Posted by lovely on 11-05-2018
I do not have any kids, but from seeing my nephew, whose 3 years old has never asked for a phone. He has a tablet where he can watch educational movies or play educational games but he is given a timer with no more than 15 minute intervals. Plus, there is a password on it so he cannot access it unless provided permission.

When I was a teen, I was able to have a phone because I walked home. However, then unlimited data was not a popular thing, so I was only given a certain amount of minutes so I only used that for emergencies. Now a days, the price of phones are more reasonable plus you get shared data, unlimited minutes and the only phones really on the market are smartphones... so, teens are requesting them at an early age. There are some perks where parents' could track their child too. I think a reasonable age would be 13. (for a smart phone). A basic phone for a younger age. But of course, grades have to up to pare.
Posted by simplym on 06-08-2017
I agree completely with you. People can't be afraid of technology nowadays, as it opens huge doors for educational purposes to children. If a child that is 3-5 years old proves to be responsible and careful with electronic devices, it would be great of them to have one. Of course, with all the due supervision from parents and teachers. Regarding the use of a smartphone, I think 12 years up can be considered an appropriate age, as it's good to have a communication channel open at all times to your child.
Posted by mcnasci24 on 11-14-2018
Golden Geek
That highly depends on your situation. A child in an inner city who walks home from school every day will need a mobile phone sooner than one who gets picked up by their mom every day. A child whooften spends the night at friends' houses will need a mobile phone sooner than a homebody. Et cetera, et cetera.
Posted by Golden Geek on 06-09-2017
Well, I would say 8 years is too young. The problem is that most of your child's schoolmates probably own and use mobile phones. There can be various reasons why young children shouldn't use mobile phones, but I consider electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones to be the most important. Though studies have not clearly shown by scientific evidence that this radiation is harmful to people, some negative correlations have been found. The effects of radiation on a small head of young children when they put their phones next to their ears are just stronger than on larger heads of grown-ups. The sad thing about mobile phones for children is that a lot of parents are buying phones to their offsprings just because they want to control them all the time, so they can know what they are doing every single moment. Children thus somehow lose part of their own responsibility and decision making abilities. Then other kids want to own phones as well.

In my opinion, the best compromise would be that children have their own small tablet or even mobile phone without SIM card for general everyday use, especially at school or near their homes in playgrounds. And you can have an extra family phone that they can borrow when visiting distant or untypical places.
Posted by Mole on 06-09-2017
When a child reaches double figures I think that is the time to give them a phone and a tablet or computer. At that age, they are nearing secondary school and can use it for education as well as keeping in touch with their friends. they should be taught though that it costs money to have a phone and given chores to meet that demand.

Younger than ten years of age is too young I think to have a mobile telephone. They should not be out alone at that age but when they reach their teens having a phone adds to their safety.
Posted by JMS on 06-10-2017
I think kids can have smartphones or tablet when they enter middle school. Of course, that doesn't mean they cannot have access to tablets or smartphones at younger age but it needs to be supervised by the parents. I think a lot of the games and apps can be good for the brain development of young kids but I think when they get to middle school, that's when they can have good common sense with regards of using mobile phones, including electronic safety, etc.
Posted by lordrenly on 06-10-2017
I totally agree with you on this one lordrenly. By that age, they already know how to use it. Yes there are games and apps for kids. But it can also help them with their school works. And also, they can use it call or take photos in case of an emergency.
Posted by galegatling on 06-30-2017
Mobile phones are not made for kids. Having mobile phones requires responsibility such as using the phone appropriately. For them, tablets are much likely to use.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-10-2017
This is totally dependent on the child and their parents. I personally would not allow a child under 10 to have a mobile phone. Mobile phones do provide extra safety and contact between child and parent, so some parents may give their child a phone at an early age. There is really no reason for them to have a phone unless safety or communication is a concern of the parents.
Posted by Madelyn on 06-10-2017
I would not allow a child to have a phone until 5 or 6 years old because this is around the age elementary school starts and they will be away from home. There are plenty of safety features on mobile phones to where a child can be limited on how he or she uses the phone. The mobile phone can be setup in a way that the child can only use it to make phone calls to their parents and 911 (emergency). I think it is important that children know how to use mobile phones as early as possible.
Posted by Jimmy38 on 06-10-2017
When it comes to this subject, it always feels like most of the people who have extremely strong 'no' opinions are grouchy old people (no offense!). I see no harm in letting children use smart devices. Phones? Probably not until about the age of 12-ish. But a tablet or something along those lines used for playing games, watching videos, etc. seems fair enough. I've seen parents with toddlers (2-3 years old) letting them use tablets and such, and I'm completely okay with that.
Posted by necrotic on 06-11-2017
You sound like someone who doesn't have kids (no offense). I haven't really seen all this grouchiness you mention, just people sharing their opinions and reasons for those opinions. I think most people have offered up some pretty good arguments too.

Also, many if not most have said that tablets with supervision are fine, just not smartphones.
Posted by Zyni on 06-14-2017
Whoa, a toddler having a phone? That's way to young. If they want to play around on a phone I would gladly hand over mine to entertain them for a little while, but for them to actually have their own functioning phone is rather ridiculous.

A tablet at that age, I might be able to justify as long as they are using it with an adult around. I'm sure there are games for children that age to help them developmentally.

I think the appropriate age a child should have their own phone is at the start of high school. This is around the age they might actually need to call someone in an emergency. So, for safety reasons I think around age 13-14 is good.
Posted by Lizzyib on 06-11-2017
I think that if you give your child a phone before they are teenagers it is not a good idea. I have my own kids and I noticed that the days when I let them play on iPhone or IPad they become uncontrollable and do not listen to me, but if I hide the iPad for a few days its a complete different child. I grew up without a TV or any electronics and I had the best childhood.
Posted by lyudmilka78 on 06-12-2017
In my opinion, “too young” to use a mobile phone is when it is not necessary for one for its “actual purpose” (calling people/contacting them). This varies from family to family, person to person but it’s roughly too early when they are still in elementary school (5-12 years of age). It tends to be that the age of which children are receiving mobile phones has decreased and that children are now receiving phones at a young age and that they are using it for unnecessary things (gaming). I disapprove of this and only need a phone if they are independently going places.
Posted by timstargraal on 06-13-2017
Ages 6-12 should mostly be handed a phone when they need to make an approved call and if possible buy a phone that isn't internet enabled that way one wouldn't really be bothered about their inquisition with the phone, kids can be so inquisitive and as such leaving an internet-enabled wouldn't be a wise thing to do.
Posted by lovely on 11-05-2018
To me 7 years is the appropriate age you can give your child a phone. You can make use of tablets with no sim slots, install educational applications that can help him learn things on the go and restrict the usage to some specified time to avoid abuse. Nowadays you can't shutdown all these things from your child because when he goes out, or goes to school, he wll encounter and still interact with kids his same age who use it. The best way is to teach him yourself, let him know the pros and cons of using those gadgets.
Posted by Deen on 06-13-2017
For an actual smartphone, I'd say not younger than seven or eight years old. The Internet is a "dangerous" place for young children, and giving them unlimited access to it from such a young age is not something I would recommend. A GSM, however, is a whole other story. It's not a screen they could get addicted to, but it's great for emergencies. They would be accessible at all times, which is good in the case of an emergency or whenever they would have to be reached by an adult. Mostly, though, it's important to inform your child of what the gadget is and what they could do with it.
Posted by BubblyWiz on 06-14-2017
I would say that 13 is a good age for a kid to get a cell phone. However, some parents may feel that a child at a younger age may need a phone. If the child has after school practice, or if they are left alone after school the parent may feel safer if the child has a phone to call them on.
Posted by BigDreamer on 06-14-2017
In my opinion, children should not have cellphones until they are 16 because it is like a drug to them when they are in class. If they get used to using their phones in class, while walking, while doing everything when they are younger. It will be hard to destroy that habit when they get a bit older, don't you think? That is why you need an age where they can discipline themselves, like about 16 years old.
Posted by fl1pz on 06-15-2017
Children should enjoy their childhood without electronics in their life. I would say 16 is a good age for cellphone.
Posted by lyudmilka78 on 06-15-2017
I think there is now no definition of young that is left these days. Kids less than one year are very happy using phones. Some of the toddlers know to operate the smartphones far better than their grand parents. All the kids are becoming so much tech savvy that it is hard to find out whether this addiction is for good or bad.

Whereas owing a personal phone so as to contact the outside world should have a age restriction. Kids should not have their personal phones until they reach the age of 12 years minimum.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 06-16-2017
Children whose ages range between 1-17 are too young to use a mobile phone because this is the period when they are still seriously learning by immitation and they are a lot of bad things to learn from using a mobile phone at that age range.
Posted by pioneerauthor on 06-20-2017
It depends on the children and the parents. The parents are the one who knows their child the best and knows at what age their child could handle the responsibility of having a phone.I was not brought up in a time when kids had phones so I am not sure what the correct answer would be. For me I would think by 8-9 they could hand the respossibility and be able to take of it and not lose it but some kids at a younger age are more responsible.
Posted by Sue on 06-20-2017
I don't mind giving a gaming tablet for my kid, but that's when they're at least 6 or 7. I don't even mind letting my kid go to school and share the good experience we get from gaming to his/her friends. But not a phone. I wouldn't like it for my kid to have a portable social media yet since they need to learn to use it first. I think the right age for that is when they are hitting puberty, when they learn everything they can learn since it would help them answer the questions they are too shy to ask, and help them getting through their puberty. And I'm pretty sure that age is mature enough that they wouldn't be tricked online or anything similar.
Posted by ValX on 06-20-2017
my 2 elder daughters have a mobile because I do tend to worry so I do like them to let me know if they running late from school or after school club so I can collect them a little later on as these day's you never know who is hanging around and am very protective other my kids .
Posted by moneybags82 on 06-20-2017
I believe a child having a mobile device with an internet connection is a no-no. They will be too exposed to things that they should only learn and find out at a later stage in life. I would only allow my child to access the internet with supervision once they reach an age where they are mature and understanding enough to interpret everything they see in the right way.

With regards to the age when they should have access to a smartphone or tablet, I think its fine after the age of five once the dummies and dolls become boring. But they should be limited to just playing a few minutes/hours of games per day, thus having them spend more time drawing, running, being outside and doing what every kid has been doing for generations before them. No child should be sitting inside 8 hours per day behind a screen.

This of course depends on the situation and the child, but every parent should definitely read up on this topic while their child is still young to avoid trouble in the future!
Posted by SashaS on 06-23-2017
I don't think kids should have phones until they are mature enough to know how to use them properly. Much less one with internet connection, as that is the one field we cannot control on a 100% level. It's just not safe to expose children to the entire world without a solid way to guide them through it. Like many people before me, I agree that keeping children away from technology is pointless, so introducing them little by little to it through (disconnected) tablets seems like the ideal approach for me, as long as it is done with proper regulation.

