Iced Tea

Iced Tea
A cool, refreshing drink found in convenience stores and homes across the globe, iced tea is a sweet treat loved by children and adults alike. Whether you buy it bottled, powdered, or brew it yourself, iced tea is a delicious way to beat the heat on a hot summer's day. And for those with adventurous taste buds who can't settle for just lemon and sugar, many companies today provide blends with dozens of exotics flavors! Whether it's Ginseng and Honey, Mandarin and Jasmine, or Mango and Passion Fruit, companies like Arizona and Nestle are cashing in on the cool craze.

  • More refreshing on hot days than warm tea.
  • Comes in a wide variety of flavors.
  • Sold in bottles, ready to drink.

  • Often artificially flavored.
  • Store bought brands are loaded with excess sugar.



Health Benefits and Iced Tea

Actually, it may help you to lose weight faster than hot tea does! Iced tea isn't difficult to make at home using iced tea makers. New studies are showing that consumption of green tea can increase metabolic activity by up to 6% alone. If you ice your tea to a cold temperature of 50 degrees, your body has to raise the temperature of that tea by over 40 degrees, which takes energy, and can burn calories. And that really works!
Posted by sherry9790 on 07-13-2017

Iced tea is life!

I live in Texas so my vote might be a little biased. The summer heat in Texas is incredibly hot. There is nothing better than sipping on a refreshing cup of sweet iced tea.
Posted by Anonymous on 06-30-2017

Iced Tea Makers

Actually, it may help you to lose weight faster than hot tea does! Iced tea isn't difficult to make at home using iced tea makers. New studies are showing that consumption of green tea can increase metabolic activity by up to 6% alone.
Posted by Anonymous on 02-01-2018

Iced tea - so refreshing!

It depends on how hot or how cold I am feeling. I like both iced tea and hot tea, obviously the latter is more of a drink when I want to relax and warm myself up a bit in the winter. Iced tea is delicious and refreshing and one of my favorite drinks in summer. I really love it, and am thus voting for it. I like both lemon as well as peach iced tea, and you?
Posted by sspi on 07-01-2017

Iced tea for me

I usually only drink hot tea if I'm sick or just really have a taste for a certain flavored tea. Otherwise,, it's iced tea for me. I drink it nearly daily.

Peach flavored is my favorite, but I also like it with lemon, or even place. Iced tea is just one of the most refreshing beverages you can drink, especially on a hot day.

Posted by Zyni on 06-30-2017

Iced Tea

I grew up drinking cold glasses of tea during the summer, and I still feel like that's the best way to have your tea. When it comes to hot drinks, I prefer other types like cider, chai tea, or hot chocolate. The only real type of tea I may drink hot is green tea while I'm with my family in Japan, as that's a cultural norm there.
Posted by TheArticulate on 06-30-2017


Ice tea all the way! Especially now that it is summer. I couldn't drink hot tea or I would end up being sick, haha.

There is honestly nothing more refreshing than a glass of god iced tea with a few ice cubes. It completely cools you down.

In general though, even in winter, I do not drink hot tea often. I much prefer hot chocolate or cocoa.

My favorite kind is the Nestle ones that even comes in different flavors, yum!

Posted by Mehano on 07-01-2017
Jonathan Solomon

Iced Tea for me!!

Normally, I don't drink hot tea. Even during the Winter seasons, I usually have a cup of hot chocolate or expresso.

Iced tea, however, really hits the spot for me on any occasion. Preferably with either lemon or lime juice. A nice chilled glass is also good too!

Posted by Jonathan Solomon on 07-02-2017

Iced Tea

I haven't had a glass of Iced Tea in far too long. I would kill for a glass on hot days. Every now and then I have a cup of hot tea and I usually end up waiting for the tea to cool down anyway so it's better to just have it cold from the beginning.
Posted by AlexHarris on 07-01-2017

Ice, ice, ice...

Tea is not my kind of thing, but if I have to choose an option... I'll choose iced tea because I can't drink hot tea at all. In general, I find the taste very bad... But of course this doesn't apply to all types of tea. :)
Posted by WildSpirit on 06-30-2017

Ice Ice Tea Baby!

