Humble Monthly

Humble Monthly
Years ago, a new era of gaming began when Humble Bundle was introduced to PC gamers. For a few dollars they were able to buy a bunch of games, donating their money to various charities. The service evolved quickly, offering more games, Steam games, more bundles of different kinds - not only games - and a few years ago the Humble Monthly. For those unaware, the Humbly Monthly is a monthly subscription that will make you able to receive a bunch of new different games every month. It starts at 11 dollars per month, but it goes lower if you subscribe for three, six or twelve months. It's a bit complicated for those who doesn't know it, and a lot of questions and doubts are often asked in the official forums. There is a early unlock game, a game in the bundle that is revelaed a month before the actual bundle comes out. Sometimes there are more than one games, but just one is usually the rule. For example one of the most recent one was Rise of the Tomb Raider. People who have subscribed and have already paid can receive the game instantly, as well as any new subscriber that would like to play it. Then, on the first friday of the month, the magic happen: the other games of the bundle (usually around 6) are revealed! Some people will complain, other will be happier. Usually there are small indie titles, well known good games... there is not a generic rule, but in the majority of the cases they will have positive reviews. Each month a Humble Original is also included: small experimental games that only the Monthly Subscribers will have access to. They are weird unique game, and in many cases they aren't developed to be released to the general public but just to the Monthly people. In the last few months a new nice addition made this subscription even more worth it: the Humble Trove, a catalogue of DRM-free games (meaning that you'll have the installer, and no key involved, you can install them anywhere anytime you want) including not only most of the Originals, but also a bunch of other games (some of them actually pretty cool!). However, the Humble Monthly is a risk. You never know what are the games that are gonna be included in it, and you might end up not liking them. At the same time, in the past there have been so many good bundles with amazing games included in them... and if you miss one of those, you'll regret if for life. But see it like Christmas every month! How could you not like that?

  • It's like Christmas every month
  • Price not too high, with multiple options avalaible
  • You have a discount on the Humble Store
  • You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, keeping the games
  • The Humble Trove is a nice addition

  • Not avalaible on consoles
  • You never know what games will be included, you might not like them
  • If you are not subscribed anymore, you'll lose access to the Trove
  • More indie titles than AAA games - and this might be negative if you're not a fan of them



Great games

Humble Bundle is really great. I remember when it was initially introduced to the public and how great the reaction was.

They always provide fun, entertaining yet good quality games.

I don't always purchase it but I do keep my eyes out on the bundles.

Posted by Mehano on 01-31-2018

Love Humble Bundle.

I would definitely have to go with Humble Monthly on this one. I absolutely love Humble Bundle and I've gotten loads of games from them for insanely low prices. A lot of the time I would get duplicates because they came in packs that were ultra cheap, so in the end I'd actually have gifts to give to my friends. They have loads of amazing offers and Humble Monthly is no different. I wouldn't go with Origin Access due to the simple fact that I don't like EA or the way they conduct business, and they have ruined a lot of their own games.
Posted by Denis_P on 11-02-2017

Humble Bundle

Few years back I started with humble bundle. Tried their indie games. I also tried some of the ebooks and other stuff. Like their music based bundle too. It was worth paying for. So I'd say this seems to be the system worth checking out. I'd choose them over anything due to the cost factor.
Posted by overcast on 11-02-2017


Origin Access

Origin Access
It's not secret that EA have a bad reputation along gamers. Not just on PC, also on consoles. Their games are good, but as publishers they have sometimes made bad decisions, or released games in unpolished and unfinished statuses. EA Access (or Origin Access) on PC, however, is an amazing deal that is on pair and maybe even better than the Humble Monthly. But that is on you to decide. Both on PC and XBox it works the same: you pay a monthly fee (or a yearly one, saving some money) and you get instant access to the gamer heaven known as The Vault! It's a immense catalogue of games (all of them by EA of course) that, as long as your subscription is active, you can download and play anytime you want. That's a bit different than the Humble Monthly, since you know what games you are getting and you can keep them just as long as you paid, where in the Monthly they are yours to keep (the Trove is an exception). The Vault is not the only nice thing that EA Access offer you: when a new games it's about to come out, you will usually be able to try a "demo" of it. And demo is in quotes because it's actually the full game, but you will be able to play it just for a limited time. The hours (or the area where you will be able to play) depends on the game, but in many cases it's enough to have you intrigued. As I said, Access started out as a XBox exclusive but last year it was also released on PC, with basically the same characteristic - to have it, however, you will need to be registered with an account on their client, Origin. But it's worth it: the most recent addition is Mass Effect Andromeda, that came out less than one years ago, and during the years they make limited offers to Access subscribers, such as discounts or limited editions of various DLCs.

  • Avalaible both on PC and consoles
  • You know exactly what games you are getting
  • Early full-game "demoes" of upcoming games
  • The Vault is really really big and with a lot of recent games inside it
  • Really cheap price
  • A lot of AAA titles

  • Almost just EA games
  • Without a subscription, you won't be able to play anymore
  • In most cases, DLCs aren't included in the versions they offer
  • Too much sport games, and different yearly editions of the same
  • You might have to wait a bit between new games, they get added rarely


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I have not tried the Origin access so I can't say anything against it. I have tried the humble bundle. Because you can see that humble bundle seems to be good enough in many ways. In that context you can see that humble bundle is something you should definitely try if you can. I personally think that humble bundle has it's set of the benefits. And it can be purchased with minimum possible cash in hand.
Posted by overcast on 11-02-2017
I am not a hard core gamer, howeve,r I like tom play games on my PC (not a gaming PC though) or mobile hand set once in a while. I don't have a gaming console and I have no intention of buying a console, however, I am interestedn in trying games on my PC. I might check these out. By the way I do not like paying for recurring subscription, I prefer one time payment.
Posted by vinaya on 01-31-2018
From what I know with gamers here, only a few are serious as to buy games or get subscriptions. Maybe it is the mentality that the best things in life are free so just get the free games in the internet instead of spending for it. But maybe gamers worldwide are so many that’s why even if only 10% will be buying games then the gaming industry will definitely perk up with those sales.
Posted by Corzhens on 04-09-2018
i will go with origin access since one is able to know the games one is getting which is what gamers really want and it a good thing that it is in both consoles and PCs and of course it comes with early demoes of new releases that's a good one.
Posted by lovely on 07-14-2018