Whenever the kid starts showing signs of independence (wanting to spend a bit more of time with friends, walking home from school, etc) I think it's the proper time to introduce them to disconnected phones, as safety starts to become an issue.
Posted by VintageRose on 06-23-2017
I think when a kid gets a phone for the first time, they don't need the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. A regular phone with texting and calling functions is fine. They will have a phone in emergencies, you don't end up paying a mortgage in phones if they break it, and they will learn to be more disciplined before they get the phone they desire or a more advanced phone. That is my take on this issue. Using an older adult's phone to call your parents is less tolerated at younger ages, I feel.
Posted by RedVelvetCupcake2009 on 06-29-2017
I think as the world has advanced, kid using phones should not be a problem especially now that the world is in a computerized era which people needs to be connected but my correction would be for the phone should be under surveillance or rather some kind of phone without internet access basically for people below the age of Eighteen.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 10-23-2018
I bought my kid a phone at the age of 4.5 years. The phone has only two numbers. Mom and dad's number. The phone has a GPS system that helps me to track where she is. Of course it has some few games that she can play. So i can say in this century, the earlier you introduce a phone, even a toy phone, the better. Additionally, in case of an emergency, your child can call you and report timely.

What you should consier is to get a fairly priced phone, that is hardy and can be dropped and used several times. The phone must also be water proof. You know Kids!!
Posted by bomb2060 on 06-24-2017
The only reason I could think of for a small child to have a cell phone is for protection only if they get lost or something like that happens. I think a child should be allowed to have their own cell phone when they are mature enough to handle them and use them responsibly. It's very sad to see kids these days with their face buried in their phones instead of doing outdoor or meaningful activities. I feel like they shouldn't have internet access unless under supervision. There is so much going on out there in cyber space that it isn't safe to just turn a child loose in it. I think a lot of times we let tablets and other electronics be a babysitter for our kids to keep them occupied. We should instead be encouraging them to participate in healthier activities. The sad and true fact though is that we are the ones that are addicted to our cell phones and are constantly on them. This is why most kids are wanting cell phones they mimic us as we are their teachers. We should set better examples.
Posted by freebird37 on 06-24-2017
Bobby Cole
I'm probably not going to make any young friends here but in my most humble opinion a kid is to young to have one until they can afford to buy one on their own. There, I said it!

Now, does that mean that I believe a young person should not have a mobile phone? Absolutely not! I mean simply that when a young boy or girl saves up from whatever monetary allowances they receive, newspaper route wages or even selling lemonade and are ready to commit said monies into buying a phone then so be it.
When young people are taught to set goals and realize those goals through honest endeavors such as work, then the upcoming adult will cherish what they receive much more than if it was merely given to them.

Last thing though is concerning a parent's role when a minor does get a phone. Until a minor is truthfully able to make the right choices while they live under a parent's roof the phone must have some constraints and the parent's should monitor what is being done with said mobile device.

Yeah, I guess I'm going to have to stick with much older aged friends because I am sure that I haven't made any young ones here.
Posted by Bobby Cole on 06-25-2017
I think you have a great point. I agree with you to an extent. Not every child will be able to get a job, especially if they don't know many people or are too young. I have witnessed these examples in my own life. However, if they work for it, they will take better care of their phone, because they know that it is their hard earned money. A 7-year-old is barely old enough to be accountable for their actions, let alone be responsible for a phone. Our world is growing fast regarding technology, so whether you are strict or not, kids do have to have phones at a young age. There are so many things my younger sisters wouldn't be able to do even a decade ago that they can do now. If you have no service, you can always use Facetime to call someone. It is not convenient to have to depend on someone for a phone when you're in an emergency at all. You constantly have to deal with the person on the other end going, "Who is this?" and if you are in a sticky situation, you will have to keep bothering the person as they pass the phone back and forth.
Posted by RedVelvetCupcake2009 on 06-29-2017
I wish there was a "like" button, because I would like you post, @Bobby Cole. This is another issue that I feel requires attention.

Should it be an automatic that parents just buy kids mobile phones? I don't really think so either (unless it's necessary for their safety, such as they travel or something and for that it can be basic). Since in most cases it is really not a necessity, they should pay for it and pay the bill.

Teaching kids responsibility isn't "mean." It's good for them.
Posted by Zyni on 06-29-2017
I would say in most cases, it's not necessary, but we live in a fast-changing world, so kids do have to have a phone even at young age. There is greater and greater demand to be somewhere and do things on time, and people are so demanding because they expect us to have up to date technology on us, even at young ages. You don't, however, need to buy them an iPhone 7. Nope. As long as it has text messaging and voice call capabilities, you don't need to overspend on on the phone.
Posted by RedVelvetCupcake2009 on 06-29-2017
In my opinion, a mobile phone is useless for a child. Children are still learning basic motor functions, how to count, how to read and do a lot of various things at young ages. Kids are growing up faster nowadays, but it's not necessarily a good thing. Technology is taking over our lives. There are benefits, but as a kid is growing up a mobile phone is more of a distraction than a benefit. I did not get a cell phone untilI was in eighth grade.

I think the minimum age should be 11 when kids start middle school in the USA. At that age, you are becoming very independent regarding your friend network. You are getting busier. As you transition from middle to high school, you will get into more situations where you need to have your phone. You might work, or go out with friends more. It will stink when you're the only one in your group that doesn't have a phone. You also don't want to give a kid a phone when they're too young because if you're a parent, your money will be on the line if they damage it. I know it's common for people to drop their phones all the time. When you give a kid a phone too young, you run the risk of giving it to a kid who can't handle a phone responsibly. Think about that.
Posted by RedVelvetCupcake2009 on 06-29-2017
I personally think that a child should not be able to have a mobile phone until they are 14/15. This is purely because their eyes are still developing and prolonged exposure to a screen can be very damaging. Not to mention that there is a level of adddiction involved children and mobile phones.
Posted by Okaviator on 06-30-2017
As a parent with two children, I vote for the age of 12 years and above. I know this debatable based on several factors. The world is moving super fast and technology has enabled a lot of things and makes so many information readily available. It is our duty as parents or care-givers to ensure that we guide and protect our children as much as we can from undue exposure to bad influence. Cell phone usage is one way by which we can help our children. We need to let them know the dangers around online conversations and the advantages of cell phone use.
Posted by joegirl on 07-03-2017
I agree with you; a toddler should never own a cell phone, kids, in my opinion, should get to know other things first and then technology.
Posted by reginafalange on 07-04-2017
I think kid should be given access to phone because it also help makes the acquisition of knowledge faster as we now have online classes or online tutorial, I just believe that before they should given a phone they must be enlightened and also cautioned on what to do and not do with it. Some sites can also be banned from access from that phone until the child is up to age.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 10-23-2018
I got my first mobile phone when I was 11. But based on this generation, I think 13 would be the proper age to own one. Due to the apps, that can be a bad influence to children, which are easily accessible.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 07-04-2017
I am not a parent myself but I was given my first phone around when I first started school... So somewhere around the first grade and I think that age is perfect

Your child will enter a brand new world, meet so many new people and have many new things happen I think it is the safest option to give him/her a mobile in case of.emergencies. Around that age, they become more independent.