I'm never a fan of Hot Tea. I can count on my fingers the time that I drank hot tea. I love Iced Tea though, it's my go to drink in restaurants, fast foods, and even at home, it's my relaxing drink. I love the peach and lemon flavor the most.
Posted by BeardedMamba on 07-02-2017

Iced Tea

I prefer iced tea than hot tea. Ice tea is more refreshing because I live in a tropical country and it's hot in here. I really don't like the taste of hot tea, though it's beneficial to our health but I am not used to drinking hot teas.
Posted by rage35 on 06-30-2017

Iced Tea More Than Hot Tea

I'm from the South, so we love our iced sweet tea. I do like hot tea, but it's not as common in restaurants around where I live. When we make tea in my house, it's always sweet tea in a pitcher that's then placed in the fridge to get cold. We generally don't have any other types of tea in the house, except maybe green tea.
Posted by megaanmaarie on 07-02-2017

Ice Ice baby

I often find iced tea more refreshing than regular hot tea. I also love the taste better, I guess I'm just not fond of regular teas as I think they taste like water if water had a terrible taste. Iced tea is also nice for a lot of occasions, whether it's in a restaurant, on a beach, or even just in your backyard. Hot tea is only good for health, I'd rather have a latte to keep warm when I'm cold.
Posted by arachnophobik on 06-30-2017

Ice tea!

Hi, Denis_P, in fact, i like both. Hot tea is great in winter or colder days, but an ice tea is high on hot days as I have today, here is over 43 degrees outside and is one of the hottest days we have ever had, so an ice tea would be great to have!
Posted by wallet on 07-01-2017

Iced tea

For me it's more refreshing on those moments when I feel very sweaty. Nothing better that a good drink in a sunny day, it's so satisfying and soothing. My days are very busy, and I study in a very active and busy city, for that reason I tend to me suffocated the most of the time, my best ally is a good cup of iced tea.
Posted by luispas on 06-30-2017

Ice tea

I live in a warm country so an Ice Tea always comes good to refresh yourself a bit. I like warm tea as well but I usually drink when I'm feeling sick or in a rainy day.
Posted by reginafalange on 06-30-2017

Iced, please!

I love to drink ice tea, here in my country are a lot of varieties of iced tea and I love everyone of them, I love to drink iced drinks, I don't like the hot tea because they are hot and I live in Venezuela and the climate here is always hot.
Posted by BatmanWayne on 07-05-2017

Iced tea wins!

Iced tea wins this round for sure. Imagine trying to garnish hot tea with fruits. Maybe hot tea with a slice of lemon but some other fruits - no, I don't think so!

Iced tea can be mixed with all and every type of fruit - even with tiny slices of Avocado..

Posted by joegirl on 07-01-2017

Iced Tea For Me

I do appreciate the traditional and culture of tea and its history when it comes to the ceremony of hot teas. However, I loved drinking ice-cold unsweet tea with lemon or orange in it. I've even added fresh watermelon cubes to my unsweet tea to give it that natural sugar and freshness. I live in the South, in Georgia, so it is so humid here and usually miserably hot, so cold teas are very refreshing.
Posted by JoeMilford on 07-23-2017


I live in an extremely hot country. While I don't say no to a warm cup of tea in the late hours of the night, most of the time I'd rather have a cold tea cup to refresh from the climate.
Posted by Marvadaum on 08-26-2017

Iced tea

Ice tea is delicious especially in the summertime. Most of the year is very cold here where I live so I do drink more Tea then Ice tea. However I choose Ice tea merely because it tastes so good.
Posted by Inqogn1to on 07-27-2017

Iced one.

