I don't think the Assad regime chemical weapons!

I don't think the Assad regime chemical weapons!
I know this is a hugely controversial subject, but I don't think the Assad regime chemical weapons! Why would he? I mean few years ago they were very closed to getting bombed and they turned down all their chemical weapons arsenal to the UN. Second, why would Assad risk all the progress he did fighting the rebels as well as ISIS and other factions? It doesn't make any sense, he was winning ground, why would he just shoot himself in the foot by killing civilians with chemical weapons?

First of all Assad is a secularist and not a Islamic extremist and overall seems like a reasonable man, not a crazy dictator wanting the blood of its own people, just watch his speeches, maybe I'm deadly wrong, but he seems like a reasonable guy.

I don't really have an answer to who made the chemical attack, but if you actually do a little bit of digging you will find that the UN said that there isn't any evidence that the Syrian government and army did this. Maybe it was the Russians, maybe it was ISIS trying to blame this on Assad, ISIS showed time and time again how cruel and inhuman they are, ISIS don't have any honor or shame, they'll do anything just to win a little more ground and install their reign of terror.

In closing I just want to see that there is a 3D chess game played in that region and maybe we will never know the truth of what exactly is happening and who's to blame, but people are dying and everything need to stop.

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It would be stupid for them to!

I personally don't believe that they do have chemical weapons which leaves a huge question as to who could have caused the chemical attack that harmed so many?

I was reading the other day how the images shared over the news networks were merely propaganda to make people believe that they really did harm their own people, but is that the case and was is propaganda just to be able to attack them?

After all Assad went through I don't believe he would risk it all keeping and using chemical weapons on his own people.

Posted by Shortie on 04-14-2017


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