A phone also has many other good things besides being able to call your child - all the learning apps and so on. You have to understand that this is a new era. It is the era of technology and it is completely different than how it was ten or more years ago.
Posted by Mehano on 07-05-2017
It depends on the type of phone i want to give the child, yes i can give a child a phone for voice call and sms. A child should not have a mobile phone connected to the internet before the age of 15, a connected mobile phone will make a child to reduce in his or her academic performance because of the distraction from the internet world.
Posted by Propen on 07-06-2017
Very good point, I totally agree with you. If you give an internet enable phone or device to kids within the age of 8-15, there is high probability of abusing it, watching inappropriate stuff online and they can also get addicted to it, this in turn will affect their acedemics.
Posted by michael3 on 07-09-2017
I love your comment on this on one hand because it can also increase his performance also if utilize, I don't think much is being taught in schools now a days, so when we go home we can use our internet phones to browse the Wi-Fi and make our own notes or source material.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 10-23-2018
I agree with you. They children should not be given a mobile phone unless they are perhaps of knowledgeable age perhaps 10 years old. Children tend to get hooked into games and with the mobile phones , they can just always be playing games and not wanting to study their lessons anymore.
Posted by SimplyD on 07-06-2017
Yea that's true because it will cause a lot of distraction to them and not make them focus any more.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 11-19-2018
Yea that's true because it will cause a lot of distraction to them and not make them focus any more.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 11-19-2018
All children get spoilt! Now unless you want to spoil your own child too quickly then go ahead to introduce them to mobile phones early enough. Somehow, parents don't get to have total control over what a child does eventually. Whether we like it or not, that innate feeling of wanting to be adventurous remains in the heart of every child and they'd find their way to explore the bad sides of using technology (too early). Think about it, who taught these kids how to eat, how to walk, etc? For me it's a bad decision. Let them grow to appreciate technology and not be spoilt with it.
Posted by olaryeankarh on 07-09-2017
Yea that's true and your point is clear aand understandable, I think they should grow and feel the usefuoness of it.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 11-19-2018
I stay with a kid whose mother bought a tab for him. She knew it had no internet access. These children discovered they could bu internet bundles in another phone and turn it into wifi. They then connected and downloaded porn on the tab which they later through bluetooth or flashshare shsred the videos. They then bought earphones and could watch those things without us parents noticing. I caught them unawares and had to lecture them on the dangers of such videos. They agreed to delete but will they stop? No.
Posted by stbrians on 11-19-2018
The thing most people missed here is that this is a great time to teach kids DISCIPLINE. Teach them when they can use it and when they don't. The foundation of discipline to you build up early on their lives will be a huge help for you when they grow into their teen years and these values you instill to them will make them be a better person.
Posted by airfightermax on 07-09-2017
Exactly, I don't think they should have access to phones at that early age but should be taught something meaningful and education with their time.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 11-19-2018
Who told you that children follow teachings. They don't. They imitate what others do. That is the best according to them. Peers are the best practical teachers. Other adults who do some things may influence our children negatively
Posted by stbrians on 11-19-2018
We live in a fast paced world now, but I don't support a toddler owning a phone. A toddler will remain a toddler an u day. When they are grown to about 7 or 8 years they can have their own phone for communication with their parents or guiduan of there's need to pass information across .I have worked children eztensii and can tell you that they learn faster than you can imagine.A child knows how to access open sites and adult sites.Another way to restrict their surf zone is to block certain sites,but surprisingly they are smart to tell how to beat the system. I'll advise that toddlers should not own phones no matter how they cry for it, Until they are set in their minds to face the world.
Posted by Xperienced on 07-10-2017
Yea that's true, a toddler cannot understand the importance of a mobile phone and will surely abuse it.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 11-19-2018
You are right. I use the slogan 'hear no evil, see no evil and do no evil'. They get the phone and ideas come. You may give them those without internet but they will exchange them out there. Block some sites and they will trick the system. They are very clever
Posted by stbrians on 11-19-2018
This question is so important and a good one, funny enough I had a thought about this same question a couple of days ago. Actually I saw a young girl in my neighborhood around the age of 9 talking on phone with someone I believe to be her friend. One thing I observed is that while on the call she was looking around like she's doing something terrible bad. I think the appropriate age to use phone without supervision should be 13 years
Posted by Laiportal on 07-11-2017
Possibly that's what she is doing because they is a behavior people exhibit when they are doing something bad and dont want to be noticed.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 11-19-2018
Not 13 but 18. In fact, that is when one is an adult and will know how to use it. Some children will enter the forbidden grounds and become spoilt.
Posted by stbrians on 11-19-2018
Nice. This a very interesting post. Have seen good comments. To me, children are to young for phone when there are still in school.. Let allowed them to start handling phone when the know the use and benefits of phone.
Posted by Kharyode on 07-12-2017
Yea that's true, they will misuse it when they Dont understand the importance and benefit of what they are in position of.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 11-19-2018
I think it all depends on the child's level of maturity. If the child can operate a phone, take care of it (not dumping it on the floor like some teddy bear) and understand it's use then that child is good to go. Some kids might take up to ten years, some even more.
Posted by Anonymous on 07-12-2017
Possibly but it can change a child behavior because the phone can both make good people out of our children who are still growing.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 11-19-2018
To me, no age is small. The world has revolved and it is not how it used to be, where people get their first phones at older ages. Kids of nowadays are born smatter than the old generation's, so I see no reason to limit the age of having phone.
Posted by yunken on 07-14-2017
Well I still see reason because kids are sensitive to what ever they learn at an early stage, people no longer discuss reasonable thing on the media that can develop children.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 11-19-2018
rose thornes
You can teach your kid to used phone in case of emergency but I think there to young to have their own phone. Giving them phone can be distraction to their studies, they will tend to play games everytime. Kids should be playing outside with other kids and not on their phone. Give them phone when you know they are responsible enough to have it.
Posted by rose thornes on 07-15-2017
I think keeping a landline is go so that it can be used for emergency but when you give them smartphone and you notice that it is locked then something is fishy.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 11-19-2018
Any age below 12 is too young, a child should be a bit mature before using a phone considering contents that are on the net. No matter the supervision children are inquisitive in nature and would want to explore as much as they can and in that process getting bad orientations on how things should be done.
Posted by Dhanidhamy on 07-15-2017
I agree with you. 100% actually. That is the problem with today's youth. They're locked in doors playing video games rather than running, jumping and fighting their way into life. While I like video games very much I think that children who spend their youth inside grow poor in motor and social (especially those) Skills.
Posted by Marvadaum on 07-16-2017
I think it is simply absurd to give a mobile phone to a child. I plan to give my kids one of our old smartphones when they are ten or eleven years of age, not before.
Posted by sspi on 07-15-2017
An educational tablet and supervised usage time won't hurt. But a phone with call and internet enabled sim is a no-no.
Posted by maria_c on 07-16-2017
You can give him a Tablet, a device who can teach him something, but phone? i dont think so, below 11 years is to young and the contact with this horrible world who all of us call life is to risky, we are in a world where the childs are sexualized more and more with the past of the years and expose a child to this world can be a big mistake.
Posted by Deathisue on 07-16-2017
I know that we have reached the age of technological advancement since smartphones are widely available to almost everyone and I can see people of different social classes have smartphones nowadays. It is not rare for a child to be given a phone but I think this can affect the growth and development of a child. I have seen spoiled kids here that are almost always playing with their tablets and most of them are rather rude and unresponsive. Although this might be because of parenting, I know that their immediate and easy access to smartphones and tablets is a factor in a way.
Posted by giovanniiiii on 07-17-2017
I think it's okay for children to posses phones provided that the content that they are viewing is good and will foster increase in knowledge and skills. Of course for any parent who has bought phones for their children would have to be very committed in monitoring what content that children are looking at in this devices.
Posted by Jameson on 07-17-2017
Yes, it's a new era and much has changed. That doesn't necessarily mean that every change is positive. While there are some positive aspects of learning to use a mobile phone or device, there are also some negatives. There is stuff out there that kids can find easily that isn't good for them. You can't monitor them every second of every day. It's also easy to become "addicted" to being online all the time. There are also predators out there looking for vulnerable children. You have to weigh the bad along with the good.
Posted by Zyni on 07-18-2017
I think a kid should get a phone around 8 as long as parents are monitoring them closely. The monitoring should slowly diminish as they get older with little to no intervention from parents by 16/17. If you are confident in your parenting skills you shouldn't have to worry about your child doing shady or unsafe activities with a phone.
Posted by fireball916 on 07-21-2017
I think the responsibility of owning a phone should be given to children at least at the age of ten or even a bit older than 10 and upwards. We tend to develop this misconception that once we are introduced to something that has proven itself to be useful like certain aspects of our technological frontier, we cannot see ourselves functioning without it. Even moreso, we try to instill in our youths, well most of us do as some people are still very traditional and insist that at some point they have to draw the line. I had my first cell phone when I was leaving college at the age of 18years old. I know back then was different times and cell phones were very expensive and not as accessible as they are today. As a school child, my whereabouts were not that sporadic, especially as a young child under 10 and in any case at that age, I was either going to or coming from places where there were grown ups and responsible people who would look out for me. As a learning device, a tablet should be sufficient for children under 10 and when they get older and their propensity to explore the world increases then the use of a cell phone is warranted.
Posted by Joteque on 07-24-2017
I believe that children 5 years old and below should not be given constant access to smartphones and tablets. We don't want them to get addicted to these devices especially at such an early age.

I see a lot of young children holding tablets and smartphones, so immersed in what they're doing. I see them playing talking Angela or watching YouTube videos. This is not what children should be. They should be going out, stretching their young legs, running around and playing under the sun.
Posted by limberg on 07-26-2017
My daughter got her first phone at 4 years old. It was a dumb flip phone. No internet. No messaging. It had 4 buttons she could press that could be programmed online - mom, dad, grandma, and great-grandma. I could also specify the numbers that were allowed to call her phone, up to 15 of them. Did she really need her own phone at that age? I thought so. To me it did three things. The first was that it started phone training early while she was still very impressionable - it goes in our pocket except when in use, always with us when we leave home, on the charger at night. The second thing, which was very important to me, was that it allowed me to reach her if she was with my grandparents. My grandparents and even my parents, weren't as attached to their phones as I would have liked. If they took my daughter out, I wanted to be able to call to see what time they'd be back or warn them that I was going out for a bit. I also wanted them to have an extra option for calling me if I was needed and they forgot their own phone. The third thing was that if we became separated in a large place, I wanted my daughter to be able to call me. This happened twice in the first year, once at an amusement park when she got off of a kid ride and didn't see me right away and once in a store when I was distracted looking at a clothing item. Both times a quick call made things much simpler.

When she was 10, she graduated to a messaging phone. She could make calls or send texts. I took it every night to go over it. It was used most often for me to contact her when she was out playing with her friends in the neighborhood and ask her to come home or for her to text me when she was uncomfortable. If she was at a friend's house and was bored or something made her uncomfortable, she could slip away to the bathroom and send me a code we made up by text. Then I could call the parent and insist that I needed to pick her up. I could also text her to let her know if someone other than me would be there to get her from a sports practice or from school. She knew that no matter what, if I hadn't let her know to go with someone, she couldn't.

The switch to a smart phone happened when she was 13 and it was super closely monitored at first too but she's 16 now and I don't regret her progression of cell phones. She takes good care of them and learned early what was acceptable use.
Posted by Daisy on 07-27-2017
In my opinion, a child is ready for a mobile phone if he or she is able to understand the usage of the phone. In fact, I believe that the first phone a child should handle should b purely for calling and messaging purposes. I think it's unnecessary for the child to be connected to Internet access at early stages unless the parents are there to supervise the child. This is because a child is still naive and will be easily influenced at young ages. Thus, it's important to pay attention to the child so that they do not have access to things which they are not ready for.
Posted by fishmonk on 08-03-2017
Phone? No way! Tablet or other educational tools? Absolute yes! A child needs some educational material such as a tablet that aid learning and for playing educational games. And you know people learn best while they are still young and faster through visual learning. But I'm not in support of giving a mobile phone to a child, they have to be at least 13years of age before using it. They are a bit grown up now and you may need to communicate with them while at work. Also, there has to be some security measure installed on it where the parent is the only one that knows the password because there are so many disturbing websites today that comes to you without you inviting them immediately your connection is on.
Posted by Gettingmile on 08-08-2017
Children younger than 13-14 shouldn't really have a smartphone, not cause they are going to become more stupid or not pay attention at school, but because they won't have memorable childhood memories, which could haunt them later on in life. As a kind you're going to spend time in magical places with your friends, where creativity is your best friend and there isn't a limit to all the games you can play. A smartphone just ruins everything, because it limits children, stops them from being creative and generally not focusing on activities that have to do with moving.
Posted by manmad on 08-15-2017
No Age is too young for a mobile phone, as,long as the individual in person understands what he is doing with the mobile phone, that's how tech geeks are made, they started from a tender age and developed themselves, once my kid understand his environment I get him a phone and a laptop but I will be guarding to prevent the expected from happening
Posted by Decypher on 08-16-2017
I think children, under 10 years old, should not have a mobile phone because they are too young and they just want to play with games apps, It's too much better if the parents give them a video games console. Also, a mobile phone has a lot of applications that it can affect the kid's privacy and their security.
Posted by cubo on 08-16-2017
I have niece and nephews whom I can't remember they've been foddling gadgets since they were little. I think they started at tablets. The last time I saw my nephew was given his own cellphone was when he got into highschool till now. And let me tell you this, I can't talk directly at my nephew because he's always focusing his attention on his device. Surprise surprise, it's his first girlfriend. Anyway, I agree to a lot of people handing down their kids as early as possible to have their own mobile phones because it's less worrying for the working parents.
Posted by antonmia01 on 08-17-2017
I think that the greatest age to have a mobile phone or a tablet is from 13 years. I had my first smart phone when I turned 14 years old and my parents gave it to me because it was a necessity so we could keep in contact with each other. And I had my first tablet when I turned 16 years old. But before all of that, I could really enjoy my childhood as a child, and not grow up earlier than usual. I think that these devices are amazing of course, but if we are not aware or taking care of what the kids see in these devices it's not a very good idea to give them to them at a very young age.
Posted by Rebelssis on 08-17-2017
I think children should not be tolerated to use gadgets. Specially the one's below 12 years old. Cellphones for communicating with their family while outside is ok but it should come with responsibility of not using it for games. Children should have a time for playing. Maybe We can allow them to use ipad/tab or cellphones for games maybe for an hour or 2. But make it sure they already finished their homework and other priorities. I've seen most kids now that is getting addicted to gadgets. It's even hard for the parents to make them eat or to do what they are told because all they want is watch youtube or play in their gadget. They don't play outside with other kids anymore and do some sports. That's why most kids now are unhealthy, they lack physical activities and social skills.
Posted by zheh on 08-18-2017
If we can buy video games for our toddlers then a phone shouldn't be an exception.I think a phone should be used mainly for receiving calls by the toddlers and that is it.So if this is just the reason for giving a toddler a phone then I think there's no problem with this.I'm of the opinion that if phones are given to toddlers for the essence of receiving calls,then it should be encouraged.
Posted by lovely on 08-18-2017
I think a child should have a phone if he or she is old enough to go to school and only for emergencies or if they need to tell their parents they are going to a friend house or are in an extracurricular activity or something like that. I saw a little girl (3 or 4 years old) with a smartphone once, I think it was her father's phone, one minute she was playing a game and the next she was throwing a tantrum and throwing the phone against the floor.
Posted by Dkaraly on 08-18-2017
I think the appropriate age to use a mobile phone is at the age of 15. Kids must learn first, for me, the traditional games like patintero, agawan base, sipa bola, etc. It will be a good experience to them and they can teach it to their kids when they grow up. And also their are contents in the internet that are not appropriate for earlier age. So we must teach them and advice them how to use properly the internet using mobile phone.
Posted by blank629 on 08-20-2017
I also agree that the kids ages 3-15 would not allow by their parents to use phone or any gadgets. Because nowadays social media has a lot of influence to the young ones. By not letting them to use any gadgets at their young ages we can assure that they will grow with the right attitude or manner.
Posted by kylejayr on 08-20-2017
I think children are being exposed to technology at too large quantities at an inadequate pace.