I don't like drinking tea, but if I have to (on rare occasions because tea it's not a must for me), I always prefer to have iced tea because I think that the taste becomes more concentrated (the colder the better), and obviously it gets better.
Posted by wiseagent on 08-29-2017

Iced Tea

This is not an easy choice. I enjoy drinking both, but I'll pick Iced Tea based on the fact that all of the Hot Tea flavours I like can also be drinked iced. I mean, I can make a hot tea and cool it with ice to make it Iced Tea and it would taste just as good. Jamaica Flower Tea is a good example of this.
Posted by Dkaraly on 08-26-2017

Iced Tea

Well both of them are good. Hot teas offer medical remedies, but I only drink hot teas when I'm feeling sick. Iced tea is great all year round.
Posted by tmccoy on 08-26-2017


In our country, we prefer Iced tea than hot tea since we are in a tropical country. Personally, I like iced tea better because it gives me a refreshing feeling whenever I could get a chance to drink an iced tea. Also, the bitterness diminishes as the tea gets colder. I can say it is one of my favorite drinks because I enjoy drinking it especially with some snacks that I can incorporate with.
Posted by ajahcuizon on 10-17-2018


Hot Tea

Hot Tea
What comes to mind when you think of a damp, rainy day? Or perhaps a cold, wintery evening? I don't know about you, but my mind wanders off to thoughts of good books, warm blankets, and hot tea. Whether you're trying to warm yourself up, soothe an aching throat, or just melt the stress of the day away, nothing is quite as relaxing as a nice, hot cup of tea. But who would've thought something so good would be good for you too? Freshly brewed teas such as green tea are loaded with antioxidants and other healthy compounds which promote longer life by fighting cancer, boosting your metabolism, and improving cardiovascular health.

  • Can provide a variety of long-term health benefits.
  • An easy way to stay warm on cold days.
  • Can ease stomach problems and soothe your throat.

  • Brewing and steeping can be inconvenient for those in a hurry.
  • Good quality tea can be expensive.



Tea is the matter of hot must

Hello Have a wonderful day.

To remove the tiredness of body and mind and to engage long time on the work- there have no alternatives except tea. Tea is the matter which works only about hot tea. In Bangladesh- except first food shop there have no iced tea matter. Within one kilometer you will find minimum 10 tea shop. Minimum 1% -people of this Bangla states are earning by selling hot tea from the street side.

Thanks Centurion

Posted by centurion on 06-30-2017

Hot tea

Although I sometimes like the taste of iced tea more, I rarely drink it whereas I drink hot tea everyday. Hot tea has many health benefits whereas (sweetened) ice tea is not that great for you because of the sugar. For me, hot tea is also a way for me to start my day just like how many people start their days with coffee and it's also a way for me to unwind and relax at the end of the day. Hot tea goes really well with a lot of sweet snacks/desserts and can aid in digestion/sleep. Although I enjoy iced tea as well, for me it's more of a treat than a necessity.
Posted by lilac123 on 06-30-2017

Hot Tea

I particularly love having a nice hot tea on a winter day to warm me up, so although I enjoy a lot of good iced tea, my biggest preference is for tea in the hot version on a cold day.
Posted by hermessantos on 07-02-2017
Oh yeah, that's true! Especially this one

Hot Beverage For Me

I prefer hot compare to Iced lemon tea because I have gingivitis. I cannot drink cold drinks which will induce gum pain and I had to take paracetamol to ease the pain.

I am used to drinking hot tea for years now. I could drink it on hot weather or when I am eating spicy food. My taste bud is immune to hot tea now. I do enjoy milk hot tea compare to tea with sugar. Milk tea doesn't make me feel hungry easily as tea with sugar does.

In addition, I could reuse the tea bag to brew second cup of hot tea too!

Posted by peachpurple on 06-30-2017

Definitely hot tea!

I am a huge fan of cold drinks but for tea, I just cannot enjoy the taste of cold tea. I prefer my tea to be freshly brewed with hot water. Then allow to cool down but still warm enough to drink.
Posted by simplym on 06-30-2017

Hot Tea is Like Chicken Soup. Very Comforting

When it came to my late sister, it did not matter if the tea was cold or hot. She made great tea! Nevertheless, if you ask me to choose, then I pick hot tea. Hot tea can be comforting in so many ways. When you feel fine but especially when you're not feeling well. Hot tea is like chicken soup. It's very comforting. Who gives you iced tea when you're sick?
Posted by cmoneyspinner on 02-26-2018

Nothing like the original.

