Ideal 100 Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase

Ideal 100 Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase
Magic is something that makes kids ooh and awe. It is something that they can feel good about learning how to do because lets face it- not everyone can be clever enough to figure out how to do it. That is why I love that Amazon is offering this Ideal 100 Trick Spectacular Magic Show Suitcase for just shy of $40. This kit would be perfect for anyone that has an interest in magic. It comes with well over 100 tricks for your youngsters to do, and also comes with a magic wand and a hat. Perfect for kids that love to pretend and be the center of attention.

This suitcase is recommended for kids over 8 years of age. It also has a deck of cards that can be used by the practicing magician. And best of all, the suitcase doubles as a table for the performer, measuring 10 inches high and 19.5 inches long.

There is also a DVD included in this suitcase that teaches magic tricks. It is easy to learn with this assistance.

  • makes a great gift
  • kids love it
  • free shipping
  • helps build confidence
  • over 100 tricks, including candy in the drawer, vanishing tissue, jail escape, and more
  • comes with a hat and magic wand
  • includes DVD
  • great props
  • adults can learn a few tricks as well
  • easy to use
  • cute
  • creates hours of entertainment
  • great value
  • very fast shipping
  • larger then expected
  • imaginative
  • creative
  • can produce great thinking skills
  • directions are clear
  • captivating
  • lots of fun
  • just what was expected

  • several items were not received
  • cheaply made
  • pieces are plastic and are flimsy
  • DVD was missing to show how to do the tricks
  • had to wait too long for it to be shipped
  • magic quarter broke right away
  • did not look like image


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Ideal My First Magic Set

Ideal My First Magic Set
If your child has displayed an interest in magic, perhaps it is time to check out Amazon for this Ideal My First Magic Set, retailing for $15.25 with free shipping on orders over $25. This set features 20 magic tricks for young children to learn. It was designed for children ages 4 and up. Tricks that your child will learn will include tear and restore, making candy disappear, and x-ray color vision. This set also includes an instructional DVD. The instructions are step by step by a professional magician.

I really like this set as it is the right price. Not all kids can get into magic and perhaps they say they will be into magic, but once they see what it is all about, they may discover it is not for them. This price tag is nice for that as it is pretty inexpensive. The kit makes a great gift.

  • inexpensive
  • makes a great gift
  • promotes hand eye coordination
  • promotes self esteem
  • builds vocab skills
  • assists with reading
  • helps with public speaking
  • perfect for beginners
  • tricks are easy to figure out
  • nice instructional DVD
  • great value
  • exceeded expectations
  • tricks are well made

  • ball stand was broken when it arrived
  • cheaply made
  • crayon box is too tight
  • DVD was not included
  • poor quality
  • hidden box cracked right away
  • tricks are not very cool
  • magic painting came apart the next day after arrival


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I think that these are both good but for different ages or levels. The first magic set would be a great set for children starting out and just learning magic. It would be a good started kit and good for practicing their skill. Once they mastered it and know if it is something they want to persue then they can upgrade to the other set where they could learn more new tricks. I think they are both wonderful gift ideas depending on the child and their level of interest.
Posted by Sue on 11-11-2017
I know kids will love these products especially the mischevious one that wants to show how tricky they can be.I like magic tricks because it keeps one guessing how some actions were achieved and it really takes some creative minds to really figure them out.I will recommend the ideal 100 tricks spectacular magic show suitcase for parents that needs their kids to learn how to manipulate, be imaginative and creative.This will really be fun.
Posted by lovely on 01-27-2018
Definitely, magic can mesmerize me all the time unless I know the secret to a particular magic trick. That’s why I am always hesitant whenever I would see in the store a magic kit that you can do simple magic tricks for the children’s party. I would enjoy more if I am part of the audience instead of me doing the magic. There’s no more excitement if I already know the trick to the magic, right?
Posted by Corzhens on 03-13-2018