While I would like to keep my future child(ren) at bay from the seductiveness of technology, specifically phones and tablets and computer, I know it will be hard due to his/her/their peers. While I am completely aware of the numerous advantages they hold, the disadvantages they come with seem rather unfair, especially for children. Personally, even though now I spend 70% of my time in front a screen(in one way or another), I wouldn't want to trade a single second of my childhood consisting of running outside, playing with friends, getting dirty, getting tired or even getting bullied to a degree, for a chance to have been in front of the computer more often. Those experiences are what shaped me to be who I am. There are many regrets I have from my childhood, but not spending more time in front of a computer isn't one of them.

On the other hand, using modern technology, in a moderate controlled environment, can become a great aid in raising children. Educational apps, games, music, videos, increasing hand eye coordination and many others benefits await behind those shiny pixels.

I know handing a child your phone or tablet is an easy way to get them to be quiet and entertain themselves, but I'd rather try to avoid that until they are self-aware of what they are doing and playing with, and what that fitting age is - that I do not know since I do not have kids myself, but I'm looking forward to learning some day soon.
Posted by Nolderon on 08-21-2017
Since my parents are divorced and I was with one or the other I had a phone since I'm 9 years old. They didn't want to call each other so they just call me directly this way. I think in this case was necessary but a 4 year old kid shouldn't have a phone. These days cellphones are different than back in that time. My phone only worked for calls, nothing else, these days you got whatsapp, sms, facebook, among other social media. so I guess you need to really supervise what they are looking at....
Posted by Pink_Turtle on 08-21-2017
I think we are just at the point really where almost everyone has their own mobile phone. I mean, my sister was 6 I think when she was given my old phone. She's not allowed to take it out obviously because she is still a bit too young to be travelling alone with her friends (she is 8 at the moment). She just gets to use it at home and is allowed to do what she wants without any parental controls because my mum trusts her not to do anything inappropriate. It's important I think now that you start a child with a phone at an early age because it can improve their skills.
Posted by kingcool52 on 08-21-2017
Anne Yarih
When my sister started schooling, I suggested to my mom to give her a phone. But it is an outdated, not touchscreen, cannot connect to a wifi - phone. We have lots of those kinds of phone here in my country and the cheapest I bought from Samsung is only $24. I believe my sister needs to have her phone at the age of 8 for her own safety. We bought a simcard that only our family knew, and I taught my sister how to answer a phonecall. In her school, they can go home on lunchbreaks so if I cannot find her in her classroom when I fetch her, I call her. When she goes home, she has no interest in playing with her phone because she knew its purpose. She is 14 now, and we gave her a touchscreen phone that connects to a wifi but since she was trained earlier on how to use her phone properly, she only uses it to text or call us and search the internet for her assignments. There is no right age when to give the kids a phone. But as their elders, it is our responsibility to train them on how to use phones properly.
Posted by Anne Yarih on 08-21-2017
I think this is what my kids will tell their kids in the future about me "It was so rough growing up. I didnt get a smartphone til 4th grade. The wifi keeps interrupting and was like 1 bar. But dont worry kids you dont have to go through what i have" :-D
Posted by yishak1412 on 08-23-2017
Nowdays i think that kids under let's say 10 years old need a phone just to be able to call 911 in case of an emergency. I just don't think that the kids need anything more than that.Maybe a tablet would be good to play some games and learn how to use a modern device.At the age of 12 i would give my son a really good smartphone because i think that at that age he can understand the modern technology.Well of course if my son is ready until then why not.But not at the age of 5 or 6.
Posted by AlexJPro on 08-23-2017
Well, there is a lot of bad stuff out there just waiting for kids to find it. Check this out: https://superiorthan.c...Blue-Whale-challenge-3517. It's also a good idea to warn kids about ransomware and stuff and let them know that they can approach you if they happen to get caught up in any of it. It often sounds threatening and scary, and kids might be afraid to tell their parents.
Posted by Zyni on 08-23-2017
It's all up to the parents or guardians and how they deal with their kids. Parenting is very crucial and vital specially if you still have kids on your household specially those that really need guidance from their parents. If ever those parents decide to give their kids mobile phones, it should have limited features wherein all their actions specially if they are using the device, will be monitored.
Posted by galegatling on 08-24-2017
for me if its possible don't give a child with phone in early age, because it can change the way how they grow. Growing outside and learning outside is the best way of experience.
Posted by jan on 08-24-2017
Today we can't deny having a phone is a necessity but kids below the age of 10 maybe should refrain from using it first, to avoid having them hooked up in their mobile phones at their age they must interact more in the real world than facing their phones. having a phone is a responsibility they must be well oriented on how does it work, its purpose and function give them the right knowledge first before giving them their phones or buying them one.
Posted by rein on 08-24-2017
Jo-Anne Saribay
I got my phone when I was 16 years old.It was easier to get in touch since you start athletics and clubs and all that nonsense. But I've seen infant clothes at the mall with cell phone pockets that are definitely too young.
Posted by Jo-Anne Saribay on 08-24-2017
don't give a child a phone specially if they are so young to use it or to understand things that it can give.
Posted by jan on 08-25-2017
for me young kids should not have smart phones because they will hook in to it and there eyes will be destroyed at early age and they will miss there childhood play the play of friends cousin like running going out be more socialize by others and kids might see a sensitive details in the smartphone or on the internet that lead to there corioustiy it might lead to wrong up bringing habbit maybe if they reach at age of 11 or 10 you can teach them how to use those things properly and productively :)
Posted by tophew on 08-26-2017
I grew up in a village where poverty is very evident and having a mobile phone especially for kids is not the top priority. It is more of a privilege and a reward when they get good grades from school or if they receive awards. If and when I have my own children, I would probably allow them to have their first mobile phone at the age of 7. I will make it sure that I have an access to their password, browsing history, call and text history and even a cut off time when they are using it. My intention here is to make them responsible and diligent children. I don't want them to be consumed by worldly belief that everything will be handed to them. If they would want to upgrade their phones then they must also upgrade their performance in school. If they would wish to have more freedom with their phones, then they must prove to us, their parents that they can be trusted. People might see me as a dictator dad but let me tell you this; our cellphone has already replaced our camera, our calendar and our calendar BUT never I will allow it to replace the values and conviction my father has taught me which I want to pass to my own children someday.
Posted by MushyPhilip1822 on 08-27-2017
I do not really encourage the young ones to have their phone at this early age. I do not trust the internet so much even if there are network filters. One thing is that I do not want to expose them with gadgets since I want them to enjoy childhood the traditional way. To play with friends from the neighborhood and learn how to socialize. When they are old enough like 12 years old I can consider them having their own phone but still with my supervision of course.
Posted by Istine on 08-27-2017
In this world of smart phones. Yes, kids can have the mobile phones even at the age of 3-4 years but that mobile should not have access to internet or carrier. They can use the smart phone just as the source of a gaming console like we used PSPs and PS1 in our childhood. They should be really happy to play new and different games, capture selfies, recording videos and much more. Because the real risk is their contact to the world outside. All the people are not good. Children must not have any type of source to make contact with strangers. In short, it's better to buy them a tablet for this type of stuff. Mobile phones should be given after they know how to world works. That's my opinion.
Posted by ahpkind on 08-27-2017
The answer to this question is different between people. My go-to answer for this question is that once your child gets old enough to leave the house and hang out with friends on their own, they should be given a mobile phone. This is the practical part about cellular phones; they can be used to keep track and communicate with your child. There is not a set age where a child should be given a cell phone. However, there should be a limit placed on what they can do at certain ages. For instance, an 11 year old should probably not have a Snapchat, in my opinion. Parents should decide when their kids are ready.

Cell phones are a great tool for a child's social life too. Even though the world will never have the classic social interactions that it used to have before social media, cellular phone usage is still part of a child's social development. To effectively communicate and socialize with their class mates in the normal manner, they will eventually need a cell phone. We can't look at children with cell phones as all bad.
Posted by Massey_Stephen_K on 08-28-2017
This is a good discussion for the millenials. I have kids but I never taught them how to use a phone, kids nowadays are better and smarter, they just look at the adults do it and they learn fast. I have a toddler and I allow him to use my tablet for a KidsTV show or cartoonsTV and any other educational videos. Just like what you said, they get easily hooked with phones or tablets and I cant disagree with you more on that because I see my toddler like that. As a parent, I manage his time, making sure he has time for everything else and not just watching videos. There are effects of everything that is too much and technology has somehow affected today's generation, especially kids who like to play games online and other stuff on the internet. We should always be aware of the effects that this technology is bringing up our kids.
Posted by geloi on 08-29-2017
This is actually a critical question but something still must be done about it. Giving phones to young kids is dependent on so many variables in which age is among and other things that should be considered.

I always make use of my locality as a point of reference, which is why I would say in my country Nigeria and state Enugu, giving phones to any kid below the age of 15-20 years is not advisable because those kids tend to get mislead by it. The reason is this, if it's a young teenage girl that a phone is given, grown up youth takes that as an advantage to go after that girl since the means to communication is now available and before you realise what is going on, that girl would have been mislead. Today it's evident in my locality that girls from the age of 13years upwards are no longer virgins and this all starts from their usage of phone.

Another one is their exposure to porn and unhealthy materials online. It's not good for kids so young to have access to phones. I think the best age for one to actually own and posses a phone should be from 20 years upwards.
Posted by Heatman on 08-30-2017
No one is too young for a smartphone or tablet when it comes to entertainment. Everything is tolerable as long as they are using it in moderation. The parents must also get the full control of when and how smartphones will be used.
Posted by Vastor122 on 08-31-2017
Well my opinion is that it's a matter of how every parent wants to raise their child, some prefer giving them a phone to keep them busy and that seems to be okay in their opinion, others prefer to actually spend time with them, and let's be serious there are plenty of ways to keep a kid busy. To me giving a kid a phone at a very early age seems like a really wrong way to go.
Posted by AlexLapusan on 09-05-2017
Younger than 10 for various reasons. My younger brother pretty much grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and was raised with gadgets. My mother gave him everything in the world, the newest gadgets and toys, internet access computers and laptops. He already had the onset of hearing loss by the time he was 13 because he constantly listened to music all the time (CD player, ipod) from the age of 7, attention issues because he never took the time to develop patience and lacked motor skills that children who grew up with technology a little later in their life had. Plus being glued to the TV playing video games made him morbidly obese as well. As to his social skills? None. Hell, I live next to a series of schools and kids are so glued to their phones these days some nearly got run over by cars and they can't even properly socialize. What people don't realize is that early childhood is critical for social skills development and more, I think smart devices- despite having some upsides in convenience and games is also very detrimental to how a kid develops. My younger brother is forever a poster child of what NOT to do to raise a kid.
Posted by Rhodolite on 09-08-2017
Smartphones are not appropriate for young children but a less advanced phone is good for safety reasons.
Posted by anna on 09-11-2017
The cell phone is an important invention of the modern times. It has revolutionized the ways of communicating, socializing, and entertainment. Young children also use cell phones. But this can have positive and negative effects. Advantage of giving a cell phone to a child is that it helps keep them in contact with family at all times. If the child has a cell phone, he or she could call or text and keep in touch with parents. Smartphone’s also have utilities like a dictionary, calculator, and weather forecast. If a child is sitting down to do homework of Math or English, cell phone calculator or dictionary could be handy. Smartphone’s also have utilities like a dictionary, calculator, and weather forecast. If a child is sitting down to do homework of Math or English, cell phone calculator or dictionary could be handy. Toddler age should not use Smartphone perhaps traditional toys can be alternative. Age 12 perhaps can use Smartphone but of course with the proper guidance of parents.
Posted by honeybabe on 09-11-2017
That's another important aspect, @MushyPhilip1822. Not everyone can afford a phone, much less an extra one for a small child. It is definitely low on the list of priorities for many.