Tea done in the traditional way is simply unbeatable. The varied mixes and blends are guaranteed to give an intoxicating scent that is going to engage your senses in the most delightful way.

If I feel particularly hot or seek for a refreshing drink, I prepare my iced tea by simply refrigerating the traditionally-made drink and adding sugar afterwards. This way I get the best of iced tea, without the excess sugar and artificial flavors.

Posted by VintageRose on 06-30-2017

Never took cold tea.

I must say this is my first time to hear about the existence of cold tea in any way for what we are familiar with, in Nigeria, is the existence of hot tea which is mostly taken during the rainy season when the weather is cold and the body system getting cold as well. So, in most families, they take hot tea in the morning before going about their activities from the kids that go to school to the parents that visit their offices.

I enjoy taking hot tea whenever I am feeling cold for it brightens my mood and make me be alert all day long. Well, to any, his choice but I prefer taking hot tea to cold tea.

Posted by Barida on 09-11-2017


I don't really think this is a fair question because when it is warm I prefer iced tea, when it is cold, I prefer hot tea. So they both have their place, and times when I prefer both of them. Since it is generally warm here..I would say ice tea, but I have a fondness for hot tea as well.
Posted by kgord on 06-30-2017
Yeah, I feel the same. Ice tea is a great refreshment during the warm summer days while the hot tea is great in the winter, there isn't much logic behind it. That does not mean that you can't drink them in different seasons.
Posted by Makefort on 07-01-2017
Normally I like my tea piping hot and without sugar. When the days are hot though, I make tea and then let it go cold. I make a jug of it and put it in the fridge with some lemon and sugar. It tastes divine and is really refreshing on a very hot day.
Posted by JMS on 06-30-2017
With the onset of sighnification warming and summer solstice solutions,drinking a glass of iced tea with some fruit is very refreshing and enjoyable.?
Posted by Widad00 on 06-30-2017
It depends on the weather, If it's snowing or raining and cold, I love and prefer drinking hot tea, And if it's not, I prefer drinking Iced Tea, But in general I like the Hot Tea more than the Iced one.
Posted by Moaz on 06-30-2017
I like my tea cold. I have tried substituting my coffee for tea, but it just don't compare. If I am offered hot tea at a friend's house, I will accept it to be courteous especially if they don't drink coffee. I drink iced tea all year round and I prefer to brew mine at home. I can add just the right amount of sweetener. I grew up on iced tea and it's grown on me.
Posted by freebird37 on 06-30-2017
The answer to this question it's all dependent on weather really. If it's cold and dark, I can't wait for a nice up of warm tea. My favorite is Earl Grey. If it's a hot sunny day I'll a nice tall glass of iced tea with extra ice. My favorite is Nestea with lemon. So, I couldn't choose a side because I like them both equally.
Posted by Lizzyib on 06-30-2017
Im a tea drinker so i like them both... Hot or cold, i doesn't matter to me. As long as someone is serving tea, im good qith that.
Posted by Neiltarquin on 06-30-2017
I definitely have to say Iced Tea has a special place in my heart. When I was younger I would go to my grandparent's house in the summer and they would always make sure that there was a pitcher of iced teas in the fridge. That had an impact on me, because even up until this day I still drink iced tea regularly.
Posted by Okaviator on 06-30-2017
Normally, Iced tea in the summer and hot tea in the winter. However, weather does not have an effect on my tea drinking habit. What kind of tea I drink depends on my mood, therefore, I may drink hot tea in the summer or iced tea in the winter. I may drink hot tea all time, but usually, I will be drinking iced tea when I am feeling hot.
Posted by vinaya on 06-30-2017
You know hot tea has this great affect of causing you to feel cool of hot days. Really any hot drink can do this, but a nice hot cup if tea causes this sweat response that gives the body a nice cool down feeling. So I gotta go with some hot tea over the iced tea, I feel hot tea tastes better too.
Posted by kooch on 06-30-2017
I like both. Which one I prefer depends on how the temperature is that day. If it's hot, then I want an ice tea. If it's cold, then I'll go for hot tea. They're both delicious and great for the summer/winter.