I also agree that it should be a privilege, not a right. It seems like a lot of kids these days expect things handed to them, rather than thinking they should earn privileges. I think there are a lot of lessons to be taught (and learned) here.
Posted by Zyni on 09-14-2017
Well, I was only 7 years old when I had my first although it was not a smart phone. I think it is necessary for kids to have at least the basic cellphone (not a smart phone that has internet access) for emergency purposes. That way, kids can notify their parents of their whereabouts and what they are doing.
Posted by johnrajiv123 on 09-14-2017
I think toddler and kids are way too young to use cellphones and tablets. I used to remember during our childhood times, we enjoyed playing even without the presence of gadgets. We use to play the traditional sports in our place. As to educational aspect, indeed, in tablets, there are a lot of educational apps that they can use. However, for some, they spend most of their time in playing than viewing educational videos or materials. And it lessens the time to have bonded with the families, most especially when eating time. Instead of talking with each other, they are busy playing, watching, and following on any SNS websites. On the contrary, for emergency purposes, cell phones and gadgets are very helpful. So my final say is that. Is it not so bad for them to have a gadget but they should always know their limitations. And that is the adult's responsibility on how to guide the kids and young ones to use their gadgets. Thank you!
Posted by mhaou33 on 09-15-2017
I think teenage years would still be the more appropriate age for kids to get phones, although, I guess it would depend mostly on the personality of the person. If the kid was disciplined and I feel like they had a strong enough grasp of their own psychology then I would be more inclined to give them a phone earlier if it was really necessary. In general, though, I think somewhere around 13 or 14 would be the best age to give them phones since it's not too far ahead but also not too early that it may cause them to develop some bad habits that may be difficult to correct.
Posted by Wubwub on 09-16-2017
I know a lot of kids get into trouble with phones in school, and even get them taken away. I'd be upset if my kid had a phone that got confiscated. Of course, they give them back eventually, but school work is more important than playing on the phone.

Some kids don't take very good care of their stuff either, especially when it's just given to them. I think responsibility is a big a factor here. What happens if they don't take care of it and it needs to be replaced?
Posted by Zyni on 09-22-2017
I agree with the above commentator. Kids are a nightmare with technology, unless, of course, it's kid-friendly. For instance, with video game CDs they get them all scratched and broke. Therefore, it's not a wise idea to let them play with games or any other kind of technology.
Posted by jyy on 09-24-2017
I've never been a fan of giving gadgets to kids. First, they don't know how to take care of them properly, they left them anywhere, throw them, brake them. Second, they don't know their value, so they don't care if that thing was expensive, and they treat it like a toy. Besides those, they become completely timid, locked in themselves and the cellphone, they don't interact or play with others but the gadget, they don't go outside and play like usually kids do. And, you expose the kid to internet and the danger it brings with it, they want to use social media, and usually parents don't pay attention to what they're watching, or who are they talking to. So, if you consider yourself a decent responsible parent, do yourself and your kid a favor, and wait until he/she knows the value, the effort to get it, and be careful enough to give them one.
Posted by ballyhara on 10-01-2017
Yes, I agree. Kids should be out there playing in the sun, climbing trees and picking fights rather than isolated at home. I miss this in my childhood and I can guarantee that I'd be a happier adult If I was given the right opportunities as a child.
Posted by Marvadaum on 10-02-2017
Children who are below 18 years in age are too young to use mobile phones. First, they are still at stages when they need to concentrate most on their academic studies. A lot of applications are installed on mobile phones that can cause a lot of distractions for children within this age interval. Children would prefer to focus all attentions on those applications and they would count it as fun and excitement. This will have some adverse effects on their academic lives.

Second, between the age 0 - 18 years, children learn many things about life and grab those things for future applications. So, at this time, they must not be exposed to mobile devices where they can have some negative perceptions through mobile games and videos.
Posted by potentialwriter on 10-02-2017
It is a fact that the 21st Century can be considered as the modern age of modernization. Everybody-be it too young or too old- is able to access latest gadgets such as mobile phone, tablets, game consoles, and powerful computers. I believe that both circumstances are two sides of a coin with pros and cons.

On the first hand, using the mobile phone and tablet at such a young age-2 years old or 3 years old- could also be beneficial. A toddler, for example, is very specific on shapes and sounds. Installation of software on advanced gadgets such as youtube can enhance their listening and memory ability. Hand and eye reflexes were also improved hastening the regular process of being a child. Because of the internet, almost everything can be learned through a simple click on the computer or mobile phone. If a child regularly listens to alphabet or daily operates the device, in the longest run, the youngers would be able to hone their innate skills at such an early age.

On the other hand, learning to operate latest gadgets can hinder a toddler to experience mundane activities such as going out with other kids to play, reading and coloring a bounded book, or doing physical activities such as gardening, cooking and the likes. Socialization with other children was impeded developing a loner personality. Health conditions such as obesity to young ones can be prevented through physical activities such as running or walking.

To sum things up, technology makes a huge impact on everyone, especially to youngsters. A mixture of both the traditional and technological learning still is simply the best method there is facilitate all learning processes.
Posted by IamMaven on 10-02-2017
Call me old fashioned, but a kid, especially age 4,3, as stated in the topic shouldn't have a phone. What's the use? However, times have changed, what we use to see as decipline nowadays kids perceive as hate or irrational behavior by parents.

Other forms of gadgets like pads in my opinion is the best choice for toddlers as educational softwares are readily available, plus control measures can be easily implemented with close supervision. Cell phones do not provide such control options.

The beat age to allow kids start using smartphones I'm my opinion should be age 10. At this age kids do not rely on parents for everything, they begin to have some sort of self control. Letting them have a cellphone shows and teaches them a lesson on trust and responsibility in some way.
Posted by Rumu on 10-03-2017
In my own personal view of this, I wouldn't allow or let a kid have a cellphone at the age below 5 years old. Why? I believe they are too young to be given such thing because knowing nowadays, almost everything is technology. You won't be able to see a kid having a Nokia 3310 or any alcatel keypad phone. Everyone uses touch screen phones, smartphones and do you think a kid would like you to give him such a keypad phone where there is no Candy Crush game? I don't think so. I strongly oppose to this. I believe kids are just kids and I believe they need to enjoy every single day of their childhood like exposure, playing outside with other kids, playing with families at the park or at the beach and just make the most of it. Two disadvantages that I know based on my experience and observation that these ages having phones is that they would probably spend their times playing games. I have seen in a documentay that a 4 year old was brought to hospital after having seizures because of using too much gadget (too much radiation). The mother claimed her fault and stated that the child spends all his time playing phone all day long, from the moment he wakes up and right before he sleeps. The child then advised by the doctor to refrain from using any gadget for him to heal completely. the second disadvantage is, the child becomes or could probably be anti social. Cellphone Games evolve in this generation and children are just children, they couldn't control themselves not to play certain games as how mature persons do. As my personal experience is involve, my 4 year old cousin who's a cellphone addict is experiencing this anti social problem. He is unfriendly, he doesn't play outside their house, he doesn't mingle with some kids, he prefer to stay at home and play, play, play cellphone. He downloads the app and uninstall it if he gets bored. Therefore I must say, its a NO NO to give these ages privilege of having cellphone. Anyway you wouldn't allow your 3 or 4 year old to go outside of your home alone, would you? Or them being with other persons isn't enough reason because you can contact directly to the persons they are with right?
Posted by CrabtreeLM on 10-16-2017
In y own opinion, I guess there's really no exact age or how young a person could own a phone because it always depends. Mobile phone nowadays is already being considered by most people as a basic need and a must have. So, I think anyone who is able and knows how to use the technology can own one.
Posted by DanoCath on 10-30-2017
I don't think this can be answered with an arbitrary age. I mean, like let's say we put the age at 13, as it is now for creating a Facebook account. So does that mean 13 is old enough and 12 isn't? Doesn't quite compute, does it?

Or look at it from another angle. Now there are devices which your pet dog can use to call you. Is that too young? Or totally unnecessary? The way I see it, it boils down to a simple matter of needs. A child needs to communicate, no matter what the age is. So, if the child is, say, only three years old and the child is sent to nursery school. Wouldn't it be comforting for the child to have a way to get in touch with you, when he/she wants to?

As for whether tablets are better than smartphones for small children, it's quite debatable. I have seen small children being rather adept with smartphones. Their little fingers have no problem navigating the small screen. So what should the child do with his tablet/smartphone? Play games, of course. Learning should be fun. It's up to the parents to select meaningful games for their children. Games which is just an endless run of killing and killing and more killing wouldn't add much to a child's development. Install games which are fun and educational at the same time. There are lots of such apps available. For free.
Posted by Aree on 11-10-2017
I have been given a phone when I was about 9 for the sake of security since my parents are not the one fetching me from school. I don't think that it is necessary to give it to a child below 7 because from what I have seen on my younger siblings, it has only caused them to be more into the phone than to focus on their surroundings. It also caused them to have glasses at a young age. I take this claim based on my own experience and from what I see in the society today. I definitely believe that health should go first than the mental ability skills that comes with the usage of gadgets. It also risks the social skills of children when they spend too much time focusing on gadgets.
Posted by hazel42704 on 11-11-2017
I used to think 13 years old, when they are officially teenagers. However, as time goes by I have changed my mind. I definitely wouldn't hand a toddler a phone. I think you need to consider each child individually. I would definitely give my child a phone for security reasons. But I think you also need to consider their behavior, their level of maturity, how responsible they are, are they in a public or private school? What are other parents around you doing? Do what's best for your child in the long run. Interestingly as soon as my child can use a computer I am giving them one.I think technology develops a child's intelligence much faster than traditional learning.
Posted by jaymish on 11-15-2017
Yes yes. But I don't think that kids should be given a cellphone at a too young age mostly because it de-stimulates them to practice exercises and take part in outdoor activities
Posted by Marvadaum on 11-15-2017
Let's look at this issue from another angle.

There are places in the world where children do not have exercise books and pencils. They use slateboards and chalk to write with. So for these children, an exercise book and a pencil is very high-tech. Or, perhaps, there might be some people that would complain that giving those children exercise books and pencils is going to corrupt them, or something like that. Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

Same goes for giving children smartphones or tablets. These are simply devices. Nothing more. Nothing less. Much as an exercise book and a pencil seem very exotic to children who have only ever used slateboards and chalk, same with these new devices. They are there to be used. It's not a question of to use them or not to use them. It's more a question of how to make the best use of them.
Posted by Aree on 12-02-2017
You are wrong. Pencils and exercise books do not have adult content. They do not have child abductors and rapists. These perverse people are online. Most phones have these. They corrupt our children. Our children are sending some revealing videos online. They are wooed to playing in porn by perverse people.
Posted by stbrians on 11-19-2018
I think anything under 4 years is young for the mobile phone. After reaching 5th year and onwards, the kids can pretty much navigate in and out of the stuff. So that's another thing to consider. I'd say it's reasonable to make use of the phone which can be simple to use. So no iphone. But more of Android phone in that case.
Posted by overcast on 12-03-2017
I don't think the time to give a child a mobile phone should be based on the age of the child but based on the ability of the child to handle it, some children are unable to handle mobile phone even at the age of 20, they instead use it for a bad and unfavorable purpose. Therefore before a child receives a phone from his/her parents it should be when the parents think he is ready.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 10-23-2018
A few months old, roughly 6 months old is just way too young for a toddler to play with a mobile phone or Ipad. I had seen mom giving her mobile phone for her baby, who could hardly sit up, watching cartoon video in her phone.
Posted by peachpurple on 12-11-2017
I agree. The current generation has been conditioned to rely on gadgets to "stay connected and get to know the world."

Young children don't need much use for it. Instead, they should receive proper parental guidance and wholehearted teachings that will inspire them to grow to be better persons (as they age). Mobile phones aren't really that important in the sense of social media. Kids should only ever use it for important things. The best alternative are basic phones for calling.
Posted by Steve5 on 12-13-2017
This is so true. Kids shouldn't be obsessed with social media and online games. Everything about technology could be a potential risk for very young children. Much better that they focus on significant development. Something that will add value to their lives as they mature into adulthood.
Posted by Steve5 on 05-25-2018
A cellphone is merely yet another material possession, another gadget. Lots of parents will give their old cellphones to their kids to play with, and generally the games on the phones are the attraction (not the content they can download). If a child is inclined to download undesirably content, its their mind and upbringing at fault - not the fact they used that device (they could always obtain a device to do so). Personally, I think the younger the child the better. When they are younger they are easier to "train" (sorry, could not think of a better word) and will copy your behaviour. Searching and installing "child free" software will be accepted at age 8 and become routine for the child at 13.
Posted by Rhombus on 12-14-2017
Below the age of 18 years is too young to use a mobile phone. At this stage, it's expected that a child is about to start his undergraduate studies and would need to concentrate a lot so as to pass all pre-degree tests and examinations. Children of nowadays are supposed to study up to that stage without using mobile devices because it causes a lot of distractions for them.
Posted by potentialwriter on 12-15-2017
The social media society have taken the mind of the whole public, now we are caught between the life of the net and reality, some of us don't even get to kmow the differences between social media and reality itself. So many lives have been lost because of the demands of social media including that of family relationship, don't get me wrong mobile phones and gadget have made life much easier, but it did come with it's own troues and distractions.

Now kids get to have their own devices especially when their parents are very wealthy, the age for kids having phones is when they are matured enough, not when they are young as it corrupts their mind and engage them in things they are not meant to see, the media is not too children friendly there are a lot of adults stuffs and now you hardly see mobile phones that don't browse.
Posted by Adesuwa08 on 12-17-2017
also feel toddlers are too young to own a phone. You might feel you are living in a digital world but your baby is not supposed to be exposed to gadgets and electronics. It is just not good for their small developing bodies.
Posted by mildredtabitha on 12-24-2017
I have a 7 months old child and he is already a fan of a mobile phone. When he spots a phone and if his mother and I both do not let him grab the phone, he begins to cry. Sometimes we show baby rhymes on the phone to soothe him and it works. I think we can use out phone in a better way for our child.
Posted by vinaya on 01-03-2018
I think under 1 year phone and the tablet must not be given. As they have the radiation. And kids should not hold them for long. And that means we have our ways to deal with the radiation and they need to have some level of immunity for the same. If they develop that in a year or so. Then surely we can think of having a mobile phone for kid.
Posted by overcast on 02-26-2018
A toddler is too young to be using a phone. Supervised playtime using tablets, however, can be beneficial in the learning of the child. Phones are smaller and generally is used to message other people, which is not a necessity for toddlers. Larger tablets can easily accommodate a child's playful nature without interruptions of receiving calls or messages from other people.
Posted by treecko142 on 02-08-2018
Jigz Alvarina Lim
If I were to ask, I will definitely set an ahe likit for tablets and smarphones. Most of people who were born in the year 2000 below have grown up without any smartphones or tablets in their hands. Just like me, I admit that I have owned a Gameboy but that was already when I was 7 years old. If I will have children, I will make it sure that I will never let them experience smarphones, or tablets until the age of 7. I will buy tons of books for them to read rather than smartphones or tablets. I know these gadgets can help but the can also harm them. We can admit that at one point of our lives, we have become addicted to a certain gadget. That is what I am pointing out. I do not want my children to suffer from these addiction as early as 7. They need to focus on their studies and chores. I am impressed on how my aunt discipline my cousins during they were still young. They haven't got a phone until they were already 10 years old. I look at them today and they were very successful in life. One of them was a Top 1 from Engineering Licensure Examination. One of them is already a Lawyer.

See? What if your kids were already addicted as early as 3,4, or 5 years old?
Posted by Jigz Alvarina Lim on 02-13-2018
When you give a child access to a smartphone or tablet from a young age, its as if your giving your child poison. So, why do I say that its poison? Simple, because its addictive! Children are most addictive to smartphones. Just looks at the statistics, it's just astonishing! They love playing games and watching videos on Youtube on their phones, that they do this for hours and hours, without taking their heads off the screen. Therefore, I think it is best to not give children smartphones until they reach a certain age where they know how to be responsible.
Posted by TheInsaneSakif on 02-16-2018
Three or four is too young for a kid to have their own personal mobile phone in my own opinion. First you might end up replacing or buy new phone for them every once in a while because children will more likely to think that these are just one of their toys, they might brake or loose it. Second I don't see the needs for them to have their own phone yet. Phone's main purpose is for you to be able to call someone., It is your responsibility to keep your eye with your kids at the very young age. If your goal is for them to learn, you can buy some other stuffs instead.
Posted by gavinci13 on 02-19-2018
Kids below the age of 10 should not have any phone that have access to the internet. A normal analog phone would be best given to them and probably it's to be used for home calls and not for their personal use. Giving kids phone in such young age below the age of 17 years would get them to abuse its usage and possibly get misled by the older ones because they don't know any better.
Posted by Martinsx on 02-22-2018
A simple phone just for emergencies will do, but as for smartphones as the name suggest smart, they end up getting smarter even where they’re not supposed to, get exposed to porn, kidnapper ‘s and other internet lunatics , I suppose 16 or 18 should be the appropriate age.
Posted by Vuyani on 03-01-2018
The decision should be made by the parent depending on how they trust their child to be able to handle owning a gadget. I was first given a phone when I was in third grade for the purpose of security especially when my parents don't fetch me from school. I'd say that I learned a lot of things that I should not have at that time which is why I think parents should think of ways on letting a child own a gadget but at the same time, control what they can access.
Posted by hazel42704 on 03-02-2018
I think the age to be considered that are very young to have such mobile phones are the ages below 10 years old because these are the kids that didn't really know well what they are doing and even understand what the world is all about. Giving them some mobile phones at that age would just attract them to become materialistic and be dependent on gadgets because they will not anymore make a lot of efforts to learn well and might just end up using a mobile phone for the whole day especially if it is a great smart phone. It might only result from being a tech addict at a young age since these gadgets are really addicting to have. I would really consider giving them some mobile phones if they reaches the age of at least 15 years old since this is the time that they do understand what they are now doing. But still proper guidance of parents should be at the top priorities since young generation now a days are being easily influenced by the social media sites which is another thing to consider.
Posted by junrose123 on 03-11-2018
I think parents should restrict kids under 12 when it comes to smart phones, in my opinion kids should only be aloud to have basic phones which cannot connect to social media and the internet. As we all know the internet nowadays, specially social media sites are filled with sex, violence and things we don't want our kids access to, and having a smartphone would give our young kids access to these materials.
Posted by Kakashi2020 on 03-25-2018
I think nine or ten years of age is enough to allow them to use the cellphone. It's not really good for young kids to use cellphone, tablets, or what ever gadgets do you have. They will become addicted to it and not really good for their health. There're some study also, that this gadgets affect their personality. Parents should restrict the kids to use the gadgets. Beside the only thing kids do in the phone is just to play games, or watch some cartoons, don't allowed them. Maybe that's the reason why a lot of kids right now using eye glasses because of the poor eyesight cause of too much using of gadgets.
Posted by ion on 03-28-2018
I think kids at age 12-13 can take care of themselves when it comes to using smartphones with an internet connection. The parents should brief them about things that they should and shouldn't do to set a limitation. They should supervise what they are posting on social media and anywhere online because kids of this age do not know what the consequences of their actions right now could have a great impact later in life. They will be subject to online bullying and they might get targeted by people who are planning to do bad things to children.
Posted by EfficientNinja on 04-09-2018
Children of the modern generation tend to handle themselves well when it comes to using smartphone. It was pretty difficult and different during our own time because most of the devices we see today aren't in the open market, so it's definitely hard for us to know how to use what we know have with us.
Posted by Martinsx on 04-23-2018
No you're not old school you're actually right. For me, kids should never have a smartphone. Also, I do believe that teenagers until 16 (Grade 10) must not have their own smartphone. For me, it's better to give them a basic phone because it's much safer and you can guarantee that they're just using it for communication and nothing else. Most teenagers whom I know that became pregnant or impregnated someone has learned about 's*x' because of watching porn online and that's very alarming especially if you're a busy parent who only see your children on the evening when it's already time for dinner. Kids and teenagers nowadays are impulsive, they do what they want and does not think thoroughly about their decisions so it's better to just isolate them first from technology and the social media so that when the time comes that they'll have their own smartphone, they'll be more mature in handling them. My opinion is actually based on my own experience because I've only had my first ever smartphone during my freshmen in college (16 years old) although I was already mature during that time.
Posted by jaybee19 on 05-06-2018
I think it's going to be different for many families and their situations. I'd probably say that for me, when a child starts high school (around 12-13 here) is probably best, since at that point they're already getting a bit more independence and so forth. I don't really know in my country what need younger kids would have for a phone anyway.
Posted by amelia88 on 05-18-2018
I think being young is not that matters when it comes to gadgets or mobile phones. Because not all young kids are having the same capacity or understanding level and behavior to use mobile phone. Some are very advance and know the use of mobile phone and know their limitations at early age and some are hard to teach so for me it depends on how a certain child response or manage his/her actions and restrictions when using mobile phone. I think it depends on the ability, understanding and knowledge of kids and not on their age.
Posted by albino on 05-25-2018
Well I think so because I have experienced this through my cousin's sons. My cousin and his wife are both busy, and I think it's their fault for not being able to handle 3 kids at the same time, they are busy on their work, house hold so what they do to keep their children busy then is they gave them a phone to which they could entertain themselves what happened next was as the eldest child grew and is suitable or in the right age for nursery their child was so misbehaved due to the fact that for years what he thought as his reality was just a cartoon so eventually they consulted with the doctor and the doctor said that the child might have ADHD and currently the behavior of the child has gotten better with therapy that my view point on this topic. Give a child a phone at least of a 6-7 years of age and I mean a phone only for calling not the smartphones.
Posted by tophgreg on 06-11-2018
I do not agree giving kids mobile phones. I do not really see any need for them to have one at such an early age. Kids are often with adults so I do not think they would need a mobile phone to call in case of emergencies. If my kids are already a teenager, I might consider. Teenage years are the time wherein they are on their own and would need to go home late to make school projects and reports. I will feel at ease knowing where to call them.
Posted by mdayrit on 06-28-2018
I think there's an age bracket of using a mobile phone but in case of children's, parents should control their kid's mobile uses. Also monitoring the kids activities on mobile specially the sites and games is essential to keep your kids in the educational side of mobile technology.
Posted by fishbate on 07-25-2018
In my opinion, children shouldn't use mobile phones until they're in high school. The only use of phones for children should be for emergencies. As much as possible we should keep kids away from using phones because they should know how to have fun, survive, and grow up without it. I had fun even without growing up using a smartphone. I loved playing make-believe games, puzzles, board games, street games, etc. I loved watching cartoons and educational shows for kids. Most importantly, I was physically active rather than timid. Some kids can be addicted to playing games on their phones that they almost never stand up to play and go outside. Exercise is crucial especially for child development for many good reasons. Also, it's great to see kids making art with crayons and paper and not just color stuff on an app. Most importantly, and I can't stress this enough, frequent use of mobile phones may cause eye damage. We don't want kids to start getting addicted to mobile phones that they will need glasses or eye surgery at such a young age. Parents should also give attention to their children when they are bored and not just give them phones to shut up. I've noticed this is becoming a trend and I think it creates an unhealthy relationship between the parent and the child. An ideal situation for me is that when kids reach high school, they will know how to socialize and have fun without depending on mobile phones because they didn't have it growing up.
Posted by mimacheeks on 07-26-2018
I agree that it would be best if they wait till high school. It's a good thing that my son's school is just few blocks away and he can call anytime through landline. But if he wasn't, I might consider buying him a mobile phone for security. But only for that reason. Having mobile phones, will also allow them access to social media sites which I think is not appropriate for their age. He also uses gadgets too but only minimally and with supervision.
Posted by Chinet23 on 07-27-2018
It's not a good idea to give kids phone at the early age. Phone are no use to them but, they will just use that for gaming and we don't want out kids to be addicted at an early age. I think it's more suitable to give kids phone when they start schooling. But don't give them that luxurious phone just give them simple device just for you to reach them.
Posted by blackmist on 08-08-2018
You have not specified the age that you are referring to but from your comment I think you are alluding to below 5 years. I think it would be quite wise to also limit the access they have even when they are above 5 years.
Posted by Martin on 08-22-2018
I have younger brothers who are aged 6 and 9 years old. I saw how they started playing games using our tablet. I sometimes told them that it is bad to spend too much time playing on the tablet. I believe that the age that is too young to use mobile phones is 7years old. I might bring danger to children's health and they are losing the true beauty of our world when they play outside with other children. Sad to say, but if a child that is too young was taught how to use a mobile phone, after a few days or so, you can notice that he focuses more and more on his phone rather than to his surroundings on which could bring him into danger.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 08-12-2018
In my own opinion, children at the age of 5 years old and below should be prohibited in using gadgets. At that early stage, I think their eyes are still young and more sensitive so they may be more prone to vision damage. As of the moment, I have an 8-month old baby and I would not let him use gadgets until the age of 6. I don't want him to experience illnesses that are caused by radiation and I don't want his vision to get damaged at an early age. Gadgets can be useful somehow to older kids for some of their school activities and contacts but as parents/guardians, we still have to limit their usage so that they won't always stay at home and look at those screens. Children deserves to go outside, play and interact with other children rather than seeing them locked in their rooms all day and get non-interactive with people.
Posted by MiaManimbo on 08-23-2018
The problwm is that we tend to be lenient from time to timw. The behavior always is initiated from our own actions of allowing chilren to be within close proximity as we use phones and take care of them. In the long run, they notice the phones more.
Posted by Martin on 08-24-2018
I have tow boys that ages 8 and 11. Up until now, they have no access to "smart" phones. Although they own "dumb phones, the one with keypad so I could communicate with them in school especially during emergency. For me, I allowed them to have smart phones only if it is used within our home but if not, they have to leave the smart phones in our "deposit box". I will fully allow them to have phones when they reached college. I am afraid that in a young age, they will be exposed to exploitation and cyber bullying.
Posted by anchoreztin on 08-27-2018
Kids below the age of ten should not have access to smartphones. Those ten above should be strictly monitored by their parents. But every children should have "dumb phones" for emergency uses. My nephew has a smart phone before we took it back because his eyes was damage due to overexposure. Kids that has smartphones should not be allowed to bring their phones to school and its use must be monitored by parents to avoid exploitation and cyber bullying. Also, parents should block sites that is not advisable for children.
Posted by Alymae on 08-28-2018
I believed as a young as 7 years old could have an access to cellphones but there should always be a guidance of the parents . They should also a limitation of using phones so they will not be addicted to it. Phones and internet can be an educational tool to the children. They could benefit to the educational videos in the internet.
Posted by Zelmontero on 08-31-2018
For me, the age less than 12 years of an existance of an individual is to young to use gadgets because they must first experience a childhood without it in order to learn in socializing in a personal way, learn of how to play with others, learn to explore the outside world. Also my major point is, at those young age the main use of cellphone isn't that strong because it will only be used in gaming and some nonsense searches and it may also cause health issues because of the radiation of the cellphone may severely harm a yoing child who overuses it.
Posted by Gilgamesh on 09-06-2018
I think children of reasonable age should be given the phone under close supervision. it will help to really know what the kids are doing with the device.A teenager can be handed a phone since it all about communication I believe.
Posted by lovely on 09-08-2018
If I'm going to ask, ages 3-4 should not be given a mobile phone. I mean, what's the use of it? Call their parents in case of the emergency? I guess not. A toddler should be always by your side and you keep eye of your child always. My daughter don't need a mobile phone when she needs me and my wife is always by her side. We guide her, teach what's wrong and do what we think is good to her.