Posted by kataomoi on 07-02-2017
I'm actually not a tea drinker but in some gatherings held in restaurants, the drinks that were served are always iced tea. Maybe iced tea has become the standard because it is cheaper than soda or fruit juice. Even caterers do that. When we had a party at home and had a caterer, the menu indicated free drinks that turned out to be iced tea. With that, I sometimes drink iced tea because there's no choice. With hot tea, I really never drink that and I don't relish the idea. In Chinese restaurants that we go to, hot tea is usually served which they call house tea to mean it is free. But again, I didn't try drinking hot tea even if it's for free.
Posted by Corzhens on 07-02-2017
I really love to drink tea and I love both iced tea and hot tea. It all depends on the climate for me. I usually consume iced tea during summer and find it to be very refreshing. I also like bubble iced tea and there are also various flavors of ice tea to choose. I find hot tea to be the perfect drink to have in winter. It is so soothing to sip a cup of hot tea while lying on the couch in winter.
Posted by Pixie on 07-02-2017
I have always preferred iced tea just because it is what I have always drank. I just really prefer the flavor. I like hot tea but it's not something I could drink on a daily basis, so that's why I prefer iced tea. :)
Posted by Sino989 on 07-02-2017
I love iced tea although I like it unsweetened better than sweet. I grew up on iced tea and never really got the taste for hot tea. I do know someone who drinks hot tea but it just is not for me. My dad used to make sun tea in the summer time and that would taste so refreshing on a hot summer day. I do not remember there being a time that there was not tea in the refrigerator growing up. My dad always had 2 gallons of it made at a time.
Posted by morgoodie on 07-02-2017
It actually depends on the weather for me. When it is a cold weather, I prefer a hot tea. But when it is hot I want it to be iced. Though, a hot tea can really have many health benefits as warm water can really help a lot in one's metabolism and so is the tea. So, when it is taken hot, it doubles the health benefits.
Posted by SimplyD on 07-03-2017
I can't vote either of them, as I like both of them. I prefer hot tea when it is Chinese tea or green tea, but when I always enjoy drinking Iced lemon tea which is very cooling and refreshing.
Posted by kaka135 on 07-03-2017
I prefer hot tea even in peak summers. The taste of ice tea was never welcomed by my taste buds. I like ginger, cardamom hot tea with some milk and sugar. It is my basic requirement two times in a day, once in the morning followed by other in the evening.
Posted by amitkokiladitya on 07-05-2017
Ice tea for me. I find that it is very refreshing on a hot summer day. I drink quite bit of it during the summer months. If I go to a restaurant I will often get ice tea to go with my meal. I very seldom drink hot tea but I do on occasion. If I have hot tea it is usually green tea with nothing in it. Given the choice though I would choose ice tea with lemon everytime.
Posted by Sue on 07-09-2017
I'll choose iced tea because I can't drink hot tea at all.
Posted by Anonymous on 07-13-2017
rose thornes
Iced tea! Its refreshing. I dont like hot tea. I only drink iced tea that's why.
Posted by rose thornes on 07-16-2017
Never tried to drink a Hot Tea even on rainy days. I prefer drinking hot coffee instead of a hot tea. I prefer it cold and sweet with a little mix of honey served during a hot season or just a drink beside a snack.
Posted by narutos3nn1n on 09-12-2017
I also do not drink hot tea although it’s okay with me to be served iced tea even during a cold weather. But when it is cold I prefer hot chocolate because it can give me warmth to dispel the cold air. Iced tea is now getting common in restaurants as an alternative to soda. They say it is a healthy drink. And since hot tea is not common here so the advocates of tea have been focusing on the iced tea version.
Posted by Corzhens on 11-03-2018
It's iced tea all the time for me. I rarely drink anything hot like hot tea or hot coffee. I have a very warm body temperature that can only be satisfied by iced drinks like iced tea, sundae, ice scramble, or anything ice cold. It's not surprising, though, as I live in a tropical country. Not even the onset of cold days or rainy days will make me prefer hot tea.
Posted by chatbox on 09-18-2017