I guess tablet is fine as she can play or watch educational games/movies. The key thing for me is that, you should always guide your child and keep an eye what he/she is doing in the Internet as nowadays, you can do or watch anything you like in the Internet. I would also suggest to install any parental application where you can set some house rules, the duration your child can use it and control what categories she can access in the Internet. You can also monitor what your child is doing and can lock her phone depending on the house rules that you set. There are many parental applications in the Internet.
Posted by kinja90 on 09-08-2018
For me, ages below 7 are too young to use smartphones, age 7 above can use the phone because they can decide on their own and know what is going on in the world.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 09-13-2018
This is now the problem in our home today. My youngest daughter would often sleep late at night because of this. She would eat with her hands on the phone. She even brings the phone on the comfort room. My wife tells her that she will only touch her cell phone during weekends so that she can concentrate on her studies more. But then she doesn't like it.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-14-2018
For me, a three or four years old kid is too young to have his own phone. I don't think that these kids really understand the usage of mobile phone. I am one of the 90s kids and mobile phone is not a big thing for me. I had my first mobile phone when I was in college. I believe that kids should play educational toys and not mobile phones. Do you know that cell phone radiation can damage eyes? So, if you give your toddler a mobile then you are damaging his eyes at a very young age.
Posted by superlicca on 09-18-2018
Phones has no real benefits to children. They only use it play games and play videos online which is a little absurd. Children must go play outside and interacts with other children. They don't smartphones to communicate with other children of their age. Usually giving smartphones to children at a very young age exposes them to the harmful effects of the mainstream media that corrupts their innocent minds. Giving smartphones to your children must be some kind of a necessity rather than a luxury.
Posted by Aeolos on 09-18-2018
For me, if the child is still letting the parents bathe them, they are too young for mobile phones. Self bathing is a sign of responsibility on their part to keep themselves well cleaned. That's just my two cents though. Maybe change the mobile phone to disposable cheap plastic tablet. I couldn't imagine a child using a smartphone. Maybe when they enter high school.
Posted by rlpzbeermoney on 09-19-2018
I think that phones are not good for younger children. I think you can give them if they are on the age of twelve. Its better for them to play than to get hooked on their phone.
Posted by jeffreyjose48 on 09-21-2018
Mobile phones should be only used by teens and adults. But a three or four-year-old kid should not use a phone. I don't think they need a phone to play games. There is a lot of alternative toys nowadays and educational toys that can be given to them. Kids before were not using phones but they were still able to enjoy their childhood.
Posted by superlicca on 09-21-2018
If the child can't decide anything in their own, I guess their still young to use smartphones.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 09-21-2018
I understand that the world has evolved but it does not mean that your kids should be exposed to mobile phones at a very young age. It is not necessary for them to use the phones. As an adult, I know that games on the phone can be addictive. And if your kids will start using a phone, you will find them wasting their time instead of playing outside like a normal kid.
Posted by superlicca on 09-23-2018
I understand that the world has evolved but it does not mean that your kids should be exposed to mobile phones at a very young age. It is not necessary for them to use the phones. As an adult, I know that games on the phone can be addictive. And if your kids will start using a phone, you will find them wasting their time instead of playing outside like a normal kid.
Posted by superlicca on 09-23-2018
The smartphone is very addictive, and if you let your child use it at their young age of 7 years old below, it's not safe. Because they can't focus anymore on their studies.
Posted by jayjaydimson on 09-26-2018
Children as young as 7 year old should never have mobile phone or tablet because these are the stages in their life where they develop kinetic and physicals skills that thexm should explore the physical world around them. However, they could use such devices for learning purposes only and time limit shall be set on the use of this kind of gadgets.
Posted by bee.rthooyah on 09-27-2018
Nowadays smartphone can be utilized for an assortment of things and requirements may vary from family to family. Giving children phone so they can contact their folks when they have to is sincerely the most vital purpose behind a youngster to be given a phone other than that I don't see a need except if you need your kid to have the capacity to play versatile diversions all alone gadgets without giving them a chance to utilize yours.
Posted by jetselle on 10-03-2018
In my opinion, parents should let their children to own a mobile phone when they are already 12 years old. I think that would be the best age for them to be responsible for their belongings. Since our outreach to the internet becomes wider everyday, we should be careful to guide the children to use their capabilities in a good way only. Also, a parebt could test their child if they really are responsible enough for a mobile phone.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-08-2018
Yeah that certain age could be better. They have enough mind to think and use it properly.
Posted by mark86 on 10-12-2018
If safety is the issue, then we should really let our children of ages 10 and above to bring phones especially to school. We don't have to worry about them using it because the teachers monitor them during class hours. We must have a direct contact with them just in case something happens. If you don't want them to access the other parts of the phone "yet" then there are a lot of ways for you to do it. Just make sure to monitor their usage and their behavior.
Posted by theresajane on 10-09-2018
I feel like a phone isn't an actual necessity until you are able to start becoming a little bit independent of your parents' supervision, meaning around 10/11 years old. As for the smartphone, I think that if introduced too early in a child's life can have a very negative impact on his psychological development, especially regarding excessive peer pressure that can come from social media platforms, so I wouldn't get one for my kid until he's around 14 yo.
Posted by SevenCatsInn on 10-10-2018
Mobile phone is a necessity these days .Most of the things that we do are done online and mobile phones is the best way to access the internet for most of the people .But giving a mobile phone to young children for regular use ican be very harmful for the little ones.I don't think that young children should be allowed to use the mobile phones for a long duration of time

Mobile phone radiation is a serious risk even for elders if they use it for a long duration of time . So it can have disastrous effect on the child's health and growth. Moreover if children are hooked to there mobiles they will stop playing outdoor games and exercises, which will hamper there physical and mental growth .
Posted by jpk0007 on 10-12-2018
I have a 2 year old niece and she is using a mobile phone for watching alphabet song and other rhymes related to a baby. I think parents should have set age for their children using mobile phone. It is true that somehow this gadget could help them but they are too young for using it and it might give bad effects for them as they are grow older.
Posted by mark86 on 10-12-2018
I normally give my children phones when they finish their secondary education. St that time they are 18 years old and can handle a phone.

Phones with internet has bad sites. Children may take photos of themselves in the nude or doing obscene things and sent them there. Light can spoil their eyes too
Posted by stbrians on 10-14-2018
Well it is hard to tell really. But I think in my opinion, it is still best to give a child a mobile phone around ages 10-12. Although the world is deadset in progressing into a future of technology, where almost everything is done digitally, i would still prefer if my kids learn to play outside, learn to interct with playmates personally, laughing and building their personality in the play ground. I think that these would be key steps in their personality developent later on. And as i said, the world is headed for that anyway, so they would have the rest of their lives in technology. But as they are kids, a simple phone of a guardian (meaning, baby sitters and teachers when we are not around) would probably enough.
Posted by emiaj55 on 10-15-2018
In my opinion, a kid should get a mobile phone when he or she is in high school. Maybe around the age of 14 because at the age of 1 to 13 children should enjoy playing outside the house, playing with non-digital toys and bonding with their friends. Using their imagination not wasting their time looking at a screen for 5 hours. At 14 puberty happens, they start to experience hormonal growth. A mobile phone would be useful, in case they feel the need to interact with other people online, to be contactable at times they might be away, and for their own personal purposes. Let them enjoy being a kid, don't introduce devices that have access to social media too early.
Posted by DISTEFANO115 on 10-16-2018
That is also true,but the child will be influence both by his friends and mobile phone making it easy to change his way of life and manner of living, if he has access to phone at a young age with friends who can make good impact on him by hosting online classes via online, it will develop the childs mentality and therefore the mobile phone becomes beneficial to him but if they are bad friends then it's the opposite.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 10-23-2018
Posted by Anonymous on 10-16-2018
In my own opinion i don't think the time to give a child a phone should be determined by the age of the child, the sense does not develop the same as the age, you can see someone that is older but behaves like a kid. Therefore I think some certain maturity and trust should established between parent and children before they have their phone.
Posted by ElectorAlexander on 10-24-2018
Children below 12 years should not be a allowed to have their own phones or use a smartphone . But they can be given basic mobile phones for text and call purposes only to family members. Smartphones, tablets are a no-no. Early exposure to gadgets have bad effects on a child’s development and behaviour.
Posted by conniemac on 10-26-2018
I don't think there is really a given age to make a kid hold a smart phone. It is not based on their age or something. The main requirements should be if they can already understand well what will they see in the internet by using a phone. Giving it to a kid with no proper knowledge about what is happening in the world may teach a kid the wrong side of the world. And as a parent that is a critical thing.
Posted by MomoStarr16 on 10-27-2018
I feel that children's below 15 years should not have smartphone. My kid is just 4 years, after school when he come home he just ask my mobile . When i felt very bad about this, I refused him to give mobile, but he is shouting , crying. Now finally he is ok , it took more than six months to get him normal. The smartphone is now essential for most of the people, but kids below 15 years I think it is not necessary. If it is , it should be under your supervision.
Posted by csk81 on 10-30-2018
I agree with you. Kids nowadays are very curious especially about smartphones. Kids tend to be addicted with playing games, searching anything and even using social media at such a young age. Parents' supervision should really be observed especially when the kids become very curious about everything.
Posted by theresajane on 11-06-2018
I guess it around 6 years of age. This age are too young since they do not understand the world much yet and can be easily fooled be strangers. Their safety is at risk if we allow children at this young age to use mobile phones. If a parents decides to give their children smartphones at an early age, then they should make sure that they can give their guidance at all times to avoid harm that may come to their children.
Posted by hstinscdln on 10-31-2018
I don't think any kids under 12 should have a mobile phone that can do more than call their parents for emergencies. That's how my parents did it and I think it worked out well. Phones are bad for people's attention and memory. So why start them early?
Posted by Jstreeter26 on 11-01-2018
I feel like there definitely is an age that's too young for smart phones. Smart phones are great tool for those who know how to use them properly, but kids 12 and under honestly don't have a need for them. I'm seeing more and more children lack social skills needed to function as an adult due to their overuse of cellphones. Kids dont know how to manage their time properly and are speading every minute they can glued to their phone. Adults are as well, but adults have more of a grip on social interaction than children do. Kid's need to learn basic life skills, and I think cellphone use inhibits this.
Posted by slugsinthai on 11-05-2018
It is really saddening to see kids being attached to mobile phones all throughout the day. The lamest thing is that parents find it as an excuse to keep them busy and occupied so that they can focus on their work. However, this has terminal effects on the child's health. Problems pertaining to vision will start slowly once the child grows up and also exposing the child to such radiations is not good. Another important thing is children becoming addicted to mobile games. Now, due to the fast motion of the characters in the game, it has adverse impacts on the eyes and also most of the games are based on the idea of violence these days. So, it is high time parents start thinking on these lines and let their children focus on good books and outdoor games for the betterment of their future. If you would ask me for the right age, I would not upto 12 at least.
Posted by kaushikangara on 11-13-2018
You have a great point. Parents before this generation can even manage their kids and can find a way to work and survive with the child at play. It is so sad that at such a young age, children are given the permission to depend on smartphones.
Posted by theresajane on 11-29-2018
I started having my mobile phone (Nokia 5110) when I was 11 years old and I use it for contacting my parents when I am in school. But during this smartphone era wherein all information can easily be accessed, I think parents should be more responsible and monitor how their children use their phones. For example, filtering the sites their children visit.
Posted by clarisseblogs on 11-14-2018
How young is too young for a mobile phone: There is no age limit in having/using mobile phones. In past years, those kids from 1-5 years old, the thing they had in mind is to play with their toys. But, in our generations nowadays, kids seems to be more observant. They already know what kind of things, the phone is in their early age. They just observed how other people use it and their mind absorb automatically. Yes, there is no age limit but they need proper guidance, parental guidance for them to know their limitation in using mobile phone.
Posted by mhingnhormz on 11-17-2018
I know someone who was only five months old when introduced to gadget. Right now he is already three years old but does not talk to anyone and when you grab the tablet from him he will burst to cry. All he do is play games, eat and sleep which is very alarming. His parent should not have introcud him to gadget at an early age.
Posted by agbuyarashel on 11-18-2018
Maybe 8-10 years old it is quite acceptable to have phone but lower than that I think children must refrain using phone not unless it is tablet. But still t can harm children's health especially their eyes. It is not really advisable for children to be exposed to much on gadgets.
Posted by luv2xacosta on 11-26-2018
I think a child who could not yet operate properly a device should not have access on these. You can introduce it to them as a tool for learning though in early age but they still need to be guided. They should not use it on their own. Other child also get hooked and become addicted if these devices were not properly introduce on when they can only be used.
Posted by gutzman on 11-28-2018
I agree with you. I think it's not good to expose them the gadget at such a young age because I affects their motor skills. Also, the radiation is really bad for them.
Posted by theresajane on 11-29-2018
My mom only let me have a phone when I was in college. Funny right? Wrong. It was the best thing she ever did for me. Times have changed so quickly. Now and kids start getting phones at a rather young age. The question is , are they mature enough to maintain the kind of discipline it takes to avoid being reckless with your phone?
Posted by Franzel2oo on 12-07-2018
In my opinion, as long as the child is matured enough and can handle a mobile phone, I don’t see any problem with it because it is for communication purposes. I would rather give my child a mobile phone than a tablet. I think mobile phone is a necessity because you can contact your daughter or your son via mobile phone. I really don’t see the need for a tablet. As much as possible, I don’t want my child to be exposed to various things online at a young age without my supervision because it may influence my child’s attitude and ways as he or she is growing up. Well, that’s for me.
Posted by jessie271 on 12-10-2018
I believe in teaching children as early as possible. That doesn't mean toddlers or even children younger than 10 should be given their own phones. You can give them your phone on occasion so they can learn from educational apps or even just to amuse them. Moderation is always key
Posted by Tehilah27 on 12-14-2018
I think that children in elementary school should not be allowed to have smartphones and use social media, because there are many threats on the internet, especially nowadays. The kid must grow up before smartphone is given to him, because smartphones can become a way of life if introduced early in childhood, whereas, if introduced later in life, chances are that they will not have the same negative impact on person as they have if they are introduced early in childhood. What do I mean by negative impact? I think that biggest negative impact of smartphones is that people start staring and making friends while looking at smartphone's screen. People alienate from others and start feel uncomfortable with other people if they use their smartphones quite often. So, the kids should not be given smartphones, at least not until high school, in order not to lose an ability to communicate with other kids and have fun playing outdoors and with toys. Human interaction is always better than interaction with smartphone's AI !
Posted by NikSuks on 12-16-2018
I'd a phone to my daughter as soon as she could use it, in order for her to call me in case of emergency. However, I would hope she won't abuse it by playing games all the day and chatting. So it's a tough question. Safety is a priority for me. Perhaps at the age of 6-7 when she goes to school.
Posted by Alania on 12-17-2018
A regular mobile phone should be given to a child for them to call you in case of emergency. But a smart phone is out of the list. You have to limit the function of what you give to your kids. Because internet has so much effect on kids these days. Parents should filter everything so they wouldnt be exposed to the negative sides of the technology as much as possible.
Posted by Carrascoshiela on 12-18-2018
A mobile phone, especially one with internet access, can provide both positive and negative things to children. So it's important to remember that, while you're are blocking negative things to your child, you're preventing them to have the benefits of using a mobile phone as well.

As a consequence, we should provide a mobile phone, or any potentially harmful materials at the age where children are being able to think critically. According to Jean Piaget, a well-known psychologist on child development concept, there are 4 stages of child development (Sensorimotor, Preoperational, Concrete Operational, and Formal Operational). The last stage is where a child learns to think critically. On average, a child reaches this stage at the age of 11.

Thus, answering your question. Under 11 is too young for a mobile phone.
Posted by nongnurix on 12-18-2018
With parent being worried all the time, I believe that they give the children a phone at an excessively early age! Although such devices are extremely helpful to the parent and the child, I believe that the bad things associated with giving kinds mobile phones are outweighed by the massive advantages and positive sides of what the mobile phone offers to the parents.
Posted by blindwitness90 on 12-18-2018
I believe children under the age of 10 should not have their own mobile phones. Let these children enjoy their childhood without much distraction with technology. Let them socialize to the real world without a device.
Posted by Klint on 12-18-2018
I have noticed that the apps like Netflix and few other channels. They have managed to reduce the need for the tv. And the kids are more likely to use the devices more often. And the thing is that people need to know how the mobile phone can be used more or less effective in that case. I think mobile phone should be given if they are properly handling the time and money in head and learn how to not get addicted to the phone and laptop.
Posted by overcast on 12-18-2018